Greenbox Grow Tent- Key Features, Pros & Cons

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
Greenbox Grow Tent Review

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Greenbox grow tents are one of the biggest names in the indoor grower industry. Originally based in the United Kingdom, the company now exports to all corners of the world. With several years of research and development and also including their customer feedback, the Greenbox grow tents are miles ahead of its competitors in respective price brackets.

They have a vast range of goods produced other than grow tents, such as, grow tent fan, grow light, grow room carbon filters, hydroponic seeds, composite and odor and climate control systems.

Now with affiliation with Growers House and Amazon, they have successfully reached their buyers globally and providing class-leading customer service. The company has built up a massive active fan following, which is a direct result of their online marketing and the resourceful content they provide on their websites.

The ease of finding information about this company makes it an attractive deal for the customers who are looking for the best indoor grow tent for the first time.

The internet is flooded with their tutorial videos and blogs which will not only help you to set up your grow tent but also assist you with any future problems that you might face with your indoor garden.

Let’s take a look more closely at their products other than their attractive huge global community of customers.

Why is Greenbox a class leading brand?

It is important that we understand what are grow tents and their purpose. They are your indoor climate-controlled rooms where you can grow your plants. But this simple idea becomes complicated when we look at the factors that make a class-leading grow tent.

The most important factors of a grow tent are the fabric it’s made up of, the frame that withholds the structure, the seal of the grow tent, and room for ventilation.

Greenbox Grow Tent

Greenbox Grow Tent

Top notch features

Green Box grow tents come in 32 different sizes to cater to the needs of all types of growers whether your space is a small room in the basement or a full-out warehouse.

Furthermore, they have been designed specially to allow users to have the freedom of growing their plants in various different ways whichever may be suitable. Some of the methods that these grow tents support are Hydroponic Systems, Fabric Pots, IWS Systems, and other and Plastic Pots.

  • Durable Material like 600D Silver Mylar for Fabric
  • Thick Steel Poles for all sizes of frame
  • Advanced high reflective internal surface
  • Optional Hydroponic system growtents available
  • Locking zips ensures air seal
  • Double stitched joints zero light leakage
  • Provided heavy duty hanging bars
  • Removable tent base made up of Mylar

Amazing Design

Greenbox Grow Tent design

Every grow tent comes with premium material which makes the products durable and long-lasting. The grow tents they offer are of four different size category.

These grow tents are designed with utmost priority to growth. The inner surface is highly reflective with increase light dispersion and accommodates the highest number of plants possible.

The design comes with ventilation ducts installed so the climate can be easily controlled also there is plenty of room to fit in the grow lights, cooling fans and other accessories.

Additional services

Along with grow tents; the company tries to give you a full package by selling and manufacturing subsidiary tools such as grow lights, seeds, clones, soil, composite, pots, watering system and odour and temperature control units. They are selling goods that will make all your growing needs satisfied without a doubt. Some of these services and products are:

  1. LED Grow lights and films: They offer several types of high qulaity grow light which guarantee longevity and high yield of harvest. The different types of film can be an affordable way to select the best options for your indoor garden.
  2. Composite and soil: their perfectly balanced soil and composite provide the accurate nutrients that your plants will need so you won’t have to look for somewhere else.
  3. Seed Banks: They can deliver the perfect growing seeds that ensure healthy and fruitful plants. Years of research has allowed them to provide a variety of seeds according to your choice.


  • Big brand with unique services
  • High quality material used
  • Very durable frame and structural design
  • Complete light-proofing using double stitches
  • Removable base for cleaning and maintenance
  • Variety of product options


  • Limited availability as high demand
  • Warranty options can be better
  • They have not produced any complete grow tent kits.

Setting up a 2X4 Grow Tent | GreenBox Grown Mini Indoor Cannabis Grow Kit

Summary of Greenbox Grow Tent review

On the off chance that you’re burnt out on being disillusioned by disappointing quality grow tents, at that point as reviewers, we can ensure your fulfillment if you decide to go with Greenbox Grow tents.

This organization makes reasonable tents at a low cost and furthermore items for both experienced and beginner growers.

Numerous different contenders may offer similar specs but never the trial and tested quality of this brand at such an affordable price.

We recommend this brand 100/100 as their products have been tested in long stretches of time period to perfect every bit, so the growers can benefit with a smooth experience.

After their partnership with Growers House and Amazon they have allowed the whole world to enjoy a great product at a few days reach from delivery.

They also have thousand of reviews in e-commerce websites to back up their claims and an incredible fan following international community that interacts on a regular basis with feedback in their blogs and website, making this a right choice for a serious indoor grower.

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