What Are The Best t5 Grow Lights for Microgreens

We reviewed hundreds of t5 grow lights available on the market and created a simple list to help you pick the best t5 grow lights for microgreens.

Each t5 grow lights was evaluated across a variety of factors: cost, wattage, yield, durability, spectrum and more, and these lights are truly the best options out there.

What is the Best t5 Grow Light? (Our Recommendation) 

The Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 is the best t5 grow light. Hydrofarm’s newest T5 system deliver great performance and high lumen output in any growing environment. It allows you to choose multiple hanging configurations such as overhead, vertical, or horizontal. The agrobrite FLT48 offer HO light at very affordable price.

Best t5 grow light

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 4 Foot, 8 Tube

Best t5 Grow Lights for Microgreens

SerialProduct NamePrice
1Agrobrite FLT48- Best Microgreen Grow LightsSee Price
2Hydroplanet- Best t5 Fluorescent Grow lightSee Price
3Durolux DL844s - 4ft 4lamps t5 HO grow lightSee Price
4Lightingwise- T5  Fluorescent Grow Light BulbsSee Price
5VIVOSUN- t5 grow lights 4ft bulbSee Price
6Hydro Crunch- t5 fluorescent grow light fixturesSee Price
7Sun Blaze T5 Fluorescent grow light fixturesSee Price
8iPower - Grow Light with Stand RackSee Price
9Barrina T5 Grow Lights, Full SpectrumSee Price
10DuroLux DL824- 2ft 4lamps T5 Grow LightSee Price

1. Agrobrite FLT48- Best Microgreen Grow Lights

The Hydrofarm is a most popular manufacturer of hydroponics product. They has a 40 years over track record of gardening wholesaler and manufacturer. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 is their most popular and latest product.

Best Microgreen Grow Lights

Agrobrite FLT48 t5 gro light

This t5 grow light able to deliver high lumen output in any growing environment. It comes with multiple tubes options such as 2, 4,6,8 and 12 with two sizes (2 feet and 4 feet). Included 10′ grounded power cord, and each T5 Tubes 6400K .

You can install it in three ways- vertical, horizontal, or overhead, so your plant will get maximum lumens at all times. Long lasting performance makes it more popular and trusted. We think the agrobrite FLT48 is the best microgreen grow lights and that’s why we keep it first in our list.

2. Hydroplanet- Best t5 Fluorescent Grow light

Best t5 Fluorescent Grow light

Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp

The hydroplanet t5 fluorescent grow lights are becoming increasingly popular because of the energy efficiency features. Included 4ft 8lamp Fluorescent Ho Bulbs for Indoor Gardening. You can be able to hung and operated vertically or horizontally, so it can be best fit your grow room.

You will get long lasting performance because each fixture is made with European highly reflective aluminum interior that ensuring the maximum durability. If you plants are in vegetative growth period, The hydroplanet t5 fluorescent grow light is perfect option for you.

It Operates on 110V/120V. Everything you will get in one package such 8 x 6500K HO Grow bulbs, 15′ power cord, and 1 hanger. Maximum customers afraid about unwanted damage, but if you get it, no worry because it has 2 years warranty. If you find any issue, feel free to contact with their customer service.

3. Durolux DL844s – 4ft 4lamps t5 HO grow light

4ft 4lamps t5 HO grow light

4ft 4lamps t5 HO grow light

The Durolux DL844s comes with 4ft 4lamps HO Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs. You can use it in indoor gardens, greenhouses, grow rooms, microgreens, almost anywhere. If you buy multiple Durolux DL844s, you can easily connect them because it has daisy chaining.

For maximum good result, you should place fixture 3-4 inches above the plants. Basically, This Fluorescent fixtures do not get hot enough, so your plant would be safe from damage. It has two switches on the body, one switch for inner 2 bulbs and another for outer 2 bulbs.

Included in Package: 8-foot power cable, 6,500k blue-white veg lamps, 4ft 4-lamp T5 light, mounting chain and hooks, and UL-approved ballast already installed in the fixture. It is also able to work with timers.

4. Lightingwise- T5  Grow Light Bulbs

4 FT T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light BulbsThe lightingwise 4ft t5 HO fluorescent grow light bulbs are perfect for seed starting and cloning. Also you can use it Budding Stage of Plant Growth and Flowering Stages of Plant Growth. You will get long lasting performance from this one because it has a 20,000 Hour Lifespan.

You can choose between qty’s of 1,4,8,20,40 54W T5 Light Bulbs and color temperature between – 6500k or 3000k. The price is very affordable, if you have not much budget, it would be best option for you. I think you can’t find any other brand light at this price with the same features.

Most of the people buy the lightingwise 4ft t5 HO fluorescent grow light bulbs for the cheap price. But if you have enough budgets, always I recommend to buy hydrofarm agrobrite FLT48 grow light bulbs.

5. VIVOSUN- t5 grow lights 4ft bulb

t5 grow lights 4ft bulbThe Vivosun is the most popular brand and famous for high quality product. They produce all indoor gardening product, especially most popular is the vivosun grow tent, carbon filter, fan and much more. Always the focus on quality over quantity and that’s why most of people depend on their product.

It comes with 4FT 46IN 54W 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Tubes, Cool and White color Grow Light Bulbs Pack of 5. It has over 20,000 hours which ensure the long lasting perform.  Your plant will love its Low heat emission and energy-efficient features.

You can use this vivosun t5 grow light bulbs in greenhouses, Aquariums, germination, propagation, general office lighting and you can use commercial and industrial applications also. For maximum result you should keep in mind, COOL WHITE 6500K for veg and WARM WHITE 3000K for flower.

6. Hydro Crunch- t5 grow light fixtures

4 ft. 8-Bulb t5 fluorescent grow light fixturesThe hydro crunch comes with 4 ft 8 bulbs, 432-Watt T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light bulbs. It is ensuring to maximize light intensity because These T5 4×8 Fluorescents made with 95% reflective aluminum interior. You can hang horizontally or vertically and also has Daisy Chainable feature.

It has two switches and each switch controls 4 lamps, so you can easily operate. They includes 5,000-Lumen and 54-Watt 8 x 6400K HO bulbs, slotted housing, and it runs on 120 volt. Also you will get a FREE pair of rope hangers.

There are two option available such as T5 2FT 4 Lamp Fluorescent Fixture and T5 4FT 8 Lamp Fluorescent Fixture. You should decide which one meets with your grow room area. If you have small grow room, select first one and if you have small large, choose the second one.

7. Sun Blaze T5 Fluorescent grow light fixtures

Sun Blaze T5 Fluorescent grow light fixturesThe sun blaze t5 fluorescent grow light fixtures is perfect for hydroponic and greenhouse use. If you want to grow your plants with hydroponically or have a small green house, get it without more thinking.

It comes with multiple options, 2 ft. Fixture 1 Lamp to 8 lamps and 4 ft. fixture 1 lamp to 8 lamps. it has an energy efficient high output ballast for long life. You can install without any extra mounting hardware very easily. They includes 6500K (blue) high output lamps each 24 Watt, Power cord and 4″ jumper cable.

I think here a hassle you should keep in mind that need to Purchase reflector separately. If you have not time or don’t want to purchase the reflector separately, go to our recommend option. But if you have reflector, it would be the perfect choice for you.

8. iPower – Grow Light with Stand Rack

Fluorescent Grow LightThe ipower is the most popular manufacturer of hydroponic and indoor gardening. They have many types of product such as ipower grow tent, led grow light, fan, carbon filter and much more. Most of people who use ipower product once, they become great fan and don’t use other product.

Here you find 4FT 45.8IN 54W T5 Fluorescent 5 bulbs, temperature- 2700K and lumen 5000LM and 5 PACK 6400K HO Cool Blue Grow Light. These are ideal for greenhouses, propagation, germination, Aquariums and also for general office lighting.

These lamps are cost effective with low heat heat emissions. You can use it when your plants need to stop growing and start blooming. It has over 20,000 hours lifespan which ensure the long life and long term performance.

9. Barrina T5 Grow Lights, Full Spectrum

Barrina T5 Grow LightsThe Barrina t5 grow light Full Spectrum, 2ft 80W (8 x 10W, 500W Equivalent). It offers full-spectrum sunlight to your indoor plants. The 8 x 10W with 400 LEDS Equivalent 500w general plant lights. So you get enough light for your plants at very affordable price.

Many people like it because of the higher efficiency but low consumption. It has Green Wavelength which make sure plants more healthier and more gorgeous. Another unique features is the on/off switch, because each light have on/off switch on the surface of housing

You will get 8 x Barrina T5 lights , 4 x Power cords with ON/OFF switch, 24 x cable ties , 24 x 3M Tapes, 7x Connecting Cords(20”), 8 x Small Connectors, 8 x Installation Clips. They also gives 2 year warranty

10. DuroLux DL824- 2ft 4lamps T5 Grow Light

2ft 4lamps T5 Grow LightIt is another durolux manufacturer best t5 grow light for microgreens. Earlier, already we reviewed a 4ft 4lamps t5 HO fluorescent grow light but it is 2ft 4 lamps t5 grow light fixtures.

It has daisy chaining features, so if you buy multiple, you can easily connect them together. But you have to careful about where the fixture will be placed. For great yield and great output result, you should place fixture 3-4 inches above the plants. Otherwise your plants will not grow as well as you expected.

You will get Qty4 F24T5HO 24W 6,500 kelvin blue-white grow lamps with 8-foot power cable. Also they includes mounting chain, hooks and already installed a ballast in the fixtures.

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