Are Viparspectra 900w LED Grow Lights Good ?

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

When Googling for the best LED lighting for your grow tents, theirs is always a ton of results and answers and brand names that come up.

Each LED brand and grow light panel comes with different features – most of which are patented. This makes things difficult finding what’s right for your specific grow tent’s size, and what’s best for your plants. You always need to dig deeper and learn about certain aspects like PAR per lumen output, lighting intensity, coverage, and spectrum.

However, learning about all these things is always strenuous and time consuming. We all want to know what works and what doesn’t, don’t we? Well, that’s what the ViperSpectra900w offers. With this grow tent LED, you don’t need to search for, and compare with other brands.

The ViperSpectra is a one-stop shop. It provides you with everything your plants need – from coverage to lighting spectrum. The ViperSpectra900w also comes in a lasting warranty, and it’s pricing is fair. You don’t need to break the bank with this one!

Let’s have a look at what’s making the ViperSpectra900W LED so popular among indoor gardeners.

Viparspectra 900w LED Grow Light

Viparspectra 900w LED Grow Light

Wide Range Lighting Spectrum

If you’re a seasoned indoors grower, you already know the importance of having a grow light LED that provides a wide range of lighting spectrum. If you are looking for the best light for 4×4 grow tent (vegetative stage), viperspectra 900W led grow light is the best. Because ViperSpectra grow light brand understands the importance of having tuned up balance of the effectual colors in the Spectrum Graph.

For high yields and quality harvests, the ViparSpectra 900W LED features mainly the warm white color, which mimics the sun’s natural rays when combined with a perfect balance between blue and red colors.

To make things even more effective, the LED’s spectrum also consists of both the ultraviolet and the infraredlighting. When working alongside other colors, the UV and the IR increase PAR output.

ViparSpectra 900W PAR Value

The best about the ViperSpectra900W LED is its selectable spectrum switches, which allows you to customize the lighting for specific growth stages. For newbies, it’s worth noting and understanding that different growth stages (seeding, vegetative, and blooming) require different color spectrums.

** For instance, seeding are best illuminated with the LED’s blue lights, while the vegetative and the blooming/flowering stages require the range of red colors.

Switch for both Veg and Bloom Settings

VIPARSPECTRA 900W Full light Spectrum

Although the ViparSpectra 900w isn’t a dimmable series, its selectable switch allows you to interchange from either VEG or BLOOM settings.

While dimmable LEDs like the ViparSpectra600w are effective at changing light intensity into several spectral levels, the 900W Selectable version is equally effective. Its two settings are guaranteeing different colors of the lighting spectrum are well balanced.

Nonetheless, when it comes to differences between ViperSpectra’sdimmable series and the reflector series, they are more or less the same. The most important thing is the distance between the lighting source (the LED chips on the panel), and the plants’ canopies.

** For advice, make sure the ViparSpectra 900w LED distancedoesn’t hurt the plants. Make sure the brightness isn’t too bright for the plants.

UL Certification, Hence Guaranteed Safety

From the plethora of LED brands in the market, I think ViparSpectra is the only brand that has subjected its products for UL certification. The ViparSpectra 900W LED is a safe grow lighting product that’s safe for indoors gardening.

The company believes in both efficiency and safety. Therefore, the UL certification makes the 900W Viparspectra worth buying and installing it on your grow tent. The manufacturers had to submit this LED for UL’s rigorous process of safety certification because it helped the brand find and add any possible precautions when working with the LED panel.

At the same time, the ViparSpectra 900W comes installed with reflectors to make sure the LED lighting don’t bounce off to the sides. Instead, the ViparSpectra reflectors are meant to redirect light into the plants. This way, no light goes to waste.

Now, because of the reflectors, the ViparSpectra had to make sure the materials making the reflectors are fire proof, hence the UL rigorous process for certification.

Quick and Responsive Customer Care

The LED Company has the best and most responsive customer care. This is evidenced with the Viparspectra900w reviews on Amazon, whereby most users are in high praise of how quick their customer care respond.

Despite complaining too much against the products faults, the users were answered as fast as possible and they were sorted out immediately. Examples of some of the common complaints include the Veg and Bloom switchesmalfunctioning. Fortunately, the customer care guys respond within a few days and sent the users with new switches.

There is no doubt the ViperSpectra 900W LED outdoes its rivals because of this one aspect – immediate response to their clients. It seems like the ViperSpectra brand has a dedicated team of customer care guys always on standby to answer any questions users may have, and reply to their complaints.

In addition to solving issues buyers may have incurred, the customer care team also give suggestions and recommendations on which grow tent size is best for ViparSpectraLED lighting.

It’s always challenging knowing the exact ViparSpectra series is perfect for your specific needs. I mean, there is the grow tent size to take into consideration, the no. of plants, the type of plant, the temperature of the house you have the grow tent, etc.

Also, there are factors like PAR per lumen, PPFD values, etc., most of which are nothing but confusing terminologies. Luckily, the ViparSpectra Customer Care is always ready and willing to help you out with anything you need.

For distances and PAR suggested for the ViparSpectra 900W LED include the following:

Acclimation Period

  • 44 to 48 inches above canopy
  • 10 hours ON and 14 hours OFF
  • VEG setting is On and BLOOM setting Off

Young Vegetative Stage

  • 40 to 44 inches above canopies
  • 12 hours ON and 12 hours OFF
  • VEG ON and Bloom OFF (however, expert growers suggest switching on the Bloom setting on)

Vegetative Stage

  • 32 to 40 inches above plant’s canopy
  • 18 hours ON and 6 hours OFF
  • Both VEG and BLOOM are On

Flowering Stage

  • 24 to 28 inches
  • 12 hours ON and 12 hours OFF
  • Both Veg and Bloom are ON

Note: this viperspectra 900w led grow light is the best for 3×3 grow tent at only flowering stage and for veg, you can use in 4×4 grow tent.

Upgraded Aluminum Heat Sink

Grow light LEDs are best used for indoor gardening because of their low heat emission and minimal power usage. Compared to HIDs and HPS grow lights, LED panels are known for being money savers because they enable you to forget about skyrocketing electric bills.

TheViperSpectra 900W LED ranks as Amazon’s no. 1 grow light product, which is attributed to its quiet operation. Thanks to its noiseless fan, you’ll be operating stealthily within the confines of your home, without drawing attention of the neighbors.

The fans are located at the panel’s top side, which makes it easier to get rid of warm air so it doesn’t affect the plants. Unlike HPS lights, whose excessive heat emissions usually burn out plants, the ViperSpectra900W LED is comes with an aluminum heat sink. This helps with further dissipation of excessive heat out of the grow tent.

Great for Newbies and Mid-Range Growers

The ViperSpectra designed the 900W LED series with the intention of targeting mid-range indoor gardeners. That is, while the LED is perfect for novice growers, mainly because of simple and easy setup, it is the most recommended grow light for growers using mid-sized grow tents.

The other mid-range ViperSpectra series include the 450w and the 600w LEDs. However, the 900W seems more popular because of its effectiveness. This is due to its average wattage output, which isn’t too low for low yield, neither is it too high for excessive lighting power. It is just enough, and thus offers optimal spectrum.

Offers 3-Years Warranty, with 30 Days Money-Back Policy

As expected, the ViparSpectraoffers warranty of three years on its LED products, including the 900W. The agreement is to report any issue on quality within those three years, and they’ll help you out ASAP.

However, the warranty is limited t certain aspects. For example, the warranty is void if the LED gets damaged due to power surges, high moisture levels within the grow tent, dust build up, improper hanging, and improper usage.

Regarding the 30 day guaranteed money back, the buyer chooses between replacing the entire LED panel, repairing it, and refund. 

Other Suggestions to Take Note

** Remember that blue colors and ultraviolet are mainly used in early stages, hence the veg setting consist of blue color thus for seeding and veging stages. However, it’s advisable to switch on the setting to both Veg and Bloom when the plants start showing some “maturity”

**When plants reach bloom stage, use both settings once again, but at 100 percent lighting intensity. Just make sure to keep the LED’s distance at a level that doesn’t hurt the plants.


  • It has an excellent PAR output, which is increased by 50 percent
  • The ViperSpectra900W comes with an amazing and sturdy design, which is UL certified
  • It uses separate settings for both the Veg and the Bloom
  • Its lighting coverage is effective to promote high yields of the plants
  • It best works for a 3X3 flowering area and 4X4 vegetative area
  • The 900W LED ViperSpectrais both water and fire resistant
  • The fans come installed with aluminum heat sink
  • The company offers 3 years warranty


  • Its Bloom switch seems to malfunction for some users. However, the moment you report this, they reply you immediately and send a new switch


a) Which colors are mainly dominant in the Veg setting and what’s dominant in the Bloom setting?

For the Veg setting, it’s mainly blue and white LEDs, and for the Bloom setting, the red and white LEDs are common. This is because the Veg growth stage mostly requires blue and ultraviolet colors to develop. On the other hand, the Bloom growth stage usually needs red color to develop flowers or fruits.

Both light intensity and spectrum sensitivity vary between Seedling, Veg, and Bloom environments. The height of the light will shift as well, but this is a set-up, not a configuration.

Better yet, the ViparSpectra 900W comes with a manual. The instructions will inform you what settings to use and how high you can set the lamp. It was made quite clear by them. If you’re an expert, you can fine-tune the settings for your particular strain or form to get even better results.

b) Does the ViparSpectra900W come with a hanger attached to it? Or do I have to buy ratchet ropes?

It does, in fact, come with hangers. They resemble metal lanyards and come in a set of four, one for each corner. They’re very robust. The LED light is fine, but you must place it directly over your plants so the rays go straight down, unlike HPS lamps, which project light all over. Regardless, this is an outstanding LED light for beginners.

c) Is the LED’s packaging discreet? Does it come with its brand logo labelled on its box?

Of course, the ViparSpectra brand considers your privacy significant, and the last thing the company want is to expose your discretion. Since you don’t want anyone to know if you do indoor gardening, it’s always best for the packaging to come with a non-labeled brown box.

Better yet, since ViperSpectra also sells via Amazon, the package is gonna arrive with Amazon’s logo. However, if there are any specifications about the delivery, it’s best to contact ViparSpectra, and they’ll sort you out as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts – Verdict

The ViparSpectra 900W seems to be the best option for hobbyists to experienced farmers, as well as those who need additional lighting. Viparspectra is one of those businesses that prioritizes both safety and quality and success. Separate switches for VEG and BLOOM STAGE are also available on the LED. This promotes the user’s ease and pleasure to the utmost degree possible. You just need to buy the ViparSpectra 900W LED light on Amazon.

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