Hydro Crunch Grow Tent- Features, Pros and Cons

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
Hydro Crunch Grow Tent

In this era of technology, every aspect of our lives is seeing more and more influences from science. And growing plants indoors is not much different.

Hydro crunch grow tents are specifically designed grow tents that enable you to grow various kinds of plants indoors. It is more than ideal for someone with a strict budget and passionate about plant growth.

This weed grow tents from hydro crunch have a sturdy metal construction and made from a very efficiently reflective mylar material composition that provides a suitable environment for good plant growth.

With the assistance of this revolutionary grow tent you will be able to create an independent area for growing all kinds of plants. Not only will it provide protection from the weather that has no mercy, but also provide light, warmth, and all the other requirements for a perfect plantation experience. And as a bonus, you get great aesthetics too.

So without further ado, let’s get into more details about the products.

Hydro Crunch Grow Tent


  • Product dimensions ( length * width * height ) -The hydro grow tents are available from 16″ * 16″ * 48 upto a huge size of 96″ * 96″ * 80″.
  • Weight-Depending on the model, the weight varies from 16 lbs to 79 lbs.
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Requires assembly
  • Polypropylene or metal corners
  • Air and cable vents

Let’s find out about all the pros, cons and all features in this hydro crunch grow tent review.

What we like about the grow tents

The hydro crunch grow tents come with some really nice features that set them apart from other common grow tents available on the market. So let us go through some of the great key features of the tent that will motivate you to get one for yourself at a very inexpensive rate.

Accelerate Photosynthesis

The great thing about this grow tent is the Myler fabric that the interior of the tent is made up of. The mylar wall is very reflective and makes sure your plants get every bit of light it needs without any light loss.

The reflective walls ensure the energy absorption of the plant from every single direction. This gets rid of the risk of having blond leaves and fragile stems.

With the tremendous management of light in the hydro crunch grow tents, the exposure accelerates photosynthesis and keeps your plant healthy and strong.

Temperature and humidity control

Not being able to find a way other than leaving the plants at the mercy of nature and weather is the reason why most of our DIY planting project fails.

The hydro crunch grow tents provide absolute control over the environment that the plants surrounding. So you can establish the perfect circumstances that stimulate terrific plant growth.

Strategical placement of vents

Ventilation is one of the most crucial requirements for plants. Keeping that in mind, the hydro crunch grow tents were designed with several vents. They are organized in places that make sure the accommodation proper inline fan and carbon filters.

There is also a ventilation window, air vents, and cable vents to guarantee proper airflow for the plants. This promotes sufficient absorption of carbon dioxide for the plants to thrive.

Insect control

Any veteran gardener will agree without a doubt that the worst enemy of plants are insects. And this is where grow tents from hydro crunch comes into play.

The grow tents provide full protection from pests and insects while delivering a substantial amount of ventilation. This trait makes the hydro crunch grow tents one of a kind.

Saving space

Many plant lovers and DIY enthusiasts plan on having a garden or grow some specific kind of plant. But the lack of space crushes all the dreams in a whim. But not anymore.

You can control the climate the light, environment, temperature and any other necessities in a very small space with the aid of these grow tents. They can your life much easier, and give you the choice of planting any variety in any little space you have.

Ease of assembly

Every hydro crunch grow tent comes with an instruction manual that will be a step by step guide for you. The assembly doesn’t require any special skills and anyone with zero experience in grow tents or gardening can quickly assemble the product and get down to business.

Inexpensive rate

The price tag that comes with all of these bad boys is very reasonable. Hydro crunch provides very good value for money when it comes to their grow tents. So if you are on the budget, this will be an excellent choice for you. And the features that come with such a small price, is definitely worth a try.

What we do not like

Every great product comes with some downsides. And here are some of them for the Hydro Crunch grow tents.

The weight

Even though they offer a variety of sizes for every customer, all of them are on the heavy side compared to their dimensions. The bright side is, you do not have to move the tents much after the initial placements.

But if you plan on redesigned and moving the grow tents from time to time, then you should think about their weight before buying one.

The closing zipper

The closing zipper is irrepressible from the get-go, yet also not made up of very strong material. So while using the zipper, users must be slightly careful. Otherwise, if it comes off of the main body, there is simply no way for it to get put back on.

Final thoughts

Now that you have a brief idea of all the pros and cons of the product from this hydro crunch grow tent review,  you can make a proper decision on whether or not you want to invest money into this merchandise. If you do not plan on moving the tent from time to time then it will be the perfect aid for you on every planting project.

The features that come with this small price tag is simply noteworthy. So if you decide on getting a hydro crunch grow tent, share your experience below in the comment section.

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