11 Best Fluorescent Grow Lights- t5, t8, t12 Fluorescent Bulbs

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2022)

We reviewed hundreds of fluorescent grow lights available on the market and created a simple list of 11 best fluorescent grow lights to help you pick the perfect one.

Each item was evaluated across a variety of factors: Lumen output, Heat output Flexibility, Reflector, UL/CUL safety, and much more. These products are truly the best options out there, Surprisingly, Our most recommended products are inexpensive.

When you are thinking of purchasing higher efficiency grow lights in terms of energy with a long lifespan to increase better yields, Fluorescent lights can go best for an indoor garden.


Smart growers look for something different and better than classy for their beloved garden all the time. Fluorescent light bulbs can idyllic for them. This type of bulb is lesser in cost, more excellent in effectiveness, uses little power, and have lower heat output that can be used with enormous benefits in tiny space for the low profile. 

What to do? Just go and pick the lights? 

No way! When you go to buy, you can see hundreds and thousands of manufacturers are flooding in the market. You can go nuts seeing how they vow to prove their product’s best. Instead of going either, it is a better option to go through this post where we have reviewed the 11 best Fluorescent grow lights..

Most Popular & Best Fluorescent Grow Lights bulbs

1. Hydrofarm t5 Grow Lights 4ft 8 Bulbs

Key Features

  • Up to 40000 lumens
  • Daisy chain design
  • Versatile installation as needed
  • 8 pieces of 6400K fluorescent tubes
  • Powder-coated sturdy steel housing
  • Hangs 3 ways—overhead, vertical or horizontal

Are you searching for something sturdy and highly efficient? The Agrobrite 4ft 8 bulb t5 fluorescent light from Hydrofarm will ideal for you. The Hydrofarm is a well-known manufacturer and a trusted brand to the customers.

High-output:  The device comes with specular aluminum with high output T5 bulbs that are able to duel light of the normal fluorescent process.

Hanging options: There are 3-types of hanging ways – overhead, vertical, and horizontal.

Daisy chain: Do you desire to connect much more light as you need. This light will give you this chance because it has a daisy chain system.

Complete package: You can get everything into the box. It is a complete package of indoor growing solution.

Flexibility: This grows light is super for excellent performance, flexibility, and high lumen output.


  • A little bit expensive
  • It has no warranty to use

2. Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light – 4 Foot 4 Lamps

Key Features

  • UL certified components
  • Up to 20000 lumens
  • 4 pieces of efficient 6500K 4ft Lamps
  • Dimming switches for light moderation
  • 95% reflectivity with German Hammer-tone Reflector
  • 5 years warranty with

The Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light – 4 Foot 4 Lamps comes with a complete lighting fixture with advanced features and design, which make sure the sufficient energy light to grow the plants so fast. This improves brightness is perfect for the garden, greenhouse, and almost everywhere.

Reflectivity: It offers a 95% reflectivity system that German hammer tone reflector.

Daisy chain: if you purchase multiple lights, you can be able to connect all of them using a daisy chain.

A complete package: This Fluorescent light bulbs includes all necessary accessories like 4ft lamps, chains, hanging hook, and 8Ft power code.

Flexible: 2-switch on the body will allow you to take step dimming that makes it so flexible.

Safety operation: It is easy to operate and perfect for a wet and damp environment that CUL safety approved also.

Warranty:  You can enjoy a 5-years warranty.


  • It can be hung anywhere without horizontally.
  • This grow light is more fragile that have a chance to damage.

3. HYDRO PLANET T5 Grow Lights 4-Ft 8-Lamp Fluorescent HO Bulbs

Key Features

  • 24 months warranty
  • Plug and play ballasts
  • Daisy chain mechanism
  • 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • 8 x 6500K HO Grow bulbs

Do you have an indoor horticulture garden? Can you consider to the latest Fluorescent lights? This Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp Fluorescent bulbs Fixtures will ideal for your garden because it is specially has come for horticulture plants.

Liability: Great power comes with great responsibility. Hydroplanet knows how to maintain their duty to increase the growth rate of the plants.

Unique: It is an extraordinary grow light that works well to grow marijuana with other vegetables in all stages.

Secure operating system: This light is natural to operate and can save you time. How? Just open the box, get out the light, then plug and play ballast.

Excellent lighting system: You must love the lighting system because it has come with eight pieces of HO bulbs where each gives 500 lumens that need to grow plants with high-efficiency.

Warranty: 2-years warranty with customer service.

Great value: It is incredibly decent light for the price.


  • NO support LED bulbs.
  • A few customers claimed for the switch that may not work sometimes.
  • This light has to fit very closely together, which makes it more challenging to maintain.

4. Sun BlazeT5 High Output Fluorescent 4 ft. Fixture

Key Features

  • Advanced reflector design
  • Durable white powder-coated steel housing
  • Upto 5000 lumes per lamp
  • Multiple fixtures to be plugged in together
  • Can be hung both vertically and horizontally
  • One year warranty

Do you thinking to invest your money for high output lamps with standard features, you can consider the Sun Blaze t5 fluorescent grow light bulbs. It is excellent for the plants growing and your wallet as well as the best for hydroponic plus greenhouse use.

Super reflectivity: It comes with a super thoughtful advanced design that provides excellent reflectivity.

Durability: White powder-coated steel housing makes it more durable.

Powerful: The lights are so powerful and useful at the same time

User-friendly: There has no assembly required. Easy to use without any risk and hazard.

High-output: It comes up with high output lamps that have 5000 lumens per light.

Hanging: Vertically and even horizontally

Warranty: 1-year on lamps.

5. Active Grow T5 LED Grow Light Fixture, 4FT LED Tubes

Key Features

  • Power: 120 watts
  • T5 HO 4FT LED Tubes
  • Sun White Full Spectrum
  • Daisy chain system, Connect up to 4 fixtures
  • 30000 hours lifetime use and 50% more energy saving
  • 3 years warranty

Fluorescent lights for vertical use are an excellent offer for every grower that provides only Active Grow T5 LED grow light. It is ideal for an indoor garden, Hydroponics, and even for vertical racks. If you are a professional grower who has several yards, you can pick it.

Full-spectrum: Use the newest phosphor chip technology that works to mimic the natural sunlight conditions. It is perfect for all types of the stage to grow more plants.

Energy-saving: More than 40% of energy can save this light.

Daisy chain: You permit to add up to 4 fixtures on the single 120V circuit that make the installation easier.

On/off switch: You can enjoy dual on/off switch that permits you to use half or full lamps at a time.

Warranty: 3-years long time warranty.

6. Hongruilite 4FT T-5 HO Fluorescent Lighting Kit

Key Features

  • HO Fluorescent Lighting Kit
  • 2 feet long bulbs
  • 4 pieces of 24 watts 6500K Lamp
  • 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • Compact and space-saving body
  • High-quality electronic ballasts
  • Perfect Indoor Growing T5 Grow Lights Fixtures

Seeking cheap fluorescent grow lights for your indoor garden? Hongruilite T5 HO Fluorescent light bulb is what you need. It is not only great for the price but also perfect for a lighting system for germination, cloning, and developing the plants.

Excellent Reflector: Up to 95% reflective aluminum reflector that able to male more light.

Super affordable: It is not more expensive so that everyone can afford it easily.  Even after being cheap than other grows lights, it reliable for the high-quality T5 grows light system.

Ideal for the beginners: Beginners growers always try to invest less but for high-quality lights. In this case, it can be the best grow lights for them where operate efficiently and use it with a complete package.

Unique lamp: This light can able to distribute the light to cover the whole space perfectly.

Hanging option: You can hang the light 3-ways, overhead, vertically, and horizontally.

7. Sylvania T12 5000K Full Spectrum Fluorescent Light Bulb

Key Features

  • Power: 40 Watts
  • 20000 hours lifetime
  • 2200 lumens output
  • 5000K full spectrum of light
  • Lightweight body with easy installation

Do you know the Sylvania is a well-known and popular brand in the market? Yes, it is a real true factor, and they become reliable to the consumers for their high-quality and standard fluorescent grow bulb, too!
They bring 4-foot length, T12 Fluorescent light bulbs that has come with advanced technology and long lifespan.

Full-spectrum: Any grower can use the Sylvania 5000K full spectrum Fluorescent grow bulbs that is ideal for indoor garden, greenhouse, and for flowering plants.

Super affordable: If you don’t have much budget to invest for grow bulbs, you can select it because it is so accessible, and anyone can afford it easily.

Easy maintenance: If you don’t have previous experience with this grow bulb, this will be an excellent choice for you. It is easy to set up without any hassle.

Ideal for the beginner: For the beginner grower, this super affordable is perfect that also no need previous skill to maintain and use.

8. Lightingwise 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

Key Features

  • Power: 24 watts
  • 20,000 Hour Lifespan
  • 3000K red bloom light
  • 2500 lumens light output
  • Perfect for Flowering / Budding Stage

As the Fluorescent grow bulbs, the Lightingwise T5 HO 6500k grow bulbs are suitable for the indoor garden to the greenhouse. Less wattage, lower cost, and high-effectiveness are the key features of this grow bulbs. Any grower would like to select for their garden.

Outstanding lumen: The lightingwise grow light bulbs come with an exceptional 2500 lumen per light.

Durability: It can provide 20,000 hours per lights.

Affordable: For the lower price of this grow bulbs can be accessible by any grower

Less wattage: Don’t need to worry about the wattage because you enjoy the bulbs with lower wattage for a long time.

Effectiveness: You can use to grow vegetable plants effectively.

9. AgroMax Pure UV T5 Fluorescent Light Bulb

Key Features

  • Power: 24 watts
  • Advanced horticultural UV lamp
  • Extended 20,000+ hour lifespan
  • Powerful ultraviolet spectrum light
  • 1-year warranty

AgroMax Pure UV t5 Ho Fluorescent grow bulbs is the most advanced supplement to improve the lamp of a manufacturer that is sturdier than other types of UV bulbs. You can get desirable results in the phenolic compound, resins, and oils. There have several reasons for which consumers like it to keep their garden.

Compatible: It comes with more fixture compatibility with T5HO fixture that requires 24Watts liner tubs.

Standard size: This Grow Light Bulb maintains the standard industry size.

Affected points: The UV levels can be affected by lamps, distance, and efficiency.

Long lifespan: It can be extended to about 20,000 hours.

Warranty: 1-year from the manufacturer.

10. Barrina T8 T10 T12 LED Tube, 6500K, 4500 Lumens Fluorescent Bulbs

Key Features

  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Service life: 50,000+ hours
  • Each light with 4500 lumens output
  • 6500K full spectrum super bright white

Barrina high output LED Light Tube was designed with high-grade SMD chips with components that make it more reliable and highly efficient. It offers much more brightness, affordability, and also good lighting than other conventional Fluorescent light bulbs.

Energy-efficient: Don’t think about energy costs because efficient energy can save you 65% monthly electric bills.

Higher lumen: It is also a high lumen efficiency that provides much more lumen for your wattage.

Durability and high quality: About 50,000 lifespan make it more durable and provide high-quality service for a long time.

Super brightness: Each light has 4500 lumens, which can provide much more bright light on the plants.

Comfortability: It is comfortable to use because it has an eye protection system without buzzing ballasts, flickering, or any hazardous materials.

11. Hydrofarm T12 Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tube, 40 Watt, 48 Inch

Key Features

  • Power : 40 watts
  • 48-inch long tube
  • Lightweight and easy installation
  • Full spectrum of rich fluorescent tube light

The hydrofarm agrosun BUAG48 is one of the best t12 fluorescent bulb. If you want high-quality t12 fluorescent bulbs then it is one of the best options for you.

You can use it for seeding, cutting, and ideal for African violets low light plants. It is also ideal for orchids, vegetables, and flowering. Its length is 48.5-inch, width is 1.6-inch in and height is 1.6-inch, so you can easily fit into 48-inch fixtures. You can’t find any other t12 fluorescent light bulb at an affordable price.

If you find any problem during using, just contact with them because it has one year warranty. They will replace or solve your issue. Many professionals suggest this one for orchids and low light plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why need to use Fluorescent grow lights?

Most of the commercial growers or gardeners use the light for several reasons. For example, these grow views are so fragile, and the grower can bring upon you extra labor costs to manage the plants that save them money and time.

Is Fluorescent lights well to grow plants?

Yes, Fluorescent lights are good for growing plants and also are well-known for procreation capacity. They are fantastic for clones, seedling, and even especially for younger plants.

How close must Fluorescent grow lights to plants?

These lights have lower heat output with the low light power than the LED counterpart. So, we suggest you hang the light at least 6-inch for the first time and then raise it according to the growing of the plants.

How many hours should we use the fluorescent light?

It depends on the stage of the plants. When vegetable grows, they need 18 hours of lights. Most of the growers feel the necessity to keep the plants at least 6-hours in darkness. A few farmers advise using the grow light 24-hours for the rapid growth of the plants.

Our Words!
Thanks to going through all outlines of the Best Fluorescent grow lights, those are trending in the market and better in standard quality plus features than other grow lights.

All of the brightness of our list is considerably different from each other. So, when you prepare to take the final decision, you can think of some significant points such as size, price, features, and brands.

We think we have shown our part before you well. And now, it is you who should make the final decision which will be best for your garden.




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