#15 AWESOME Grow Tent Fans [2019 Reviews]

This is a list of Most popular 15 best grow tent fans in 2019.

We reviewed hundreds of grow tent fans available on the market and created a simple list to help you pick the right grow tent fan. Each fan evaluated across a variety of factors such as cost, durability, performance, capacity and much more. In this article, we also reviewed best oscillating fan for grow tent.

I think Already you know that a grow tent fan is One of the most used accessories because it helps to keep the air fresh inside of your tent and maintain plants temperature. If you want ideal plant growth, there is no option without having a perfect grow tent fan.


The Market is fully loaded many different types of fan, so find out the right one is not easy. Many people select the wrong product and after few days they disappointed. Often people ask me which one can provide ideal plant growth. That’s why I took a step to create a simple list. It may help you….let’s enjoy.

The Best Way to Set Up a Carbon Filter and Fan in Your Grow Tent

Best Grow Tent Fans List 2019

RankProduct NameRatingPrice
1AC Infinity T6- Highly Recommended5See Price
2Tjernlund M6 – Small Grow Tent Exhaust Fan5See Price
3iPower 6 Inch Inline Fan With Carbon Filter4.9See Price
4terrabloom – Budget Friendly Inline Fan4.9See Price
5Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air Inline Fan4.8See Price
6Hurricane 6 Inch Silent Fan For Grow Tent4.7See Price
7Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan4.7See Price
8VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filter4.6See Price
9Goplus Quite Inline Fan for Grow Room4.5See Price
10Can Fan GL56736746 736746 Fan4.4See Price
11Formline Supply Quiet 6 inch Inline Duct Fan4.3See Price

Oscillating Fan for Grow Tent/ Grow Room

RankProduct NameRatingPrice
1Comfort Zone Oscillating Fan for Grow Tent4.5See Price
2Woozoo HD18U Oscillating Circulating Fan4.4See Price
3VIVOSUN 6-Inch Portable Fan for Grow Room4.3See Price
4Hurricane Wall Mount Fan for Grow Room4.2See Price

1.AC Infinity T6–  Highly Recommended

Ac infinity cloudline t6 is 6 inch quietest inline fan for your grow room/ grow tent. We keep it at first in our list because many professional highly recommended and say that one of the best and ideal fan..


If are searching a quietest fan than ac infinity t6 is good option because It has Cutting-edge Electronically Commutated (EC) motor for ensure more quitter and reach low speed without generating noise or heat.

Another good spec, you will able to save up to 40% in energy costs because The Electronically Commutated (EC) motor is also twice as energy efficient in the long run.

It has smart programmable controller with humidity and temperature sensor, alarm system, timer and speed control. Click the product name for read real user review and more information about the AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6.


2. Tjernlund M6 –  Small Grow Tent Exhaust Fan

Tjernlund m-6 is an ideal and amazing grow tent exhaust fan. If you have a small grow room/ grow tent, it also highly recommended. It would also be a good option for the hydroponic plant.

Grow Tent Exhaust Fan

The tjernlund M-Series fans have low noise and extremely low power usage with high-pressure air handling performance. I think It Great for exhausting high-moisture areas. The fan speeds controllable but speeds control device not included, you have to buy differently.

They include mounting brackets and hardware with this grow tent exhaust fan. Overall performance just amazing and long-lasting product from Tjernlund. So if you have a small grow room or grow tent then go ahead and pick this one.

3. iPower 6 Inch Inline Fan With Carbon Filter

Ipower 6 inch 442 CFM grow tent inline fan with carbon filter is another promising product. Not only fan but also ipower grow tent, grow light also very popular.

Inline Fan With Carbon Filter

They produce budget-friendly but world-class product. The ipower fan Made with quality UL components for ensuring quiet operation. It has Composite fan blades and center hub for reducing maximum noise and vibration.

Includes 6 Inch 1050+ IAV Australia Charcoal Filter, which known as world-class carbon available. It has one control switch for 3 settings: Variable Speed, OFF, HIGH, MED, LOW. So there is no risk of burning the fan motor.

You will get FREE Pre-Filter, but we recommend replacing this free pre-filter after every six months to ensure the filter protection. So if you like to get fan with a carbon filter, pick this one without more thinking. For your kind information, they are aslo producing world class led grow lights.



The ipower fan installation is super easy. Follow the video below for set up the fan and carbon filter easily.

4. terrabloom – Budget Friendly Fan

Terrabloom 6 inch 395 CFM Exhaust Fan. You can use it as a intake fan for your grow room, grow tent Exhaust fan, Carbon Filter fan and light fixture cooling fan.

terrabloom grow tent inline fan

It is equipped with Built-In Speed Controller in Its Power Cord, and the controller allows to reduce the speed 100% to 50% max output. This terrabloom 6” fan made from Black ABS Plastic and it’s weight only 5.5 Lbs.

You can easily be mounted to the ceiling of your grow room/ grow tent to Using Ratchet Hangers. If you install to the wall, Attach Supplied Mounting Bracket to the wall first.

They give 1-year Manufacturer Warranty. If you are finding budget-friendly but quality product than this one is the best option for you. Their maximum user is satisfied and happily grow the plant to use this fan.

5. Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air Inline Fan

Active Air inline fan offer innovation & performance at a great price Than any other competitor fan. I think already you know about active air fan. High-quality materials make it the most popular and trusted.

Active Air Inline Fan

It has Thermally-protected AC motor Includes mounting brackets. The Active Air Fan Speed Adjuster helps to prevent damages to motors and ensure long-lasting performance.

Some special features: Durable ceramic-coated metal housing, UL-recognized components, High quality molded impeller and Low noise output. It is a full line of fan to meet your all needs but the price is small expensive.

Most of professional said that active air fan work great in grow room/ grow tent. Any size of tent, it provides great result and keeps air fresh inside of tent.

6. Hurricane 6 Inch  Most Silent Fan

silent grow tent fan

Hurricane is ETL Listed High-Performance Commercial Grade Fans. Made with quality UL components, steel with a durable powder-coated finish for max quiet operation. Included mounting brackets with an 8 ft 120-volt power cord.

Super easy installation system makes it more popular, if you follow the manual instructions, you can easily install in minutes. If you want to get the best result, I recommend for use with Phresh & Black Ops Carbon Filters.

The price also affordable, so it is an ideal fan for commercial uses. Some professional blindly trust and also they suggest everyone to buy hurricane grow tent fan.

7. Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan

The Vortex S-6000 is a revolutionary series of fan that combine ultra-quiet operations and energy efficiency. It has a collection of advanced technologies which can deliver unparalleled performances.

intake fans for grow room

If you have a good budget, vortex S line S-600 is perfect fans for you. It is small expensive but if anyone uses once, they become a great lover. The motor (120vac 60hz) with automatic reset thermal protect from overload.

The Fan body made from impact-resistant polycarbonate for more durable and long-lasting. You can easily install because of mounting bracket designed. You can easily control the speed with an intelligent controller. ETL listed, AMCA Standards and have the AMCA certified grow tent line fan.

Don’t go anywhere to buy and pick it without more thinking. 95% of users are very satisfied to use this product.

8. VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filter

inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filter

Vivosun is a very popular brand for hydroponic product such as vivosun grow tent, light, fan and carbon filter. They produce world-class product to satisfy their customers.

Its balanced blades are ideal for boosting air supply and able to provide maximum boost with minimum noise. The carbon filter has 1050+ RC 48 Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed.

You can use this fan in your bathrooms, Kitchens, greenhouse, grow room and grow tent. It is very Lightweight & super easy to install. You can install it yourself to follow the user manual. But if you are a beginner and didn’t before, take help from an expert.

9. Goplus Quite Inline Fan for Grow Tent

If you have a small budget but want a quality quite fan with this budget, goplus would be an option for you. The prices of this fan is very low but the performance comparatively high.Quite Inline Fan for Grow Room

It’s made from durable plastic housing which can reduce noise. It has temperature and speed control features, so you can able to control as you want.

Another special features are Removing a large amount of air pollutants and bacteria. I think you can’t find this kind of features any other company fan with this price.


Always I recommend that if you have a good budget, don’t buy it. Go to our list and pick the first product. Because you may not get enough performance after few months.

10. Can Fan GL56736746 736746 Fan

best fan for grow room

My friend john use this fan in his grow tent. When you buy, it comes with EZ Mount bracket for easy mounting. He said to me that, this fan has three control speed (420 High, 378 Medium, 291 Low) for good performance.

Actually, I was surprised when he told about the warranty. Because the Can Fan gives 5-years limited warranty. So you have not to worry about this fan. But I think the price small expensive. You will get a good fan at this price.

11. Formline Supply Quiet 6 inch Inline Duct Fan

grow room fans

The formline supply is quietest fan available on the market. If you need a really quietest fan than formline supply is the best option for you.

You can use this fan in a grow tent, grow room, bathroom, and commercial cooling space. It has long-lasting, low energy consumption and CE Listed.

Always they follow 100% Satisfaction guarantee, if you find any problem, they would replace or you get money back. Many indoor gardening professional use it without hesitation.

Best Circulation Fan For Grow Tent

1. Comfort Zone Small Oscillating Fan for Grow Tent

The market are fully loaded of many kind of oscillating fan. Not all are able to deliver good result. So find out the right one is so difficult, am I right? May be yes.Oscillating Fan for Grow Tent

Bye the way, the Hurricane give you a good solution because the produced a world class and best small oscillating fan for grow tent . It is also best-selling fan on amazon.

This hurricane  has 3 speed setting ( mid, low, high) allow users to choose correct airflow with Side to side oscillation covers 90 degrees of space.

It has a 5 foot 120 volt power cord and all Hurricane fans are ETL Listed. They give 1 year warranty, so if you find any problem, contact them and replace.

2. Woozoo HD18U Oscillating Circulating Fan

small Oscillating Fan for grow tent

Woozoo HD18U White white color Oscillating Circulating could be your second choice. The price also affordable. You would be able to direct airflow anywhere you want because it oscillates left and right, with six vertical tilt settings.

It has three speed settings to meet your all needs. You can control fan speed as you want. You can enjoy extra cooling on the virtually silent ‘low’ setting. Advantage of this fan is the white color, you would be able to use it office, room or anywhere you like.

This fan is perfectly fit to use everywhere. the price is also very affordable with quality product from woozoo. If you want to know real user opinion, go to amazon.

3. VIVOSUN 6-Inch Portable Oscillating  Fan

The vivosun is one of the most popular brand. They produce world class gardening product such as grow tent, grow light, fan etc. Their all product has some special features that not available any others brand.VIVOSUN fan

This VIVOSUN 6-Inch Portable Clip-On Desk Fan able to keep your plant cool and comfortable because it has Triple spiral fan blades are angled. Made from quality sturdy lightweight material which are able to protect from fan’s surroundings from damage.

Vivosun Fan is simply adjusted by shake rod, so you can take direct airflow where you need. Another good features, it has exceptional 180-degree vertical range and 120-degree horizontal range. Super easy installation make it more popular and you can also be mount at wall or stand in grow tent.

4. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

The market are fully loaded of many kind of grow tent oscillating fan. Not all are able to deliver good result. So find out the right one is so difficult, am I right? May be yes.Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

Bye the way, the Hurricane give you a good solution because the produced a world class and best tent oscillating fan. It is also best-selling fan on amazon.

This hurricane  has 3 speed setting ( mid, low, high) allow users to choose correct airflow with Side to side oscillation covers 90 degrees of space.

It has a 5 foot 120 volt power cord and all Hurricane fans are ETL Listed. They give 1 year warranty, so if you find any problem, contact them and replace.

General Q & A:

Do You Need a Fan for a Grow Tent?

Yes, you need minimum of 2 medium-sized fans for good circulation in your grow tent. You should place one fan above your plants and another one place on the ground, grow tent fan will give you fresh air and keep your plants cool.

What is the Best Inline Fan for Grow Tent?

After reviewed hundreds of grow tent fans, We find out a best inline fan for grow tent/ grow room and that is AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 .

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