#16 AWESOME Grow Tent Fans- Ultimate Guide 2020

We reviewed hundreds of grow tent fans available on the market and created different list of 8 best grow tent inline duct fans and 8 best grow tent oscillating fans to help you choose the one that suits you best.

In recent years, indoor gardening has gained huge popularity. Actually, for plants to grow well indoors, you need to apply to grow tent fans to maintain conducive temperatures.

As for you, you are privileged that you are reading this review on the best fans for grow tent.

Therefore, take time as we go through these devices and choose the one that suits you best. For sure, you will get one.

8 Best Grow Tent Fans 2020 ( Inline Duct Fans)

With so many fans available in the market, it would be hard to decide on the best device properly. Therefore, this article collects the best 8 inline grow tent fans of them to enable you to make an informed decision.

SerialProduct NameSize ( Available)Price
1AC Infinity Inline Fan- Highly Recommended6"Check Price
2Tjernlund M6 – Grow Tent Exhaust Fan4", 6", 8", 10"Check Price
3iPower 6 Inch Fan With Carbon Filter6"Check Price
4AC Infinity, Quiet Inline Grow Tent Fan4"Check Price
5Hydrofarm Active Air Inline Fan4", 6", 8", 10", 12"Check Price
6VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filter4", 6", 8"Check Price
7Hurricane  Commercial Inline Fans4", 6", 8", 10", 12"Check Price
8Hydrofarm Active Air Grow Tent Duct Fan4", 6", 8", 10", 12"Check Price

8 Best Oscillating Fans For Grow Tent

Note: Scroll down to read full reviews.

RankProduct NamePrice
1Woozoo Oscillating Circulating FanCheck Price
2Genesis Grow Tent Clip FanCheck Price
3VIVOSUN 2-Pack Clip on Oscillating FanCheck Price
4HURRICANE wall mount Oscillating FanCheck Price
5Comfort Zone Clip on Fan for Grow TentCheck Price
6VIVOSUN Patented Clip on Oscillating FanCheck Price
7Comfort Zone Oscillating Pedestal FanCheck Price
8Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine FanCheck Price

Most Used Grow Tent Accessories (Recommended for You)

1iPower Complete Ventilation KitsSee Price
3BESTVA LED Grow LightSee Price
4AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline FanSee Price
5VIVOSUN Clip on Oscillating FanSee Price
6Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierSee Price
7hOmeLabs Small Space DehumidifierSee Price
8iPower 4 Inch Carbon FilterSee Price
9VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon FilterSee Price
10AcuRite Thermometer & HygrometerSee Price

1. AC Infinity Quietest Fan– Highly Recommended

inline fan for grow tent

After a lot of consideration, the AC Infinity Cloudline T6 happens to top the list of best quietest inline fan for grow tent

Generally, this fan is meant to help in ventilating hydroponic grow rooms & tents. That’s not all. It helps to get rid of bad smell too. At the same time, it comes with an intelligent humidity and temperature programming.

When it comes to noise disturbance, you should rest assured that this fan is exceptionally quiet and power-efficient as well.

It isn’t by mistake that this fan is tops the list. Due to its mixed flow design, the fan maintains peak performance even under high static pressure.

Therefore, this is one of the best grow tent fans that you will come across in the market.

  • Intelligent programming
  • Has a quiet fan
  • Power-efficient
  • Dust and liquid protection
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Its price is relatively high
  • Doesn’t mention about the warranty

2. Tjernlund M6 Grow Tent Exhaust Fan

Grow Tent Exhaust Fan

The Tjernlund M-6 is another great exhaust fan for grow tent. Actually, it happens to be best for exhausting high humidity areas. If you have a small grow room where you grow hydroponic plants, this is the fan for you.

The package includes mounting brackets and the necessary hardware that goes together with this fan.

Also, this device has a controllable fan speed. Unfortunately, you have to buy the speed control device separately. It isn’t included in the package.

The Tjernlund M-6 grow tent inline fan is power efficient and produces considerably low sound. Therefore, this is the ideal grow tent exhaust fan you should consider for indoor use.

  • It is versatile and durable
  • Suitable for high moisture areas
  • Useful for small grow tents
  • Produces low amounts of noise
  • Includes mounting brackets plus hardware
  • Speed control device not included
  • Comes with a very short cord

3. iPower 6 Inch Fan With Carbon FilterInline Fan With Carbon Filter

This 6 inches inline grow tent fan with carbon filter and ducting combo is of quality UL components to enhance quiet operation. In fact, this device features Australia’s world-class carbon filter that also filters bad odors.

Also, it comes with a 6″ aluminium ducting that is 25 feet long. In addition, the package includes two stainless clamps.

On top of these features, the iPower 6 inch 442 CFM grow tent inline fan is corrosion resistant and flame retardant.

The device has a three-speed setting that you can apply according to your liking. To protect the fan motor from burning, the controller doesn’t go below 50%.

Actually, this iPower fan can withstand a temperature range from -18 degrees Celcius to 85 degrees.

  • Uses world-class filter
  • Has 3-speed levels
  • It runs relatively silent
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • The machine is durable
  • It is expensive
  • The kit is heavy

4. AC Infinity, Quietest Grow Tent Fan

4 inch grow tent inline fan

This device happens to be one of the most silent fan for grow tent. It features a mixed flow design that combines with PMW- DC controlled motor. This ensures that the device operates as silently as possible.

Also, the fan has a humidity and temperature intelligent programming for alarm control, timer, and speed control.

In addition, this fan is suitable for ventilating hydroponic grow rooms as well as controlling temperatures.

Since the device operates with minimum noise, it also happens to be power efficient.

When you purchase the AC Infinity Cloudline T4, Quiet 4″ inline fan, the kit comes with duct clamps and the necessary mounting hardware.

  • It is power efficient
  • Low noise production
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Features long connecting cables
  • Features intelligent programing
  • It is relative expensive
  • The controller resets the settings in case of a power outage

5. Hydrofarm Active Air Inline Fan for Grow Tent

Active Air Inline Fan

When experience this machine, the first thing you notice is that it is one of the most affordable grow tent exhaust fans.

Actually, the hydrofarm ACDF6 is one grow tent fan that delivers outstanding performance. Also, the active inline air duct fan offers originality & performance at an affordable price.

The brushless AC motor is thermally protected and has sealed bearings for life. Therefore, it will not require any form of lubrication at any given time.

Besides, the device has an adjustable fan speed to ensure that it lasts for long.

The construction is generally metallic, but it also features ceramic coating.

  • It is power efficient
  • It is relatively affordable
  • Has a long power cable
  • Doesn’t require lubrication
  • The components used are UL listed
  • The fan isn’t as powerful as others

6. VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filter

inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filter

Vivosun is famous for producing world-beating grow tent fans and filters. Actually, the brand is renowned for hydroponic products.

The Vivosun 4 Inch 190 Cfm fan is a heavy-hitting blower that has a fan speed of 2300 rpm. The airflow efficiently moves to your specific location for optimum ventilation.

Despite all these features, the device produces only 32db levels of noise.

Also, the fan comes with the 1050+ RC 48 powerful carbon filter from the Australian virgin charcoal bedstead.

Specifically, this carbon filter helps to get rid of the pungent odor that comes from indoor grow tents and hydroponic grow rooms.

When you purchase the kit, it comes with a free pre-filter. Therefore, you don’t have to buy a filter for the first six months or so.

  • The is light in weight
  • The fan is powerful
  • It is power efficient
  • Features a powerful carbon filter
  • It is a multipurpose fan
  • Lacks controllable fan speed
  • It is difficult to get a level mount

7. Hurricane Quietest Inline Fan For Grow Room

silent grow tent fan

Are you looking for the quietest inline fan for grow room for commercial use? Then, here it is.

The 6 inch Hurricane Inline grow tent Fan has exceptional performance. Actually, it is one of the high-grade commercials grow tent fans.

Also, the entire body of the machine is made of steel for durability and has a powder-coated finish. Also, since it is made of high-quality UL components, the fan is ideal for quiet use.

The device comes with an 8 feet long 120 volts power cable.

If you are not a tech person, you don’t have to worry. The package is easy to install, and it only takes a few minutes.

  • The fan is made of durable steel
  • It is ideal for commercial use
  • Comes with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is easy to mount
  • Produces low amounts of noise
  • Doesn’t come with a speed control

8. Hydrofarm 10″ Grow Tent Duct Fan

10 Inch Grow Tent Duct Fan

This is another excellent grow tent inline fan designed for durability. Actually, it comes in a metallic and ceramic construction. If you are looking for the best intake fan for a grow room, then don’t hesitate to pick on this one.

In design, it is ideal for small grow tents.

Technically, it has an AC motor that is thermally protected. It also has an active air fan speed controller that also helps to keep the motor safe. Therefore, you can be sure that the device will be in excellent working condition for long.

The device has a quality moulded impeller and produces a low amount of noise when operating.

  • The device is durable
  • Thermally protected
  • The fan doesn’t require lubrication
  • It is tranquil during operation
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • The price is a bit high
  • The fan may not be powerful enough


Finally, from the list above, it is evident that there are numerous grow tent fans out in the market. Fortunately, you can choose one device above that will suit your budget and needs.

Technology has allowed people to explore more into indoor gardening, and you should not be left behind.

Therefore, with one of these high-quality grow ten fans, you will enjoy growing your plants despite the lack of large pieces of land.

Don’t shy away; make a move, and pick one item from our review list, and you will be glad you made the decision.

Best Grow Tent Oscillating Fans 2020

Nowadays, creativity is on the increase. Some people are growing plants within the indoor environment under controlled conditions. One of the tools that many are using to regulate the temperatures is the grow tent oscillating fans.

Manufacturers are daily loading the market with multiple types of fans. The saturation poses a significant challenge to the consumers who may find it challenging to know the correct ones. This write-up takes the whole credit of guiding you to the right product.

Meanwhile, there are eight products in the list below where you can find the perfect pick. Let’s get the facts right underway.

RankProduct NamePrice
1Woozoo Oscillating Circulating FanCheck Price
2Genesis Grow Tent Clip FanCheck Price
3VIVOSUN 2-Pack Clip on Oscillating FanCheck Price
4HURRICANE wall mount Oscillating FanCheck Price
5Comfort Zone Clip on Fan for Grow TentCheck Price
6VIVOSUN Patented Clip on Oscillating FanCheck Price
7Comfort Zone Oscillating Pedestal FanCheck Price
8Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine FanCheck Price

1. Woozoo Grow Tent Circulation Fan

Oscillating Circulating Fan for grow tent

If you are looking for a grow room/ grow tent oscillation fan with a price advantage, then Woozoo may take the lead. The fan provides an option to direct the airflow in any direction. For instance, the fan has six vertical tilt settings to oscillate from left to right.

You can accomplish all you need when you use its three-speed settings. That means you decide the type of speed you want. Its white color allows you to comfortably use it at the office or in any room of your choice.

  • The product has a reasonable market price.
  • Its versatile design makes it usable at any place.
  • You can use the low speed for non-interruptive use.
  • The three-speed settings provide convenience while in use.
  • Its design lasts long.
  • The product proves to be loud while in operation.

2. Genesis Grow Tent Clip Fan

Grow Tent Clip Fan

You can enjoy a noiseless operation that won’t interfere with people’s rest when this product is at work. The presence of its dual features makes it adjustable to any angle to provide an efficient service.

Furthermore, the fan has an adjustable head, which one can use to customize the direction where the airflow should go. It also allows an increased in the coverage.

Most importantly, this grow tents air circulation fans have a sturdy design with a clamp to secure the fan in place. It, therefore, provides stability while providing airflow to the desired direction.

  • The product is easy to set up and use.
  • It is quiet while in use.
  • It has a sturdy construction making it durable.
  • The fan offers excellent coverage.
  • The fan is highly affordable.
  • Some users complained of uneven oscillation.

3. VIVOSUN 2-Pack Clip on Oscillating Fan

Clip on Oscillating Fan for grow tent

Vivosun has a unique design that features triple spiral fan blades that will make your plants fresh. The fan comes from sturdy materials that can protect the plants from any damages.

You can simply adjust the direction of the airflow by the use of a shake rod. Still, the fan has an exceptional 120-degree horizontal range and 180-degree vertical range. You can mount this fan on the wall or put it on a stand in a grow tent.

This product is versatile and convenient by ensuring a thorough circulation of the air within the room. Overall, the fan is efficient and easy to use; therefore, it favors indoor gardening.

  • It offers 360-degree oscillation speed.
  • The product is easy to install on varying surfaces.
  • It’s lightweight and compact for easier portability.
  • It offers double speeds for convenient use.
  • Proves to be loud at high speeds.

4. HURRICANE Wall Mount Grow Tent Oscillating Fan

Grow Tent wall mount Oscillating Fan

Hurricane fan proves to be reliable and versatile in performance. It gets better when it features the three speeds settings, namely, low, medium, and high. You can conveniently select the right speed to support plant growth.

You can use this Grow Tent wall mount Oscillating Fan at various places. Furthermore, the fan gives an option of selecting a 90-degrees oscillation, or you can decide to lock it in a particular place.

The user can also adjust the fan’s head to direct the airflow to the direction of his choice. The product is also easy to install, and it comes with a one year warranty.

  • The product is highly efficient while in use.
  • Its sturdy construction makes it long-lasting.
  • The products feature three speeds for convenience.
  • The product meets the standards of ETL.
  • It is a slight noise when operating at high speed.

5. Comfort Zone Oscillating Fan

Clip on Fan for Grow tent

Comfort Zone 6 is among the best oscillating clip on fan for grow tent/ grow room in the market. The fan consists of two fan speeds together with an adjustable tilt. The design makes the user direct the airflow in any direction.

The fan meets the standards of SAA and UL, which makes it pass all the quality tests in the market. Moreover, the fan has a sturdy clip clamp that provides stability. You can use this fan at grow your plants in grow tents with much worry.

Also, the fan has a 5.5-foot cord, which is long enough for convenience.

  • The fans cover a wide area.
  • The products come at affordable prices.
  • The fan has a sturdy and durable construction.
  • It has the adjustable speed for convenient use.
  • The fan is ever quiet while in use.
  • It may not be an all-powerful fan.

6. VIVOSUN Clip on Oscillating Fan for Grow Tent

clip on oscillating fan for grow tent

You can always consider the Vivosun Patented grow tent Oscillating fan due to its specialized design. What does that mean? It provides an allowance to connect it to the pole tent to avoid sliding down the same pole.

You can succeed in ensuring an efficient airflow when you want to spread fresh air within your tent. Or even better, this best oscillating fan for grow room has a high and low setting to ensure your plants stay fresh and cool.

As if that is not all, the fan has a sturdy design that will not break easily while in use. Here is the catch, the high-quality material makes the product to remain quiet when in operation.

  • The product is versatile for use on various occasions.
  • The fan is quiet while in operation.
  • It has an adjustable head to more natural control.
  • The product is compact and lightweight.
  • The clamp doesn’t work so well.

7. Comfort Zone Oscillating Fan for Grow Room

Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The product features a three-speed fan option, namely low, medium, and high. Still, the fan has a 16-inch oscillating fan for grow tent that ensures an optimal airflow in the environment.

As you use this product, you can easily adjust the fan’s head to suit in any direction. That design makes sure that all the surrounding plants experience adequate airflow for them to grow well.

Or even better, the fan has an adjustable height. For instance, you change its height from 41 inches to 47 inches conveniently.

  • The product consists of reasonable prices.
  • It is easier to install and set up the fan.
  • It has a metal grill for safety.
  • The fan has an adjustable head for convenience.
  • It features a three-speed setting.
  • It a bit delicate as compared to other fans.

8. Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine Fan

grow room oscillating fan

Lasko 3300 grow tent oscillating fan is a versatile product that you can use to cool the environment and make it comfortable. The fan has a three-speed design that are energy efficient. You can adjust its head to direct the air in any direction.

The product has a built-in carry handle for carrying convenience. You can use the handle to move from one place to the next with ease. On the other hand, the fan comes from the market while fully assembled. You will not bother setting and installing it again.

This grow tent oscillating fan rotates at 180 degrees. You can make use of this design to direct the air straight up or straight down or as appropriate.

  • The fan has three performance speeds.
  • The product comes while fully assembled.
  • The fan has a built-in carry handle for easier portability.
  • It has a sturdy design that makes it durable.
  • You should always turn off when moving it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need a fan in my grow tent?

Yes. Your grow tent requires a fan for you to regulate the conditions within the shelter. The plants in the grow tent requires a specific temperature and humidity for better growth. A fan will ensure better air circulation that will improve the internal conditions.

2. How long do I keep a fan in my grow room?

It depends on the internal condition. You can always switch off when the temperature and the humidity are optimal. Later, you have an option to run the fan on and off at a particular frequency. For instance, you can run them for 15 minutes hourly.

3. Why do I need a fan in my grow room?

A fan plays a critical role in the grow room by eliminating humidity or hot situations. Furthermore, they will prevent molds and pests. As the airflow sweeps over and under your plants, consequently, it lower chances of mold development as well as pests.

4. How often can I run the exhaust fan in a grow tent?

The standard way to run the exhaust fan in a grow tent should be at an interval of three minutes. You can optimize the exhaust time in the grow tent by refreshing the air for at least a third of the time. By doing so, you attain better results.

5. How do I install a duct fan in the grow tent?

There are insulated or heavy-duty ducts. The length and size affect efficiency. It will be to keep the length of the duct as short as possible. The key reason is that small design will reduce the distance in which the exhausted hair will travel.

6. What size extractor fan do I need for a grow tent?

The correct size fan for any grow tent largely depends on the size of the grow tent itself.

7. What is the size intake fan for a grow room?

The standard measure is,you may require 1CFM per square foot of your room. You can determine the square footage of your room by multiplying its length by width. For instance, if your room is 5 feet by 4 feet. Then the square footage is 20.

Set Up a Carbon Filter and Fan in Grow Tent

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