Best 15 Highest Yielding LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2022)

We reviewed hundreds of LED grow lights available on the market and created a simple list to help you pick the highest yielding LED grow light.

Finding LED grow light for your indoor garden can be quite a tricky task, and that is why we have this post for you where you will find all the right answers!

Furthermore, it is also essential that you know the average lifetime of the LED light that you are using to know if you are paying the right price for the service you will be receiving over the years.

So, keep reading further as we have listed down of 15 highest yielding LED grow light for you.

Features To Look Before Buying

You may know that led grow lights bring definite benefits, But choosing the right product is quite challenging.  Here are a few most important features you should look for when making your choice.

  1. Quality Materials
  2. High-Class Semiconductor Chip
  3. Full Spectrum Light
  4. Proper Cooling System
  5. Brand Reputation
  6. Don’t be Cheap

15 Highest Yielding LED Grow Light Reviews

In order to look for LED grow light that will best suit your purpose, it important that you are aware of some of the main features including the power outage, size, footprint, applicability, cooling mechanisms, waterproof or fireproof attributes, and so on.

1. Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 450 watts
Veg footprint: 6 x 6 ft
Flowering footprint: 5 x 5 ft
adjustable dimming knob
Full spectrum LED Grow Light
3 years of warranty

Do you want to get up to 50% higher yields with low energy? If yes, the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED light can be the best choice for you.

Our list of the highest yielding LED grow light contains it in the first position for standard design and features with enormous performance. As the spread style LED light, added full spectrum 3000k and 5000k, 660nm, and 760nm IR that is perfect for growing plants.


It is one of the most efficient lights in the market,  performs well to distribute the better light creating even a canopy. You can get 50% higher yields with low energy through this light.

You must like,

You must like another grand feature of this product that you can use it without any assembling process. Just open the box, plug, and play the light into the tent of plants. You can be sure to use it with a long time lifespan with 3-years local warranty that is a great point for any consumers.


This LED light comes with a quantum design board that is very good-looking. Designed as a fanless light unlike other LED lights that make it noise-free. But it comes with a dissipates heat efficiency design, too.


ong-life light
Supply high yields
Lager and brighter light
Fanless but unique design
High-energy effective feature


The Price is small expensive

2. HLG High Power LED Grow Lights

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 500 Watts
Veg footprint: 6 x6 ft
Flowering footprint: 4.5 x 4.5 ft
Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Includes Samsung LM301H diodes
3 years of warranty

HLG 500 V2 is unique High output led grow light that can cover 6 X 6ft Veg growing area adequately. As our best-rated LED grow light, It has standard features and design here. The LED light built by high-quality materials that is perfect for the most considerable ground.


They made using quantum boards with white light. While growing the plants, white light is favored to regular blurple that has higher light intensity with a full spectrum of PAR.

So, it is clear that it works well both commercial and non-commercial growers. Samsung LM301B diodes perform as sturdy LEDs that can be used to grow the plants. The diodes are great to yield more plants and save your 50% electricity.


The design of this light has followed the high-performance technology that near to terms of PAR spectrum coverage, high-quality light intensity, plus PAR efficiency.

The cooling mechanisms, as well as the wonderful spread diodes, are the most serious factors that make the light super.


High build quality
50% power consumption
Effective cooling and efficient power
Ideal LED light to cover a more massive tent
Last long than 1-year


The Price is very expensive

3. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 520±3% Watts
Full spectrum LED grow lights
Separate veg and bloom channel
UL Certified thus no chances of any technical hazards
Three years warranty and one month money back guarantee

If you are thinking to get the best traditional panel grow light for your commercial garden, you can note this VIPARSPECTRA 1200 watt LED grow light in your list. The highest wattage is an attractive point for the larger indoor horticulture plants. The affordable price can also attract growers.


Standard safety lighting can ensure a safe operating system. VIPARSPECTRA, as a trusted and professional brand, will provide all great features with a safety system that will help it to perform the best jobs for the farmer.

The secret success of this light is the optimal full spectrum lighting that supplies the plans in a dual-channel like vegetables and flowers. They will get all-natural facilities such as good temperature and sunlight or natural environment.

  • Vegetative Coverage: 32″ Height, 4.5×4.5 ft
  • Flowering Coverage: 24″ Height, 3.5×3.5 ft
  • Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours


VIPARSPECTRA 1200 watt grow light is specially designed to offer high-levels PAR that is ideal for indoor plants. It has customized to optimize plant growth as well as increase yield with less energy and reduce cost.


No danger
Optimal spectrum
Ideal hanging height
Right for double channel
Decrease operating cost


May be claimed for local warranty

4. MARS HYDRO 2000W LED Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 320 Watts
Latest SMD LED technology
684 pieces of LED bulbs
Includes dimming & daisy chain function
Three years warranty

All types of grow light go through testing before going to the grower so that the manufacturer provide the best product to the customers. The MARS HYDRO TS 2000W is one that also comes with a great performance that makes it one of the best led grow light for indoor plants.


  • Core Coverage: 3.5’x3.5′
  • Max Coverage: 4’x4′
  • Input voltage: AC85-265V

This light performs attractively and efficiently. It is able to cover 3.5 X 3.5 ft bloom stage and 4 X 4ft vegetable stage and also works to increase the yield and crop quality. It can save up to 50% more energy than competitive led lights.

Latest SMD LED technology can supply the highest PAR or lumen 50909lm. This design will work to get you a 30% higher yield than the old blurple light. The grower can achieve more quantity with maximum quality and better than traditional HPS light without doubt.


The MARS HYDRO TSW 2000 watt led lights was designed as the high output led grow lights using the newest technology. And the light can provide broad and spread full light spectrum that is ideal for all types of the stage of growth phases.

The unique design of this light is low energy consumption, fan & noise-free light, and perfect for commercial use.


Auto-sensing power
Great for dimmable features
Highly efficiency lighting system
Following the latest technology
Product comes with a two years warranty


For the brightest light, you need to use the eyeglasses.

5. VIPARSPECTRA High End LED Grow Light

Key Features

Full Light spectrum
Includes dimming knob
Most Efficient LED Grow Light
Actual Power Draw: 150W±3%
Latest SMD LED Technology with high PAR value
3 years of warranty on product

When someone is searching the best High End LED Grow Light, we recommend the VIPARSPECTRA P1500. We know they will love the high-efficiency and sunlike full spectrum grow lights for their plants.


  • Vegetative Coverage at 20″: 3x3ft
  • Flowering Coverage at 16″: 2.5×2.5ft
  • Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours

The first performance of this lights is to cover the most significant area with tremendous yield. In this case, the VIPARSPECTRA is just like can coverage 3′ X3′ vegetable stage at 20-inch where flowering coverage 2.5 X 2.5 ft at 16-inch.

The height and the brightness are so perfect that the plants can grow optimal levels that are desired by all growers. Besides, the P1500 will supply some exceptional full-spectrum lighting and water-resistant that idea for all plat stage.


Like other top rated grow lights, you will get all qualified features and compositions here. The P1500 features the latest built-in-aluminum sink, important for heat dissipation when try to ensuring the long-lasting light.


Zero noise
Features high technology
Superior spectrum
Ideal for all stage grow
Most Efficient LED Light
30-days money-back guarantee


Coverage area little bit small than other listed lights.

6. Xinhaohui High Yield LED Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 240 watts
40% higher yield than other LEDs
Zero fan noise for convenient use
Full spectrum of light with lightweight body
Includes solid aluminium heat sink

What you expected from good LED grow lights for indoor plants? low energy consumption, zero noise, larger coverage capacity, sufficient temperature to increase plant growth. All requirements are available in the LM30IB Quantum broad led lights that is suitable for commercial or non-commercial growers.


  • Veg Footprint : 3 x 4ft
  • Flowering Footprint : 2 x 4ft
  • Number of LEDs: 532pcs
  • Driver : Meanwell XLG-240-H-A Work in 85-265V

Better quality, better performance, there has no doubt. This light has covered all features that make the greatest performance. For example, full spectrum lighting provides all requirements of the plants that they desired from the natural sunlight.

So, you are allowed to turn the plants into your supply and produce such nice yielding plants where you will see the real features of the plants.


From a professional manufacturer look, the light was designed with full-spectrum quantum board grow light. The light is highly efficient with real Samsung Im301b white diodes attached 660nm that will need to bloom the plants perfectly.


1-year warranty for LED board
5-years warranty for Meanwell driver
Provide natural temperature
Perfect mounting height
Adjustable rope hanger


No instruction so use carefully own ways

7. BESTVA 3000 Watt LED Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 615 Watts
Dual-chip 10 watts LEDs
Veg and Bloom switch
Aluminum plate radiator for cooling
9 different bands of LEDs for full spectrum light
3 years warranty with 3 months guarantee

Thinking for the Affordable traditional panel grow light for indoor garden? We recommend the BESTVA DC Series light that works as the top led grow lights for professional or non-professional growers. The durability, affordability, and sturdiness make it more amazing.


The newest technology offers great performance, makes good confidence among the growers. They sure will high-quality perform to provide the professional plant grows. For seedling to blooming, the 15-18 hours of lighting per day is the greatest performance.

You can control the light by Timer, and you don’t need to get an extra ballast. Appropriate and enough good led lights are ideal for growing different plants in a different stage with higher PAR.


BESTVA comes up with great designs and the latest technology. Higher PAR or Lumen with the highest wattage is the greatest idea to plants different stages. The 3mm aluminum plate space heater is grand for powerful cooling, too.


Dual chip
Highest per Lumen
Brighter LED light
Powerful cooling system


Not perfect for Daisy Chain

8. Advanced Platinum High Output Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 450 Watts
12 band full spectrum light
Platinum LED lights with high PAR value
Veg and bloom switch with quiet fanning system
5 years warranty and 3 months guarantee

The Advanced Platinum Series P450 is another best led grow lights for indoor plants that has come with the highest PAR and Lumen output per wattage than any other LEDs. It is ideal for any professional grower because it capable of delivering the highest performance from seedling to harvest.


  • Coverage area: 4.5 X 4ft
  • Actuall Wattage: 137w Veg / 255w Bloom

The Advanced Platinum light can cover an average is 4.5 x 4ft at the 18-inch height that ideal to compact areas. The light panel allows you to replace 600w HPS light and just perfect, making the power energy alternatively as additional light.

If you are planned for a small indoor grower, you can select this high output LED grow light. Amazing coverage, high yield, full-spectrum, and many other advanced features allow it to perform the best that the great finding for the farmer.


The most important design of this light is 11 band spectrums, which is ready to give marijuana plants with much more nutritional value adding needed UV and IR. The panel was planned with a 90-degree focusing lens that can give more intensity to grow plants perfectly.


12-band spectrum
Higher yields
Great performance for a good harvest
Perfect for compact application
Long time warranty


Need to buy hanger separately

9. King Plus 4000 Watts LED Grow lights

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 610 watts
Convenient veg and bloom switch
380 nm to 780 nm full spectrum light
Double-chip 10 watts LED chips
Includes aluminum radiators and multiple fans
3 years warranty and 3 months guarantee

King plus has come with various facilities than other top rated LED grow lights for indoor plants. It can cover at least 10.4 X 9.8ft, where a higher lifespan is 12 to 14 hours.


  • Coverage area: 10.4 X 9.8ft
  • Lifespan:100,000hours
  • Highest lighting time: 12-14 hour

King plus Large Grow lights plays a vital role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants. The lighting area with height both of them is changeable depending on different plants as well as environments.

This 4000 watts grow light works 12-14 hours for the vegetable stage, 9-12 hours for the flowering stage, and 7-8 hours for the fruiting stage.

The king plus is different from other traditional HPS grow lights, consume just 610W of electricity. You are allowed to replace 4000w with the traditional 2400W HPS to get brighter, saving your money.


The king plus was designed the veg or bloom switches to provide perfect light on plants for different growth stages that can increase the herb. The veg switch is the white and blue LED that is needed for seedling growth. The bloom switch is white, and the red LED that works for flowering.


Great design
Extremely bright
Large LED Grow lights
Long time work hours
Easy installation system
No need extra ballast and plug


Not waterproof

10. Roleadro 2000 Watt LED Grow Lights

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 300W
200 pieces high powered 10-watt chips
Aluminum heat sinks with two large fans
Full-spectrum of Blue, Red, IR, UV, and white light
2 Years warranty and 30-day guarantee

The Roleadro 2000 watts is the greatest blessing for all successful gardeners.  All standard features and technology have followed here that make it suitable for all tents and plants. Not only high-quality light to give sufficient power but also work to increase the growing quality.


  • Coverage area: 4 X 4ft
  • Coverage height: 24-inch

Efficient performance is the main requirement of all gardeners and growers. The Roleadro high end LED grow light performs the best service that is ideal for indoor plants. You can use it to maintain the larger tents.

The plants will receive the most essential all needed spectrum as well as light nutrition for growing all types of stage and plants. Well, performance from a higher power, much higher sturdy than HPS, and other top grow lights are expected from this light.


This product were designed with premium quality and reliable technology. The great features are high effective chips with high power and lower consumption that make it standard version. The planned of it was to work for all stages plants.


Higher yields
Durable to use
Quieter and cooler
Long time lifespan service
Perfect for all types of indoor plants


Not contain a hanging hook.

11. Phlizon Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 600 watt
Full spectrum LED Light
Higher PPFD than other LEDs
Power saving and energy efficient
COB technology LEDs for improved brightness
2 years warranty with 1 month money back guarantee

If you are seeking a multitalented high output Led Grow Light with the adjustable spectrum, the Phlizon COB 3000 watt can ideal for you. With full-spectrum and efficient energy added a series of grow light waves with red, white blue, and UV spectrum.


  • Coverage area: 4 X 4ft
  • Coverage height: 24-inch

A unique feature of this most efficient grow light is a switch and offers to optimize the light for seedling and flowering tent plants. The vegetable option works the white plus red lights. The blooming option works for the white and blue LED lights.

Both lights are allowed to select that offer a full spectrum lights. It also provides an adjustable spectrum, and you can handle the power easily. You can enjoy the light that grows light precisely than other good LED grow lights.


Following the COB technology LEDs, this light becomes popular as higher power and stability, higher brightness, less light attenuation, and also a longer lifespan. Highest Yielding COB LED grow light itself design with a higher PPFD value to provide faster plant growth.


Saving energy
Professional LED grow light
Much brighter and effective
30-days money-back guarantee


No heat output

12. VIVOSUN 1200W Led Grow Light

Key Features

410-730nm full spectrum light
2 large heat sinks as well as fanning system
Patented LED with 6 high lux COB and 3 watts LEDs
Cree COB with Full Light Spectrum
3-year warranty and 30-day guarantee

As an indoor gardener, you can desire a Max yielding Grow Light that create your vegetative stage more powerful and increase the blooming tent’s plants. This can fulfill all types of requirements. So, you can consider it the best for herbs though best for greenhouse and indoor plants, too!


  • Led type: Cree COB+ led chip
  • overage Area: max 4 x 4 ft efficiency

Ideal for all stages of plants like a greenhouse, house garden, pot culture, indoor garden, sowing, bonsai, farm, flower garden, breeding, and so much more. Best COB technology can provide the best service that you can get from here.

The larger the density, the superior the value, and the better the plant. COB’s newest technology has the highest output that the light becomes brighter and more effective. The view offers a natural environment with full nutrition that needs for all plants to grow ideally.


The design and plan followed by the COB technology that well-known for higher stability, higher brightness, less light attenuation, and also for long-lasting lifespan. Best heat dissipation makes it stable, and patent optical reflector increases the output of the PAR value of the light.


More stable
Higher brightness
Great yielding
Best color Ratio
Easy to replace


So heavier

13. Go Green High Power Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 200 watts
4 dual bearing cooling fans
Optimized full spectrum of light
Cree CXB3070 LEDs with high output
5 years warranty with 6 months guarantee

The exceptional performance of advanced technology will work to increase harvest within a short time. It works to improve higher yield with lower electricity. The consumption power is only 200Watts, where outperform just 600watts HPS lamp.

The vast spectrum will perform well to grow vegetable and flowering stages showing the actual power watts. There are two switches that you can use the necessity of the plants low or high what needs.


These were designed as the good high end led grow lights using COB latest technology with particular highly effective drivers. The second-generation lens focuses the light efficiently by plant tissue to ensure optimal plant growth.


Increase yields
Decrease in electricity
Optimized spectrum
Effective PAR output
Need a short time in harvest
High power grow lights


Not waterproof

14. CANAGROW High Output Grow Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 285 Watts
Luminus CXM-32 COB LED chips
Wide angle 90° glass lens with full spectrum light
Aluminum heat sinks for cooling
High Output LED Light
3 years warranty and 30 days guarantee

The CANAGROW light is the another best high power led grow light that perform well for indoor tent plants and designed for special plants. The light is affordable, sturdy, and durable, which allows you to use it for a long time with ideal temperature.


If you want to increase the plant growth quality and improve the effectiveness, you can depend on this Cob LED light. The full spectrum light bulb will work to improve the density as well as the speed of foliage. The overall growth and promotes leaf plus rhizome growth with protein blooming and fruiting.

The COB light bulb built with a wide-angle of 90-degree glass lens that capable the light to penetrate foliage canopies. The full and adjustable spectrum is largely helpful for vegetative stages and blooming cycles.


The heat dissipation design made the light bulb highly-efficiency. The bulb is designed for an aluminum case with unique 72 fins. Aluminum is the best material for special heat dissipation construction that able to dissipate the heat quickly where it doesn’t need fans. If you you use it in grow tent, then you need a ideal grow tent fan according to size.


Higher yielding capablity
High efficiency
Scientific heat dissipation
High Output LED Grow Lights
Satisfaction warranty and guarantee


Don’t allow to get in rain or water

15. AGLEX 1200W Efficient LED Light

Key Features

Actual Power Draw: 210W±5% watts
High output grow lights
Includes dasiy chain mechanism
Max Coverage of 3.5 x 4.5 feet
COB LED light with 90-degree glass lens

this AGLEX 1200W COB Grow Light comes with a full spectrum lighting and ideal for the Daisy chain. You can select the light for your indoor plants for the blooming stage. The advanced technology and standard features make the light more efficient.


The performance of the COB grow light is so effective that it will need for veg, fruiting, or blooming or any indoor garden. The light will give a completely natural environment and nutrition for growing plants or any herbs. The daisy chain design is also a useful feature that is important to save power but spread the light in the whole garden equally.

The light works well to warm the tent naturally with a 3000k full spectrum. The high strength of the COB LED grow light can assist in piercing the canopy of shaggy herbs when the 90-degree glass lens props up to share out the light.


The CREE LED light, especially designs following the daisy chain feature. The great design makes the light great to improve the function of light that helps the plants to grow faster with full nutrition.


High efficiency
Daisy chain design
Long lifespan
Dual switch system
Low power consumption


Don’t’ touch in rain or water

Features To Look Before Buying

You may know that led grow lights bring definite benefits, But choosing the right product is quite challenging.  Here are a few most important features you should look for when making your choice.

  1. Quality Materials
  2. High-Class Semiconductor Chip
  3. Full Spectrum Light
  4. Proper Cooling System
  5. Brand Reputation
  6. Don’t be Cheap

Quality Materials: Durability

is one of the most important features you should look before choosing any product. If a light is built using quality materials, it can last for many years, Otherwise it will be spoiled soon.

High-Class Semiconductor Chip

Quality Semiconductor Chip is the heart of LED grow lights. The Lights that contain quality semiconductor chip (at least 3 watt chips) should be purchased.

Full Spectrum Light

You should choose a light which can deliver full spectrum light, it is good for efficient photosynthesis.

Proper Cooling System

You need to select the light of low heat output feature, because it is very important for two main factors, Plant protection and durability.

Brand Reputation

There are many different brand’s light available and they adversities such as only they have best led grow lights. Often they provide confusing statements and misleading product descriptions, that’s why you should find out a brand with good reputation, long history and good customers feedback.

We always recommend to buy from American-made LED grow lights because abide by the highest industry standards and using only the best Materials.

Don’t Be Cheap

You should not expect getting a best led grow lights for low cost. As light provide a life for plants, we recommend to choose one that provide best value.

How to Choose The Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

there are few things you should consider before buying a LED grow lights, otherwise it can backfire you plan to grow . Here are 3 Key features to look for.

Grow Space

At first you need to consider about  the amount of growing space you want to cover with led light. Calculate the space by watts, generally, per square foot require 32 watts of actual power. Sometimes, need over 50 watts, up to 80 watts for optimal result.

Here are a chart of grow space and required watts.


Different plants require several watts. There are few high-light plants like tomatoes; you need over 32 watts up to 50 watts. On the other hand, for growing low-light plants like lettuce need between 12 and 19 watts per square foot.

Growth Stage

I think you know that plants need different wavelengths during each growth stage. So , you should consider about your plants growth stage before buying led grow lights. There are many led lights available on the market which has Veg and bloom switch together; you can select them for good solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are highest yielding LED Grow Lights?

LED is short for Light Emitting Diodes, and they are used for growing indoor plants. The lighting is used by plants in converting water and CO2 into sugar. The LED bulbs are preferred to other sources of lighting because of their “coolness,” whereby they emit very little heat.

Why use LED grow lights?

The grow light market is expected to be worth $2.5 Billion by 2025, a leap from $1Billion in 2020. This means more and more folks are embracing the energy-saving bulbs. So don’t be left out and join the bandwagon.

Also, LED lights are cool, and they don’t heat up your plants. This helps you save lots of your spending on the electric bills. The LEDs also consume fewer watts compared to alternatives like the HID bulbs. The HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge, and both the HPS and the Metal Halide Lamps fall under this category.

Do LED Lights Yield More Than HPS?

The HPS stands for High-Pressure Sodium vapor. Some users still categorize the HPS as a better option than the LED. Well, if it were five or six years back, that would’ve been true.

However, things have changed in recent years. The LEDs have become more efficient. For instance, the LED lights are 48% more efficient than the HPS. With newer LEDs, you get to have more yields, thanks to a better PAR delivery.

Still, if there’s one truth about LEDs, the HPS has a better lighting spectrum, which makes it just as effective, especially when considering the surface area.

That is, if you’ve got a small and sizeable grow tent, then you’re better off with an LED. But if you’ve got a large, extensive grow room, then the HPS may come in handy, unless you’d want to have more LEDs to cover up for the surface area.

Nonetheless, the LED is a much better option overall. This is because it doesn’t emit lots of heat, which usually kills off your plants.

How Many LED Grow Lights Do I Need?

It depends on a number of factors — space (size) of your grow tent/room, the number of plants you’re growing, and the type/quality of LEDs.

That is, if you’ve got a large grow room, then it needs no explanation. At the same time, if you’ve got several plants, then it’s a rule of thumb to have high-quality LEDs.

Most importantly, though, the one factor you have to consider is measuring the square feet for your grow tent. Here, you’ll have to know the wattage emitted by the LED you’ve picked.

For a standard LED light, you’ll need 32 watts per sqft. Use the following as a guideline:

  • Grow tents of 1×1 = 32 watts
  • 2×2 tents = 128 watts
  • 3×3 tents = 288 watts
  • 4×4 tents = 512 watts
  • 6×6 tents = 1152 wats

Who Makes the Best LED Grow Light for indoor plants?

It’s daunting picking the best brand offering LED growing lights. Some of them come with full-spectrum, while others aren’t great with heat sinking features.

It all depends on what it is you consider more important for you. You may be all about the longevity of the LEDs, while someone else may be all about the LED’s cooling features. Others may consider pricing as the main aspect of buying grow lights.

Best LED Grow Light Brands

  1. Horticulture Lighting Group
  2. Spider-farmer grow led light brand
  3. Mars Hydro led grow lights brand
  4. California Lightworks Grow Light
  5. Viparspectra Grow Lights Manufacturer
  6. Platinum grow lights Manufacturer
  7. Bestva Grow Light Brand
  8. King LED Lights Brand
  9. Philizon Grow Light Brand

Do LED Grow Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

Saving on electricity is LED’s main premise. I mean, they are meant to save you lots of money on electric bills. The LEDs are very energy-efficient compared to the HPS.

The good thing is that innovation is forcing manufacturers to come up with innovative ways of saving energy. And even though the LED’s initial investment may be high, it’s gonna save you in the long run.

Can Grow Lights Damage Your Eyes?

The answer is kinda complicated. However, the short answer is, Yes, too much exposure to LED grow lighting can damage your eyes.

The long answer is that you’ll have problems with eyesight if you’ve picked the wrong LEDs. Nonetheless, it’s imperative you become careful when using grow lights, especially the blue lights. These have been proven to damage the light-sensitive retina cells.

At the same time, you need to be careful of an LED’s UV release capability. That is, there are three types of UV lights released by the grow lights — the UV-A, the UV-B, and the UV-C.

Be cautious of the UV-C the most, because of the damage it causes to your eyes. The UV-A lighting usually passes through the cornea then hits the retina, just the blue lighting. The UV-B lighting is filtered by the cornea and doesn’t reach the retina.

So, be cautious of the UV-C and the Blue lighting. But, generally, always have a way of protecting your eyes whenever possible.

Do LED Lights Take Longer To Flower?

This is more of a misconception about grow lights. However, there were some drops of truth, but that’s in the past. LEDs used to be slow in flowering plants, but not anymore.

Technological changes have made it possible to have LEDs that have perfect lighting spectrum, which results in deep canopy penetration. All you gotta do is to choose your LEDs carefully. Some of them might cost an arm and a leg, but it’s totally worth it.

Are LED Lights Good Grow Lights for Cannabis?

Just like any other plant, it’s all about yields. And if LEDs are improving in terms of their efficiency, why wouldn’t a Cannabis grower consider switching to LEDs?

The newer LEDs are the best options for Cannabis because they offer better yields, high density, and faster plant growth.

Which Grow Lights Work better for Cannabis?

It’s understandable just how tricky it can be picking the right LEDs for your Cannabis. But, it really isn’t that difficult once you’ve known the exact temperature requirements for each stage of growing your weed.

You need to have LEDs that come with dimming capability, which helps in changing your grow room’s temperatures during different stages — from seedling, vegetating, to flowering.

You can also borrow a leaf from leading medical marijuana providers like Buckeye Relief, who suggest integrating environmental controls on one single interface. Basically, pick an LED that offers the best energy efficiency.

Which Grow Lights Can Be Trusted?

Different LEDs have different PAR values. This is the photosynthetically active radiation, which is the sun’s alternative to the indoor plants as a way of providing photosynthesis.

The PAR values differ from one manufacturer to another. The higher the PAR the better the LED. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason to rust an LED. You need to check out other aspects, such as surface area it covers, heat-sinking capabilities, programmability, and how durable the LED is.

What Are The Best LED Lights for Growing Hydroponically?

Since hydroponically means indoor growing without soil, you’ll be using lots of water. Therefore, LEDs grow lights are the best option because they run cool and don’t overheat. This means your water won’t be evaporating.

So, which specific LEDs are the best for hydroponic indoor growing? Once again, you need to go a little digging before you settle with one brand.

How far should led grow lights be from plants?

The distance of the LED grow lights from the plants mainly depends on the wattage or the power of the lights. For example: if the light is 150W, the plants should keep 20cm closet of the light where the plants should remain around 41cm closet for 1000W lights.

Can you use regular led lights for grow lights?

A few growers think of using regular LED lights for growing their plants. The reason for this the regular LED lights are so cheap than LED grow lights. In general, it is ok but not ensures to grow tent plants. They won’t be effective and can’t give nutrition that needs for healthy plants.

According to a new Research about are LED lights worth the investment, they have seen grow lights run much cooler than the competition ( HPS, HID or Fluorescent grow light ) and are more energy-efficient but small costly than other types of grow light.

Difference between led lights and led grow lights

Both LED lights are much more similar, but they have some differences like enlightenment of them is not the same. The regular LED lights are ideal for home use in your budget. The LED lights come with full potential that works better for growing tent plants.

How many led watts per plant

Understand the importance of actual wattage need for per plants, you should know a few points like plant types: High light plant and low light plants, total grow area, and growth stage. Depending on those factors, you can consider 30W – 40W needs per plant. Read more details of White LED grow Lighting for Plants.

How many watts per square foot for led grow lights?

Generally, per square foot require 32 watts of actual power. Sometimes, need over 50 watts, up to 80 watts for optimal result According to the growth stage and grow area.

At first select the highest yielding led grow light. After that, you can think of the perfect watts per square foot. There are several stages to measure watts per coverage area like 1-inch X 1-inch need 32W, 3-inch X 3-inch wants 288W where larger area 6-inch X 6-inch needs 1200W.


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