Are BudBox Grow Tents Any Good?

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
Budbox Grow Tent
Budbox Grow Tent

In this Budbox Grow Tent Review, We have discussed each and every details about the grow tent features, pros and cons. Let’s see

Budbox is a company that originated from North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. They have gained a huge fan following and the trust of thousands of customers ever since their inception back in 2004.

The secret behind their rise in fame was their award-winning grow tents that are famous for the features, quality of material, and wide range of products all in a reasonable price range.

Their quality of craftsmanship is only complemented by their international standard customer service and reach. Till now they have 5 different world partners and who are big names in the industry such as Highlight Horticulture in UK, Bio floral in USA, Dome Garden in Australia and Stellar in Canada.

With such rapid growth they are arguably one of the biggest brands in the world that we will discuss more to tell you why you should trust their products.

Budbox Grow Tent

Budbox Grow Tent

What sets Budbox grow tents apart from others?

A grow tent is an essential climate-controlled room for indoor growing which helps you control the internal environment to suit your plants for optimal yield.  The other services related to the grow tents are equally important as they all play a vital role in how successful as a grower you become.

Like their superior product quality, their unique business model is what sets them apart. Being over 15 years old in the industry they have benefited from the economies of scale with a distinct supply-chain system which lets them develop, manufacture and ship to your home all by themselves. They are truly a class apart with their dedication to serving the inner grower in you.

BudBox Pro White Grow Tent Series

Budbox grow tent can satisfy the needs of all customers and they come in two effective tiers:

1. Budbox LITE

This is an excellent choice for beginners which contains all the essential parts but is carefully chosen to allow the users to set it up with ease and quickly. They come in 17 different configurations which is plenty for any style of growing.

Their smallest dimension being 1’4” x 1’4” x 4’ and the largest being 20’ x 10’ x 6’ 6” massive.

Key features of LITE

  • 16mm and 19mm durable frames
  • Strong metal corner segments
  • Seams stitched and cuff vents in doubles
  • 20% larger vents than competitors
  • Anti-spill waterproof tray
  • Heavy-duty hanging bars
  • Comes with hangers

2. Budbox PRO

This tier is specifically designed for professional and experienced growers who demand the most advanced technologies in their products which can be taken advantage of for a superior harvest.

They have many different qualities for the needs of individuals to be able to accommodate different types of plants. The smallest offering by them is as tiny as 75 x 75 x 100 cm and the largest being the gigantic “Titan 6” of dimensions 600 x 300 x 220 cm. All of their PRO models come either with a Mylar Silver interior or White interior.

Key features of PRO

  • All of the benefits of the LITE models included
  • Unparallel PAR reflectivity than competitors
  • 25 mm thick steel from frames.
  • Additional irrigation rod.
  • Space for Observatory window
  • Silicon pads included
  • Floor space is clear
  • Completely unzip-able canvas

Services and others

When you purchase from a reputed brand like Budbox, you don’t only receive a quality product but also become a part of a huge network of consumers and their customer services.

It will always benefit the buyer as parts are more compatible and readily available for such big brands and they have already established a wide market reach.

Including the 3 continents, they have official retailers in 17 different countries and they are popular for their shipping services to other countries as well.

Budbox grow tent has outdone their competition in marketing and customer service satisfaction; you can check their or any other e-commerce websites for testimonials left by happy customers.


  • Specially designed PAR reflectivity for best yields
  • Strong steel pipes for frame and hangers
  • Optional interior of White and Silver Mylar
  • Specially designed irrigation system
  • Water leakage prevention system in floor trays
  • Easy to set up for beginners and professional


  • Window for observation may lead to leakage
  • 1 year of warranty might be less than competitors
  • Still they not produced any complete grow tent package.

Summary of Budbox Grow Tent

If you have an eye for quality products then it won’t take long for you to understand the standards set up by the Budbox grow tents in the industry. Specifically, their variety and options make it easy for any level of the grower to find a product fit for their needs.

The brand value is simply a result of many years of experience in the field and constant tweaking that was done by research and development over the years to make a perfect product.

Each individual product is trialed and tested in their labs before it come to customers and to ensure the quality control you can check for past user reviews in any major websites and specifically in United Kingdom it is a “best seller” in many stores.

Being a review is tough as we constantly need to compare thousands of products but when we reviewed Budbox grow tents we truly believe that finally there is a company that delivers the promise it advertises.

So do we recommend Budbox grow tents to our respected readers? A big yes! Hopefully, if you visit the product links you will surely not be disappointed by their fantastic goods.

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