6 Best Timer for LED Grow Lights- Programmable Digital Timer

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2022)

Grow lights are used for light spectrum instead of sunlights to attempt or to create outdoor cultivating system indoor with the artificial lighting system. Depending on the plant type, color, and size different grow lights need different kinds of lighting providing timing.

In this article, we will discuss a bunch of best timer for LED grow lights for your indoor garden or grow rooms.

As there are thousands of plants that can be harvested inside indoor grow tents you need to understand which timer will be perfect for you as the photoperiod time, spectrum range, luminous efficacy, color factor, and temperature selection must be considered.


You will find a list of best timer for grow lights here chosen from available products in the market.

It is really hard to select few top products from a wide range of available good products in the market. Many of the products are out of the box whereas some of them are cheap quality.

We have researched with many available timers for grow lights to find out the most suitable one for your indoor cultivation.

6 Best Timer for LED Grow Lights

1. BN-LINK 7 Day Digital Programmable Timer

Key Features

  • Two outlets can set 8 program at a time
  • Timing setting one minute to any hours
  • Even individual days selection is possible
  • Have more than hundreds pre-set combination
  • It comes with the function of day light saving mood
  • Vacation mood can be set in case of your absence
  • Cut the energy usage costs, saves money

The very first timer comes to our list is BN-Link 7 day heavy duty digital programmable timer for strongest led grow light for indoor plant that allows minimum one minute time function and individual days selection throughout the week.

This unique timer comes with many pre set time function, apart from that you can select 8 different timing setting every day with the help of its two outlets. Day light saving mood, individual day’s selection, in the times of absence vacation mood and energy saving features makes this one of the best timer for grow lights for indoor plantation.

2. Autopilot Dual Outlet 7-Day Grow Light Timer

Key Features

  • One minute on off function
  • Per day 8 program cycle can be set up
  • Simultaneously it can control two outlets
  • backup battery in case of power outage
  • Rating: 15A/1725W for indoor use
  • Autopilot function included
  • To ensure safety and quality it is UL listed

The very next timer in our list is Autopilot dual outlet 7-Day  digital programmable timer which offers two outlets control simultaneously with a rating of 15A/1725W especially for indoor use.

This advanced digital timer can be set with 8 programs per day with one minute on off function and in case of power cut it also has backup battery setting. The autopilot option, less energy use and UL listed product for 100% safety and quality makes this one a most used timer for grow lights for indoor cultivation.

3. Intermatic Heavy Duty Digital Plug-in Timer

Key Features

  • A record 28 program per day can be set up
  • Two outlets to controls the programs
  • Auto adjustment for daylight saving
  • Backup battery support for unwanted power cut
  • 2 devices can be controlled through 2 grounded plug
  • CSA certified and ultra energy saving mood

The Intermatic heavy duty digital plug in timer is a revolutionary timer because it has record 28 programs function per day with auto adjustable day light savings mood.

The huge backup battery support for unwanted power cut makes it very reliable and two outlet controls to manage the daily and weekly programs to perform smoothly.
It can control 2 devices at a time through 2 grounded plugs for ultra energy saving and it is CSA certified that proves its safety and quality measures makes it another good timer for grow lights.

4. TOPGREENER Timer for Lights, Electrical Outlets

Key Features

  • Per day 18 program cycle can be set up
  • Weekly timer function also available
  • Specially designed for grow lights
  • Built-In battery backup to support while power cut
  • One button program for addition and deletions
  • Daylight saving starts with one press

The next heavy duty timer is Topgreener 7 day programmable timer with maximum 18 program cycle per day and single button option for addition and deletions of functions.

It comes with build in battery support in case of power interruption with weekly timer functions for home absence. One press, daylight saving special design makes it the best grow lights timer for indoor cultivation.

5. Purple Reign 7 Day Dual Outlet Grow Light Timer

Key Features

  • Best digital programmable function
  • Dual Outlet Timer for more options
  • Consecutively it can control two outlets
  • 8 program cycle can be set up per day
  • Comes with built in battery backup
  • Very easy to handle and program

Purple Reign 115 volt 15 Amp digital 7 day outlet timer has the best programmable function for different one minute timer with 8 program cycles per day.

It can control two outlets for timer program function simultaneously and it also included a built in battery backup system to save the set functions. Easy programming system, handy tools, power saving function, daylight savings mood placed it in our top list of best timer for lights.

6. NEARPOW Programmable Timer with Countdown

Key Features

  • different time groups can be set daily
  • Countdown function included
  • Maximum 19 individual program per day
  • You can get 15 different choice for week setting
  • Timer can be set for week, days, hours even seconds also
  • One stop daylight saving options
  • Vacation mood for theft protection

The last one in our list is a strong backup build in battery system with 19 individual programs per day and more than 15 different program choices for weekly setting.

The Nearpow multifunctional programmable timer has different time group setting and one stop daylight saving options. FO theft protection there is a vacation mood system and one second on off options also includes countdown functions.

Many harvesters look for timers to control the grow lights in their grow room because it is not possible to stay around all the time.

So, the timers are the best option to solve this problem, as they simply can set a period of time and then the lights will switch off automatically. To find such timer they often face some questions so we tried to give a solution for them.

Which is the Best Timer for LED Grow Lights?

The products we listed above all are suitable for LED lights and Steel haildr Bulbs. They are specially designed in this way to fit for all kinds of grow lights available in the market without some rare case.

Which one is the Best Grow Light Timer?

For the record as we picked the above timers from the researched data and real buyers, all of them are best for grow lights but it depends on your indoor cultivation that which one will be the best for you and your grow light. We recommend all of them equally but the first one is most recommended.

Which is the best programmable light timer?

The six timers we discussed in our list all of them comes with minimum 8 programs per day to maximum 24 cycle programs per day. Some of them also have weekly function available. It actually depends on your necessity so you have to choose that which will be best for you.


If you are a grow light user especially for indoor cultivation then you must understand the necessity of a timer.

The timing is very important for indoor harvesting because in different stage of plant life it needs different light time. From our top reviewed of best grow light timer, hopefully you will find your desired one you were looking for a long time.

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