Seahawk Grow Tent- Features, Pros and Cons

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

I am kind of crazy about plants. I have two corridors full of cactuses and flower plants in my home. So, when I came to the University dorm, I kept looking for places where I can grow my buds. Fortunately, I found this life-saving idea of grow tent where I can cultivate them, even maintain the hydroponics.

So, if you are looking for one of the best weed grow tent then you must read through this Seahawk Grow Tent Review. It is affordable for beginners instead of having some poor features. You will find them below.

Seahawk Grow Tent

Seahawk Grow Tent

Light-proof ADF Material

You won’t see any light outside of this tent. The tent is made of ADF material that is the highest quality material. It secures the light properly. If you are a gardener or horticulturist, you will know that, if there is a large hole to escape the light, there is a scope of entering micro-organisms. The micro-organisms are no good friend of plants.

Also, the diamond-like surface composition of ADF material distributes the light in every direction as well as helps to transmit heat.

Mylar Reflective Fabric

There will be a minimum waste of energy if you purchase this tent for your lovely plants. This is because the inner liner of it is made of Mylar reflective fabric. It has a great reflective capacity of around 98%.

The more the reflection, the less wasted energy. Ultimately it will save your costs on electricity. This fabric improves light distribution to the plants, gives your plant a healthy figure.

Besides, this fabric is non-toxic while many other tents possess toxic material like polyvinyl chloride (PVC). So, it will be good for your indoor plants.

Ventilation and Extraction Port

Seahawk grow tent is ideal for accommodating fans or carbon filters of any size. Its organized ventilation and extraction ports are adjustable to any accessories. It maintains a great growing environment with its double cinching 10 inches ducting ports that are perfectly placed.

You shouldn’t worry if there is a pest attack on your cauliflowers. There are vents and cool tube ports that enable insect screening.

Supportive Poles

This grow tent can hold a weight of around 90 kg with its strong supportive poles. The frame of a tent act as a skeleton that carries all the equipment within it. So, it must have to be strong.

This is of the same importance as the fabric. However, a planter shouldn’t put an extra weight if he doesn’t want to ruin all the plants.

Transparent Viewing Windows

If you like to take a snap of your plant every other day like me, then you are lucky with this tent. It has transparent viewing windows that help you look at your plant without opening the doors. The environmental condition remains intact and you can take all the snaps you want.

Various Size Available

One thing I like about Seahawk tent is, it manufactures several sizes of tent. You can purchase it according to your room space and growing needs. The small tents can install a limited amount and size of equipment while the larger one has a place for various ingredients.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a bulk budget. Still, you can purchase a tent for your little creepers. This is a great budget-friendly tent that you can find below 150$. It has been specially designed for the growers who have a tight budget. Good for me!

Features That Aren’t Great

210D Canvas

It will be pathetic if you find your desirable tent torn within a few days. The outer fabric of a grow tent should be strong enough so that it doesn’t rupture easily. Unfortunately, this tent has a 210D canvas that is not that bad but not strong enough. The word “D” means “Denier” which refers to the thread thickness.

This range can be up to 1680D. The more the number, the more the density as well as the durability of the canvas. So, I think, you will choose wisely while buying a grow tent.

Doorways with Double Stitched Zippers

I have bad luck with zippers. I have wasted many things due to broken zippers. Seahawk tents aren’t that great when it comes to zips and seams. Their fabric is not much strong and that makes it tearing around the seams and zippers instead of double stitches.

The doorways are good enough for convenient access but the zip of the doors should be a problem if you wish to move it frequently.


  • Waterproof and fireproof covering
  • Insect and mildew resistance
  • Transparent windows
  • Saves energy
  • Suitable lighting facility


  • Thin fabric
  • Low durability


For a plant lover, it’s impossible to stay without plants. If you are one of them, then you will search any way to grow your green leaves even if there is no balcony of land. That’s why I have brought this Seahawk grow tent review so that you can find a home for your plants. If you have bought one already, then you can share your experience with us.

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