10 Best Outdoor Grow Lights -Waterproof & Solar Powered 2022

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Are you thinking of picking up Best Outdoor Grow Lights? It is a good idea for your garden and plants. But become confused to find out the best waterproof outdoor grow light from a ton of light in the market?

Have you searched much more even online but don’t get a good reliable source? Well, don’t need to go further. Back to your seat and take a short look at this post.

We hope it won’t let off your hand because we have enlisted the best waterproof outdoor grow lights after proper research. Let’s move-in details.

What Features to Look for in Outdoor Grow Lights?

Before going with the reviews of the products, you should focus on a few features that will assist you in understanding which is the best outdoor grow lights. You can compare these lights and find out which will deliver more value. Let’s check the factors in short.

Size of Garden

Different sizes of light are right for different sizes of areas. So, first, you have to note the size of the garden. Depending on the garden size you can make a decision which light will good for your garden.

Types of Plant

Outdoor grow light was designed for different types of plants. So, you should know your plants and try to identify which light can perfect for them.

Consume Power

Select such types of grow lights that will provide the required lighting without unbearable power.

A Full Spectrum

The grow light should offer natural light, just like sunlight. Due to this, you have to check the grow light that provides a full spectrum.


Waterproof outdoor grow lights can save your plants from any dangers like an electric shock that can damage the grow light as well. So, ensure the right model that can safely use surrounding water.

A Daisy Chain

More grow lights needs for large growing spaces, a daisy chain you need. It works to connect the grow light with one another. It helps you to run an extended grid of grow lights together and benefits the plants.

10 Best Outdoor Grow Lights Review

budget friendly
IP67 waterproof plant light
380-800nm full spectrum light
Waterproof body with heat-dissipation coating design
Premium choice
380~830nm sunlike full spectrum light
IP67 waterproof and dust-proof structure
3 pcs 150 watts COB technology Bridgelux LEDs
50000 hours working time
IP65 Waterproof LED Grow light
COB LED Grow Light with Flip Chip Process

plant’s yield 48%-65%
Waterproof and dustproof structure
Optimal full spectrum 380-800nm light

IP67 Waterproof
consuming only 45-55 watts
Lightweight and easy to install
IP65 Waterproof
Life time: 50000 hours
4 blue LED chips and 16 red LED chips
Life time: 50000 hours
16 pieces of 2835SMD LED chips
100% solar powered and eco-friendly
Can be rotated to 180°
Service life up to 50,000 hours
Full spectrum between 380-800nm
1800mAh battery in solar panels
Transparent shell design 8 pcs LEDs
IP65 waterproof and sturdy structure
Waterproof (IP44)
200 Lumen output
Built-in 2200mah 18650 lithium


KOLEM Waterproof Outdoor & Indoor Lights

Key Features

  • Input power: 50 Watts
  • 380-800nm full spectrum light
  • 2 years warranty and one month guarantee
  • Advanced COB LED with curved lampshade design
  • Waterproof body with heat-dissipation coating design

Quick Stats

  • True Power: 150watts
  • Power Consumption-40%
  • Operating Temperature: Under 140-degree F.

The KOLEM light is one of the best waterproof Outdoor grow lights. This high output LED grow light has a powerful output of 150watts and designed with an advanced COB chip plus a curved lampshade.

It offers highly-uniform as well as the full spectrum of 380nm to 800nm that helps to plant anytime anywhere. This IP67 light is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants, perfect for plant in hydroponic grow tents, greenhouse, garden.

In rainy season and snowing days, your plants need some extra light that you can get from this one. You can be assured about any accident because it is waterproof.

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Why you want it?

You can like it to get because It was designed with an adjustable bracket and also come up with heat dissipation IC, heat dissipation coating design, overvoltage protection and contains an on/off switch.

In a word, it is suitable, and high-quality with safety outdoor plant growing lamp available on the market.


  • Noiseless
  • Widely applicable
  • Premium quality and safety light


  • Noiseless
  • Widely applicable
  • Premium quality and safety light


RELASSY Sun-like Full Spectrum Outdoor Lights

Key Features

  • Input Power: 450 watts
  • Wide light angle of 180°
  • Intelligent controled heat dissipation
  • 380~830nm sunlike full spectrum light
  • IP67 waterproof and dust-proof structure
  • 3 pcs 150 watts COB technology Bridgelux LEDs

Quick stats

  • True power: 450 watts
  • Full-spectrum: 380-830nm
  • Operating temperature: Under 167-degree F.

Seeds to plants all need light and water, just like people. For this, they also need the right combination of light and water, not more anyone singly. This job all time won’t complete perfectly because the season changes one by one.

This situation only can handle with the help of waterproof outdoor grow lights. RELASSY sunlike full spectrum COB light is such an ideal light that is perfect for seedling, growing, blooming, and also fruiting.

It works to promote fruiting plus more planting, germination, and plant cell growth.

Why you want it?

We know you would like to pick it because it is water-resistant, heat resistant, frost resistant and appropriate for vertical purpose uses.

You will satisfy with it because it is safe in use and can save electricity cost. No noise of fan that can wake up you if you use it the indoor garden.


  • Perfect for all planting
  • Best for long time use
  • Low power expenditure


  • Little bit costly


CF Grow Light- Suitable for All Growing Stage

Key Features

  • Input Power: 300 watts
  • Two years warranty
  • Waterproof IP67 with full spectrum light
  • Aluminum casing for quick heat dissipation
  • COB LED Grow Light with Flip Chip Process

Quick stats

  • True power: 100 watts
  • Working time: 50000 hours
  • 2-years warranty

The life of plants requires several types of light, and you can get them all the requirements with the outdoor grow lights by CF Grow. This waterproof light comes with a full spectrum and 100 watts true power.

It glows purple, bright light, and you should know red lights and blue lights are plants crave. Contains the natural and normal white color that needs plants for every cycle of the plant’s lives, like seedling to growing and flowering to fruiting.

Why you want it?

This new COB outdoor grow light follows new technology that will ensure the high-power of concentration and temperature less than 65-degree Celsius.

You should like it because of suitable for indoor and outdoor use, lightweight and easy to hang than other outdoor grow lights.


  • Less power consumption
  • Automatic ON/OFF switch
  • Works well even underwater


  • Small in size


CANAGROW Outdoor Growing Lamp

Key Features

  • Input Power: 100 watts
  • 3 years warranty
  • Waterproof and dustproof structure
  • Intelligent control of heat dissipation
  • Optimal full spectrum 380-800nm light

Quick stats

  • True power: 100watts
  • Full-spectrum: 380-800nm
  • Power Consumption-45- 55%

Do you think to get some awesome grow light? You can try this new technology COB LED light with a full spectrum. The excellent cooling technology ensures the grow light cooling well. This light can increase the plants yield 48% to 68%, even saving 55% energy consumption.

This outdoor light is enough to grow plants in your garden, whatever it is indoor or outdoor. This light includes the deepest pink color, and the LED light drive is inside the fixture that makes the light more water-resistant than other waterproof outdoor grow lights.

Why you want it?

This grow light will assure the high-quality that will make it professional outdoor light.


  • Valuable performance
  • This LED is small but sturdy
  • Excellent grow light for the money


  • Claimed for ON/Off switch


XRZT 100 Watt Waterproof Outdoor Growing Lamp

Quick stats

  • True power: 100watts
  • Energy Consumption- 50%
  • Operating temperature: Under 150-degree F.

This is another little guy of outdoor grow lights family. It’ll impress you with its features and design. The rapid cooling technology with ultra-thin features can attract your mind. The intelligent controlling power can adjust to the heat dissipation IC inside.

The highest performances are suitable to grow plants in all stages. It’ll offer you to widely apply the light to as grow tent lighting kits, greenhouse farming, flower or vegetable farming, indoor or outdoor gardening, and much more.

Why you want it?

You love it to grow any plants anytime, any environment even in rain or winter. You will grow fresh and healthy fruits or vegetables at any time.

It increases the yield of the plants and gives the full requirement spectrum and light to nutrition the plants perfectly.


  • Widely applicable
  • Great value for investment
  • Suitable for plants all stage growing


  • No switch, auto plug system


DEMANA Solar Powered Outdoor Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Input Power: 5 watts
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Life time: 50000 hours
  • Durable and easy to install
  • 4 blue LED chips and 16 red LED chips
  • Auto ON at night and Auto OFF at day mechanism

Quick stats

  • Lumen: 300lm
  • Type: Ground stake or nailing wall
  • Light Life: 8-10 hours with a full charge

If you are thinking of getting the best solar powered outdoor grow lights, this light is for you. It contains sufficient light and offers multi-talented placement options. This light can be placed in the ground or nail on the wall.

This light can work at least 4-6 hours at day time and 8-10 hours at night when you give the battery full charge. The fully automatic mode option works well like auto on at night and auto off at day time. All-weather resistant and was designed to withstand dust plus water jets.

Why you want it?

You can think and even want to get this solar-powered grow light because it will give you a long-lasting service. It displays red, blue, and purple colors. You are allowed to turn off the light when you need to stop using the plant grow light.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Auto-off and on system
  • Perfect for all-weather


  • May be claimed for charging issue


KUKE outdoor Solar Grow Lamp

Key Features

  • Input Power: 5 watts
  • Life time: 50000 hours
  • 100% lifetime replacement guarantee
  • 16 pieces of 2835SMD LED chips
  • 100% solar powered and eco-friendly
  • All weather resistant with sturdy and strong structure

Quick stats

  • Lumen: 300lm
  • Types: Ground stake or Nailing wall
  • Light Life: 8-10 hours with a full charge

Who doesn’t want energy-saving and grow fresh and healthy plants for a long time? Yeap! All of the gardeners desire it from the solar powered grow lights. This is such a type of light that you also can select for your indoor or outdoor plants.

This is 100% energy saving solar-powered outdoor grow light. It can save your money, and the battery is rechargeable, which is perfect for long time service. There is no hassle to assemble it. Just out from the box and set on the expected place instantly.

Why you want it?

It is all weather-resistant like other solar powered grow lights. So, you don’t need to over think about snow, frost, and even sleet. It is rugged ABC plastic that makes it long-lasting. It comes with a lifetime substitution guarantee.


  • All-weather resistant
  • Easy to recharge even through the window
  • Perfect for getting thicker and healthier plants


  • Not enough sturdy


N-A LED Solar Powered Plant Grow Light

Key Features

  • ABS plastic structure
  • Can be rotated to 180°
  • Service life up to 50,000 hours
  • Full spectrum between 380-800nm
  • Quick heat dissipation with intelligent temperature control system

Quick stats

  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Types: Wall, ceiling, pedestal mounting or grounding
  • Light Life: 8-10 hours in the evening

The LED solar-powered plant grow light by N-A is the new version that now comes with more advances and standard features. It was designed with excellent temperature with an amazing controlling system. It features over-voltage protection, super-fast heat dissipation.

It is also steadier as well as safe than other ordinary solar powered grow lights. It can be fit on the wall, ceiling, stake in-ground, or hang on the air. But it allows you to place it above 50cm far away from plants.

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Why you want it?

You will like it for its 1200amph lithium battery that is rechargeable. It can be rotated about a 180-degree angle that will assist you in growing all stages plants ideally. You can operate it using the open and close switch.


  • Long-time service life
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Temperature controlling system


  • May be claimed for charging issue


WZTO Solar LED Ground Lights Outdoor

Key Features

  • Input Power: 5 watts
  • Auto turn ON at dark/night
  • 1800mAh battery in solar panels
  • Transparent shell design 8 pcs LEDs
  • IP65 waterproof and sturdy structure

Quick stats

  • Wattage 5watts
  • Types: Ground stake
  • Light Life: 10-12 hours

The Solar LED ground grow lights are extremely bright and attractive than other solar powered outdoor grow lights.

It also features standard and advanced technology to grow all stages of plants. It is effortless to set up and also use. They look so nice and standard that increases the beauty of the garden at night.

It is an ideal solar-powered light that wants to make their garden so simple and desire to change the garden effectively. It is perfect for window lighting and safe for your eyes. This light is extremely bright at night that is very effective for the plants.

Why you want it?

Who doesn’t love long-life light? Yes, this light can work for 10-12 hours than other traditional solar powered grow lights. We hope you will be pleased with this grow light. It is an excellent and high-quality light, and is easy to assembly and set up.


  • Long-life battery
  • Comfortable for our eyes
  • Shock and vibration resistant


  • The coverage area is small


FALOVE 8 Pack Solar Spotlight, 2-in-1 Light

Key Features

  • Input Power: 3.7 watts
  • 4 pieces of super bright LED chips
  • Light and solar panel is adjustable
  • Auto ON at night and Auto OFF at day
  • Two modes of brightness: Dim and Bright
  • 2200mah 18650 lithium rechargeable battery

Quick stats

  • Lumen: 200lm
  • Types: Ground or nailing wall
  • Light Life: 5-8 hours

2-in-1 solar light comes with 4-LED bulbs with 200 lumens per light. The power source of it is solar and battery-powered. It can be adjusted and rotated 270-degree from up to down, and can capture the most sun. Perfect for indoor or outdoor gardens and even for the home garage.

This solar powered grow light has IP65 waterproof level that makes the light resilient in every type of weather, including frost, rain, or snow.

It needs 4/5 hours to charge from the sun, but 8-hours need to charge the battery. The battery life is 6-8 hours with a full charge. It is not only waterproof but also heatproof.

Why you want it?

You must love two modes of the brightness of this solar powered grow light. One is the high light mode, and another is a low light mode. The automation switch can on automatically at night and auto off at sunrise. It is great value for money and can save enough power. It is rugged, durable, and added rechargeable lithium battery.


  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Dual modes of brightness
  • Durable and rechargeable battery


  • A little bit costly than other enlisted outdoor grow lights.

So, Ready to Buy Yet?

“Better grow lights better growth of plants.”

Indeed, find out the best, and perfect outdoor grow lights or solar power outdoor grow lights, is a little bit different thinking.

Knowing the right factors of garden and plants, you have to plan for the solar power grow lights.

For this reason, we have taken enough time and test out the grow lights for ourselves so that we can share with you the best one. But if you want to grow your plants indoor, grow tent will the best solution.

I hope you like our efforts.

Happy gardening!

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