Gorilla Grow Tent- World’s Best Indoor Grow Tent

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

As the hot sun takes a great toll on the outdoor gardeners, indoor gardening is stealing the spotlight in present times. And when it comes to indoor gardening, grow tent is the most prominent aspect to ensure the utmost ease of indoor gardening.

Gorilla Grow Tent is the most high-flying and best hydroponic grow tent manufacturing brand that has been generating a great line of products with sheer excellence since 2011. Gorilla as being the spirit animal of this brand, emblems three significant qualities; strength, durability, and competence.

We all know the market is piled up with random grow tent brands. As per our crucial securitization, Gorilla Grow Tent is the real gem among the hoaxes. Don’t stress yourself if you haven’t yet discovered your desired Gorilla Grow Tent on the internet. I am here to provide you with the most informative one.

Stay tuned, catch the first-hand review!

Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent

Attributes to hold you back

Gorilla is a jam-packed brand with some significant features which make the brand stand high among the horde; intelligent design, tallest frame, best reflective mylar fabric, EZ window, and customer-friendly attributes are some of the highlighting traits of this brand. Without further delay let’s dive into the analysis of the detailed features of Gorilla Grow Tent.


Many gardeners, many requirements. Unlike other grow tent brands, Gorilla Grow Tent does now confine its lines to meet specific needs rather is serves universal demands.

Gorilla so far has launched three lines of Grow Tents.

The GGT Line (2×2.5 to 10×20): This is the standard Gorilla Grow Tent Line. The GGT line comes in gigantic shapes and probably is one of the tallest grow tents available in the market. Comes with the thickest fabric, professionally crafted and it is the sturdiest series. Gorilla so far has launched eleven varieties of GGT lines in different sizes and designs.

The Lite Line (2×2.5 to 8×8): Not all of us are willing to invest a hefty amount of money on Grow Tents. thus Gorilla has managed to introduce a series with all the Gorilla qualities in a lite version.

This line is budget-friendly and limits the fabric density. This line is lightweight and highly budget-friendly. There are around five different models that are available in the lite line.

The Shorty Line (2×2.5 to 4×8): This series of Gorilla Grow Tents justifies the headline; the diversity of this brand. The Shorty line is crafted for the gardeners who run short for spaces. This compact line comes in six different designs and sizes and can be fit into the smallest space.

Fabric Density and Endurance

We have reached the most enticing part of the Gorilla Grow Tent; Dissection of the fabric density. What are the most desired fabric requirements of a grow tent for any of the indoor gardeners? There could be many but the basic ones are:

  • Less light penetrating
  • Less sound penetrating
  • High density for longer use
  • Reflective and adequate thread density
  • Temperature Control

To let all the gardeners know, Gorilla Grow Tent meets all the desired specifications and offers you the dream fabric attributes you could ever ask for.

The GGT and the Shorty line have a fabric density of 1680d which is the densest fabric material among all the other brands. It is reportedly 3 to 9 times denser than any of the running brands.

The Lite line comes with 210d fabric density which is quite low yet not that bad. The Lite line has PVE thread binding technology that enhances the fabric quality and ensures optimum performance.

Intense fabric density if this brand outclasses LED spectrum escaping. As a result, the light installed in the grow tents does not penetrate and your plants get maximum light from the installed grow lights.

Again the fabric is way too dense to pass noise thus neither you nor your neighbors will be bothered by the inside noise of the grow tents.

The fabric is highly reflective thus there is no chance of experiencing hotspots and the thread density ensures additional resistance against rips and holes. The extended height and dense fabric also control the temperature to 10 degrees Fahrenheit to keep a hydroponic garden healthy.

Height, Maneuver Space, and Extension Kit

Where most of the leading brands mostly offer 6′ grow tents, Gorilla knows how to stand out. Gorilla Grow Tents can be extended up to 10′ with the extension kits. Even if we consider the basic height of the Gorilla Grow Tents, it will still be one of the tallest in the market.

The GGT line starts with 6 feet 11-inch standard and comes with two height extensions 1′ and 2′. Thus one can add any of the extensions or can even add both of the extensions at a time.

The Lite line comes in 6 feet 7-inch height and can be extended using a 1′ extension (should be purchased separately).

The Shorty line is specially designed to be compact does not support any extension and is 4 feet 11 inches tall.

No matter whether you are a newbie or a pro gardener, the extended and extreme height of Gorilla Grow Tents will accelerate the growth of your plants by more than 50%. The tents are spacious enough for comfortable maneuvering. You never need to bend and work uncomfortably with Gorilla.

Strength and Stability

This brand is second to none considering strength and solidity. Being the most robust brand, Gorilla never compromises with its frame material. Gorilla claims to use 100% metal bars for its frame. While addressing the strength, the buyers must know the biggest claim by Gorilla.

Gorilla alleges its Grow Tents to hold up to 300 pounds! 300 pounds is huge and we all know that. Moreover, the metal bars are interlocked. Thus there is utmost security for your plants to grow in Gorilla Grow Tents.

Ultimate Safety

Your plants’ well-being can never be taken for granted by Gorilla and so it combines all possible safety features in the tents.

The first and foremost risk factor is the Collapse of the tent. Well, Gorilla Grow Tents with its metal bars and interlocking poles keep the COLLAPSE factor at a bay.

Besides, this grows tents are manufactured with a flood pool and an infrared proof roof. The flood pool can rise to 4 inches thus you will never experience water spill. And the infrared blocking roof maintains the temperature in the grow tent for supreme plant growth.

The fabric is super dense, prevents any sort of penetrating; be it light, odor, or noise. Every Gorilla Grow Tent Comes with three mesh windows to prevent bugs, pests, and molds.


This must be the most celebrated feature in this Grow Tent. they are probably the only (if not only are among the handful brands) brand that has maintained cleanliness and sanitation.

Pests and bugs are not something you will want to witness in your in-house plants. these are built with micro mesh pre-filters and the carbon filters have double-lined ducting which wards off any sort of molds, fungi, bugs, or pests and also ensures healthy plants.

Easy To Install and Customer Friendly

Who will want to get lost inside a grow tent and waste their time? No one, right? Gorilla knows it all thus it offers the easiest installation process. No wonder easy grow tent assembly nothing less than a dream to every gardener.

These Tents have Velcrodoor strips that make the assembly a solo process and you won’t need any extra helping hand. Additionally, Gorilla has a really large zipper that makes the winding process easy. The roof of Tents is particularly designed to get easily fit into the frames.

Comprehensive Design

Along with the mesmerizing exterior Gorilla Grow Tent has some inclusive interior features that modernize the overall design. Larger ducts up to 10 inches enable you to set any ventilation you want.

360-degree maneuvering access, pre-filters, windows, extra stitched fabric, tool pouch, temperature control abilities affirm this brand to be the most dominant one.

Pros to Justify Your Purchase

  • One can get enjoy utter diversity and can get the best-suited product. The different series launched by this brand enables the buyers to go even pocket-friendly (Lite Line) yet can have a Gorilla Grow Tent.
  • A chock-a-block of all the modern features for intensive gardening yet extremely customer friendly.
  • Unlike other brands, emphasizes cleanliness and hygiene (big bonus).

Drawbacks that Never Downgrade the Credit

  • One can never pick out a drawback in this magnificent line yet the price point can be a bit problematic. But you can always opt for the Gorilla Lite series if you are running short of money.

Concluding Assessment

If you have eyed this Gorilla Grow Tent Review thoroughly, by the time you must have figured out how splendid this particular brand is. No matter whether you are a newbie or a professional gardener, nothing may worth your money apart from the Gorilla Grow Tents; A hands-down brand indeed!

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