Viparspectra 1200w- Yield and Using Instruction

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

If you are newbie in the world of indoor gardening, or even maybe you’re already a seasoned expert, but haven’t yet found the right LED panels, then the Viparspectra 1200w is the perfect choice for a 4.5’x4.5’ vegetative coverage at 32”and 3.5’x3.5’ flowering coverage at 24”.

The LED lighting panel is meant to offer the most appropriate balance between lighting coverage for a specific grow tent size and the right PAR per Lumen output. The PAR is the Photosynthetic Active Radiation, which is the lighting responsible for plant’s growth through photosynthesis.

In simpler terms, the Viparspectra 1200w offers full spectrum of lighting colors (blue, white, red), which is optimal enough for the vegetative and flowering stages. Technology behind the Viparspectra products are known to offer lighting that mimic the sun’s natural capability.

The final results of its full spectrum lighting and balanced PAR coverage is fast growth rates and high yields, which make It is one of the best led grow light for 4×4 grow tent.

What if your tent is of other sizes? Don’t worry because Viparspectra comes in other sizes – 450w, 600w, and 900w, which have the same high yield effects, but meant for other grow tent sizes.

Viparspectra 1200w Grow Light – Everything You Need To Know

Viparspectra 1200w grow light

Let’s delve a little bit deeper into the Viparspectra 1200w led grow light and have a look at some of the features that make it unique.

Viparspectra 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Video

Energy Efficient

The Viparspectra 1200w designed with 240 pieces of LEDs emitting 5w of lighting intensity. Which isn’t that much compared to other LED products. However, when compared to the likes of Mars Hydro TSW 2000w, its 545 watts energy consumption is a little bit high. The Mars Hydro consumes about 300w.

Still, the Viparspectra has a lighting efficiency incomparable to none of its rival grow light LED brands. For instance, the manufacturers of the Viparspectra 12000w brand have gone an extra mile to do tests for various grow tent sizes.

The 1200w series is perfect for a lighting coverage of a 48x48x80 grow tent at a distance of 40 inches above the plants’ canopies. This is particularly best for the vegetative stage. For flowering stage, the Viparspectra 1200w led grow light is also great for 3×3 grow tent, at a 36 inches distance from the plants’ canopies.

Dimmable Capabilities

Although the Viparspectra 1200w doesn’t have the dimmer, its sister – the Viparspectra PAR 1200w Dimmable Series – comes installed with the dimmer.

The LED panel has been designed meet different spectrum demands, meant for different growth stages. Because of this, the PAR 1200w utilizes separate VEG and Flowering dimmer controls. It alternates the lighting colors between red, white, and red lighting spectrums.

This is the feature responsible for guaranteeing the right balance between PAR per Lumen and lighting coverage. It’s important to notice that the Viparspectra 1200w has been designed with infrared LEDs that promotes cell division. This helps with the plants’ leaf building, germination, and flowering.

Offers Full Lighting Spectrum

VIPARSPECTRA full spectrum

As aforementioned, the Viparspectra 1200w provides the plants with optimal lighting spectrum that’s best for important growth stages – flowering and vegetative. This optimal spectrum mimics the sun’s natural lighting, which is perfect for the plants since they get all the needs and desires required for fast growth.

It secondary optical lenses have also been engineered to magnify PAR and thus increase canopy penetration by 200 percent.

Moreover, the Viparspectra advances a PPFD of up to 1020 umol/m2/s at 24 inches above the plants. This enables the plants to have a fast scalability from the seeding stage to blooming.

The best thing about the Viparspectra series is its advancement from previous version to newer, better versions.

That is, the manufacturers are always trying to better themselves from the previous series release. For instance, while the initial Viparspectra 1200w led grow light focused mainly on purple color, and the red and the blue colors as well, the latest versions are focused on warm white colors.

Nonetheless, the brand doesn’t do away with the red and blue colors. Instead, it balances all the grow light colors to guarantee a full spectrum.

Sturdy Design & UL Certified

The panel’s design is sturdy and looks like it can actually last many years, especially with its 100,000 hours of lifespan. The Viparspectra PAR 1200w led grow light has undergone many years of cautious testing and experimentations.

The manufacturing designers weren’t just about efficiency, but also took safety and sturdiness very seriously – which is noticeable with its robust-like build.

Once you hang the LED panel, its feels comfortably placed, and seems like it’s never gonna fall off. Some user complaints about its weight shouldn’t be a put off, because it never falls off from the grow tent. It stays put, and safe.

For safety, the Viparspecra 1200w comes as a UL Certified product, meaning that it had to go rigorous UL testing for safety standard. This makes sure its operations within a grow tent are danger-free.  

Basically, the Viparspectra brand is reputable and respected among enthusiast home growers.

Non Heat Dissipating Fan

As indoors growers, the last thing you need are complaints from neighbors due to noisy sounds and humming coming from your house. You need a quiet, stealthy operation. Which is exactly what the ViparSpectra 1200w delivers.

The LED panel comes installed with front fans, which have been designed to discharge minimal heat emissions. This helps keep the hydroponic grow tent at an optimum temperature required for the plants’ growth.

Also, this saves you lots of money on electric bills. It’s a viable option if you are just a simple, non-commercial indoors gardener, where you have to worry about electric bills.

Anyways, the front-fans have been made in such a way that they blow heat away from the plants. The vents are at the panel’s top region, which makes sure none of the heat gets blown downwards.

Moreover, the fans are made of an aluminum heat sink, which further cools down the ViparSpectra 1200w LED panel.

Amazing Customer Care

This shouldn’t even be listed as Viparspectra’s notable features, but it’s worth mentioning anyways.

From many user reviews and several satisfied customers on Amazon, the brand seems to have a highly devoted team of ViparSpectra customer care individuals dedicated to sort out any problems you may have. And their response is quick too.

It’s a great idea to have such a team because not many people have any idea of what’s best for their plants. Some people can’t even tell the difference between a PAR and a PPFD. The fact that the Viparspectra has a team to help you out with any difficulties, it’s a huge plus for the brand.

This brings us to specialists’ suggestions offered by the brand.

Specialists’ Suggestions and Recommendations

While the Viparspectra 1200w high efficiency led grow light has been designed for the 4×4 grow tent in mind, it’s best to seek advice on which Viparspectra series (reflector or dimmable) to choose.

When you buy one of these led panels, you get a booklet with suggestions on all kinds of sizes. The same recommendations are also available on Amazon, which is a better place to check because they are always updated, unlike the booklet.

So, before purchasing any of the Viparspectra products, it’s important to check out their suggestions on lighting coverage for specific grow tent sizes.

From the tests done by the manufacturers at the Viparspectra Company, the following are the suggested dimming settings and height above canopies for different growth stages.

Acclimation Period

  • 48 to 51 inches above the plants’ canopies
  • 10 hours On and 14 hours Off setting for the LED panel
  • Vegetative brightness set at 40 percent
  • Blooming stage’s brightness at 15%  

Young Vegetative

  • 44 to 47 inches above the plant’s canopy
  • 12 hours Off and 12 hours On
  • Veg brightness set at 60 percent
  • Bloom brightness at 30 percent

Vegetative Stage

  • 36 to 43 inches above the canopies
  • 18 hours On and 6 hours Off
  • Veg at 100 percent
  • Bloom at 60 percent

Flowering Stage  

  • 32 to 39 inches above canopies
  • Equal lighting exposure of 12 hours On and 12 hours Off
  • Veg brightness at 100 percent
  • Bloom brightness setting at 100 percent


  • The dimmable ViparSpectra option offers various settings for different lighting coverage at different grow tent sizes
  • The ViparSpectra 1200w has a sturdy design, which makes it last many years
  • Its lifespan is 100,000 hours, which is the industry’s leader
  • Balances perfectly the lighting intensity and the grow tent’s size
  • The 1200w is meant to balance between coverage and the PAR per Lumen output
  • It comes with a front-fan, which is not only silent in its operations, but also effective in dissipating heat
  • Amazing customer care that’s always there to sort you out quickly
  • The ViparSpectra product comes with a manual of suggestions on which specific ViparSpectra series to use on your specific grow tent size
  • Comes with secondary optical lenses that magnify PAR to increase canopy penetration by 200 percent   


  • There have been grumbles about its too much brightness when in full spectrum setting. But that’s exactly what the LED lighting panel ought to do – for better spectrum and lighting intensity, hence high yields. For remedy, you can get protective eyeglasses just add them to your Amazon cart as you buy the LED panel.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is the ViparSpectra 1200w grow light? Can it cause damage to my grow tent?

As a con, there have been complaints of its weight, which seems too heavy for some users (others aren’t bothered by it). But this is an indication the ViparSpectra is a sturdy product.

And NO, the 1200w doesn’t damage your grow tent. In fact, the manufacturers passed it through rigorous safety testing. Procedures. In fact, the ViparSpectra 1200W is UL certified, meaning it is safe for use indoors, in your grow tent.

So, despite its “heavy” weight, the LED panel is safe when hanged on the grow tent.

Can I hang the ViparSpectra 1200w in an angle? Does this affect the lighting intensity?

For most people using grow tents, hanging the LED panels may prove a challenging task. You may try really hard to have the panel placed horizontally, but it may come up slanted. Well, this is a common problem for most indoor gardeners.

Now, although the slanted angle won’t stop your plants from receiving the full lighting spectrum, it’s recommendable to try as much as possible to hang the panel on a straight horizontal level.

Once slanted, you’ve interfered with the distance from the canopies, whereby the LED’s section that’s closer to the plants will definitely affect its photosynthesis. This then affects the plants’ yield.

How is the ViparSpectra comparable to the Mars Hydro and Vivosun LED brands?       

Well, while the Mars Hydro is effective on its plants yields, because of a better sun-like lighting spectrum, the ViparSpectra 1200w is very effective in terms of its PAR per Lumen output. This means the plants come out harvested as high quality.

The Vivosum LED lighting, on the other hand, boasts of its longevity and latest LED technologies, and ease of use.

However, neither the Vivosun nor the Mars Hydro can compare to ViparSpectra’s customer care, and specific ViparSpectra 1200w instructions on height and dimmable setting for various growth stages. Better yet, many user reviews on Amazon are in praise over ViparSpectra’s manufacturer suggestions.

Final Thoughts

As noted in the pros and cons section, the Viparspectra comes with a booklet manual suggesting which specific series to use – either 450w, 600w, 900w, or the 1200w ViparSpectra LEDs.

The panel has been engineered to provide clients with the best balance for PAR per lumen output against lighting coverage, which enables high plant yields.

User reviews are appreciative of its stealth and silent-operating front-fans. This lets you go on with your indoor gardening without bothering any of your neighbors. So, yeah, if you’re looking for a led grow light that can offer a well-balanced lighting coverage for each plant in your grow tent, then it’s best to go with the ViparSpectra PAR 1200w LED lights.

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