Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light– Guaranteed High Yields

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light
Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light

It’s always tricky finding the right 1000w led grow light. You will get all sorts of advice from this BestVA 1000w LED grow light reviews. Some of them are contradicting, thus making it even more confusing. But most reviewers agree on one thing; the bestva 1000w double chips led grow lights are worth your money.

The LED grow light has received lots of positive user reviews from experienced indoor gardeners. Well, there’s a reason for its amazing feedback.

The Bestva isn’t only durable, good for the money, and saves on power; but it also offers an effective full spectrum light for guaranteed high yields.

BestVA 1000W LED Grow Light

Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light
Bestva 1000W LED Grow Light

Unlike most LED grow lights brands, Bestva are overall efficient – from ease of use, the best light penetration, inner and outer aspects, full spectrum, incomparable PPFD capability, to a great customer support.

If you’re starting an indoor garden then I highly recommend the bestva 1000w double chips led grow light.

How Genuine Is the Bestva LED Grow Lights? Where Is It Manufactured?

bestva manufacturer

The BestVA grow light is a Chinese product manufactured by Shenzhen King Company, based in Shenzhen China.

 A wise indoor gardener knows it’s best to never be bothered by the fact a product comes from China. That’s an old stereotype that no longer works in today’s modern products. China has some of the best engineers and they put lots of work and dedication into working on their products.

If that’s not convincing enough, half of manufacturing companies in China are America or UK-owned, which means quality is their main priority.

Anyways, that’s a segway I didn’t mean to go into.

The BestVA 1000w grow light is a leader in the grow light market because of its unique, patented double chips technology – which is why the brand is also referred to as DC series.

The tech helps with improved lighting spectrum, thus improving the overall performance of the grow light.

How Durable is the BestVA 1000W LED Grow Lights?

How Durable is the BestVA 1000W

The LED grow light is poised to last 100,000 hours. And that’s been attested by a number of satisfied customers, as per the BestVA 1000w light review.

The LED grow light has shown to last more than twice compared to other LED brands. Realistically, the Bestva seems to last about 5-7 years of use.

Even when you look at it, the LED panel is sturdy, thanks to the high quality materials used on its outer body. The inner boards are of high quality too.

The fact that it uses dual chips makes up for one of the reasons why it’s that durable. Unlike single, non-dual chips, the BestVA LED chips don’t damage easily.

As long as you keep it away from water, you don’t have to worry about replacing your grow tent’s LED light panel, for at least 5 years.

BestVA 1000w Color Spectrum

BestVA 1000w full Color Spectrum

Now, you know that LED color spectrum is very paramount in guaranteeing high yields. An ideal lighting spectrum makes sure your greenhouse hydroponic indoor plants are well fed (via photosynthesis), thus improving the plants’ health and growth – which translates to high harvests.

The Bestva grow light color spectrum features balanced wavelengths of blue and red lights. It further balances this with yellow and white light wavelengths. Overal, it provide more bright light than others.

The balance is unlike most LED grow lights, whose manufacturers tend to focus exclusively on red and blue light.

Of course, the two lighting spectrums are very significant to a plant’s growth. But it doesn’t mean your indoor plants don’t need other lighting spectrums, albeit how little it’s needed. I guess this is what sets bestva 1000w double chips led grow light apart from its competitors.

It has veg and bloom Switches, the VEG Switch is used for growing and Bloom for seedling / flowering. We recommend lighting for 12-18 hours a day. But If your plants need more energy, you can turn on both VEG and BLOOM Switches.

However, what happens if you forget to turn the switch on? You risk damaging your plants. To prevent the problem you can use Bestva pro1000 led grow light. Because it has no veg and bloom switches.

Bestva pro1000 LED Grow Light

Bestva pro1000 LED Grow Light

It has a balance of different lighting wavelengths (full spectrum) which means you don’t have to worry about switching the grow light during each plant growth stages. I mean, another model (double cheap 1000w) has veg and bloom Switches mode to alternate between the veg and bloom plant growth stages. Which is a fairly great feature.

It’s best to have an LED grow light like the Bestva where the color spectrum is well balanced and perfectly suitable for all plant growth stages. The last thing you want is worrying about switch modes, especially after spending lots of bucks on the LED grow light.

Another thing: when you keep switching, lighting in each stage causes growth-stalling, which is a condition where plants have 2-3 days growth delay as they adapt to the new lighting.

Anyways, let’s talk specifics. The BestVA spectrum is achieved by combining ten (10) different LED colors. The arrangement of the LED diode colors is as follows:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) – 410nm
  • Three different blue lights – 450nm, 475nm and 450nm
  • Yellow – 590nm
  • Orange – 605nm
  • Three different red lights – 620nm, 630nm and 660nm
  • Infrared (IR) – 730nm

As you can see, the LED spectrum for the BestVA grow light is perfectly balanced, for utmost effectiveness.

How’s the BestVA LED Lighting Penetration?

BestVA LED Lighting Penetration

When buying a grow light, you need to know how much lighting penetration reaches the plants. Of course, this is determined by the distance of the LED grow light from the plants, as well as the light’s spread.

However, this is also determined by the type of the LED’s wattage and diode chips. Which make up the light’s penetrative power.

For the BestVA, the grow light panel is made of double chips, each of 5w thus totaling 10 watts. This makes the grow light possess more penetration power than other LED brands.

Therefore, the BestVA 1000w double chips full spectrum LED grow light means its lighting reaches deeper into the plants’ canopies.

In terms of specifics, when hanging at 18 inches in height, BestVA delivers a PAR Output of 1036 umol/m²/s. At the same time, a height of 24 inches delivers a PAR rating of 760 umol/m²/s.

Bestva 1000w Full spectrum Grow Light Power Consumption

Does the BestVA 1000w grow light Consume A Lot of Energy? No… The BestVA grow light is not a power hog. It uses only 615 watts when plugged in. The unit uses recycled aluminum which is lighter than the parts used to make aluminum cans.

In essence, the LED panel is more efficient at converting electricity into heat than with incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. They use less energy than metal halide or HPS lights, too.

The BestVA 1000W led grow light also comes with a set of brackets that you can customize to fit just about any setup. These brackets easily fix the light weight and minimize any risk of light leakage.

With this unit’s LED lighting technology, you’ll save money on your power bill by about 65%.

What is the BestVA Coverage Area?

The best and effective coverage area for the BestVA 1000w led grow light is 4 by 4 grow tent maximum. You’ll be able to get a solid 2.5×2.5 coverage area from the 1000W led model.

From the users reviews, one reviewer claims to use three of the BestVA 1000W led grow light in a 5×5 grow tent and has seen positive results Which seems like an accurate estimate. But you have to run plant growth tests and make sure your plants are getting enough light.

Also note that the BestVA has a PAR reading of (438, 438, 435), or something very close to that. This equates to 28.53W per square foot, which isn’t bad when compared to some other grow light brands.

Feedbacks from BestVA 1000w LED Grow Light Reviews

When you read bestva 1000w led grow light review from real user , there’s nothing but positive feedback. Reviewers are really satisfied with the product, with most of them hailing the product’s body, build and design.

There’s lots of raves over the brand’s customer care, who seem really helpful and always willing to offer professional assistance.

Other than that, the BestVA 1000w led grow light review is all genuine and most are really happy with the unit’s effectiveness in terms of improving the overall plant yield.

Bestva 1000w Cooling Effect Capability

Bestva 1000w Cooling Effect Capability

When it comes to cooling effects, the BetVA 1000W full spectrum led grow light features three (3) large fans that are more than enough to cool the panel.

The unit also has holes in its aluminum body which helps release heat. Best yet, the BestVA LED grow light runs at a  60 ℉ lower than other panels.

You don’t need to buy a fan to cool off your grow tent. Because the heat it emits is just enough for all different plant growth stages. And it’s well balanced for the plants’ high yields.

Regarding temperatures, the BestVA led grow light range from 69 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the recommended temp level for indoor gardening.

In essence, the positive cooling effects are reiterated by BestVA user reviews, whereby none of the customers complain about high temperatures inside the grow tent. Which is pretty amazing.

How Helpful Are the BestVA Customer Support?

There’s no need of picking a grow light brand whose customer service isn’t helpful. Users need assistance in every little detail concerning led grow light – from how to hang them, to making repairs.

Therefore, if an LED grow light brand doesn’t help its customers, that’s a red flag. Luckily, that’s not BestVA LEDs. Many users are singing positive feedback.

If you have a problem with your unit, the guys working as BestVA customer support are ready and more than willing to go the whole nine yards to make sure you’re sorted out.

You just need to contact them and they’ll take you through whatever it is that isn’t right with the unit. There are no exceptions on what they can do to assist.

Even if it means replacing something on the BestVA unit, the customer support will make sure you get a working unit running as soon as possible.

I know this may sound salesy, but it actually isn’t. The guys at BestVA are really helpful. And polite and patient too.

BestVA Warranty and Guarantee

The brand is so confident in its product’s durability that there are no complaints from users. The BestVA brand offers a 3-year warranty that covers the entire LED panel, from damage to replacements.

It’s actually feted for an LED grow light brand to offer more than 1-year warranty, especially when it’s a Chinese product. This means the manufacturer has confidence in its product.

Better yet, the BestVA full spectrum grow lamp comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel comfortable and find the LED grow light isn’t your cup of tea, you’re free to ask for a full refund within 30 days.


The LED grow light comes with a 6 feet power cord, a set of hangers, grow room glasses, and rope ratchets. You have to understand that these extras don’t usually come with most LED grow light. You’re basically getting more than what you’ve paid for.

What Are the Cons?

With lots of love from reviewers, it’s hard finding a downside. But, like all LED panels, the BestVA 1000w comes with a few cons.

For starters, the coverage the manufacturer claims isn’t correct.  It’s an exaggeration. It cannot cover a 7 by 7 grow tent as claimed. Rather this led grow light is perfect for 4 by 4 tent.

Also you can use this led grow light for a 3×3 grow tent. Many users also claim that they used this led grow light in 4×2 grow tents. And to best use the 1000w BestVA on a larger grow tent, you’ll need more of the panels.

For example, you need about three of these 1000w panels if you have a 5 by 5 tent. The good thing is that getting three panels won’t cost you much. If you want a led grow light for a 4×8 grow tent, you have to buy two lights. But make sure to Avoid Daisy Chain.

Of course, it’s going to be pricier than using one panel, but it will be worth the money.

Apart from the exaggeration, the BestVA has a really short power cord. Which means you’ll be forced to get an extra power extension to be able to raise the panel at the top of the grow tent. That’s unless your power socket is at a raised level.

Finally, the BestVA 1000w panel isn’t waterproof. Thus, you need to be very careful when handling the grow light unit.

Bestva 1000w LED Grow Light Unboxing and Review (Video)

BestVA 1000w LED Grow Light FAQs

Let’s have a look at commonly asked questions regarding the BestVA 1000w full spectrum LED light.

How hot does the BestVA 1000w get?

The unit doesn’t get too hot, unlike other LED lights. Its cooling system is amazing. And it’s been designed to make sure the plants don’t burn, neither will you feel the heat when inside the grow tent.

That is, the unit comes installed with three fans for cooling off the temperature within the tent. The aluminum covering the unit is also made of holes to help release heat.

How does the BestVA 1000w LED grow light compared to other brands?

The bestVA tops other LED brands, thanks to its durability and the patented dual chips mode. Its main rival is the Mars Hydro TSL 1000w, which is equally effective when it comes to high yields.

What’s the BestVA light spectrum like?

It has a well-balanced full spectrum. The BestVA 1000w actually has a range of 10 color spectrum, which is perfect for hydroponic indoor plants veg ( perfect for plants veg and flower growth stages).

Unlike its competitors, BestVA doesn’t limit its lighting spectrum to only red and blue light. It also includes yellow, green, and white colors, which are equally vital for the growth of plants. It will be a great choice for greenhouse hydroponic indoor plants.

How many watts does the BestVA 1000w use?

What is the power consumption of bestva 1000w (Actual Power draw) – It uses an average of 185 watts, which is perfect for plants growth whilst keeping your grow tent less heated up, thus saving you lots of expenses on electricity bills. For other BetVA model sizes, the watts output are as follows:

  • For a 600w unit, 125 watts used
  • For a 1000w unit, 185 watts used
  • For a 1200w unit, 243 watts used
  • For a 1500w unit, 280 watts used
  • For a 2000w unit, 392 watts used
  • For a 3000w unit, 540 watts used

How do I contact the BestVA Customer Support?

Their contact info is on their instructions booklet. But you also make a complaint by mailing them via  

How many hours of lighting should I expose the BestVA LED light for high yields?

If you’re using the BestVA 1000w grow light, recommended lighting hours are as follows:

  • For germination stage; 14 to 18 hours daily
  • For vegetative stage; 12 to 14 hours daily
  • For flowering stage; 9 to 12 hours daily
  • For fruiting stage; 7 to 8 hours daily

Recap on Specs of BestVA 1000w Light

It boasts of PPFD of 1520umol/m2s which raises your plants’ yields by 35 percent

You don’t need to switch modes for each growth stage, because its lighting spectrum is balanced for all stages. This helps reduce growth delay, which in turn increases yields.

Uses a dual chips module for its lighting. This is a unique feature that makes the BestVA LED come top of other brands.

It only compares to the likes of Mars Hydro TS, which is equally effective in guaranteeing high yields. But the BestVA beats it when it comes to durability.

It lasts more than 100,000 hours, which translates to about 5 to 7 years. Which is impressive compared to other brands whose durability is about 4 years on average.

The brand has very helpful customer support.

The BestVA LED lights are UL Certified, which means the products are genuine and safe for use.

Customer reviews are all positive, with a 90 percent satisfaction rate. The support offers professional assistance regarding temperatures, humidity, distance to hang the panel, etc.

Verdict Of Bestva 1000w led Grow Light

If you’re new to indoor gardening, you definitely need to get the BestVA 1000w LED grow light. That’s because of the brand’s customer support.

Those guys will take you through everything you need to know, from height to hang the panel, size or grow tent, humidity, distance from the plants, duration of lighting, etc.

The BestVA grow light isn’t for only the newbies, but seasoned indoor gardeners also need to get the unit. The LED grow light panel is what you need if you’re looking to improve on your plants’ yields. It’ll increase your yields by 35 percent.

Of course, it comes with the downsides, such as having a short power cord and not being water resistant. But that shouldn’t put you off and choose to pass on perhaps the most durable LED grow light in the market. There are many positive Bestva 1000w LED grow light review recommending the unit. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get yourself this amazing grow tent light panel.

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