Best Highest Yielding Led Grow Lights- High End Lights

We reviewed hundreds of LED grow lights available on the market and created a list of top-rated products to help you pick the best highest yielding led grow lights.

Each high end led grow lights were evaluated across a variety of factors:  Price, Wattage, Yield, Spectrum, Output, Durability and these are truly the best options out there.

What is the Best Highest Yielding LED Grow Light

After more than 490 hours of research and experiment over five years, including 1000 hours real testing on 29 different models, the BESTVA DC Series 3000W LED grow light remains our best pick as the highest yielding led grow light and the best alternate is the King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light.

10 Best Highest Yielding LED Grow Lights

RankProduct NameWatts ( Available)Price
1BESTVA DC Series Best LED Grow Lights1000 , 2000, 3000See Price
2King Plus large scale led grow lights1500, 2000, 3000See Price
3VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Grow Lights300, 450, 600, 900, 1200See Price
4Phlizon CREE COB LED Plant Grow Lights1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000See Price
5FAMURS High End LED Grow Lights1200, 1500, 2000, 3000See Price
6Dimgogo professional LED Grow Lights1000, 1500, 2000, 2400, 3000See Price
7Roleadro Full Spectrum LED Lights600, 1200, 2000See Price
8HIGROW Double Chips Lights1500, 2000See Price
9Yueme Cheap LED Grow Lights1500, 2000
See Price
10VIPARSPECTRA Highest PAR LED Grow Lights300, 450, 600, 900See Price

1. BESTVA DC Series Best LED Grow Lights

Best 3000W LED Grow Light

Are you looking highest yielding led grow lights? If yes, the bestva dc series 3000 watts led grow light is perfect for you. The highest PAR/lumen output per watt makes it more popular and best selling light. PAR indicates how much photons of light get your plants per second.

It has Dual-chip (10W) LEDs which helps to deliver much brighter and efficient light than traditional 3w and 5w LEDs. There are nine different bands of LEDs that make full-spectrum light to help growing all indoor plants. Perfect for growing all indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers at all growing stages.

The bestva dc series 3000-watt commercial led grow light has two different switches, called as veg and bloom.  Turn on The veg switch for growing and bloom for seeding/flowering. For the highest yielding, we recommend lighting 12-18 hours a day but on the other hand, if your plants need more energy, turn on both switches together.

 Veg and Bloom switch

The most important feature, it has a 3mm thickness aluminum plate radiator and multiple mute fans for better heat dissipation and ensures appropriate temperature which mostly needed for healthier plant growth. The bestva 3000w led grow light perfect for an 8′ x 7.8′ growing area at 24″ height.

bestva dual chip series

There are two wattage options available; 2000 watt and 3000 watts. You can select one of them according to your growing area and plant sizes. The bestva 2000 watt led grow lights have the same features we discussed earlier.

Using Instruction:

Germination Stage:  for maximum yield, you should hang the light at 26″ -30″ above the plants and lighting for 15-18 hours a day for the Seedling/Germination stage.

Growing Stage:  hanging the light at 20″-26″ above the plants and ideal lighting for 15-18 hours a day for Vegetative growth Stage.

Flowering Stage: hanging the light at 18″ -24″ above the plants and ideal lighting for 12-14 hours a day for the flowering stage.

They are very confident about their product and that’s why provides 90 days satisfaction guaranty and 3 years warranty. The last word, most of the professional indoor gardener uses the bestva dc 3000 watt grow lights and they considered it is the highest yielding led grow lights.

2. King Plus 3000 watt large scale led grow lights

large scale led grow lights

The king plus 3000 watts large scale led grow light is the best alternative of our first pick bestva lights. Also, some professionals said that it is their first choice. If our first one doesn’t meet your requirements, you can consider it.

It has two different switches for veg and flowering growth, called as veg and bloom switch. The veg switch only used blue and white LEDs for seed or seeding growth. On the other hand, the bloom switch used red and white LEDs for flowering.

full spectrum color ratio

Features of different switch systems help to deliver proper lights for plants in all growth stages and ensure maximum yield. King plus can provide full-spectrum light (380 nm to 780 nm, including UV + IR) which are equal to natural sunlight.

There are different wattage options available, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W. You can select anyone according to your growing area. This light is different from other HPS because it has a high tech double chip 10W LED. It can replace any traditional 2000W HPS and provide much brighter light and also can save electricity.

Most important features, it has multiple high-speed mute fans and aluminum radiators which enable them to work at 50°F to 60°F that lower than other competitive light. So your plants won’t burn in the lower temperatures and increase healthy plant growth.

Using Instruction:

Germination Stage: For maximum yield, you should hang the light at 32″ -45″ above the plants and lighting 14-18 hours a day.

Growing Stage:  hanging the light at 30″-42″ above the plants and lighting 12-14 hours a day for For Vegetative growth Stage.

Flowering Stage: hanging the light at 28″ -38″ above the plants and lighting 9-12 hours a day for the flowering stage.

Fruiting Stage: 28″ -38″ above the plants and lighting 7-8 hours a day.

You will get long-lasting performance from the king plus 3000 watts led grow lights because it has 100,000 hours lifespan. They provide 90 days satisfaction money back guaranty and 3 years Professional Service warranty.

3. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 1200W Grow Lights

1200W Grow led Lights

There is no doubt that the VIPARSPECTRA is a very popular and trusted brand in the lighting industry by providing a safe and quality product. This 1200w highest par led grow light is UL certified, meets UL rigorous testings and safety standards.

Do you want to know why people like VIPARSPECTRA? Let me explain, it provides optimal full spectrum light for all growth stages. Also, it is very energy efficient, you can use in bigger buds and higher yield while saving you energy cost.

Viparspectra Color Ratio

It has a double channel (VEG and BLOOM). The VEG includes blue and white led which mostly needed for germinating/seedlings. On the other hand, the BLOOM channel includes red led which can provide more red wavelength. The red wavelength is very important for plants in the fruiting and flowering stage.


You can use VEG and BLOOM switches together to obtain maximum plant growth in the seeding and flowering stage. This 1200w highest par led light can replace 800W HPS/MH light while consuming 520W.

Using Instruction:

Our Recommendation, vegetative coverage: 4.5’x4.5’ growing area at 32” height and Flowering coverage 3.5’x3.5’ growing area at 24” height.

Acclimation Period: Hanging the light 44-48 inch above the plants, lighting 10 hours a day and turn on the VEG switch

Young Vegetative: 40-44 inch above, lighting 12 hours a day and turn on the VEG switch.

Vegetative Stage: 32-40 inch above, lighting 18 hours a day, turn on VEG and Bloom switch together for maximum growth.

Flowering Stage: 24-28 inch above, 12 hours a day, turn on VEG and Bloom Together.

Pro tips: Use 4 x 4 grow tent for maximum good resutl.

4. Phlizon CREE COB 3000W LED Plant Grow Lights

Phlizon CREE COB 3000W LED Plant Grow Light

The phlizon is a well-known manufacturer. They produce excellent and professional led grow light and lights for growing aquarium plants. The CREE COB 3000W LED plants grow light is one of the best products by phlizon manufacturer.

There are several wattage options like 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 2500w and 3000w. You should choose according to your growing area and plant sizes. But comparatively this 3000w Cree cob led plants grow lights have the highest yielding capability. For maximum output results, we recommend to use it in 4×4 grow tent.

The CREE COB is known for its higher brightness, stability, smaller thermal resistance, less light attenuation, and longer life. It has high PPFD Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density which promotes healthy plant growth.

Phlizon CREE COB light

It comes with UV protection and fire-proof PC Cover and metal frame that ensure more durability and long-lasting performance (Lifespan: ≥ 50,000hours). The price is small expensive than other competitive commercial led grow lights but a not bad investment for large scale led grow light.

Using Instructions:

Coverage Area:  48″*48″(4*4 ft) / Maximum 50″*50″(4.2*4.2 ft).

Germination Stage: Hanging at 30-40 inches above the plants and lighting 10-12 hours a day.

Seeding stage: hanging at 30-40 inches above the plants and lighting 12-13 hours a day.

Veg Stage: hanging at 24-30 inches above the plants and lighting 16-18 hours a day.

Bloom stage: hanging at 24-30 inch above the plants and lighting 12-13 hours a day.

Pro tips:  for maximum yield, you should turn on the veg&bloom button in the germination stage and turn on the veg&bloom and stronger button together in the flowering stage.

5. FAMURS 3000 Watt High End LED Grow Lights

best High End LED Grow Light

The Famurs is the best high end LED grow light by famurs manufacturer. Also, it called all in one lighting package because it comes with Timer/Thermometer Humidity Monitor and Adjustable Rope with remote controller. So if you want a high end led light package, the famurs is the perfect choice for you.

It has multiple remote control functions to make your life more comfortable and ensure proper light for plants. There are three timer buttons in the remote controller like 16 on/8 off, 14 on/10 off, 12 on/12 off. But you can choose and customize the time as you like.

To change the time, press the timer button on remote and then press +/- , the top right corner will show how much light on and off, press the timer button again to confirm.

FAMURS lights in different growth stage

Using Instruction:

Germination Stage: Hanging the light at 30-36 inches above the plants and 10 On / 14 Off; VEG ON.

Growing Stage: 24-30 inch above the plants and 12h On / 12h Off; VEG ON

Flowering Stage: 18-24 inch above the plants and 16h On / 8h Off; BLOOM ON

Fruit Stage:  20-30 inch above the plants and 12h On / 12h Off; ALL ON

You will get, 3000W high end led grow light, rope hanger, stainless steel hanger hook, power cord, and user instruction manual. They provide 90 days money-back guarantee and 3 years quality guarantee.

6. Dimgogo 3000w professional LED Grow Lights

professional LED Grow Lights

Are you looking for professional led grow lights for your indoor gardening? If yes, the dimgogo 3000w light is the best option for you. It has the Newest Technology duel chip which delivers full-spectrum light. These LEDs are much brighter and more efficient than other traditional 3w and 5w.

This one can deliver full-spectrum light and good color ratio (Red 240pcs, Blue 40pcs, white 16pcs, IR 4pcs) similar to the sunlight. It has 6 mute cooling fans which help to maximum heat dissipation and keep ideal temperature.

full spectrum led color ratio

It is perfect for all growth stage and you can use in an indoor garden, sowing, breeding, pot plants grow, greenhouse and flower exhibition.

Using Instruction:

Acclimation Period: You should hanging the light at 30″ -34″ above the plants and lighting; 14h on /10h off.

Seedling/Germination: hanging at 26″ -30″ above the plants, 12hr on /12hr off.

Vegetative Stage: 20″-26″ above the plants, 18hr on / 6hr off.

Flowering Stage: 15″ -20″ above the plants, 12hr on / 12hr off.

7. Roleadro 2000W Full Spectrum LED Lights

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

This Galaxy hydro Series best 2000W LED grow light by Roleadro manufacturer. There are several wattage lights available like 600 watts, 1200 watts, and 2000 watt. So, you need to select one according to your plant size and growing area. The roleadro 2000 watt led grow light can cover a 3×3’ growing area at 24’’ Height (maximum 4×4’ growing area).

It has 200pcs high powered 10-watt LEDs which deliver full Spectrum lights that mostly needed for growing plants and flowering large yields. Galaxy hydro 2000 watt led grow lamp can cultivate record-breaking yields in quality and quantity.

Roleadro led lights

2 Big high-speed cooling fans and Aluminum heated sinks help to heat dissipation and make the light more durable. While running the light, it’s cooler, quieter and more efficient than other competitive brands. So you don’t need to worries about burning plants because 2 big fans ensure keeping good temperature.

Perfect for all kinds of indoor plants in all growth stages at anytime, anywhere. The secret features of this light are the most useful Blue Red IR UV and white light which deliver full-spectrum light similar to natural sunlight to promotes plants photosynthesis. They added more red led to increasing yields up to 30%-50%.

daisy chain connection

There is a daisy chain connection available, which means you can connect two or more lights with included power cord. They provide a 30-day money return and 2 years warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. In this package, you will get a 2000 watt led grow light, Stainless Steel Hanger, Power Cord, and user manual.

8. HIGROW 2000W Double Chips Lights

Double Chips Lights

This is another top quality 2000 watt led grow light by HIGROW manufacturer. For your kind information, we want to let you know that HIGROW is one of the leading manufacturers in the led light industry. They produce world-class product and 80% of users are satisfied to use their product.

There are two wattage lights available, 1500 watt and 2000 watt, both are the same in quality. Just have a small different about the coverage area. Before getting it, you should consider your growing area and plant size. The 2000 watt led light can cover a maximum 5×4.5ft growing area at 24″ height.

But if you want to use it in a large growing area, it is possible because of the daisy chain connection available. You can connect two or more grow lights together with their included power cord. Keep in mind; it is 2000 watt light but the actual power-consuming only 400W.

highest par led grow light

It has 200pcs 10watt double chips LEDs and higher PAR/lumen output capability which is perfect for hydroponics, greenhouse, and aquatic plants growing. While running, it quieter, cooler because have whisper-quiet fans and aluminum cooling heat sink. Able to keep a good temperature after 24 hours of continuous use and have a longer lifespan (50,000 hrs).

In this lighting system, you will get a 2000 watt full spectrum professional led grow light, 6ft Power Cord, Adjustable Rope Hanger, Hanging Kit, and detailed user manual. They provide a 30-day money return guarantee and 3 years warranty.

9. Yueme 1500W Cheap LED Lights

Cheap LED Grow Lights

Are you looking for a cheap led grow light? If yes, the yueme 1500 watt led light is the best choice for you. This light using third-generation full-spectrum light. Perfect for commercial plant growing at a very affordable price.

It has 5pcs 300w integrated COB LEDs which can cover a big area and high lux. Features of the small unit but more brightness and long lifespan make it most favorite at cheap price.

For maximum heat dissipation, there are two fans and some holes on the board to keep the good temperature and ensure healthy plant growth. You can use it in an indoor garden, greenhouse, light for growing pot plants and so on. Perfect for all growth stages at any time and anywhere.

full spectrum double chips

In this packing, you will get a 1500W COB LED light, US Plug power cord, Hanging kits and a detailed user manual. They provide 2 years warranty. For your kind information, if you have a budget problem and want a cheap product then get it.

We always recommend our first pick in this article because of the highest yielding capability. The second one also the best alternative one but the price small expensive than yueme 1500 watt COB light.

10. VIPARSPECTRA 600w Highest PAR LED Grow Lights


Do you like to get the highest par led light? If yes, VIPARSPECTRA is the best choice for you. Viparspectra is another most popular brand in the led world. They produce the world-class product and most people trust them for quality and affordable prices.

It has a different type of wattage options like 300W, 450W, 600W, Dimmable 600W, 900W and 1200W. These all are a top quality product but we suggest to go dimmable 600w highest par led grow light.

Two dimmable options VEG and BLOOM make your life comfortable to use and ensure appropriate light for plants. The veg dimmer changes the brightness of blue and white led which needed for the germination/seeding period.

On the other hand, the bloom dimmer changes the brightness level of Red LED which mostly needed for the flowering and fruiting stage. But both dimmer can deliver 100% brightness together to ensure maximum growth seeding to flowering.

VIPARSPECTRA daisy chain function

A feature of the daisy chain assists you to connect multiple lights with included power cord. For vegetative growth, perfect for 3’x3’ growing area and height at 32”. And flowering stage, perfect for 2.5’x2.5’ growing are and height at 22”.

Using Instruction:

Vegetation stage: hanging the light at 28″-40″ above the plants and lighting 18 hours a day.

Flowering and fruiting stage: hanging the light at 18″-24″ above the plants and lighting 12 hours a day.

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