Green Qube Grow Tent- Everything You Need to Know

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
Green Qube Grow Tent Review

In this article, we will discuss all about Green Qube Grow Tent features, pros and cons to help you decide buy or not.

There is no doubt that the Green Qube is popular grow tent out in the market. Or at least it ranks at the top. If you’re looking for a grow tent with high quality without necessarily costing an arm and a leg, then look no further. It is not only the strongest grow tent, but it’s also the most durable and feature-focused.

The manufacturers don’t cut corners with the Grow Qube. They simply create hardworking tents at an affordable price. Let’s have a look at some of the unique features of this grow tent.

Green Qube Grow Tent- Key Features, Pors and Cons

Green Qube Grow Tent

Extra Thick Poles

Most grow tents on the market have 16mm X 0.6mm poles. But the Green Qube boasts of 25mm X 1mm poles, which is above the standard size for most tents. The extra thickness makes the poles extremely strong and equally durable. Because of the thickness, the poles can handle over 220 pounds (100kg) of hanging weight.

In comparing with other Grow Qube grow tent reviews, you’ll notice that its corners are the best and the strongest. Most grow tents use plastics for the corners, which break and snap very easily. Green Qube uses metals and is extra thick, thus super strong.

Extra Thick Poles

Easy Click Connectors

Other than the extra thickness in the poles, the corners are easy to connect. They have knobs that are easy to click and connect from one pole to another. This helps you connect and assemble your Green Qube grow tent faster than most tents in the market. You can check out Green Qube’s assembly video, which is easy-peasy and takes minutes to complete.

Easy Click Connectors

Uplift Bar for Gravity Effect

The Green Qube is the only grow tent with an uplift bar that has been designed to consider those with hydroponic water systems with gravity effect. This unique feature saves a lot of hassle if you have a gravity effect water system. It allows the inflow pipe to be completely horizontal when entering the tent, which eliminates washback.

Also, you don’t have to cut the tent to feed the pipes through or pass the pipes through an inlet source, which significantly affects the efficiency of the water system.

Diamond-Cut Mylar Fabric

The Green Qube grow tent outer shell has been designed to give high tensile strength, extreme chemical and dimensional stability, and an ultra-gas aroma barrier. The fabric is also a great insulator.

However, the most compelling feature of the diamond mylar is its high reflectiveness. The fabric has tiny diamond-like shapes, which spread light evenly, giving superior light dispersal.

This is critical because it stops ‘hotspots,’ which usually affect a plant’s photosynthesis, whereby light concentrates in one area. Therefore, with the diamond-cut mylar, you don’t have to worry about uneven crops.

Instead, you’ll be having an overall positive yield since the mylar reflects about 99% of light.

Quick Zips

You’ll love its zipping mechanism on all Green Qube’s openings. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that they are military-style, 10-gauge, and waterproof. One unique feature of the quick zips is their rubber backing, which makes them completely lightproof, unlike the nylon backing.

The zips are extremely durable, which is attributed to the extra thick thread stitching. The Green Qube Company has invested heavily in zips. They understand that these are the parts with the tendency of breaking easily and faster. Therefore, if you’re looking for a grow tent that’s going to last, then the Green Qube is perfect.

Viewing Window with Green Tint Filters 

Green Qube’s viewing windows have been built with the Sensor technology, which uses green tint filters that keep out white lights. This allows the plants to continue with their current growth process. Therefore, the windows allow you to peek into the grow tent without interrupting with the plants’ growth cycle.

The Sensor windows are advantageous because you can assess the plants’ progress even at night when they need their peace to sleep. This way, the plants retain their energy-boosting growth.

Door Hooks & Removal Spill Tray

The Green Qube comes with door hooks, which helps with easy accessibility. These are made of sturdy plastic that’s durable and attaches easily into one another.

When checking out other Green Qube grow tent reviews, most users appreciate the removable spill trays, which capture any spills or leaks. The tray fastens into place with the Velcro.

Guaranteed Super Dark Tent

The grow tent is 99% lightproof due to a collection of light saving features. For starters, all the zips have a waterproof backing, which let zero light through.

The Green Qube tents have double socket cables, extraction, and intake ports. The double socks are great for light proofing, plus they fit all size ducting, thus making it easier to set up the tent’s cabling. Also, the tent’s trims are double stitched, which makes it both tough and light proof.


  • The poles are metallic and extra thick compared to most grow tents on the market
  • Its viewing windows have been designed with a green tint filter that guarantees a continuous growth cycle
  • The green Qube grow tent boasts of quick-zipping mechanism, which have rubber backing for durability
  • The tent’s mylar is diamond-cut to guarantee 99% of light reflection
  • The poles feature easy click connectors for easier assembly
  • The Green Qube is the only tent with an uplift bar that considers the gravity effect, thereby ensuring horizontal inflow of water
  • It has a collection of light saving features that guarantee a super dark tent


  • It is a little bit overpriced. However, with the kind of quality you’re getting, it is worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

With the aforementioned features, that pretty much covers everything about the Green Qube grow tent. Without a doubt, the grow tent is the perfect option if you’re looking for something going to last many years.

I particularly love its rubber-backed zipping mechanism. This is because the zips are usually the first ones to break, but not with the Green Qube.

Despite its high price tag, the Green Qube grow tent is worth buying.

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