Do I Need Humidifier / Dehumidifier in My Grow Tent

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2021)

A grow tent is an indoor garden where the gardener nourished his plants with special care. The gardener can control the overall climate of the grow tent by using various devices. The growth of plants in a grow tent depends on the lighting system, storage of natural nutrients, and humidity inside the tent.

Your plant can enjoy the continuous supply of carbon dioxide and thrive while it stays in a balanced humidity. But the humidity can be interrupted by the temperature, and it may cause damage to the plant.

 You have to maintain the ideal scale of the humidity for your indoor growing room. The answer to two vital questions, ‘do I need a humidifier in my to grow tent’ or ‘do I need a dehumidifier in my grow tent’ have to be determined by you. The decision is vital to accelerate the growth of your plants. Let’s learn a bit more to get the proper direction of applying humidifiers and dehumidifiers in the indoor grow tent.

What are humidifiers and dehumidifiers:

What are humidifiers and dehumidifiers:

Humidity is the most important substance to keep sound moisture in a selective area. In order to get a good sequence of humidity in indoor gardening, you can use a humidifier and dehumidifier. 

The humidifier is a useful device that can supply moisture to a grow tent. It eliminates the dryness of the tent in extreme cold. When your plants become humid you have to stop using the device. Otherwise, the plant suffers from the problem of mold and mildew issues. To prevent high humidity, you can use another device called a dehumidifier. It is used to combat extreme humidity and make the atmosphere dry enough for the growth of the plants.

The plants and crops of a grow tent may get damaged without the balanced proportion of humidity in the air. You can use a humidifier and dehumidifier to ensure gentle weather inside the tent.

Do I need a humidifier in my grow tent?

Do I need a humidifier in my grow tent

Different growth stages of your plant require a different level of humidity. For instance, In the very young stage of plants, a grow tent needs 65-70% humidity because most of the water is sucked by the leaves. As the root is not prepared at the preliminary stage to supply the necessary water to the plant, low humidity in the atmosphere can slow down the growth of plants. A seed can sprout healthy foliage if you can ensure soft moisture.

In low humidity, dry air consumes the moisture from the cells of plants. To stop the process and to save water the plants start to shut down all their pores and stomata. But it prevents them from breathing carbon dioxide and gradually they dry out. You never expect such a condition of plants in a premature stage for the lack of vapor. So, you should budget a certain amount for a suitable humidifier for your grow tent.  

Do I need a dehumidifier in my grow tent?

Do I need a dehumidifier in my grow tent

Battling for a balanced humidity for your grow tent is not a new scenario. The level of humidity fluctuates in every action of the plants like perspiring, transpiring, or getting water. High humidity may cause rotting or flattening of buds, powdery mildew, and mold in the root’s stems. 

In high humidity, air circulation slows down, and the plants can’t evaporate water and snatch nutrition from the base. If the situation continues for many days, it will make the plant rot. So, to balance a modest humidity trickily deploy a dehumidifier to customize proper humidity for your grow tent.

Advantage of using humidifier and dehumidifier in grow tent:

In a grow tent the moisture of the air controls the plant’s water absorption. Healthy moisture plays the most crucial role in the growth of the plant and the development of harvest. The most prominent use of humidifier and dehumidifier in grow tent is given below:

Benefits of using a humidifier in a grow tent:

A humidifier serves the relative atmosphere of the grows tent in various ways. A humidifier is used to:

  1. Keep a moderate water balance in the air of the grow tent.
  2. Quicken the growth of immature roots by supplying cool mist.
  3. Keep growing plants fresh and stress-free.

Benefits of Using a dehumidifier in a grow tent:

If you are a hobbyist, you must be concerned about the proper use of a dehumidifier to ensure your plant’s good health. A dehumidifier in your grow tent will provide:

  1. Control in the humidity level which has shifted by leaves in water.
  2. Handle the perspiration process and venation of the tent room.
  3. Extract extra water from the air to keep the plant relaxed.
  4. Destroy the growth of contaminants in the water tray.

When does the grow tent need humidifier or dehumidifier:

In indoor plantations, the growers face difficulties to maintain accurate humidity for plants. Go through a deep analysis about it and try to resolve the issue when your plants need a bit more or less humidity.

 When grow tent need a humidifier

 Dryness in the air of a grow tent may hamper the growth of the plants. You may notice some changes in the plant when they cannot cope up with the inside environment. The probable situation when you need to set up a humidifier are:

  1. When your plant gets dull and dry it means the plants can’t breathe comfortably in dry air.
  2. In the very early stage of life, the immature root of the plant can’t supply water to the plants. So, they try to fill up the necessity of water from the air. In this stage, you need to have a humidifier.

When grow tent need a dehumidifier

If you want to avoid an unnecessary crowd in your grow tent you have to apply a dehumidifier in your grow tent. The probable time when you have to use a dehumidifier are:

  1. Sometimes humidity encourages extra tares to grow fluently which absorbs the nutrition of the vegetable plant. So, to stop excessive humidity you have to use a dehumidifier.
  2. Again, extra humidity can increase the growth of bacteria and mold. It leads the plants to get rotten and die. If you notice, and such a change in your grow tent immediately set up a dehumidifier and help your plant.
  3. If you see Moisture droplets on leaves or the window or smell damp odors it’s time to invest some credit in a dehumidifier.

Best place to put a humidifier in grow tent:

Using a humidifier is a sustainable solution to get rid of imbalanced humidity inside the tent. Try to pick a humidifier following the size of the grow tent. You can set a humidifier:

  1. Maintaining a bit distance of 4-6 feet from plants.
  2. Hang it over the plants so that the plants don’t get soggy
  3. On the corner table of the tent.

Best place to put a dehumidifier in grow tent:

The right placement of a dehumidifier in a grow tent may not serve its purpose exactly. The key factors you have to notice while placing a dehumidifier are the airflow and its range. The most suitable places of setting a dehumidifier are:

  1. Next to the lights.
  2. Hanging from the ceiling
  3. Under the grow table
  4. On the side of the floor

Wherever you have placed the dehumidifier, ensure the sound airflow and monitor the needs of the plants. 

What humidity should my grow tent be:

Plants are generally comfortable in the hydrated and humid air. But their requirement for humidity changes throughout the growing stage of their life. The required range of humidity in the three prominent stages are: 

  1. In the seedling and early-planting stage, you need to apply a humidifier to provide 70-75% humidity in the air.
  2. During the normal growth or veg stage, you have to ensure 50-70% humidity for your plant. A dry environment can Sutter the regular development of the plant. In this stage, you need to control the humidifier in accordance with the plant’s necessity.
  3. When your plant starts to flower, try to keep your grow tent in the accurate range of 40-50% humidity in the air. It will be continued till the harvesting time of the plant.


The ventilation system can modify the plant’s growth, hydration, and nutrition. An indoor garden planner tries to fill all the criteria of providing balanced weather inside a grow tent.

The formulation of those devices aims to control the accurate level of moisture for your plant. As a grower, you need to learn how to control the smart garden kit to get a satisfactory harvest. Try to analyze the syndrome of your plants rather than going for a quick solution.

The temperature and the vapor pressure inside the grow tent should be kept in observation. Then you can decide ‘do I need a humidifier in my grow tent’ or ‘do I need a dehumidifier in my grow tent‘. Appropriate use of a suitable device in the grow tent can make you happy with plenty of healthy plants and yields.

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