Can the advanced platinum series p300 review nail it?

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2021)

I was very gloomy. Because I was wasting a lot of money pursuing LED grow lights but in vain. Finally, I got my desired one. Personally, my favorite, the advanced Platinum series P3oo LED grows light will make you grab it. So, as you are an indoor gardening enthusiast, it is my duty to provide the perfect advanced platinum series p300 review

Besides its outward luster, the 2x-3x intensity power, superior 12 band light spectrum, veg/bloom flower switch, HPS replacement, high efficient LED quality, and so many features will amaze you. 

I haven’t finished yet. I was surprised by the five years warranty along with a 90-day return money-back guarantee. So no more words let’s dive check out the advanced platinum series p300 review. 

All about Platinum LED

advanced platinum series p300 review

As an indoor gardener, you might have heard the name of the trustworthy band “ Platinum LED”. It is the most prominent LED grow light manufacturer in the US. From the beginning, the brand is fulfilling the indoor gardening enthusiast successfully. 

The most powerful  LED grow lights guarantee you in four aspects. 1) highest PAR intercity. 2) Maximum Spectral efficiency, 3) warranty, and 4) proven result. 

Their most renowned series are the P series, XML series, and greenhouse series. P series is well-known for lofty output, XML series is famous for greater coverage, and the last one greenhouse series eminent in supplement or sole servicing. 

They assure 100% best quality components; drivers, LEDs, and lenses, for quality grow lights. They give priority to auto-switching LED drivers which are sufficient for any voltage input from 85v- 260v. 

It also ensures maximum PAR output with handy field servicing. The brand uses 3W LEDs from the best manufacturers in the US; Bridgelux and Cree. The light provides higher output than any other various wattages. 

The last component is the 90-degree secondary focusing lenses. These lenses are famous for maximum spectral blending with perfect focus distribution and coverage. 

You will get the fully tuned spectrum from UV to IR. They use a superior 12 and 14 band spectrum in an exacting array and combined narrowband diodes. That refers to higher yields and higher productivity. 

Platinum LED grow lights are the master for the highest PAR output and efficiency power. They work with the most trusted partners like the US Army Corps and Engineers, USDA, Texas State University, California State University, the Nature Conservancy, and so many renowned institutions.

In a word Platinum LED nailed it in the LED grow lights world. 

Outward Luster

Before going to the efficiency features, let’s look at the external features. In height, width, and length the platinum series P300 is 3×8.25×19  inches. It is lightweight, only 13lbs. The P300 has an enormous life span, 100000 hours with voltage AC 85V- 260V. The manufacturer presents the LED light with polished Aluminum shaded.

 Advanced platinum series p300 review: Features and Activities

P300 PAR/LUMEN output

For horticultural lighting terms and measurements, PAR is the most significant factor. It stands for photosynthetically Active Radiation. PAR is the waveband of light used by plants for photosynthesis. It refers to the quantity of life. 

We have to remember one thing: Plants required for PAR and LUMEN are for humans. It is the parameter that measures the light which is only visible to human eyes. SO we have to focus on PAR, not LUMEN.

And in the plethora of LED grow lights, Platinum LED grow lights are always famous for their PAR output and power efficiency. The P300 series light has 2×-3× intensity power output than any of its competitors. For 18 inches height, your plants will get 1050 PAR and for 24 inches it will be 683 PAR.

P300 LED grow lights coverage area: 

At the time of pursuing LED grow lights, the “coverage area” is a significant feature. It shows how much growing area your grow light can cover-up. Regarding the coverage area, nobody can beat Platinum P300 LED grow lights. It is also related to the number of your plants. The P300 lights are appropriate for 4 x 4 grow tents. 

Unlike other LED grow lights, you will get two coverage areas in two stages. Isn’t it amazing? The light can cover 4.5’x3.8′ at 18 inches in the veg stage. 

For core coverage, it serves in bloom stage maximum Height 3’x2′ in 18 inches. As the flowering stage requires more spectrum and power. This feature is ideal for compact applications or using multiple units for even coverage. 

Advanced Platinum P300 light spectrum:

What is food for humans, the light spectrum is for plants? It stands for the quality of light that a plant uses for photosynthesis. It is the wavelength of the lights which gives food for growing the plants. 

For the light spectrum, P300 is the only enemy. Its full spectrum quality guarantees your plants healthy and proper development.Full-spectrum means the assurance of light wavelength equivalent to the sunlight spectrum. 

The most alluring feature of this series is the full spectrum 12 band quality which assures from the depth UV to the maximum IR. That means 390 nm – 700 nm. 

The worthiest part of the variation is your plants will get the exact spectrum according to the phase they go on. Don’t worry about the light spectrum and plant growing quality. Let your plants grow naturally under the advanced platinum p300 light spectrum.

Veg/Flower switch: 

Platinum P300 comes up with a separate veg and bloom stage spectrum with a veg/flower push button switch. The two individual switches confirm different wattage for various phases. By these, we will get hassle-free lighting coverage. 

The veg setting inhales 93 watts for confirming perfect veg stage accrual and 180 watts for ascertaining excellent flowering in the distinguished coverage area. Ultimately its average power draw is 93 watts for veg and 180-watt bloom.

HPS replacement: 

High-pressure sodium vapor light. In a word which is HPS. Once upon a time, HPS lights had sovereignty in the horticultural area. It is high time to replace it. LED grow lights have taken the place of HPS lights.They are quite similar in productivity but there is some distinct quality that keeps LED superior. Among them, inhaling wattage is striking.

How will it be? If you get 400-watt qual power from 180wattage.Unbelievable right? Yes, the platinum p300 guarantees you a 400Watt HPS replacement and provides 100% usable plant convenient light. P300 LED grow light series means less wattage more power supply. You are also guaranteed no wattage draw!

LED quality: 

It is needless to say that advanced platinum is the best in the world for its highly qualified building components. All the components; LED bulb, lens, and drivers, are from US-based manufacturers. 

3 watt LEDs from Bridgelux and Cree are the core elements. There are no LED grow lights that have a 100000 hours life span except p300. It is another name of Safe, durable, efficient, and productive LED grow lights. I have already mentioned that it provides more than 2 intensity power.  

Besides these distinguished landmarks, the grow lights are waterproof. Accidently, anytime the LED lights can be cracked up. But It has Zener protection for the super LED bulbs. 

The secondary 90-degree focusing, 100w US-made lens equally distributes the light spectrum. With computing passionate cooling fans you can keep the lights more heatless. When you will buy the P300 there is no doubt that you have grabbed the best piece in the market.

p300 Avg. Power Draw

Avg. power draw says average power consumption or average electricity consumption. Besides HPS replacement, advanced P300 has the minimum electricity capability with full productivity. 

Normally it works from 93 watts to 180 watts. For the veg stage p300 consumes 93 watts as in this moment the plants need less spectrum than the bloom stage, For bloom or flower stage, the light requires 180 watts. So the average power draw limits are from 93 watts -180 watts.

Unbelieving Assurance

One more thing, don’t forget advanced p300 offers you a long time 5 years warranty additionally 90 days money-back guarantee. Hence no tension about durability and safety. Whenever you feel any problem go to the manufacturers. 

Why does the P300 have more acceptance than its competitors?

You will get 2×-3× power intensity than any other LED grow lights. High PAR output has made the P300 individual. No more wattage loss guarantee along with average power draw, Easy setup, durability, Veg, and bloom switches, high qualified 3w LED bulb, 90-degree secondary lens. 

HPS replacement, most important 12 band full spectrum lights, qualities are hardly seen any LED grow lights than advanced platinum series. Eventually, these characteristics have the P300 unique among all its competitors.

Now let’s look out the pros and cons at a glance:

Exceptional 12 band advanced light spectrum. A little bit noisy. 
Multiple times lumen output than its competitors.
HID 400HPS replacement with convenient 180 watts.
Super quality LED advanced grow lights.
Detached veg and bloom switch.


How many hours can LED grow lights be switched on continuously?

An LED grows light has 35000 hours -50000 hours lifespan. It will not be a wise decision 24/7 continuously switching on the LED grow lights. 

What is full-spectrum light?

The light spectrum is the wavelength of the light measured in nm. The wavelength of a full-spectrum light is similar to the sunlight. So when an LED light proves spectrum up to 12 bands or near to the sunlight, we call it a full spectrum. 

These types of lights help the plants in natural growth. Advanced Platinum P300 series LED grow lights are famous for their full spectrum quality.

Is full spectrum quality light important?

Yes, full-spectrum quality for LED grow lights is important. But it depends on the different phases of the plants. Veg, bloom, and flowering every phase require a different spectrum. It also depends on various types of plants. But the feature can fulfill att phases demands. 

Final Verdict

This was a little attempt to confess on the advanced Platinum p300 series LED grow lights review. We are optimistic that advanced platinum, king in the world of LED grow lights, p300 will fulfill all desires according to your space and plants. 

In the market, advanced platinum is the sovereign only because of its outstanding features which have kept it one step forward from its competitors.
The 2x-3x, superior 12 band light spectrum, veg/bloom flower switch, HPS replacement, high efficient LED quality, long term warranty features made me grab it. So my suggestion is, let’s try this out. Hopefully, you will get the best productivity. We are seeking your admiration and valuable suggestions in the comment section below. Happy gardening!

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