#5 Best Metal Halide Bulb For Vegetative Growth

1000 Watt Metal Halide Bulb
iPower 1000 Watt Vegetative Metal Halide light
Metal Halide Bulb for Veg Stage

Vegetative growth period is the most important for harvesting any plants and that can be easily shortened with metal halide bulb from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 weeks.

Grow bulbs are specially designed to distribute the necessary heat inside the grow tent to speed up the plants growth and health within the shortest time possible.


we are going to discuss about some best metal halide bulb for vegetative growth in this article. If you are an indoor cultivator of medium or high ranged then you must have faced the problems with different grow lights and reflective materials.

We don’t know that what outcome you achieved from your experience with those grow lights but here you will definitely get what I perfect for you. Are you ready to find the metal halide bulb?

A List of top Metal Halide Bulbs.

The list we prepared from real customers feedbacks on their experience with the metal halide bulb for Veg stage in their own grow rooms.

We got about twelve metal halide bulbs with satisfactory results but we have shortened the list with the best possible features. So that anyone can easily decide which one to buy for his vegetative growth.

5 Best Metal Halide Bulb for Vegetative Growth Review

It was really very hard to choose the top five among the twelve but some have really outstanding features than others. The data analyzer helps to prepare the reviews on top metal halide bulbs for Vegetative growth.

If you are an indoor farming lover then your search for metal halide bulb will come to an end.

Key features

The Vivosun 2-Pack 1000 Watt metal halide MH grow light bulb lamp placed in our top five lists because of its high adaptability on Vegetative growth in medium and big projects.

105000Lux light spectrum offers high vegetative growth and flowering at the same time PAR technology ensures constant brightness. The magnetic and electronic ballasts make it one of the best metal halide light for Vegetative growth.

Key features

The next grow light bulb is specially designed for the rapid growth phase of any kinds of plants mainly vegetative named iPower GL Bulb M1000 watt metal halide. It has almost 12000 hours of light life and keeps the balanced lumen ratio even after half lifetime use.

It takes around 3-5 minutes to generate full brightness and about 5 minutes to cool down after providing enough light to the plants.

Key features

When it comes to the question of reliable constant brightness supplier then no one can beat the Xtrasun 1000W metal halide light bulb for indoor farming on grow room and grow tents.

This light has a track record of long lasting use without interruption because it is specially engineered with magnetic and electronic ballasts. Maintaining spectral range, easy installation, and ready to use features makes it top rated metal halide lights.

Key features

In the countdown of best metal halide bulbs, the Apollo horticulture GLBMH400 is ideal for all kinds of vegetative growth especially medium and small. The 400 watt light can last more than 10000 hours with a 36000Lux production rate in a consistent manner.

There are some lucrative features like enhanced brightness with improved lumen output and you can get all these at a very affordable price.

Key features

In the race of the top five metal halide bulbs for vegetative growth the HTG supply digital greenhouse 315W ceramic metal halide dimmable CMH system is the last but not the least.

It has a high performance Philips 4200K bulb with maximum reflected ballast design and can generate 33000-lumen output. Most four different dimmable controls come with steel latches and ventilation pieces of equipment.


We have discussed about the top five best metal halide bulb for vegetative growth and their all possible features to give you a clear idea about all these lights. Each of them is individually great and can perform their task accordingly but it may depend on that which one is suitable for whom. You can also consider about led grow lights, they also provide efficient light to plants.

Now you can clear your doubts and after comparison, you can easily choose the suitable one for your vegetative growth.

Happy vegetative harvesting…….