Black Dog LED Phytomax-2 1000- Premium LED Grow Light

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

What comes to your mind when you think about the best LED grow light for your indoor plants? Let me make a guess!

You want a fixture equipped with top-quality diodes, full-spectrum with UV lights, excellent heat management, and robust construction. Only then you can expect a superior yield in any condition.

And all of these fantastic features are present in the Black Dog LED Phytomax series! It sounds like a dream come true, isn’t it? We all know that 1000 led grow lights provide a significant advantage over lesser wattage.

Well, this is precisely why I have prepared this Black Dog-led Phytomax-2 1000 guidejust for you! Here I will tell you every little detail of this fixture so you can understand its full potential.

Without wasting much time, let’s talk about these led lights in great detail.

A Brief History of Black Dog Grow Light

Black Dog Grow Light

Some of you may think Black Dog LED is a relatively new company. Therefore, will it be a good idea to invest in their product?

If you are thinking this, I don’t blame you. To be honest, this company was officially founded in 2010, and that’s just a decade ago. But the goal of creating this company is to make the highest-quality grow LED lights in the market. And they have done it like a pro!

Today this company makes top-quality commercial LED grow lights too. But the Black Dog LED grow lights aren’t pocket-friendly. As the components used in the fixture are premium ones, the company cannot reduce the price even if they want to.

To ensure the highest quality, every product by this manufacturer is created and assembled in the USA. Isn’t this impressive?

However, their full spectrum growth lights tend to last forever. Thus, if you are spending a bulky check, you will be getting a better value; there is no doubt about it!

Black Dog Phytomax-2 LED Grow Light 1000

Black Dog Phytomax-2 LED Grow Light 1000

Black Dog led is one of the leading LED grows lights manufacturers; that’s no secret. LED lights are developing day by day and Black Dog has successfully adapted to those changing environments. And their Phytomax 2 1000 LED grow light is one of the most incredible creations, only proves that fact.

It is loaded with the most innovative Phyto-Genesis technology and an excellent full light spectrum that guarantees optimal plant growth. This fixture will surely beat many other lights on equal wattage tests.

Now fasten your seatbelts because the ride is going to be overwhelming. It’s time to inform you of every tiny detail about this fantastic fixture. Let’s dive into that part right away!


Black Dog Phytomax 2 LED 1000 diodes

Let’s start with the Black Dog Phytomax 2 LED diodes, shall we?

Black Dog Phytomax uses the latest technology, top bin LEDs, to make their grow lights. Therefore, if you want the most excellent canopy penetration, this is the fixture you need for your growing area!

The 5-watt diodes are evenly positioned all over the PCB for equal light distribution. In this way, there will be no hot spots in your grow area whatsoever.

Some growers think that they need 3-watt diodes for a successful canopy penetration. And that actually makes sense somehow because when you get something powerful as this Black dog LED Phytomax 2 grow lights, there are chances of leaf burn. You won’t see these features in other light brands.

But this one isn’t any ordinary fixture, is it?

Besides having high light intensity, it is also designed with top-grade heat management. So if you are worried about any hot spot issues, you don’t have to lose sleep over that anymore!

Another unique thing about the LED Phytomax 2 1000 is, every particular wavelength comes from different brands. Suppose there is a grow light manufacturer who makes the best UV light,  Black Dog will get this specific diode from that brand. They get their blue diodes from Cree and red ones from Osram. Two of the best companies in their respective fields.

Therefore, you can see how much effort has been invested in each fixture. On top of everything, the average lifetime of any diode is up to 50,000 hours. Hence, they can burn for at least ten years without any trouble. Well, if it doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will!


Optics, also known as beam angles, determine how the light intensity will be transmitted into the grow area. And to do that successfully, Black Dog LED Phytomax 2 1000 uses primary optics to transmit light at a wider angle.

As a significant portion of light gets lost in reflection and refraction of the secondary optics, the Black Dog has decided not to use it in their lights. Furthermore, to enhance the light intensity, the manufacturer has eliminated glass lenses.

In this way, you are getting 60% higher light intensity than any other competitor. Isn’t it remarkable?


The Black Dog LED Phytomax 2 LED to grow light draws 1040 true watts. It has a similar power draw as a 1000 watt HPS. And at 3.41 BTUs/watt, this fixture will radiate 3,580.5 BTUs of warmth into the growing area. So when it is about first-class canopy penetration, you can rely on this Black Dog product.

This also means it is one of the most efficient commercial  LED grow lights ever existed!

Now you must be thinking; it doesn’t really sound energy efficient! Frankly speaking, when you are getting powerful LED to grow lights with this high light intensity, you can’t expect to be a super saver!

However, you would love to know that Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 1000 has the highest flowering footprint coverage of 6.5’ x 6.5’. When you put the light side by side to a 1000 watt HPS, you will see the HPS only has an entire footprint of 4’ x 4’ growing area.

So you can clearly see, these 1000 led grow lights are actually maximizing LED efficiency and enhanced flowering footprint.


While getting the LED plants to grow lights,  an energetic spectrum is one of the most important things to consider. Otherwise, your plant growth will be hampered, and you will never enjoy a superior yield!

Thanks to the inventive Phyto-Genesis full spectrum ranging from  365-750nm, UV to NIR of the  Black Dog LED Phytomax 2, you will get a unique experience. The manufacturer says that their full spectrum will beat any other spectrum out there in equal wattage tests! Truly full-spectrum lights maximize the light’s velocity.

The wavelength of this fixture will improve the photosynthetic and carotenoid with blue and red diodes. Moreover, it also comes with UV lights such as UV A and Near-Infrared to ensure higher quality flowers and maximum total photon flux.

The UV light also boosts the trichome level in plants and makes them immune to pests and diseases. So when you’re thinking about getting the most powerful LED grow lights, why don’t you get the Black Dog LED Phytomax 2  1000 watts to grow light?

However, this fixture comes with a single energetic spectrum or efficient spectrum. Meaning, you cannot change or dim the different wavelengths in various growth stages like in many other LED grow lights. Some growers love to diffuse the entire full spectrum a bit during veg states; they don’t really like when these 1000 LED grow lights don’t offer them this feature.

But the manufacturer suggests that this unchangeable efficient spectrum can enhance the light’s ability and increase the quality of your plants and boost their growth in a vegetative state over the entire footprint. Thus, for a speedy experience, you can rely on this full spectrum LED light without any hesitation!


PAR means Photosynthetically Active Radiation, and Black Dog publishes the average PAR data over various distances. You will find it in Photosynthetic Photon Flux density or total photon flux Density, in short, PPFD. It states the number of light photons hitting a particular growth area every second. The Black Dog represents unprecedented PAR levels than any other ones available in the market today.

Here is the average PPFD your plants will get if you install Black Dog LED Phytomax-2 LED grow lights in your indoor garden room!

Grow LightsAverage Wattage  Total Photon Flux
300-800nmUV(<400nm)PAR 400-700nmIR(>700 nm)
Black Dog LED Grow Light  1050-watt1602  73  1485  47  

So you can see, the PPFD level of this Black Dog LED Phytomax 2 grow light is perfect for the highest quality yield. Hence, if you want to establish yourself as a successful grower, you can put your faith in this fixture to grow higher-quality flowers and penetrate dense canopies.

Coverage Area and Mounting Height

The Black Dog Phytomax 2 LED grow lights will cover up to 6.5’ by 6.5’ grow area ideally. Thus, you will get almost 17-18 square feet coverage which is more compared to  HPS/Mh grow lights. Well, that’s a praiseworthy fact! You will also get equal coverage, meaning the left and right sides will get as much light as the middle. So the black dog leads are truly convenient.

However, while installing powerful fixtures, such as this product, you should maintain sufficient space between the plants and the light.

Otherwise, too much heat might leave hot spots everywhere, and no one can save you from leaf burn!

Therefore, make sure you maintain a proper distance before mounting this LED light for an optimal canopy penetration.

Heat Management

Black Dog Phytomax 2 LED grow light Heat Management

If someone told you, the Black Dog Phytomax 2 LED grow light is built with the latest technology that ensures little heat production, you might think they are kidding. But truly this black dog led makes as little heat as possible due to its cooling mechanism.

To prevent hot spots, it comes with industry leader temperature management technology. In this way, there will never be too much heat. And that’s just the cherry on the top. The operational Temperature Range is about  -4 ~104 °F which can be kept under control.

Now, let’s take a look at what the light manufacturers have provided to control the temperature control of these Phytomax 2 1000 LED grow lights.


Black Dog Led Phytomax 2 1000 fixture is a heavyweight one, and the bulky heatsinks are the main reason behind that. These full spectrum LED grow lights feature magnificent heatsinks which support plant growth.

Hence, if you were ever worried about overheating issues, you can say goodbye to those thoughts!

Long Life Fans

To ensure the best active heat management, the fans of this fixture are positioned on the sides instead of on the top. This unique design allows you to mount the light as high as you want without interrupting the airflow. It won’t affect the flowering footprint coverage.

Moreover, these fans are built to run for 70,000+ hours. So you are getting a deal of the lifetime here! The fans also work quietly, so no excessive noise.

But if you are installing Black Dog LED the Phytomax 2 1000 wattage to grow light, make sure it matches the size of your room. Or else, no amount of heat management will protect you from leaf burn; keep that in your mind.


The Black Dog has designed its LED plant grow lights to last for at least a decade. Therefore, you can throw all the abuse at and it will withhold all that without a scratch in the body.

However, while mounting, you should avoid hitting the front side of this fixture. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the circuitry, and you don’t want that!


You will get a limited lifetime warranty with these Black Dog LED Phytomax-2  1000 wattage to grow lights. Furthermore, there is also a 90-day return policy, so your money will be in good hands.


  • This Black Dog LED grow light is designed with 5-watt top bin LEDs
  • Different diodes are manufactured from the leading companies for a particular wavelength to make it a truly full spectrum light.
  •  The primary lenses ensure minimum light loss and maximum even light distribution.
  • The ideal spectrum of Black Dog LEDs conver market largest proven footprint.
  • The Absence of secondary glass lenses enhances the light transmission upto 8 percent and ensures cleanability, high light intensity and maximum flowering footprint.
  • Offers most efficient spectrum for unprecedented PAR levels and excellent canopy penetration
  • The long life fans are placed on the side for an interruption-free airflow
  • The powerful light provides UV A and Near-Infrared to penetrate dense canopies
  • Comes with a single light spectrum for boosting the plant growth in veg state
  • It is easy to install light models
  • The Black Dog Led Phytomax 2 1000 w grow lights  have a solid construction for higher durability
  • It is equipped with the best active heat management to prevent hot spots and leaf burn.


  •  Doesn’t offer ideal spectrum changes for different plant growth stage
  • In Black Dog LED grow light You will not get UV B light with this fixture
  • Not suitable for any small or midsize grow space

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are Black Dog LEDs worth it?

With black dog LEDs, you are enjoying an amazing light footprint, the most efficient spectrum to grow plants, top bin 1000 LED grow lights, robust construction, and so on. Therefore, this LED grows light is definitely worthy.

2. Why are Black Dog LED Phytomax 2 so expensive?

Black Dog grow lights indeed come with an expensive price tag. But when you are getting premium-grade full spectrum fixtures that ensure only the best experience, you will happily invest in them! That’s an ironclad fact!

3. How to use the Phytomax-2 Black Dog LED grow lights?

After receiving the package, all you have to do is take the fixture out and carefully hang it over your growing area! The most fantastic part is, you don’t need any pre-setup at all!

The Bottom Line

Finally, we are at the end of the Black Dog LED Phytomax-2 1000 review. Considering all its features, this is the best full spectrum LED fixture for getting superior yield without much effort!

Moreover, it also prevents overheating issues; hence, your greens will always be in good hands. Even though the price is a bit high, you will have a better value for the money. And there will be no poor canopy penetration ever again, that’s guaranteed! I am sure you won’t regret investing your money in these Black Dog LED grow lights. Photomatix 2 1000 LED lights won’t disappoint you.

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