6 Best Fan for 4×4 Grow Tent- Inline & Oscillating Review

Often people ask me what size fan needs for 4×4 Grow Tent, both Inline and oscillating fans. Now I will say you what I told them. Actually, I suggested them to buy some best fan for 4×4 Grow Tent.


The fan sizes depend on your grow tent environment, lights, heat and plants sizes. Here I have discussed 3 best oscillating fans for 4×4 Grow Tent and 3 best inline fans for 4×4 Grow Tent. Read this full review, hope it will help you to make a decision.

Inline & oscillating Fans at a glance

SerialProduct NamePrice
1AC Infinity 6" Quiet Inline fan ( Recommended)Check Price
2Tjernlund Duct Booster Fan for 4x4 TentCheck Price
3iPower Fan Carbon Filter Ducting ComboCheck Price
4VIVOSUN Clip-on Oscillating FanCheck Price
5HURRICANE Oscillating Wall FanCheck Price
6Holmes Cheap Oscillating fanCheck Price

Best Inline fan for 4×4 Grow Tent Review

We reviewed hundreds of inline fans and created a shortlist of 3 most used inline fan for you grow tent. The first one is highly recommended because most of indoor growers like to use that product for high quality performance.

1. AC Infinity 6″ Quiet Inline fan for 4×4 Tent

AC Infinity 6 Quiet Inline fan for 4x4 Tent


If you are looking for the best and quietest inline fan for your 4×4 Tent, The AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 is the best option for you. This device designed to ventilate hydroponic grow tent/ grow rooms and also able to transfer heating/cooling, cool AV closets, and exhaust odors.

It has a programmable controller with precise temperature and humidity sensors which allow you to keep a healthy environment inside of your tent.

The system utilizes an EC motor which is controlled PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to ensure more quiet operation and energy-efficient than any other traditional AC fans.

They provide all necessary kits with this device like inline fan unit, controller, and user manual. Setup and installation are very easy, just plug and play.

Most of the indoor growers use this ac infinity as their inline fan for tent. If you are looking for a high-quality inline fan, don’t go anywhere without it.

2. Tjernlund Duct Booster Fan for 4×4 Tent

Tjernlund Duct Booster Fan for 4x4 Tent


If you need a duct booster fan for your 4×4 Tent, the tjnerlund fan is the best option for you. There are several sizes available like 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. You can choose anyone, but we recommend selecting the 6-inch fan.  This fan air circulation capacity rated 460 CFM.

These Versatile and durable exhaust fans have high-pressure air handling with low noise and extremely low power usage. Perfect for long runs or air supply for hydroponic grow room/ grow tent. They provide mounting brackets and hardware, so you don’t need to spend extra money.

The Fan speeds controllable, but you should buy it separately because they do not give the speed controller device.

3. iPower Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo

iPower Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo


If you have not time or don’t want to buy fan, filter and ducting combo separately, this package is only for you. It comes with a 6-inch inline fan, 6 Inch carbon filter and 25 feed ducting combo. This is a complete air filtration kits for 4×4 Tent.

The fan-made of high-quality components for quiet operation. It has Composite fan blades with center hub which reduces noise and vibration and ensures maximum quiet operation.

It has a one-speed control switch with 3 settings, HIGH, MED, LOW. The controller does not adjust below 50% to avoid the risk of burning out the fan motor which ensures long-lasting performance.

There is available world most absorbent carbon in this 6 inch 1050+ IAV Australia Charcoal Filter. The included a FREE Pre-Filter. We recommend replacing the pre-filter every 6 months to protect the filter.

Most Used Oscillating fan for 4×4 Grow Tent

We reviewed 51 different oscillating fans and created a shortlist of 3 most usedoscillating fan for you tent. The first one is highly recommended because this brand is very popular for high quality indoor gardening product.

1. VIVOSUN Clip-on Oscillating Fan 4×4 Tent


VIVOSUN Patented Clip-on Oscillating Fan 4x4 Tent


The VIVOSUN is the most popular and trusted brand in indoor growing kits. The produce world vivsoun grow tent, carbon filter, and clip-on oscillating grow tent fans. High-quality products at an affordable price make them trusted and popular.

This vivosun clip-on fan is the perfect and an ideal for 4×4 Grow Tent.  Specially designed to be connected to the grow tent pole, so they don’t slide down the pole.

It has Triple spiral fan blades that are angled to deliver efficient airflow. There are two settings, high and low to keep your plants cool and comfortable.

The mesh exterior is sturdy, lightweight to protect the fan blades from unwanted damage. This Vivosun fans Made of high-quality component which keep this device running whisper soft.

It has an exceptional 120-degree vertical range and a 90-degree horizontal range. You can simply adjust it by shake rod to get direct airflow exactly where you need.

If you want a fan which can improve ventilation and ideal for air for circulating in 4×4 grow tents, it is the best choice for you. For your kind information, I want to inform you that it is the best selling product in the category of grow tent fan on Amazon.

2. HURRICANE Wall Fan for 48×48 Grow Tent

HURRICANE Wall Fan for 48x48 Grow Tent


It is another most used grow tent oscillating fan is from HURRICANE manufacturer. Ideal for home, garage, greenhouses, workshops and other areas where need a heavy-duty portable stand fan.

If your plants need more airflow, it is perfect for you because it can produce a figure 8 pattern for better and more uniform air circulation.

This digital super oscillating fan has a 3-speed setting and 3 oscillation settings. The Air Flow (CFM) – High:2118, So you can use it in biggest grow tent like 4×8 Grow Tent, 5×5 Grow Tent, 8×8 Grow Tent,  and 10×10 Grow Tent.

Features of the Program’s precise fan movement patterns help you to fit any application. Most importantly, this device generates less noise than other competitive fans when it working.

If you need a wall mount fan for your tent, you can consider this hurricane fan. It is more than enough to keep the ideal temperature inside of your tent.

3. Holmes 8-Inch Cheap fan for 4 by 4 Grow Tent

Holmes 8-Inch Cheap fan for 4 by 4 Grow Tent


If you have a low budget and looking for as possible as a quality fan at an affordable price, you can consider holmes fan. It designed for personal and table uses but you can use it in a grow tent.


Some indoor growers do not agree to use it in their tent because of the table designed. Always they recommend using the fan which designed to be connected to the tent pole.

It has two-speed settings that enable Oscillation for wide coverage area, Maximum 155 sq. ft. It has a Tilt-adjustable head which allows you to direct airflow wherever you need.

You can easily clean the fan without any hassle because it has a removable front grill. After all, you should decide that it meets with requirements or not.


We reviewed the top-rated and most used inline and oscillating fans for 4×4 Tent. Now, you should select one which suits you best. If you want to know more information about every single product, go to amazon through the product link and read real user opinions.

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