ViparSpectra Grow Tent Review – High Quality Hydroponic Grow Tent

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2021)
ViparSpectra Grow Tent Review

In this ViparSpectra Grow Tent Review, we have discussed all about features, pros and cons. Let’s see…

So many growers have buried their gardening aspirations deep down due to the space crisis and grow tents have been their biggest savior.

Undeniably, Grow tents are the best additions to garden supplies as they let you have your own portable indoor garden space, and it is the most popular grow tent available in the market today.

ViparSepctra grow tents are just the actual thing that any grower would need; every feature, every aspect, and all the angles are just to the point to accelerate your indoor gardening fascination.

These tents keep it easy to do gardening and even harvesting. Considering the price line, they ask exactly what they offer; nothing fussy but essential.

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ViparSpectra Manufacturer

ViparSpectra was founded in 2011 by Shenzhen Bailout Technology Co. Ltd. This is a China-based company that is highly famous for highest yielding LED Grow Light for indoor plants and grow tents.

They have an intense research team consisting of professors and scientists to ensure quality control. They solely believe in providing indoor garden supplies within the affordable price limit. Moreover, durability is their concern but they believe more in effectivity and quality.

Now, it’s been nearly a decade, they have launched a line of grow tents infused with their high-end quality and values. These tents are engineered in China and are extremely popular all over the world among the growers.

ViparSpectra Grow Tent Review

ViparSpectra Grow Tent

Now, it is the technical and the formal part of the ViparSpectra Grow Tent Review; Analyzing the market, I must say the manufacturer has worked quite hard to incorporate some of the magnificent features.

Light Proof Fabric material

The tear-proof thick 600D Oxford cloth canvas does not let light escape. Oxford cloth is extremely sturdy and probably is one of the thickest canvas material available in the market.

Due to the extra thickness, this canvas material goes long and also locks moisture, light, and humidity into the tents. Again the Oxford material is so solid that there won’t be any access to bugs or pests; a great deal for your plants’ safety I must say.

600D is an average in dense parameters; works perfectly fine to seal and maintain your preferred environment inside the grow rooms. Though there is denser material available yet 600D is perfect for professional growers as well and does not cut the quality at all.

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Mylar Reflective Sheet

100% Mylar reflective sheet offers ultimate reflectivity and uniform distribution of light. Mylar is a premium level reflective sheet which is widely used in high-end brands and ViparSpectra does not compromise regarding the reflectivity aspect. Thus you get the best reflective material that prevents any sort of hotspot into the tents.

Again Mylar is non-toxic to the environment whereas most of the reflective materials can even lead to combustion. Mylar helps to maximize the utility of the grows lights by reflecting the lights to the plants.

Assemble and Disassemble

ViparSpectra Grow Tent Assemble

Cutting of the plastics, these grow tents use metal connectors with a self-lock system. The metal connectors due to the spring lock system click to each other very easily and the installation process becomes super easy.

The fun fact is, as the connectors are easy to manage, it doesn’t take a toll to disassemble the tents while cleaning or relocating. Users won’t need any extra tools for the process and the whole installation period can be done within half an hour.

Ventilation and Observation Windows

There are some ventilation socks for maintaining the airflow. The ventilators are great for inline fan, and carbon filters. All the holes are covered with a tight mesh so while not in use, they can seal the light, air, and odor.

Ventilation and Observation Windows

These grow tents have see-through windows which make it quite convenient to take a look at your beloved plants from the outside. You don’t need to go inside whenever you want to see your plants.


Powder-coated steel poles are used for the framework. And we all know, how sturdy can steel poles be. These frames are extremely durable and quite heavy-duty to take hold of the fans, grow lights, or carbon filters.

Moreover, the metal poles are robust enough to carry off 110lbs. Thus no worries about the accessories you want to install into your grow room, just go for it. These tents are sturdy enough to pull them off.

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Two in one Cultivation Option

As these tents stand out from others, they must have some unique feature and these two in one cultivation flexibility are just among them. Some variety of tents are divided into two parts. The larger part is used for vegetation and flowering purpose and the 2 tier small compartments can be used for seedlings and propagation.

This particular option makes it extremely handy to grow plants into a single tent. You won’t need to invest more than one grow tent for the different cycles of your plants’ life and also you will save space in your home by sticking to only one grow room.


  • Super sturdy zips for utmost protection
  • Double-stitched canvas material keeps the tent durable
  • No water leakage or flood due to the available removable floor tray.
  • Easy installation, cleaning, and relocation.
  • Affordable and effective


  • Rarely the customers have complained about the zippers but are the rarest phenomena. All in all the zippers are mostly quite good.

Concluding Words  

To cut long things short, ViparSpectra believes in serving every person who holds the passion for growing regardless of their budget or purpose (even someone who wants to grow just out of the hobby, they have something great to explore). And This ViparSpectra Grow Tent Review aims to get you in touch with such an amazing brand; experience it once and you will love these tents forever.

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