How Many Plants Under 1000w LED Grow Light – Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2021)

How Many Plants Under 1000w LED Grow Light ?

The necessity of grow light is immense for cannabis seeds and plants with regard to the illumination they need. Cannabis which are taken indoor and are placed for growing needs specific care in the enclosed room. Plants receiving exposure to a maximum wattage of light grow out to produce maximum yield.

The grow space determines how many plants can be grown under the number of watts. Considering the general rule of thumb, the range of power needed per square foot area is 32-50 watt. The requirement of energy varies in vegetation and flowering stage.

how many plants under 1000w led

How Many Plants Under 1000w LED Grow Light

Flowering stage: the energy required during the flowering stage is much more than the vegetation stage. Say if the size of the grow tent is 4 x 4 then:

4 ft x 4 ft = 16 square feet

Watt per square foot = 50 (maximum)

So, for an area of 16 square feet, the energy during the flowering stage will be

16 x 50 = 800 watt

So, you can use this 1000w led grow light for 4×4 grow tent.

Vegetation stage: the requirement of energy during the vegetation stage is half of that of the flowering stage. Hence, if we were to take a 4 x 4 grow tent, the calculation will be

50/2 = 25 watts per square foot

For a 16 square feet area, the energy efficiency of the grow light will be:

16 x 25 = 400 watt

Most LED grow lights in a grow tent can cover a minimum range of around 1 to 6 plants. It also depends on the per watt coverage and the yield each coverage can produce.

Making sure each plant is getting equal light is important before setting up 1000 watt LED under a 4×4 grow tent.

1000W led grow lights are to be set up in certain ways for plants to get the light they need for suitable yield.

How much area does a 1000W LED grow light cover?

How much area does a 1000W LED grow light cover

With a general rule of thumb, a 1000W LED grow light covers an area of about 4×4 or 5×5 feet or, simply, 25 square feet in maximum range and 16 square ft area in minimum range.

However, 1000w led light has the power of growing lots of buds. It is important to make sure of the timings of flowering and veg period.

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How much does a 1000 watt LED yield?

How much does a 1000 watt LED yield
How much does a 1000 watt LED yield

There’s no simple answer as to how much yield can be expected from a 1000 watt LED grow light.

The yield under any amount of led watt largely depends on many factors, including grow space, energy, skill level, experience, strain, different growing techniques, quality, and the efficiency of the grow light.

However, a thorough estimation would place it as 0.5 to 1 grams yield per watt. One gram yield per watt would be an incredible yield whereas 0.5 would be a little bit below that.

There are important factors when trying to analyze the yield of the plants in a grow tent. Taking care of these factors can improve the yield quality of the plants.

  • Mylar surfaces which should be reflective
  • Good ventilation circulation
  • Optimum temperature
  • No leaks of the led grow light

Is 1000w LED enough for 2 plants?

The light intensity of a 1000w led light is enough to cover an area of 20 sq ft which means at least 16 small plants can be harvested in that area.

For 2 plants, 1000w LED would be a lot; hence it is best to go with a grow light coverage that complies with the number of plants harvested.

100-200 watts are enough to cover 2 plants covering an area of 2 square feet. Ensuring the square per foot requirement of grow light creates the best possibility of plant growth and yield.

Is 1000w too much for 4 plants?

Just like the requirement of grow light for 2 square feet in a grow space, the condition of 4 plants is a bit more than 2 plants but very less than 16 small plants.

If you’re wondering whether or not 1000w is too much for 4 plants, you’re giving it a real thought. 1000 watt grow light, in fact, is too much for just 4 plants. Plants you can grow in 1000w are a lot more.

A minimum number of led grow lights required for 4 plants is 200 watts, and the maximum amount is 600 watts. Chances are, if you set up a 1000 watt light for just 4 plants, it’ll be a huge waste of time and energy.

How Many Plants Per Light Should You Grow?

How much heat does a 1000W led grow light produce?

Generally, LED lights produce a lot more heat during their usage. A 1000 watt light produces almost 3617 BTU (British thermal unit) per hour. This means 1000w gives off the heat requirement of 1060.03 joules per second.

With regard to luminescent bulbs, led lights seem to save a lot more energy when producing plants.

Is 1000w too much for seedlings?

If you want to grow your seedlings under 1000 watt, the yield will highly depend on how many seedlings you’re planting. But the rough truth is 1000w is a lot for the average number of seedlings. Chances are, the 1000 watt light would burn off if used above the seedlings.

Seedlings are found to work more in less light wattage. The heat intensity of the grow light output is way too much for the seedlings for their natural growth.

Seedlings don’t need more than 32 watts per square foot of the grow room in order to get the nourishment they need.

What should be the Distance of 1000W LED grow lights from plants?

The Distance between the plants and the LED grow lights largely depends on how strong or intense the light is. The stronger the light, the farther the distance should be between the plants and the LED grow lights.

For 1000W LED lights, the perfect distance between the plants and the grow light would be 38-40 cm away. Depending on the power of light, the maximum range of Distance can be 75-76 cm.

The range of the distance between the lights and the plants is very crucial as the photosynthesis process of the plants depends hugely on it.

How Far Should Grow Lights Be From Plants?

What is the light spectrum of LED grow light?

The work of LED lights is indeed very remarkable. LED lights with 1000 watt or any number of watts mimic the natural outdoor light spectrum, which means that LED grow lights are built to provide full spectrum.

The light spectrum of grow light means the source of different colored lights, including red, blue, and green. White grow lights are highly functional to provide equal amounts of red, blue, and green.

The spectrum range matters since it plays a vital role in maintaining plant quality.

Final words

So, How Many Plants Under 1000w LED Grow Light? Now you know that A good 1000w led grow light would provide maximum coverage for an area of 25 square feet. The perfect amount of LED grow lights ensures maximum output.

It is also just as important to keep other factors in mind, such as the distance between the plants and the light, yield rate, and how one should maintain the proximity of LED grow lights in their specific grow tent.

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