10 Best LED Grow Light for 2×2 Tent- How Many Watts Need

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2022)

Are you looking for the best led grow light for 2×2 tent? Here we have created a list of the most used led grow lights.

For growing plants, light is a must. But what to do when you are growing your plants indoor with zero chance of sunlight? That’s where the LED grow lights come in handy as they replicate the effect of sunlight producing light and heat.

Again the question arises, which is the best led grow lights for high yield to choose among so many different models?


Every model brings something extra to the table and has specific features for a particular use. Some models offer maximum coverage, some offer high PAR value, etc. For instance, MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light is a viable option for its reasonable price and effective features.

Consider your requirements and preference first, then the right led grow light for your 2×2 grow tent.

How Many Watts for a 2×2 Grow Tent?

The most asked question from beginners, “how many watts for a 2×2 grow tent” ?

If you are thinking about what size light need for 2×2 grow tent, it actually depends on the total size of your grow space.

Generally, 1 sq ft of grow space requires about 32w of actual wattage. So 2×2 = 4 sq ft, x 32w = 128 watt. So you need At least 128w for a 2×2 grow tent.

For your convenience, here is a quick reference chart to determine the required wattage based on the grow space and number of plants.

Number of Plants  Square Feet Wattage
1 2 60 to 80 watts
2 4 120 to 140 watts
4 8 256 to 300 watts
6 12 384 to 400 watts
8 16 512 to 560 watts
10 20 600 to 560 watts

The values above are mostly for flowering. For the vegetation stage, you’ll need around half the power (25w). Good quality LED grow lights come with Veg and Bloom switches saving you the trouble of changing the wattage.

What Features to Look Before Purchasing

Whether you are purchasing grow lights for the first time or replacing the old one, it doesn’t hurt to look for suggestions. These features or characteristics will help you consider one light over another, which one is more suitable for you.

  • If you’re buying full spectrum LEDs, find one with adjustable settings such as VEG and Bloom switch.
  • For high-powered LEDs, always buy the one with proper cooling systems.
  • To ensure proper supply of direct current at all times, find the LED fixtures that have a constant current driver circuit.
  • Consider your grow space while choosing the shape of the lights – smaller lights are good for scattered patterns but panel light offers greater coverage.

Best LED Grow Light for 2×2 Tent

1. MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Lights

Introducing the first LED grow light for 2×2 grow tent – MARS 600W LED Grow Light. I know many of you did guess this product because it’s the best grow light 2×2 tent.

The lights serve the gardeners with the best LED technology. Importantly, the lights mimic the sunlight and provide a full spectrum range for the plants. Speeding up the vegetative stages, the lights help to provide the best yield in a short period.

Next, the energy efficiency of 225 pcs LED is wonderful with 100 watts. The lights are true to nature because they emit 100 watts without any hidden energy consumption.

Specifically, the lights are perfect for 2’x2’ veg stage and 1.5’x1.5’ blooming stage. Wonderful!

If you are willing to achieve the largest harvest, you may choose this product. Providing the highest PAR with 430umol/m².s, the LED lights want to provide the highest yield to the gardeners.

It will be pleasurable if you don’t compare these lights with the traditional 150w HPS ones.

Not to mention, the lights have a high reflective heat sink system to transfer the air outside. As the material is aluminum, the heat won’t disturb the growth process of the plants.

Another awesome feature to present is – it’s noise-free. The cooling system doesn’t include fans and it’s comfortable for the users.

Using Instruction

Growth Stage Hanging Height Light Per Day
Clone Stage 24″ 18h on/6h off
Germination Stage 24″ 18h on/6h off
Vegetative Stage 18″ – 24″ 18h on/6h off
Flowering Stage 12″ – 16″ 12h on/12h off

2. SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 LED Grow Lights

Are you finding the best LED grow lights with unified dimming capacity? Well, you are on the right page because SIPER FARMER 1000 led grow light is offering this feature.

Firstly, the LED light are featuring Samsung LM301B diodes with fantastic yielding capacity. The LEDs are delivering high-range power to produce a large number of crops.

The penetration of these lights is praiseworthy because the light distribution occurs in a uniform manner. So, the penetration level gets higher. As a result, the veg stage becomes short and the flowering stage starts earlier.

the light spectrum white, blue light, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm), By the grace of IR lights, the flowering stage speeds up. All in all, the gardeners are receiving more crops than they expect.

What the SPIDER FARMER LED light are offering is a customized dimming design. The knob and the light switch are the controls of the lights. With that, the gardeners can change the intensity of the lights.

How about the durability?

The durability will amaze you because they don’t decay easily. Also, the durability is ensured by the aluminum material. To conclude, the gardener is about to save some bucks.

3. KINGPLUS 2x2ft Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you are in quest of the best LED grow lights for the greenhouse, you will find many options but the perfect one is KingLED UL600. To get high efficiency and yield, this product is another best option to pick.

How many watts does it consume?

These lights consume 80w which is excellent for gardeners. However, the light intensity is increased to a greater extent, up to 30%.

If the product doesn’t last for a long time, there’s no point to invest money in it. Keeping this in mind, the designers have built these lights to last long.

The authority has specified the footprint for each stage – 2×2 ft for flowering and 3×3 ft for veg. Both veg and flowering stages are nurtured properly by these LED lights because they have featured a full spectrum light.

Having the full spectrum light, white, blue light, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm)in the to grow tent means the plants will flourish with care. To help this growth, the plants need a favorable environment and so the heat dissipation system is present.

The heat dissipation system makes sure the grow tent is maintaining a healthy environment for plant growth. This fantastic feature is a life savior for the gardeners.

4. Bloom plus 2x2ft Coverage LED Grow Light

Are you looking for the best grow light for a 2×2 tent at affordable price? Bloom plus are offering high quality product at affordable price.

Bloom Plus LED grow lights help you to minimize the cost and provide you the best quality yields. With 336 pcs of Samsung 2835 diodes, the percentage of PAR increases dramatically.

The energy efficiency is high and it featured 2.7 umol/J. These lights give you an output of 2.5 g/w which is appreciable. Also, they help to consume less power than 200W HID or Blurple lamps.

As a gardener, you have to provide the best condition for the plants to grow. So, the plants are featuring full spectrum ligh which means the plants are growing spontaneously. In the end, you will get more healthy crops with the biggest harvest.


A noise-free working space is what everybody loves. These led grow lights don’t hit the grow tent with noise Besides, these lights have a unique process to cool your grow tent.

These lights have Samsung LED chips along with reliable drivers. To make the lights advanced, the cooling process has a passive system of heat dissipation with an aluminum heat sink.

5. SPIDER FARMER SF1000D Grow Light

If your plants are facing difficulties of penetration with other lights, you must go for SPIDER FARMER Led grow lights for 2×2 ft flower coverage. Also this led grow light is perfect for 3×3 grow tent for Veg Stage. Why I am claiming the lights to be the best- 

  • Better light penetration
  • Lower running cost
  • Sunlight spectrum
  • Noise-free
  • Value of the money

Let me make the points more clear to you

Light penetration is important for plants. We know, the green life produces foods from sunlight and the led grow lights mimic sunlight. SPIDER FARMER has featured full-spectrum lights for plants.

Another point is the lights have low running cost compared to others. Do you want to save on electricity bills? Let SPIDER FARMER help you.

These led grow lights will cover the whole lifespan of your plants and produce beautiful, healthy yielding plants. With the spectrum led grow lights, the gardeners can enjoy the value for the money.

About the noise – they didn’t install fans, so the noise won’t be in your grow tent. The protective covers and a waterproof LED board are helpful for a prolonged lifetime of the lights.

6. Phlizon Newest LED Grow Light for 2×2 ft Coverage

Another Best led grow lights Built with metal, the Phlizon Newest 600w LED grow lights has featured double switch system. For the beginners, this light is the best option to understand the veg and bloom stages of plants.

The veg switch has blue and white color LED lights. Now, the gardeners will ask me a question – how the lights will cover seedling stage? The veg switch will cover up this stage as well.

If you’ve used the HPS/MH lights, you do have experienced the heat generating issue. On the other hand, these lights don’t produce extra heat to burn the leaves.

To ensure durability and quality service, the lights have featured double cooling fans. The LED lights have maintained safety concerns by not using the reflector. Why? Because the reflector may cause short circuit. There will be high risk of accidents.

Moreover, your plants will will bloom beautifully for having UV light and IR. Their radiation helps to increase plant’s defense mechanism.

7. VIPARSPECTRA 450W- Best LED Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Power input: 200W±3%
  • Veg and bloom switch
  • UL certified LED light ensuring safety
  • Full light spectrum for all growth stages
  • Aluminum cooling heat sinks with quiet fans
  • Strong structure with fire-resistant iron housing

The ViparSpectra 450w is another most used light for 2×2 grow tent as it covers mostly 2.5*2.5ft growing space. Also many indoor graders use this grow light for 4×2 tent. The spectrum led grow lights design has separate Veg and Bloom switch and the heat-resistant reflector design increases PAR output by 50%.

The light has an option for even desktop growing and through the daisy chain feature; you can attach additional lights if you expand your growing space later. The actual power consumption is only 200w making it energy efficient as well.

All in all, the ViparSpectra 450w generates little heat, saves money and energy, and provides adequate and balanced light.

8. HLG 65 V2 4000K LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power input: 65 watts
  • Can produce 10000 lumens
  • QB120 Quantum Board LED
  • 4000K White Light Full Spectrum
  • Lightweight and passive cooling design

The Horticulture Lighting Group first introduced the Quantum Board LED grow light and thus started the trend. It’s really suitable for entry-level grow tents as it covers 2*2ft area and actually consumes only 65w of power.

It features a 4000K White spectrum led grow lights and produces maximum lumens of 10,000. This fixture is ideal for vegging and flowering in compact areas.

The HLG 65 V2 has a better canopy light penetration with diffused light. In general, QB lights have several advantages over COBs such as better efficiency and much easier thermal management.

9. BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power input: 132 watts
  • Veg and bloom switch
  • 90 degrees lighting angle
  • 5mm thick aluminum structure radiator

The Reflector Lens technology uses 90 degrees lighting angle and reduces light waste. The BESTVA grow light features the new radiator design and the 60 powerful 10W LEDs produce around 132W of actual power.

The true spectrum manages to get a perfect balance of blue, red, and a small amount of green. Also, you get the essential ultraviolet and infrared bands, which help plant formation and bud quality.

Overall, the BESTVA 600W is the another most affordable 600w grow light for 2×2 grow tent currently on the market.

10. Yehsence 1000w LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power requirement: 180 watts
  • Includes daisy chain design
  • Separate veg and bloom switches
  • Triple-Chip 100 pieces 15 Watt LEDs
  • 2 cooling fans as well as heat sinks for heat dissipation

Considering the coverage area, technology, and features, the Yehsence 1000w energy efficient LED Grow Light is one of the best in the low price range. With Triple-Chip LED, it provides maximum coverage area at 5.5*5.5ft. But we suggest to use this 1000 watt light in 4×4 grow tent (maximum).

The full spectrum light comes with Veg and Bloom switch. You can change the switches at different stages or you can turn on both switches for maximum power. With the actual power consumption at 180w, you’ll be using 80% less electricity than HPS/MH, thus saving energy.


For getting even coverage and excellent growth, you need an efficient grow light. Just be careful while it’s on and do not touch or look directly at the bright light.

Now that you know what to look for, hopefully, you’re ready to start your hunt for the Best LED Grow Light for 2×2 Tent.

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