Average Yield Per Plant 600W – How Many Plants under 600w LED

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2021)

Do you know why beginner to professional growers spend so much time and energy in the indoor garden? Well, there is only one simple answer to this- to get maximum yield. But what is harder to answer is how much average yield per plant 600w or 1000w or even 2000w light would make.

Because it is largely based on a lot of variables. For instance, what strain of cannabis you are growing, what light you are using, the setting of your grow tent, the light spectrum, so on and so forth.

And that’s exactly why we are here to explain to you the average yield per plant with 600w grow light. Let’s dive in!

Grow Light

Grow Light

Note: Intermediate to expert breeders can skip this part.

Well, for beginners grow light is a fairly new name. Grow light is one of the most if not the most essential components of indoor gardening. Plants need light to make their essential nutrients. And since you are growing your plants indoors it is quite hard for the plants to get that natural sunlight.

That’s where the grow lights come in. Now you may ask, why can’t I just keep my plants beside the window? Well, you can_ that is if you are growing one or two small plants. But when you are growing cannabis for commercial purposes, one or two plants will not give you the desired yield. So you would need to grow many. And I am guessing you don’t have that big of a window that can facilitate 20/30 plants.

Weather is a big factor too. In our country like the USA, you won’t get that much natural sunlight your plants would need all throughout the year. So grow light is the best investment. So what is a grow light?

In a Simple sense, Grow light is a light that works as an alternative to sunlight. You can either get a full spectrum hue that is almost identical to the sunlight. Or you can purchase the spectrum that caters to plants’ specific needs in each growth stage.

Type of Grow Light

Nowadays, there are mainly three types of major grow light.

  • Fluorescent lights: One of the popular lights among indoor growers, fluorescent grow lights provide less heat and a safer work environment. However, they are not suited for the flowering stage.
  • HID Light: Though costly, High Intensity Discharge lights are efficient, through a lot of light, and also generates more heat than any other light. If used carefully, this heat can promote bud formation and a larger yield. There are two types of HID light, HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide). HID lights usually have two types of spectrum. i.e. Red and blue. The red hue of HPS/MH is great for the blooming stage whereas the blu wavelength of HID  is perfect for veg. MH lights are not that suitable for flowering use. And so growers usually shift to HPS lights on that stage.
  • LED Lights: LED lights are the most mainstream, cost-efficient, and powerful lights. Light Emitting Diode produces full spectrum light with less power consumption and with just the right amount of heat. LED grow lights can be programmed to accurately imitate the 5700K color temperature of sunlight while still simultaneously producing the red and blue band of light needed for the veg and bloom stage of the plant. The producers are continuously trying to develop the light so gradually the prices are decreasing and efficiency is increasing.

Why Use 600 Wattage Grow Light

Why Use 600 Wattage Grow Light

600W is the most beginner-friendly light whether you use HPS, MH, or LED light. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Less Electricity consumption.
  • Suitable for even small spaces. Like in a 3×3 grow tent.
  • Moderate heat production.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Less Electricity bill.

Now let’s talk about the average yield number of each plant, light coverage, and the number of plants you can place under 600W grow light.

Note: Since MH lights are not made for the veg stage, we are only going to talk about LED and HPS lights.

600 Watt Light Coverage Area

600 Watt Light Coverage Area

You may find different opinions over the internet on this issue. However, the coverage area largely depends on the type of light you will be using and of course the quality of light.


Hps lights generate more heat and light than all other grow lights. So naturally, the light engulfs more area. A 600-watt hps light covers about 36 square feet area. It is perfect for a 6×6 ft grow tent.


Traditional LED lights produce less heat and consume less energy. LEDs cover up to 12-14 square feet. So it is perfect for a 3×3 or 3×4 or 4×4 tent.

LED grow lights spread less light as the diodes focus on one the center so that it doesn’t cause any light disruption. Every plant gets an equal amount of light.


Like LEDs, fluorescent lights cover less area than an HPS light. Per light covers about 14-16 sq feet area.

600 watts grow light distance from plants

600 watts grow light distance from plants

Distance is another factor here. You can’t install LED or HPS or fluorescent light at the same distance.  That way you increase the risk of plant burn and accidents. Your buds will get destroyed prematurely. On the other hand, if you set them too far, your plants won’t get the necessary nutrients.

So it is necessary for you to know just the right place to hang your plants. Otherwise, you won’t get the amount of yield you have initially calculated.

HPS Lights Distance from Plants

When it comes to HPS, it’s best to install them at a good distance away from the plants because of the heat they generate. So if you are using an HPS light, make sure it is at least 12 inches (30cm) away from your plants.

The stronger the lights, the further the distance needs to be. And HPS fixtures are powerful.  So 600w Hps should be planted 23-25 above the plants.  However, you shouldn’t plant it above 30 inches, as they will lose their vitality then.

LED Light Distance from Plants

LED grow light produces a lot less heat than traditional HID light. But still, you would be surprised at how much higher you need to install the LEDs from plants.

The general idea is that a 600w LED fixture should be placed 24 inches away from the plants. Why, though?  LED manufacturers mostly focus on the light spectrum. If you hang the bulb too close to the cannabis, they can become by all the wavelengths. This will cause light bleach or tension for the plants. ( When the gleaming radiation is too much for plants to take on the chloroplasts turn white. Which in turn causes the cannabis leaves to appear bleached) .

Fluorescent Light Distance from Plants

Fluorescent light is a mild light that is perfect for the veg stage of the plants and for growing general flower plants. The fixture has a nice blend of energy and spectrum. With that said, You should hang a 600w fluorescent light not higher than 12 inches.

How Many Plants under 600w LED Grow Lights

There is no simple answer to it. Plants come in different sizes and forms.  You can place as many as 8 small plants under one single 600w LED grow light. But we wouldn’t recommend you to do that. These plants will naturally grow and branch out. They will need space for that.

If all of them grow together and don’t get the space to spread, you will be left with half-baked trees. And your yield will cut in half too. You should plant max 4 cannabis on a 3×3 or 4×4 grow tent.

Average Yield Per Plant 600w LED Grow Lights

Growing cannabis indoors is often convenient for growers as not everyone has that large outdoor space and the smell might even bother the neighbors. But to succeed as an indoor gardener, you need to create an outdoor growing environment inside your grow tent.  For that, you need good lights. And those good lights will give you good yields.

If you become an expert marijuana grower and have all the right equipment you can expect to get 0.035 oz or 1 gram harvest for each watt.

This is a general calculation. So you might even get more or less than this amount.

Most growers nowadays prefer Led lights over HPS for it is budget-friendly. LEDs are significantly cooler, use less energy, and easy to set up than all other grow lights. It also has a great penetration ratio.

But since they produce less heat, you will get less yield here than compared to HPS grow lights. For each watt, you will roughly get a 0.5-gram yield. So, 600w light in 3×3 grows tent yield would be .66 to 1 lbs from a single plant.

But since you are saving tons of money by installing LED lights, this is a satisfactory amount.

2 Plants under 600w  LED Grow Lights Yield

We already know that you can get about 1.1 to 1.5 lbs from a single plant under a 600w LED light. But what if you have 2 plants? Would the 2 plants’ 600w yield be twice the amount?

Well, not really. Depending on the condition of your plants and the growing environment, it could be even more than 2x. But hold your horses, you might sometimes even get less than 1 Ibs. Plants are the elements of nature. You can’t really control nature. So better be prepared for any kind of scenario.

4 Plants under 600w LED Grow Lights Yield

Assuming you are growing 4 plants in your grow tent so you will get even more yield than a single or eve From one plant you are getting about 1.1 to 1.5 Ibs, so it is safe to say your 4 plants 600 yields would be around  4.4 to 5.5 Ibs.

600W hps yield

HPS emits a lot of heat. And that heat makes the plant grow faster and better. So naturally, you will have more yield here. The general idea is that you will get 1 gram for each watt. But that is not always the case. Like I have already said, a lot of factors play a role here.

So we can assume that you will get roughly about 600 gram or 1.3 lbs yield from each plant under a 600w HPS light.

You can plant up to 4 plants under a single 600-watt HPS light. So you will get about 5.2 lbs yield. Just think about the ratio here. It’s huge.

Yield Under Fluorescent Light

For beginner and low-end growers, fluorescent light is the best option. You can call it a middle ground light. But unfortunately, it has the lowest yield.

If you want to install fluorescent lights we would suggest you use CFL lights since T5 fluorescent lights are usually used in bigger areas.

So, what about the yield count?

If you grow under fluorescent light you will get about 0.25 grams of bud per wattage. So for 600 wattages, you will get 150 grams of yield.  It is not much but, you will go by as a starter grower.


So now you know the average yield per plant 600w grows lights of every kind.  If you solely target a large amount of harvest then HPS light or a combination of HPS and HD/LED light is the right choice for you. For the overall natural environment and healthy plant growth, LED is the best choice. And for beginners, fluorescent fixtures are the best bet. But no matter what light you choose, a 600 wattage fixture is appropriate for any sort of indoor gardening as it meets the demand of both small and large tents. And also perfect for beginner to pro breeders.

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