HOMEbox Grow Tent – Everything You Need To Know

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
HOMEbox Grow Tent

It is supposedly said that the HOMEbox was the very first ever indoors grow tent. This means they’ve always been ahead of the game. Whenever there’s some innovation, the HOMEbox grow tent will have it.

Basically, the HOMEbox has been dubbed as the world’s most advanced grow tent, which serves the world’s most demanding growers. HOMEbox tends to improve their products by listening to its customers’ complaints and suggestions.

Because of this, the HOMEbox has a number of grow tents befitting all kinds of indoor growers. Still, the HOMEbox products are not dissimilar in any way. They all have similar features, with the bottom line being their effective innovations.

HOMEbox Grow Tent

HOMEbox Grow Tent

PAR+ Lighting

Okay, most indoor growing tents tend to boast of providing the best environment for the plants. However, HOMEbox has the right to claim such a statement. Plants need good lighting at an optimum temperature. And that’s what the HOMEbox is offering, thanks to its PAR+ lighting feature.

The PAR+ lighting offers more reflection with less heat buildup. It means that the HOMEbox grow tent has specifically been designed for plants that enjoy lots of light but cooler temperatures.

It doesn’t take long before you notice an improvement in the plants, whereby they taste better, and there’s more growth.

The PAR+ is an exclusive technology that’s unique only to HOMEbox grow tents. It’s the top-secret responsible for HomeBox’s intensive and super productive indoor conditions. The PAR+ efficiency has been tried and tested to prove increased yields. If you use led grow lights, you will get higher yield.

Omni-Flow Air Vents

Since airflow in a grow tent is very crucial, the HOMEbox has managed to make things a little bit unique and equally operational. The grow tent has an Omni-Flow air venting process, whereby air is directed to where is most needed.

The air vents are very easy to seal, which means that grow tent is fully impermeable to light. To further guarantee this, the zippers are of high quality, thus providing a light-proof seal.

The tent’s air vents are equipped with super fine mesh whose usability helps prevent insects and bugs from getting into the tent. You don’t have to worry about your plants being attacked by weeds and bugs.

Modular Designs

As the leading designer and manufacturer of grow tents, the HOMEbox is the only grow tent offering “modular” designs. This means that you can assemble and use tents like building blocks.

You can connect the“blocks” without necessarily partitioning the inside into a specific shape. That is, with the modular designs, you can install the HOMEbox grow tent into any shape you like, to best suit your room.

I particularly love that I can construct different shapes, such as T or L-shaped configurations. This helps maneuver around idle spaces in your room.

Strong Supporting Poles

When considering buying a grow tent, it’s obvious that the supporting poles have to be as strong as possible. Because you have to have an inline fan and carbon filter to the pole.

The last thing you want is to come back home to find a collapsed tent. However, when you get yourself a HOMEbox tent, this isn’t something you’ll ever have to worry about.

After checking out various HOMEbox grow tent reviews, I realized that it could support as much as 30 kgs (66 lbs) of weight. The tent can hold two Fero grow lights, and it doesn’t bend that much. It does a little, but nothing serious to have the tent collapse.

Other than sturdiness, the poles are great, securing all your wiring and leave you to grow neat and organized. The HOMEbox comes with a power board where you can attach all your power points. It not only keeps the grow tent neat but guarantees to keep you out of harm’s way.

The only downside here is the Velcro attached to the poles. It’s a bit larger and come loosely fastened. But that’s only with some grow tents. The strong poles cater to this weakness and pledge stability of the grow tent.

Removable Drip Mat

Since spillage in any indoor gardening is inevitable, a drip mat comes in handy. The designing team at HomeBox grow tents are so creative that they decided to make the drip mat easily removable. While most drip mats are removable, they aren’t as easy to use as this one.

You’ll never have to worry about spillage and stagnant water within the grow tent. It doesn’t matter which HOMEbox grow tent you choose, all of them come with a solid waterproof base. This is in addition to the liner base.

The extra layer offers some protection to your floor, especially against leaks from watering. It also keeps pests out.


  • It is of a modular design, which allows you to install it in any shape you like. You just need to have the additional grow tent accessories, and you’re good to go
  • The HOMEbox grow tent is supported by a sturdy and powered coated framework, which guarantees stability and rust resistance
  • The tent has been crafted with a highly reflective insulating mylar, whereby it reflects 97 percent of radiant heat
  • When it comes to lighting performance, the HOMEbox tent boasts of a highly reflective interior. The reason for this is the PAR+ technology, which offers more reflection without any heat buildup
  • Its roof cross allows you to make adjustments to the lighting and accessories
  • You’ll appreciate its multiple intake and exhaust ports, which include two opposite ports at a reflector level. This helps with airflow in and out of the tent
  • It comes with a removable drip mat to help protect the tent’s floor


  • The tent’s sides tend to pull in, especially when burdened with weighty accessories. This leaning of its sides can cause damage to the plants. Therefore, it’s advisable to leave a 5 cm(2 inches) gap on all sides.

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