About Us

Ashley RosaHello, I am Ashley Rosa.  The owner of MyGardenings Blog. I have enough experience in gardening and that’s why I want to share my knowledge with all of the garden lovers.

Actually, I finished my studies from shahrawardi Agriculture University. As I had been nurturing a deep attraction for gardening, I took a Garden-based course from the Cornell University situated at Ithaca, New York.

In fact, this popular University is rich in garden education and knowledge. Number of students becomes a prestigious part of its gardening resources for quenching their thrust for gardening.

My gardening advice’s have been published in French, Germany, Spanish and Italian language for so many times.

To write about gardening, one must have a good amount of knowledge in gardening tools and the ins and outs of this topic. Or else, I talked with other professional gardeners and walked round to visit their garden.

I personally gathered all ideas and qualifications I should have. Further courses helped me a lot to write and share my experiences with all of you.

Grow tents are very handy gardening tools for inner gardening. Before you start growing with it, advices from he experienced gardeners are much needed to learn. Thus, you can make your journey the most successful one.

I started using grow tents more than 5 years. I didn’t escape this convenient way to implement on growing. First time, I made a choice of location where I would have to set up the grow tent.

I wished to use the enclosed area of my apartments for setting it up perfectly. Or else, it requires having a sound lighting system with quality grow lights, air flowing unit along with carbon filters, fanning etc.

Personally, I have used a lot of grow tents in those years. Some of them are wastage of money. And some of them are worth for the investment. From the ups and down experience of gardening, I am aiming to suggest you about it.

Use large tents when you have big areas in your residences. How many plants you will grow is one of the major facts to decide.

The canopy control seems easier when you have similar plants to grow. I personally do so.  I applied some particular growing techniques. Nutrient film techniques and other hydroponic systems are best for plants.

Whatever grow tents you used, first of all, read the instructions. At initial stage, it may appear as frustration or intimidating for you. I also felt the same. But sooner, I cope with it by applying my gardening knowledge.

Then, I did fix the light fixtures by adjusting it with the tent ability.  The size of lamp defines the requirement of cooling materials. Using a single grow light is better for small or medium sized grow tents I think.

I used a humidity meter for environment control issues when needed. Meters will enable you to get the ideas when you are not there to check them personally.

Humidity should be neutral and I can explain it from my experience. Mold growth can eventually increase when it is high humidity. Also, low humidity causes the generation of spider mites.

I made a nice set up of the growing equipment’s reading the instruction when I was a newbie like you. Gradually, I became an avid gardeners and habituated in using grow tents most.

If you want handy hangers for use, I would like to suggest you to use decent one.These are light-duty in properties. Moisture is the vital elements for plant’s healthy growth. So, take care about this fact.

In a grow tent, one thing is very important to know that I had faced once. To increase the ultimate efficiency in an indoor planting, keep variance with the grow light intensity and the heat. Excessive heat might be one of the special causes for yellowing of leaves.

Finally, I can say that the size of an indoor grow tent ultimately defines how your horticulture garden will look like. That’s why, for enclosed areas, the gardening equipment’s should be set up flexibly.

Yet, grow tents have such kind of infrastructures that seems challenging at initial stage. Hopefully, you will get habituated using grow tents sooner. “And hey, I am always there to answer what is peeping on your mind out of curiosity.”