10 Best Indoor Grow Tents for Hydroponics – [Video]

We reviewed hundreds of indoor grow tents available on the market and created a simple list to help you pick the Best indoor grow tent for hydroponics.

Each grow tent was evaluated across a variety of factors: size, capacity, materials, durability, frame-strength, air ventilation, light reflection, construction, budget and much more, these indoor grow tents are truly the best options out there.

If you are a person, who admires and appreciates plants but do not have the luxury to associate yourself with a garden, or not have the space to make one, this article might be of help to you.

What is the Best Indoor Grow Tent For Hydroponics

After more than 350 hours of research over Three years, including 450 -plus hours of real-world testing on 49 different models, the VIVOSUN Grow tent remains our pick as the best indoor grow tent for hydroponics.

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN grow tent blocks all light from escaping and is lined with 98%-reflective mylar to boost the output efficiency.

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An easy measure using which you can grow indoor plants, hassle free and it’s absolutely safe as well. Growing plants be it indoor or outdoor is a great asset, because God knows, our environment needs it, and more importantly we need it. For a healthier environment and a healthier climate.

We firmly believe that our hard efforts will help you fix a solid decision in choosing the right grow tent for you. Hope you will like the top picks of these best options.

Super Easy Grow Tent Setup Guide ( Video )

Top 10 Best Grow Tents  [Updated, 2019]

SerialProduct NameSizeRatingPrice
1VIVOSUN Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent48″x24″x60″5See Price
2Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent48″x48″x80″5See Price
3CoolGrows Small Indoor Grow Tent24″x 24″x 48″4.9See Price
4iPower Best Grow Tent For the Money 48″x24″x60″4.8See Price
5iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent96″x48″x78″4.7See Price
6Gorilla GGTLL22 LTGGT22 Grow Tent24″x30″x67″4.6See Price
7VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent48″x 48″x 80″4.6See Price
8iPower Most Popular Grow Tent60″x60″x80″4.5See Price
9Ohuhu Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent48"x 48"x 80"4.5See Price
10Oshion Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent48″x 24″x 60″4.4See Price

Most Used Grow Tent Kits

1iPower Complete Ventilation KitsSee Price
3BESTVA LED Grow LightSee Price
4AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline FanSee Price
5VIVOSUN Clip on Oscillating FanSee Price
6Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierSee Price
7hOmeLabs Small Space DehumidifierSee Price
8iPower 4 Inch Carbon FilterSee Price
9VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon FilterSee Price
10AcuRite Thermometer & HygrometerSee Price

1. VIVOSUN 48″x48″– Best Grow Tents ( Recommended)

best indoor grow tents for hydroponics

This is one of the most consumer trusted and Budget friendly grow tents. A good 86% of people were satisfied with this product and here is why. This particular grow tent weighs comparatively less than the other grow tents that you will find available in the market but offering the same advantages that they do.

Vivosun’s grow tents has also made it’s way to one of the top notch grow tents there is in the market. It comes with several of promising advantages that makes it’s worth through. These tents make sure that all the light that is inside the tent, stay inside the tent. They won’t go out and they are also equipped with  reflective mylar of a 98%. The seal that is completely light proof is a very good thing to offer when it comes to grow tents. The canvas of the grow tent is thick and sturdy and is a 600D quality which is completely tear proof and of course, is double stitched.

The metal poles make sure that the tents have good support and they also very helpful in terms of installation. These particular tents are comparatively bigger and the zippers are also high quality metal zipper which ensures a long lasting service. This grow tent too comes with a transparent window through which you can take a look at your plants easily without having any trouble. The zippers are very smooth as well. The grow tent is very easy to set up and even a rookie could do it without any problem at all.

Other Features:

  1. Water resistant and tear proof
  2. Transparent clear view window
  3. Super easy installation
  4. Removable tool and floor tray
  5. Dual layer ventilation and carbon filter belts
  6. 2 years warranty
  • The carbon filter belts make adjustable and better growing environment.
  • This grow tent offers useful booklet with easy instruction.
  • It has right size and dimension for convenient use.
  • An easy viewing window increases the opportunities to take great care of the plants with no hard efforts.
  • This indoor planting tent is reasonable in price.
  • It has a lot of pin holes.
  • Despite the light works great but still some customers have complained about light leakage.

2. Apollo 48″x48″x80″ –  Hydroponic Grow Tent

Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the great things about this grow tent or more specifically about this company is that it has the most commendable customer service, one that you would get in any way or in any form. These grow tents come with removable floor tray along with two filter straps.

This apollo grow tent is hydroponic and it’s heavy duty zippers and double stitching ensure that the tents are durable and perform at their best. All of the poles of the tent are metal so there is assurance of security and the tent being stable as well.

It is 100% reflective is tear proof and light proof, also comes with a removable Mylar floor tray. There is adjustable temperature option that helps to make sure that the plants are at the right temperature and at the right heat.

The tent is very flexible as well. You can set it up anywhere, be it in the apartment, in a greenhouse, outside, you name it and you can set it up there. These tents are very easy to assemble too, you can easily set it up yourself with the help of the instruction manual. Also you can read our special guide of Best 4×4 Grow Tent Reviews.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 49 x 11.2 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 32.7 Pounds

Other Features:

  1. Water resistant, tear proof and light proof
  2. All steel poles
  3. Easy installation
  4. Removable Floor cleaning tray
  5. Can be set up anywhere
  6. 90-day warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Apollo horticulture tent extends a lot of security in usage.
  • It saves your energy bill by managing a great power configuration with efficiency.
  • It provides 3 months of warranty in the service.
  • The whole unit equipment’s are highly reflective and useful.
  • It offers an easy assembly to make the beginners understand the set up process.
  • The metal bars might be sturdy enough while using the tent.
  • Some customers meet with problem to assemble it together.

3. CoolGrows 24″x 24″– Cheap Grow Tent

Small Indoor Grow Tent

Cool Grows tents come with exclusive features like 99% reflective mylar lining that gives an up to the mark lighting setups that helps the plants in terms of their growth.

The power configuration is very well set. The bars and connectors are fully metal and all of the poles are metal poles which gives the tent a superior support and makes it secured, The material of the tent is a good quality of 600D and is one hundred percent tear proof and light proof as well. The tent will be fully blocked when it’s zipped, no light will come out or come in.

It comes with an easy view window through which you can check on your plants from outside. The zippers are very smooth so its very easy to open and close them whenever needed. The window of the tent filters out the white light which is very good for the plants because it increases their energy.

These tents are also very easy and convenient to clean because it comes with removable mylar spill tray that is very useful when it comes to home gardening. The tent is designed as if it was a wardrobe closet. It is completely easy to set up and moreover, it can be set up anywhere. Here is our ultimate guide of Best 2×2 Grow Tent Reviews.

Tech Specs

  • Size: (24 x 24x 48)” / (60 x 60 x 120)cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 176.37oz / 5000g

Other Features:

  1. Water resistant, tear proof and light proof
  2. Metal poles
  3. Easy installation
  4. Removable spill tray
  5. Can be set up anywhere
  6. Comes with two colors (green & black)
  7. 1 year warranty
  • This grow tent is eco-friendly.
  • It can efficiently grow indoor plants in limited space.
  • It provides safety from poor weather like rain or excessive sun exposure.
  • You can afford it with reasonable price.
  • High class materials are used for smooth and dependable functioning.
  • In some products, you can experience pinholes in fabrics.

4. iPower 48×24 – Best Hydroponic Grow Tent

indoor Grow Tent

It  is 100% water resistant and comes with a mylar floor cleaning tray that helps for a convenient cleaning. The tent is 100% light proof making sure that there is absolutely no leaking of lights, it helps highly for you to be able to control the weather or the climate for your plants and make sure that they are safe. You can consider it as another popular 2×4 grow tents.

It also prevents from pest from entering as it helps light to not go outside. The metal zippers are super smooth and long lasing ensuring complete support to the longevity and also the metal poles does the same thing in terms of supporting the tent for both durability and performance.

The thick material is 95% reflective that reduces your bills in a huge amount because it reflects the tent bulb’s light back to the plants. The metal poles are designed to endure upto 110 lbs which is amazing. There is no hassle in the setting up process of the grow tent.

There is a manual, and with the help of it anyone can set it up.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 48 x 24 x 60 inches
  • Weight: 14.05 Pounds

Main Features:

  1. All steel poles
  2. Water resistant and tear proof
  3. Easy installation
  4. Removable Floor cleaning tray
  5. Can be set up anywhere
  6. 1 year warranty
  • This 2×4 size tent offers waterproof floor pans.
  • It has big zippers doors.
  • It provides a neat and clean environment.
  • It allows most of the moisture and vapor control feature.
  • It has a reasonable price to buy.
  • No major drawbacks we found in it except some customers complain in zippers.

5. iPower 96″x48″ – Hydroponic Grow Tent

Water-Resistant Grow Tent

Another ipower product with the best offerings in the market. Its hydroponic water resistant 4×8 grow tents are extremely energy saving grow tents, because they are one hundred percent tear proof, are up to 95% reflective and the light proofing is a good 99%. The material are of high quality fabric with double stitching, the zippers are heavy duty strong zippers and the poles are made of steel and they can handle up to 110 lbs.

There is a window through which you will be able to take a look into your plants without having to throw your back at them every now and then. The light proofing makes sure that the tent’s light do not go outside and no light, or in fact pests or bugs nothing can enter the tent from the outside. Enough light and heat develop a good climate inside of the tent and it helps the plants growth to be healthy.

The ventilation system of the tent is also very commendable because there is one on top with holes and another at the bottom windows with removable cover.

There is a water resistant mylar floor tray to help you keep the tent clean and tidy. These tents are super accessible and is very to set up, and you can set it up anywhere.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 96 x 48 x 80 inches
  • Weight: 39 Pounds

Other Features:

  1. Tear Proof & Light Proof
  2. Metal poles and high quality fabric, heavy duty zippers
  3. Window Available
  4. Easy setup
  5. Removable mylar floor tray
  6. 1 year warranty
  • This grow tent has pretty good zippers with heavy duty construction.
  • It smoothly runs the cables.
  • It has easy ventilation hoses.
  • This is a great grow tent for price too.
  • This is lightweight tent.
  • The attached cups can get troubled for bending.

6. Gorilla 24″x30″– High Quality Grow Tent

GGTLL22 LTGGT22 Grow Tent

Gorilla grow tent offers you the most promising feature of them all, and that would be it’s patented adjustable extension poles. Which you’ll have to buy separately though. It allows you to adjust the height of the grow tent according to your need of preference from 5’7” to 6’7”.

The canvas of the grow tent is made of high quality material, giving you the best durability advantage. It has a pure metal interlocking frame that keeps the tent strong and dependable and also very secure.

It comes with a micro pre-filter feature that prevents bugs from entering into the tent. The poles of the tent are metal and the fabric is tear proof.

Strong zippers and tight and reinforced sealing system make the tent safe and secure. The tent has a window through which you will be able to look into your plants easily. Basically it is an ideal grow tent, that will be easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 24 x 30 x 67 inches
  • Weight: 19 Pounds

Other Features:

  1. Patented adjustable technology
  2. Metal poles and high quality fabric
  3. Doorway zippers can be adjusted to 360 degree access
  4. Large EZ view window
  • Gorilla grow tent has reinforced seals.
  • This grow tent has functional zippers.
  • It is easy to set up nicely.
  • Bug resistant features allow a safe usage.
  • The metal poles are responsible for creating powerful growing enclosure that is convenient for healthy growth of plants.
  • You need to have a good amount of budget to buy it.

7. VIVOSUN 48″x 24″- Cheap Grow Tent

grow tent for the money

Vivosun’s mylar hydroponic grow tents is your go to grow tent when you’re thinking of buying one. These  tents are absolutely light proof and are reflective. The light being used inside of the grow tent will not be able to go outside and the plants ill be able to grow under a sufficient heat and light inside of the grow tent. Nothing can go outside of the tent (light) and nothing can enter the tent either be it light bugs or pest. There is a smooth air circulation system inside of the tent as well.

The material of the canvas is 600D high quality canvas and is tear proof, double stitched fabric and strong and supportive metal poles that keep the tent secure. There is a window and you can take a look into the window from outside, you don’t have to make any hassle regarding seeing your plants. The zippers are very smooth so that lessens the trouble even more. The installation of the grow tent is very easy, anyone can do it and it can be set up anywhere at that. All in one, this grow tent is a very good package.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 49 x 10 x 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 31.8 Pounds

Other Features:

  1. Tear Proof & Light Proof
  2. Metal poles and high quality fabric, heavy duty zippers
  3. Clear view window available
  4. Easy installation
  5. 2 years warranty
  • Zippers made easy functioning to use.
  • There is a tool free connector for convenient use.
  • An instructional pamphlet will guide you properly.
  • It provides smooth installation.
  • No light leakage will make you feel worried for the plants healthy growth.
  • In some models, the holes are missing in the metal poles.

8. iPower 60″x60″– Grow Tent for Indoor

grow tent review

Another promising indoor 5×5 grow tents by ipower, which will meet all of your requirements. This particular ipower grow tent comes with energy saving advantages. These are absolutely tear proof and 95% reflective. With the double stitching option and heavy duty zippers, these tents will give you a hundred percent satisfaction during a challenging weather. They also come with a sealed light proof mylar. The metal corners are safe and dependable and the metal poles are designed to take on upto 110 lbs.

It comes with a window that gives a soft view from the tent and it is sealed but with transparent plastic but the cover is removable so that you can observe the plant without stepping into it, it also offers tool bag for assisting accessories. The grow tents are water resistant but they are removable as well, so you can secure the spill trays to frame, security straps makes them easy to execute. The double layer ventilation system keeps the area cool and clean as well. Moreover, it is unbelievably easy to install.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 60 x 60 x 80 inches
  • Weight: 36 pounds

Other Features:

  1. Water resistant and tear proof
  2. Easy view window and transparent cover
  3. Ventilation system
  4. Tool free installation
  5. 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • iPower grow tent is excellent in saving energy.
  • It provides neat and clean environment.
  • Reliable heavy duty zippers will secure your plants.
  • It has hanging straps for convenient use.
  • It offers an instructional assembly for easy set up.
  • The front door is not adjustable with the tent to use with comfort.

9. Ohuhu 4×4  Grow Tent

good grow tent

Hydroponic grow tents by Ohuhu promises quality as well as durability. The tents are 100% tear proof, light proof and come with heavy duty metal zippers, double stitching and reflective mylar lining that is 98% reflective.

The cloth is 600D oxford and the firm frame is of high quality that gives the assurance of security and stability of the growing tents. These materials and design prevent the growing tents from smelling or any kind of odor getting out or any bugs or pests getting in as well.

Because of the light proof technology, the inside light cannot go out which means the plants’ growth will be healthy and up to the mark because they will be using the growing light source.

One of the most promising feature by these hydroponic grow tents is it’s ventilation system. In the upper corner there is a vent hole that is both double sleeved and circular that manages the wires and air circulation by a fan and ducting hose as well as carbon filter and reflector.

All these together make sure that the plants get an adequate amount of air light and heat for the proper germination as well as the flowering period of the plants. These tents are also super easy to set up and even if you try to do this for the first time, you’ll be able to do it without any hassle. Ohuhu supports the customers to the fullest extent as well which makes them more reliable.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 48.7 x 13 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 24.8 Pounds

Other Features:

  1. Water resistant, tear proof and light proof
  2. All steel poles
  3. Easy installation
  4. Excellent ventilation system for the growth of the plants
  5. 12 months warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • This hydroponic grow tents includes a strong tubular metallic support in construction.
  • There are large and small holes for responsive air ventilation and wire connectivity.
  • Anti-mosquito screens are very much protective to manage environment.
  • No light leaks you will experience with this grow tent.
  • The hanging bars are useful for convenient grow light system.
  • The metal poles are a bit of non-co-operative for some users.
  • The paint on the sturdy frame makes the connection tough to do sometimes.

10. Oshion 48″x 24″x 60″ Grow Tents

Oshion’s is another tents come with excellent features and it will meet all of your requirements easily. These cheap grow tents is made of high quality material that a one hundred percent tear proof. These tents are absolutely light proof which means any kind of light will be sealed as long as the zippers are closed. No light will go out from the inside or go in from the outside. This prevents leaking and also pests or bugs from coming inside of the tent.

These tents are 99% reflective so sufficient light and heat will help the plants to grow naturally and in a healthy manner. The poles are all metal poles which gives the tent support to stand strong and it makes it secure too. These tents are very much durable.

Comes with a window as well so that you don’t have to go through any hassle, you can look into your plants from outside easily and everything in tent will be visible through that window. The zippers are strong and high quality and the fabric of the tent is very thick as well.

It comes with removable water resistant mylar spill tray so it is very easy to clean. The tent is super easy to set up and it can be set up anywhere as well.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 48″x24″x60″

Other Features:

  1. Tear proof and light proof
  2. Metal poles and high quality fabric
  3. Easy Setup
  4. Removable water resistant spill tray available
  • Oshion optimizes a superior construction in overall unit.
  • There are convenient equipment’s like cable socks and passive vents for perfect growing environment.
  • It offers easy clickable poles to the users.
  • You can assemble the tent very fast.
  • Thick fabric system makes it exceptionally durable to use.
  • This grow tent is absolutely great to use but some users find the zippers not very easy to use.

Grow Tent Buying Guide

What is a grow tent and why use it?

Let’s get a few facts checked regarding the quality grow tents. What it is, for what reasons it should be used and what exactly are the benefits of using these grow tents.

A grow tent is basically a grow room that can be re-used and is movable or transferable. It is used to develop or produce a hydroponic indoor garden and the insides of a grow tent is made of a canvas that is sturdy and the interior material is reflective so that the built in grow lights come in handy. If you are a person who fancies plants and trees and would like to have some home of them in your own home, if you’re a person who likes gardening or gardens in general, or simply if you are someone who appreciates plants and would like to have some in your house as a decorative piece or for some greenery in your place, then Grow Tents are your solution.

Because, with the help of the indoor grow tent, you will be able to nurture and maintain you plants from home and without any hassle. Because these hydroponic grow tents are designed in such a way that it will basically take care of everything. You just have to sit back, relax, and watch your plants grow. So far, throughout the article, we have taken a few things into account when it comes to considering an ideal grow tent. They are such as:

  • Light proof
  • Tear Proof
  • Reflective
  • Strong and heavy duty zippers
  • Metal Poles
  • Removable Mylar floor trays
  • Window
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy set up and accessible

Basically, these are the core things that you need to look out for when buying a grow tent. In this article of the tent reviews, you will surely find something that is the best indoor grow tent for the money.

The benefits of a indoor grow tent can be described in many ways because there are many to add and each individual will be able to relate differently. For example, if you are someone who is into gardening but you don’t have the space, meaning, a backyard. Thus you end up not making one. For these individuals, grow tents are the closest option they could get to making a proper gardening.

Another example could be, say, that you have fascination for gardening but do not have the time or energy for the maintenance part. You work all day and by the time you come home there is not much energy left in you to go and do the regular maintenance bit of your plants. In that case, growing tents, again, are your best option. Most of the growing tents are designed in a way that they are pretty much self sufficient.

Meaning, they are designed in such manner that you will not have to look after your plants that frequently. The tents are usually well ventilated and light proof and also comes with a very convenient cleaning system that helps the tent neat and tidy. And last, but not the least, if you are someone who would just want to try out gardening for the sake of it and would just want your place to look good, again, the grow tents are your best option.

So there you have it, all the reasons why you should buy one and how you would get benefited by it.

What Are the Things to Look out For, When Buying?

Basically, all tents should provide you with the same facilities more or less, because all of them has one purpose and they also function in the same manner. Just the quality, the size, the weight and of course the price (depending on the quality) varies. Nonetheless, here is a list of things, that you should definitely keep into account when you are buying a indoor grow tent:

  • Light proof
  • Tear Proof
  • Reflective
  • Strong and heavy duty zippers
  • Metal Poles
  • Removable Mylar floor trays
  • Window
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy set up and accessible

What Kind?

All kinds of hydroponic grow tents function pretty much in the same way, true, but the appearance may be different than one another. What kind of tent will you be buying depends a lot on the place that will be set up in. If it is going to be set up outside, then the size should not matter, and you will have the full liberty to choose any given size of the grow tent. However, if the place where you will set up the tent is rather congested, then you might have look for smaller sizes, which too, are available.

A lot of people look for a little color option because they think a bit of color will lighten up the square shaped box thing. So depending on your choice you could look for different color options as well. Usually grow tents are all black colored but a few companies provide other colors as well, such as green.

Size and Weight

Indoor Grow tents come with different sizes and shapes. You can choose according to the place that you plan to set the tent at. If the place is bigger, you can easily go and choose the bigger sized tents. If you have a smaller place, then you can go for the smaller ones. It can also be chosen by the amount of plants you would like to grow inside of your tent. If the number is vigorous, then you are advised to go for the bigger sized tents because they will be able to accommodate a lot of plants.

However, if the number of the plants is not that big in number, then you can go for the small or medium sized ones. Most of the tents weigh from 32 to 39 pounds. However, the least weight should be around 19 pounds and the maximum will be up to 39 pounds and sometimes, above. We reviewed all size of grow tent like 2×2 size, 2×4, 3×3, 4×4, 4×8, 5×5, 8×8, and 10×10 size grow tent.


The best indoor grow tents’ material quality and other feature quality are to be checked strictly before buying grow tent because the durability of the tents will depend on those features. Most tents that promise to be durable are are, in fact durable, have a canvas of 600D, high quality material. The zippers should be heavy duty zippers and should be strong as well. The zippers should also be smoothly operable because, once they get stuck it will cause a lot of hassle.

It is very important for the poles to be metal because these metal poles are the main feature of the tent that make sure that the whole tent is secured and wouldn’t fall down. Tear proof cloth and light proof advantages are a must. Basically, these are all the things that makes a tent durable and hassle free and if these qualities are there, it can be said that you have got yourself the best indoor grow tent for the money.

How to set up the Grow Tent?

Throughout the article we have learned all there is to know regarding grow tents. But what is the use of all these information if you do not know how to set it up? Let’s see if we can do something about that.

Let’s go through the step by step process of how to set up a grow tent. The tent setups are usually the same. They may vary slightly, but there will always be a manual instruction guide attached with the tent and usually these are incredibly easy to set up so even if you haven’t done anything like it before, with the help of the manual and hopefully this piece, you will surely be able to perform the deed. So here goes nothing!

Step 1: Collect every supplies and tools given altogether

 At first, it is important that you gather everything that is provided and follow the instruction manual thoroughly. Please see that you have all the necessary tool like, scissors, box cutters, screwdrivers, tape etc.

Step 2: Accumulate the grow tent

Hydroponic grow tents are usually either square shaped or rectangular. There may be other shapes too but usually these shapes are the basic ones. Whatever shape may be, please make sure that they fit well in the place where you are thinking to set them up.

First you have to construct the frame. Unpack all of the things and one by one put them together according to the instruction manual. Be advised that there might be spilling of water, so if there is any carpet or anything equivalent to the carpet, make sure it is well placed or protected so that it doesn’t get damaged because of the splashing or spilling of the water. You can place a mat or some sort of plastic too, if you like.

Next thing you will have to do is place a piece of cloth. After the tent is placed where you want it to be placed, add the covering which is the cloth. The indoor grow tents are usually designed to be light proof and good quality canvas. If the zippers work right and if everything is without defects, everything should be at place like they are supposed to be. The only task is to place the cloth properly on top of the frame and that is it.

Step 3: Setting up the Grow Light

Lighting is one of the most crucial and also difficult process of growing plants inside of a tent. Because a lot of things depend on the lights in terms of the growth of the plant being grown indoors. If these are not done right, the health of the plants will be hampered and they will not grow as they are supposed to. So, surely a few things need to be considered with great care and attention.

Firstly, the holders need to be set perfectly. Please follow the guidelines or instructions on how to hang the grow lights at the right height. Because it needs to be hung according to how much lighting a plant may need and from what distance as well.

Then, you need to attach the hood after the light set up is done. Once the lighting hoods are attached to each other the direct light will fall from above on the plants directly.

Finally, arrange the wires nicely. If the wires are disorganized and are all over the place may cause accidents so please do make sure and the wires are completely out of the way and the area is secure. All of the power cords need to be run from the nearest cord hole inside of the grow tent.

Step 4: Setting up ventilation

Figure out what could be the best place to set up the fan and the carbon filter. Both of them are recommended to be hung inside of the tent. It is wise  to hang them from the frame but close to the upper area of the tent because it increases the growing footprint and negates the hot air that goes to the top of the tent and it also decreases the odor that occurs from the tent and effectively tries to eliminate it.

Step 5: Ventilation Installation

Having done with the things mentioned in step 4, it is now time to install the ventilation system. Which you will basically have to follow everything written in the instruction manual. Different grow tent has different ways to install the ventilation process. So, please go through everything carefully and step by step and just simply do as the manual says. Your ventilation installation will hopefully be a success.

Step 6: Hang Temperature Gauge

It is very important that you keep a close eye to the inside temperature of the tent. Because it is imperative that the humidity, temperature and everything related is at the right set up because the plants’ growth depend on these measures. Just make sure that the monitoring system is well set and you are good to go.

Step 7: Timer

Make sure all of the equipments are put at correct timers because all of them will work accordingly. It shouldn’t be more or less, just has to be adequate. Set the lights to the timer when they should be turned on and off and the rest of the things will run on their own. 

Step 8: Turn it all in

Everything is now set and ready to go. Place everything inside of the grow tent and see how it works. Take time to observe and observe properly because this is how you will know whether there should be any changes that need to me made or not.

 Step 9: Safety Scan

Double check if the wires are out of the way, if the power cords are where they should be, if the timer is right, there is no water on the floor and the electricity involving equipments are safe. Because if these things are not checked properly, huge accidents might take place.

Step 10: Place the plants inside of the grow tent

Voila! You have successfully installed your grow tent and the only thing that is left to do now is for you to place all of your plants in and that is it. Please do check on the temperature and just make sure and everything is at their respective places from time to time. If you don’t want to buy all necessary tent accessories then you can buy complete grow tent package.

Best Grow Tent Brands

A Best indoor Grow tent are a great blessing for those who passionately yearns for indoor gardening. That’s why many of us look for the grow tent brands among so many options in the marketplaces. In this article, I aim at explaining the reasons and traits of 5 leading brands and their popularity.

Through these types of grow kit, one can have entire control over climate and other essential elements needed for the hydroponic system.

Top and high-quality products and manufacturers with the durability enhance the wide range of opportunities to use. So let’s have a further discussion about that.

Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla grow tent are one of the most recommended brands for producing the tallest, thickest and powerful grow tents. On the ongoing revolutionized tent’s industry, this popular brand roars for the ideally manufactured hydroponic grow tents for sale.

This leading tent brand is invented with the collaborative effort of a group of engineers in San Francisco in 2011. Gorilla is a perfect height adjustable and strongest grow tent brand.

Apparently, the team submits their patent and design again and again to ensure an innovative growing environment. It determines the safe, quality, odor-proof, Reflective and insulated growing environment for the degree of satisfaction of the growers.

The best thing about this reliable brand is to adjust with the newly increased grow space vertically whenever you need it. This intelligent and extraordinary creation won value and praiseworthy compliments of most of the customers.

iPower Grow Tents

iPower is considered as one of the top class budget brands in the grow tent industry.  If money is not a big issue for you then choosing this brand for indoor gardening won’t disappoint you.

Tomas Gorney is the founder of the iPower company and it was established in 2001.  It roars in the industry providing tremendous growth to its clients and customers across 100 countries of grow light system.

Hence it is a notable company for building their products for reliable and secure qualities as well.

iPower tents lasts for an extended period of time due to the quality materials used by the brand’s manufacturers. Even the grow rooms offer the top-grade service to all growers.

Better airflow with quality growth opportunities will definitely surprise you with pleasant growing experience. Again, thick Mylar with adequate light reflection, adjustable doors, odor controlling equipment’s, etc. allows a grower to enjoy the meaningful indoor gardening experience.

VIVOSUN Grow Tents

VIVOSUN is a popular manufacturer company founded in China. They have been leading the market for more than 8 years with much-appreciated values provided by their customers and clients in indoor grow tents products.

VIVOSUN is a widely popular brand in all aspects of tents such as frame quality, assembly guide, top-notch quality materials, light reflection capacities, well ventilation and ducting ports, etc.

Again different sizes are available based on your growing area parameter. The amenities what this leading brand offers is really worth for mentioning.

Besides, grow tent, they offer notable performance in LED grows lights too. With the exceptional and improved quality of their manufacturing products, they highly acquire the values from every respected customer.

This reputed brand also promotes its manufactures with other essential accessories like carbon filters or fans maintaining quality values to the extent possible.

Lastly, the hassle-free customer service including 2 years of warranty makes it worth and satisfactory to use again and again.

Apollo Grow Tents

Frustrated for the low state budget for indoor gardening? Then Apollo brand deserves the right to mitigate your worries.

Apollo is the most reliable brand for tent accessories with affordable money range. Apparently, this leading brand is noted for introductory grow lights.

In the last few years, it has been providing improved quality manufacturers with affordable money cost. They have toiled hard enough to create ideal value in their products maintaining the highest quality.

The epic features allow the increased level of durability with the secured approach. 100% lightproof efficiency particularly lined the extreme lighting system so powerful to grow healthy plants.

The team of experts concerns for the innovative designs, safety, reliable usage and the expert level build quality of their product. This brand offers plenty of epic features with additional amenities as well. Different sizes are available on Amazon about Apollo grow tent.

Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Secret Jardin is immersing as an innovative Grow Tent brand. This is internationally recognized from the year of 2006. Grow tents with hydroponic equipment’s of their manufacturers are constantly well-developed and aesthetically designed.

The expert teams of Secret Jardin inspect each and every indoor culture of their products crucially. They ensure the product design and various kinds of usability tests in the ultimate products.

Exclusive light tightness, smooth zippers, Adjustable air ventilation system with impressive ducting ports, easy to follow assembly guideline makes it adorable to everyone’s priority. It enables an indoor grower to produce the best harvest maintaining maximum quality with the epic provided features.

A complete range is being developed with optimal quality to ensure the satisfactory level of them. So any grower can buy this reliable grow tent for long-term use.

For both newbie and professional growers, it sets up a dramatic effect to proceed on indoor gardening with much satisfaction. Again, it is a worthy investment for the money too. Don’t hesitate to grab this brand.

Nothing can make your indoor gardening experience better than a grow tent. So choosing tent brands is a top-notch fact for you at the very beginning.

Our above-stated brands are perfect and ideally fit for meeting your needs. Each brand is popular and ruling the grow tent industry with fame.

The top quality and perfect set up guideline including the best customer service will minimize your never-ending worries automatically.  So choose your favorite one and start wonderful indoor gardening.


What size grow tent for 12 plants?

For cultivating 12 plants, 5’×9’, 8×8 grow tent or 10×10 grow tent size is preferable to choose.

What size grow tent for 6 plants?

To grow 6 plants, you can use 4×4 grow tent without any hassle.

What size grow tent for 4 plants?

You can use 2×4 grow tent or 3×3 grow tent size for the cultivation of 4 plants in a indoor grow tent.

What size grow tent for 2 plants?

2×2 grow tent is the best choice for the healthy indoor growing of 2 plants.

What is indoor Grow tents material?

Mostly, the hydroponic grow tent materials completely depends on the brand you are going to buy. Typically most grow tent materials are perfectly lined with the Mylar. The canvas makes it dense enough and reinforced with well light reflection properties as well.

Again, the grow lights, ducts, vents, ports, extract fans, filters are parts of an ideal grow tent.

How many watts do I need for a grow room?

How many watts needs for a grow room completely depends on the area you are using for the grow room. The best way to find out ideal measurement, you should follow the “Watts per Square Ft method”.

Following so, the growing area requires at least 50-75 watts for each square feet of the canopy for the grow room.

What is the best grow tents?

The best grow tents should have ideal fabric in construction. And have standardequipment’s such as filter, grow light, zippers, and vents, extract fans etc. with easy accessibility.

What is a hydroponic grow tent?

Hydroponic grow tent is a system of indoor growing plants where mineral nutrient solutions in water is widely used for the appreciable development and growth of the plants.

What are Grow tents made of?

Grow tents are generally made of fabrics of quality materials in most cases. The fabric rests on the basement of metal poles.

What the benefits of a grow tent?

There are plenty of benefits of having a grow tent. The energy efficiency, control over odor issues, sufficient lighting, pest removal properties, better air ventilation, making the best usage of the small or large indoor space and especially the climate control facts are the key benefits of a grow tent.

Why use a grow tent?

Grow tents are widely used for growing indoor plants and make their ideal growth with the proper utilization of light and water. Also this is the best usage of the indoor space of your living home or parts of that area.

By using so, you can have the fullest control on environment, odors, light, air ventilation etc. which are key requirement for better growth of the crops.

What I can grow in a grow tent?

Vegetable such as cauliflowers, beans, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. and different kinds of fruits or crops. You can grow in a grow tent. Besides that, you can use it for marijuana cultivation.

What is Grow tent?

Grow tent is actually a grow room of producing different kinds of plants such as flowers, vegetables etc. Cannabis growers can also use this spectacular idea to enlarge their business. It is portable and has inner reflective materials for indoor gardening.

How many LED grow lights per square foot?

Using at least 50 watts of LED grow light is reliable for per square feet of the grow space.

A few last words….

Growing indoor plants with the help of hydroponics grow tents are becoming more common and more popular than ever in recent time. Maybe because it is guaranteed to produce a fruitful harvesting and giving something back to the environment as well. The only thing that matters is the Best indoor Grow Tents is measured and run correctly and you are expected to meet your desired results.

The grow tents reviews has been featured in this article and you can look and compare for yourself that which is the cheap grow tent with the promise of quality and everything else that you’re looking for.

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