Mars Hydro FC Series LED Grow Lights – 3000, 4800, 6500

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

If you’re an expert or a novice when it comes to indoor gardening, your plants need the most light available to live and maintain a good life cycle.

However, the lighting you chose should be dependent on your unique criteria, such as the varieties of plants you’re growing, the stage of your plants, and, most notably, the size of your grow space.

The Mars Hydro FC series LED grow lights will provide wavelengths of light that your plants’ canopies can completely consume, ensuring that they receive all of the necessary nutrients for photosynthesis.

1. Mars Hydro FC 3000 LED Grow Light

You can go ahead and read any Mars Hydro FC 3000 LED reviews, and you will know that it is the top recommendation for gardener who is looking for the best led grow light for 3X3 grow tent.

It’s among the latest models the manufacturer has to offer, and according to most expert gardeners, it’s an impressive fixture and a huge upgrade in comparison to the previous generation of the Mars Hydrop SP line led grow light.

For most, the Mars hydro FC 3000 is the definition of an awesome and reliable grow light. The four-bar led grow light is great for 2×2 growing space for personal grow, and 3×3 ft for commercial.

But many graders use this grow light for 4×2 grow tent also. Top-of-the-line diodes and Mean Well driver components ensure that you get superior performance for the price.

The diodes, according to experts, are a big improvement that, combined with the single bar architecture, allows for better distribution and productivity in a 4×3-foot expanding room.

Despite the fact that the FC 3000 is the smallest LED fixture in this line and isn’t foldable (like the FC 6500), it’s still compact and durable enough to pass around and store.

On the top of the fixture, on a control box, the FC 3000 has a small dimming knob. An Ethernet cable is also provided, allowing you to connect several grow lights to a single master fixture.

The FC 3000 has a removable motor, like most other Mars Hydro devices, which can be daisy-chained with many other fixtures and operated by a single dimming box if there is need for more power.


  • The four-bar design is great for 3X3’ grow spaces 
  • It can be daisy-chained with other fixtures
  • The Mars FC 3000 has an impressive fixture and a huge upgrade
  • Comes with an Ethernet cable to connect several grow lights
  • You’ll love that it stores easily


  • Complaints that the dimmer switch doesn’t work for some users. Don’t worry though because you just need to call them and they’ll send a replaceable switch, or exchange the entire LED panel.

2. Mars Hydro FC 6500 LED Grow Light

If you need something bigger, the MARS HYDRO FC6500 grow light is your best option, but if you don’t mind smaller dimensions, this light would be an excellent addition to your grow room.

This product, which is powered by full-spectrum Osram Diodes and the Samsung LM301B, can be used by both commercial and individual growers.

During our analysis for the Mars Hydro FC 6500 study, we discovered that both experts and consumers are delighted with the company’s bar-style grow lights, which have a more even light distribution around the entire growing area.

The FC 6500 is the largest variant in the FC range, and this led grow light can cover 4×4 grow tent for commercial grow.

But if you want to use it for personal grow, this led grow light will be the best for 5×5 grow tent.

Mars hydro has another popular led grow light for 4×4 coverage area, that is mars hydro tsw 2000w led grow light.

Indoors grow tent enthusiasts also have better heat management with this product than with several others on the market, as the two-meter long power cord enables users to detach the driver from the light fixture and place it outside the grow tent eliminating the heat source.

The 650 watts of power makes the FC 6500 a high-performing grow light, which provides great value for the money.

Most customers who wrote a Mars Hydro LED light review are generally satisfied. Truth be told, there may be other and slightly better growing lights in this power range. However, when it comes to value, Mars Hydro FC 6500 is a hard deal to beat.


  • Ideal for both commercial and personal use, thanks to its full-spectrum Osram Diodes
  • The Mars FC 6500 enables users to cover from 5×5 to 6×6 area
  • There are up to 15 lights connected through Daisy Chain functionality
  • Waterproof wide 8-bar offering even canopy coverage
  • Save 50 percent energy than HID lamps
  • Top-Bin spectrum that speeds up fruiting
  • The 6500 LED is perfectly suited for both personal usage and full-cycle commercial use
  • It maximizes your harvest yields and profits


  • Users are complaining of too many choices to pick from, some of which are more or less the same. Well, the many versions are truly confusing, but once you’ve known what’s perfect for your specific needs, then you’re good to go.

3. Mars Hydro FC 4800 LED Grow Light

The 4800, the middle child of the FC-series, is the subject of this Mars Hydro LED develop light study.

The driver and dimmer box are on top of a solid fixture with six passively cooled bars. The power supply is reversible for improved heat management, and you can daisy-chain multiple lights and control them from one master fixture to get fine CBD-rich flowers, much like the other ones.

The FC 4800 LED is a major improvement over the SP and TS series. Expert Mars Hydro testers, on the other hand, point out that the light’s cable management system should be strengthened, as it can get tangled near the pilot.

If you want to fix this, you can simply feed the cable over an attachment point (when you have the driver on an attachment).

Another great selling point of this light could be its ease of use—it can be folded, and at, it can’t be really considered overly heavy. It also features an aluminum heat-sink that comes attached to a noiseless fan.

You’ll be impressed by its removable Inventronics Driver, which equals unmatched performance in heat dispersing and a lasting lifespan. The Mars Hydro 4800 drops 50 percent of electricity bill compared to HID lights.

The Mars Hydro 4800 LED has a 30 percent higher yield per wattage than its competitors. Its PPFD is so high that it produces a 50 percent improvement in harvest efficiency over the old lights. It also saves energy because it only uses 480W for 4×4 personal and 3×3 commercial development.


  • It boasts the incredible efficiency of 2.8 µmol/J
  •  Only consumes 480W for 4x4ft personal growth
  •  It has an easy dimming and daisy chain maximum of up to 15 lights
  •  The Mars Hydro 4800 LED has a wide 6-bar form factor, which offers a broad canopy coverage
  •  Features an aluminum heat-sink,
  •  Comes installed with a no-fan zero noise
  •  Offers high yield spectrum with enhanced red color
  •  The Mars Hydro LED has “Top Bin” true Samsung Osram Diodes


  • Some users are complaining of the LED units having dents once the package arrives. However, as long as the LED panel bar works fine, it shouldn’t be a problem. But in case anything damages, the Mars Hydro company offers a warranty and will replace the unit.

What User Reviews are Saying

For the 3×3 grow tent, the Mars Hydro FC 3000 LEDs are ideal. It does not have any shipping or packaging problems. As I opened the box, I realized I had ordered the wrong manual for the lamp. It’s not a big deal because the light is simple to put together.

 The LED light is bright, and the unit is overall robust and well-constructed. The plants are enjoying the sun, and there are no heat issues inside the tent. I can’t wait for the plants to bloom in this sun. I’m optimistic that the end result would be amazing.

While all of Mars Hydro’s products are beginning to cover cutting-edge technology, these products blow everything else out of the water! Per light, I have perfect coverage in a 4×4 region. With the dimmer, par map, and ratchet belts, I can run the Mars Hydro FC 6500 LED through all levels. Purchasing these lights has no disadvantages.

The Mars Hydro 4800 LED is an excellent product, and the business as a whole outperforms most rivals. The FC models are top-of-the-line. The greatest, in reality. I cultivate vegetables hydroponically and indoors. This business is amazing, and they aspire to be the best in the industry. I just wish there wasn’t such a high demand so I could buy more.

Exceptionally bright and well worth the investment. Within hours of cutting it on, I noticed a significant change in my plants. Because of the amount of surface area this light can cover, I replaced my ViparSpectra LEDs with this one only to broaden my area. It’s also a nice feature that the driver can be positioned outside of the grow room. I’m going to pick up a spare or two of the Mars Hydro 3000 LED and then tell you about it.

The Mars Hydro LED light is completely breathtaking. This is the best light on the market, with a removable driver and dimmer switch, extra-long power cords, well-built, top-notch parts, and daisy chaining capability. The LED is easily comparable to more costly “top brand” LED lights. With any LED light on the market in 2021, its efficient lighting intensity will put you right at the top.

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that we’re talking about a serious company with a vision for continuous improvement and a keen eye for catering to indoor gardeners’ needs.

May you be in need of tents or grow lights, these Mars Hydro FC 3000, 4800, 6500 reviews should reflect that the company stands behind its products and provides great value for every dollar spent on them.

Without a doubt, the FC series is a great professional product line at incredibly low prices. Some customer reviews mentioned that the lights might get hot and that the yield might be small for those looking for more bang for their buck. That’s a simple fix, because you just need to buy lights with more power.

Also, if you’re not that interested in the technicalities of grow lights and aren’t sure what you need, the company’s website offers little in the way of resources, with only a few blog posts. You can go ahead and buy one of these Mars Hydro LEDs.

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