Best Complete Grow Tent Kits for Soil & Hydroponics Packages

This is a well-researched Review & shortlist of Best Grow Tent Kits for Soil and Hydroponics.

We reviewed 10 Complete Grow Tent Packages and 25 Individual grow room kits: LED Grow Lights, Fans, Carbon Filters, Ventilation kits, and hydroponics Equipment. These are truly the best options out there.

Each grow tent kits was evaluated across a variety of factors: size, capacity, materials, durability, frame-strength, air ventilation, light reflection, construction, and price.

Table of Contents

List of All Grow Tent Kits at a Glance

“Having a successful grow room is a dream of every professional grower, right?” However, it mostly depends on how much control you have over the influential factors of growing indoor plants. Success comes rapidly when you have all necessary kits together.

10 Complete Grow Tent Kits for Soil and Hydroponics

RankProduct NameSizes (Available)Price
1BloomGrow Complete Grow Tent Packages2x2 - 5x5Check Price
2TheBudGrower Best Grow Tent Kits For Soil 2 x 2Check Price
3TopoLite Complete Grow Tent Kits2x2 - 5x5Check Price
4TopoGrow Cheap LED Grow Tent Package2x2 - 5x5Check Price
5HTGSupply Grow Tent Kits for Hydroponics 3 x 3Check Price
6Hongruilite Indoor Grow Tent Kits 2x2 - 3x3Check Price
7Bud Grower Grow Tent Kits With Soil 5 x 5Check Price
8HTGSupply Complete Indoor Soil Grow Kits4x4 ( HPS Light)Check Price
9HTGSupply LED Grow Tent Kits for Soil4x4 ( LED Light)Check Price
10Abbaponic Hydroponic Grow Kits 2 x 4Check Price

5 Best LED Grow Light For Grow Tent

SerialProduct NamePrice
1VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified LED Grow LightCheck Price
2King Plus Affordable LED Grow LightCheck Price
3BESTVA DC Series LED Grow LightCheck Price
4Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow LightCheck Price
5MARS HYDRO White LED Grow LightCheck Price

5 Complete Grow Tent Ventilation Kits

RankProduct NameSize AvailablePrice
1iPower Grow Tent Ventilation Kits4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 InchSee Price
2VIVOSUN Grow Tent Air Filtration Kit4 InchSee Price
3PrimeGarden Grow Tent Ventilation Kits4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 InchSee Price
4Hydroplanet™ Grow Tent Ventilation kits4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 InchSee Price
5IOBIONICS Complete Ventilation Kit4 InchSee Price

5 Best Grow Tent Fans ( inline & oscillating)

RankProduct NamePrice
1AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline FanSee Price
2Tjernlund Inline Duct Booster FanSee Price
3TerraBloom Inline Exhaust Duct FanSee Price
4VIVOSUN Clip on Oscillating FanSee Price
5Hurricane Wall Mount Oscillating FanSee Price

5 Best Carbon Filters

RankProduct NamePrice
1iPower 4 Inch Carbon FilterSee Price
2VIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon FilterSee Price
3CoolGrows 4 inch Air Carbon FilterSee Price
4TerraBloom Air Carbon FilterSee Price
5VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon FilterSee Price

5 Most Used Grow Bags

RankProduct NamePrice
1VIVOSUN Grow BagsCheck Price
2247Garden Grow BagsCheck Price
3Gardzen Grow BagsCheck Price
4OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow BagsCheck Price
5Garden4Ever Grow BagsCheck Price

Hydroponic Grow Room Kits

SerialProduct NamePrice
1DWC Bucket kitsCheck Price
2General Hydroponics Coco CoirCheck Price
3Advanced Nutrients for Coco CoirCheck Price
4Best pH Tester KitCheck Price
5VIVOSUN CO2 Regulator EmitterCheck Price

10 Best Complete Grow Tent Packages Review

A complete grow tent package is combined with all necessary kits you need to setup and grow your plants. It makes you get relief from separate buying of each kits.

If you don’t want to be bothered about buying equipment’s individually, this article great help for you. It ensures the best possible service of light reflection, air ventilation, and entire-control over environment.

I am going to introduce you with 10 best complete grow tent packages And highlight about their most noticeable and beneficial features. Hopefully, it will reduce your worries about buying it.

1. BloomGrow Complete Grow Tent Package

BloomGrow Complete Grow Tent Package


Are you waiting for having complete grow tent packages with all of the necessary components, the best and trusted BloomGrow complete grow tent package will take a lead in your choice list.

It comes with 48”x48”x80” Grow Tent, 6″ fan filter ducting combo, 600W Full Spetrum UFO LED Grow Light, Hangers, Digital Hygrometer, Shears , 24-Hour Timer and Trellis Netting.

The base of this package features with the 600W Full Spetrum UFO LED Grow Light is another attractive addition in terms of excellent grow light facts.

You can easily grow your plants in any growth stages required like germination, seedling, veg, and flower.

It comes with essential ventilation Kits such as 6” Fan Filter Duct Combo for the air circulation and Cleaner air to promote better health. Also, this equipment’s contributes a lot to manage odors and heat.

Again, it combines a hanging hardware. That is suitable for hanging lights and other components if needed. Henceforth, included a digital hydro-thermometer to Display temperature, humidity and time sim inside the tent.

The rope hangers load capacity per ratchet up to 75-pound, a pair can handle 150-pounds. The shears reduce hand strain and enable you smooth and clean cutting action for precise results.

Included a trellis netting which is Heavy-duty nylon tangle-free net and perfect for growing vining vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The timer has 24 hour settings with switch knob.

Most Important,

In this complete grow tent kits, you will get 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar grow tent with heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching. The reflector helps in perfect light reflection and ensures protection against light leaks.

Moreover, free gardening instructions are also there to make things easier in set up issues. It ensures healthier harvest production. No doubt, it shuts up the harmful pests and raises an odor free environment.

  • It allows easy set up.
  • You can easily use the equipment’s with this packages.
  • Cultivating the plants is quite easy with it.
  • Timer allows checking on time if needed.
  • Several sizes available
  • No major issues are found yet with this package.

2. TheBudGrower Grow Tent Complete Kits For Soil

complete Grow Tent Kits For Soil


TheBudGrower is one of the best complete grow tent kits for soil. Everything you need is included within this package.

It has immense power that will fulfill your requirements. The 24”×24”×60” grow tent dimension extends the appreciable space for small indoor gardening. This decent tent is enough to reduce the immediate hassles regarding issues.

The Mylar hydroponic Hut is good enough for a regular growth of plants. It also keeps the environment vibrant and favorable. The non-toxic properties are conductive for the sound growth of the herbs, vegetables or fruits.

Hence, it features with systematic HPS Bulb which provides 150-watts grow lights covered by self-contained bluster. They deliver perfect result in grow light performance.

TheBudGrower complete grow tent kit comes with an exhausting fan with a 4” high CFM. Speed controller allows you to author the extreme control in your hand. The 200 CFM carbon filter purifies the air with better purification and control undesirable odor.

it comes with soil and other relevant product such as Coco Loco Potting, fox farm bag are exceptionally well addition of the grow tent kit.

  • It doesn’t emit any bad smell.
  • This tent is easy to assemble.
  • It heightens your growing experience with price saving facts.
  • It provides all relevant growing opportunities to the consumers.
  • The watering system is nice to work with.
  • There are no such major issues found yet from the customers views.

3. TopoLite LED Grow Tent Complete Kit Cheap

grow tent kits cheap


If you are looking for a cheap grow tent kits combination with high-grade quality, this TopoLite cheap grow tent kit should have in your priority list. This product is also perfect for keeping clones till you initiate the ultimate preparation.

The key features offer immense benefits that will exceed your degrees of satisfaction. The activated carbon filter is a useful accessory with great dealer efficacy of Iodine absorption level.

The quality materials are friendly enough in terms of construction. The coal-based carbon surrounds the whole package that extends longest lifetime of this topolite growing tent.

In addition, the 1.5 inch density of carbon layer is beautifully covered by zinc-anodized steel housing. Through the interior and exterior part of the mesh, it efficiently offers the acceleration in air flow.

Another attractive part of this complete cheap grow tent kits is the duct fan, that is almost noise free. It is actively fluted so that it can allow for receiving ducting without any hassle.

Grow lights are exceptionally well addition of it. 300W LED panel light that has a great input and frequency over plants. To improve the decent growth of the fruits, herbs or vegetables, it helps you a lot.

Moreover, hanging kits are sturdy enough for the great performance of accessories and long term usage.

When it comes to tell about the design, I must day about the mesmerizing beauty of the “Spectrum” design. It is highly adaptable for the constant growth of cycle.

The 600D oxford cloth is no doubt an efficient attachment by the manufacturer in case of effective light reflection. The waterproof diamond Mylar supports the whole unit.

  • The total unit present attractive filter combo including elastic ropes, clamps, ducting.
  • The ducting has duel silver layer to for increased level of safety.
  • The metal rods are solid enough for durable usage.
  • There is a waterproof floor tray for the assurance of secure cleaning.
  • It provides good amount of heat dissipation.
  • There is no speed controller with the fan. This might be an issue for the users.

4. TopoGrow Cheap Grow Box kits

LED grow tent packages


TopoGrow is the kind of complete led grow box kit that is ready to meet the necessity that is required to initiate in growing the plants.

This advanced technological system simply acts and performs well. Also it is helpful to manage your additional costs.

It comes with excellent parts and accessories. Let me explain about them. First of all, The Full Spectrum LED Lights with Patented unique design of reflector cups.

This LED can reduce light and Par value loss up to 98% and deliver high PAR value and Lux value than other traditional led lights. You can connect with HPS, but We not recommend.

The inline duct fan Comes completely wired with junction box which is very easy to install. Keep in mind, here you will find several sizes cheap grow tent kits and every one has different sizes of fan and filter.

This affordable grow tent kit is appropriate for a large plant. And also it warmly welcomes you if you prefer for making a few small plants in it.

The instruction is undoubtedly an essential part of every tent, ( instruction Manual included). This one also offers it to make things easier for a beginner to set up the tent.

  • This package is an excellent product with affordable price.
  • It offers better lighting opportunities.
  • Fresh air is big factor for the pants regular growth with it.
  • It makes enable to bloom flower.
  • Great instruction for easy set up.
  • There is no speed controller with the fan.
  • Not included Digital Hygrometer and timer.

5. HTGSupply HPS Grow Box Kits for Hydroponics

grow tent hydroponics kits


If you are in a quest of perfectly sized tent to cultivate harvest, HTGSupply will suit your needs. It offers incredible offers with a great framework.

This hydroponics grow box kit comes with pH perfect fertilizer technology. With this incredible outlet, you no longer have to adjust with required pH level as it automatically suits with the surface.

It is equipped with perfect kit measurements. That’s why it is good enough for easy set up. The electronic devices are lined to use directly on the power outlets for convenient use.

The grow box kit adds AgroMax tent, 400Watt of HPS grow light bulb to promote better reflection. Again, mechanical timer indicates to count timing easily.

To measure heat or temperature, grow bright thermometer is useful equipment. It ensures perfect ventilation, purifying the air with 6” inline fan and 6” clip circulation fan.

The bubble boy DWC hydroponics mechanism comes with all essential instruments that a complete package of tent should have indeed.

  • The advanced nutrient pH technology enables a great cultivation suiting your expectation.
  • It is not time consuming to set up.
  • You will get proper sized tent with rightful measurements in it.
  • It saves the growing environment from heat dissipation.
  • It is conductive for better air flow.
  • There is no growing guideline you will get in this package.

6. Hongruilite Grow Tent Kits for Beginners

Indoor Grow Tent Kits for Beginners


Hongruilite meets the all requirements that a complete indoor grow tent kits for beginners should have. The exclusive features along with other useful parts and accessories including with it is simply noticeable.

The 600D oxford cloth supports the reflective materials beam with equal distribution over the plants. Again it reflects almost 96% light and increase the effective reflection effect intensely.

300w or 600w of LED grow light you can use inside the tent. They are lined with genuine power and frequency.

The 4” inline fan includes better ventilation, creating noise free environment inside the tent. It is suitable to achieve ducting. Moreover, the 4” duel silver layer ducting is responsible for providing for good air ventilation.

The coal based carbon filter comes with alternating Velcro pre-filter. Here it incorporates two more elastic bands for convenient use.

The durable construction is another great advantage when you use this indoor grow tent. The carbon layer is dense enough with 1.5 inches covering a particular space area.  This feature is highly beneficial for greater absorption and exceptionally manages odor free environment.

The mesh used in it on the exterior and interior part of the grow kits. Offering around 53% open space, it promotes purified air flow. In addition, the machine packed carbon is ready to promote 100% filtered air that will exceed your expectation.

Hongruilite complete grow room kits is covered with zinc-anodized steel. Moreover, this package used to keep the environment temperature favorable for the regular growth of the plants.

  • This complete grow room package incorporates with a hanger to hang useful equipment’s.
  • It is easy for smooth installation.
  • The users will find it comfortable to assemble together in a few minutes.
  • This hydroponic grow tent is lightproof.
  • It has stable and solid frame of 16MM.
  • The light used in it has no switch to replace.

7. Bud Grower Complete LED Grow Tent Kits For Soil

best Grow Tent Kits With Soil


If you are keen to grow at home then we have an impeccable growing solution for you. The Bud Grower complete soil grow tent Kits is perfect for beginners and experts both.

The manufacturers make their best technology used for the successful growth of the plants of yours. The Bud grower complete LED grow tent kits for soil, comes with Reflective Mylar hydroponic grow tent that increase the intensity of light reflection.

It comes with a Full spectrum LED grow light bulb that is effective in use. This artificial light source is beneficial for photosynthesis of the plants.

This complete soil grow tent kit allows easy to manage video instruction that highly aims to help a grower to follow step by step set up method. They organized best soils management along with the reliable growing materials.

Hence, the special attractive feature of the Bud grower indoor grow room kits is the formulated super soil system. Through this superior method, the plants receive a perfect soil environment. And this is going to favor nutritional growth of the crops.

The organic procedure it maintains fully contributes to create a natural environment. After all, I think that is a unique growing strategy.

The key purpose of this indoor grow room kit is to generate the ideal environment and contribute in producing optimal harvest.

  • This package allows non-toxic environment for the regular growth of the plants.
  • The gardening equipment’s it provides will suit your needs.
  • It maximizes the grow light energy over the plants.
  • It assures a great service.
  • The complete grow tent package is easy to maintain.
  • Minimal effort you need to apply and that is to spread the seed and water.

8. HTGSupply Complete Indoor Soil Grow Kits

Complete Indoor Soil Grow Kits


Are you looking for a complete soil grow tent kits for beginners where you will get all necessary equipment in one package? If yes, here is another best complete indoor soil grow kits for beginners from HTGSupply.

It comes with a AgroMax 4 x 4 grow tent, 600-Watt HPS Light, timer, hygrometer, 6″ inline fan and flange kit, 6″ clip-on circulation fan, bags Roots Organics Soil 1.5-cubic-foot, 7-gallon grow bags, bottle Buddha Grow 1-quart, bottle Buddha Bloom 1-quart.

They includes all necessary indoor grow kits with soil to start growing in no time.The simple operating opportunities will save your time as well as take a role in financial improvement also

Air ventilation is a must to have object for being in a soil grow tent kit. It features with 6” inline fan and 6 inch clip on circulation fan that contributes a lot to provide maximum air flow inside the grow room. To maintain the air circulation in a perfect way, this feature is far better important.

Again, it features the starter nutrients that effectively performs great in blooming flowers and grow plants. Additionally, the clay pebbles and Rockwool also look nice.

They provide a detailed growing instruction makes things easier to every gardener who initially starts indoor gardening.

Using this complete soil grow room kits, you no longer have to use any aqua chiller. Try to keep the temperature less than 82 and it works nicely over the plants.

  • It provides better air pump for good filtration of air.
  • You can use the whole space inside to produce 4 plants.
  • The framework is very good to use.
  • There is a power strip closed with the timer.
  • With this Complete grow tent package, you can save the power consumption
  • The price is expensive.

9. HTGSupply Small Grow Room Kits for Soil

HTGSupply LED soil Grow Tent Kits


A little while ago we discussed about a complete indoor soil grow room kits with HPS Grow Light. But some grower does not want to use HPS grow light, prefer LED grow light. If you are one of them, here is the solution for you.

It is the best Complete LED grow tent kits for soil from HTGSupply. In this package, you will get everything necessary to start indoor growing in no time.

Included:  a AgroMax 4 x 4 grow tent, 810w 7-Band 2.1 LED grow light, timer, hygrometer, 6″ inline fan and flange kit, 6″ clip-on circulation fan, bags Roots Organics Soil 1.5-cubic-foot, 7-gallon grow bags, bottle Buddha Grow 1-quart, bottle Buddha Bloom 1-quart.

HTGSupply is the kind of complete grow box kits that is ready to meet the necessity that is required to initiate in growing the plants.

it comes with excellent parts and accessories. Let me explain about them. First of all, 810w 7-band 2.1 LED lights support good level of light power which similar to natural sunlight.

Again, it features the starter nutrients that effectively performs great in blooming flowers and grow plants.

The instruction is undoubtedly an essential part of every product. This one also offers it to make things easier for a beginner. So, it is perfect indoor grow kits for beginners also.

  • This growing product is worthy for the strong light it provides.
  • In terms of cultivation, you can plant maximum 4 plants.
  • It provides space with great dimension.
  • The price is expensive.

10. Abbaponic Grow Room Kits For Hydroponics

Hydroponic Grow Kits


We have finally come to the last hydroponics complete grow room kits in our chosen list. This professional indoor grow tent kit comes with a latest mechanism named DWC hydroponic system.

As a newcomer, it appears as a bit of difficult to understand things. Thankfully, this unit understands the importance of those definite requirements that is much need to grow plants.

The DWC system makes things comfortable to use and actively works with perfection. This made a conjugal impression on the 3 LED grow light bulbs of 225 watts. It ensure constant growth rate of the plants with the equal distribution of the light.

And you know what the intensity of the light is important while in the particular growth of the crops. In most cases, these lights play a vital role in the production of wave lengths.

The Bubble Monster functional feature includes a 600D polyester. Again you will get 4” inline fan associated with the exclusive mechanism of the Bubble Monster. It aims to generate fresh air and contributes in a smart ventilation system.

The closet Monster also includes 16 site hydroponic bucket system that is another unique planting strategy as well.

There are 4 outlet air pumps and air stones that also suit the whole ventilation procedure nicely. The air stone removes unnecessary noise or bubbles and purifies the whole filtration system. And the air pump is the safe and easier way to provide fresh oxygen to the plants.

3.5 Gallon reservoir tank including with 16-Net pots net is one of the Abbaponics grow tent. It perfectly works for plants healthy growing system.

The Rockwool cubes also are widely used for starting the seeds. Again, it features the starter nutrients that effectively performs great in blooming flowers and grow plants.

In this Abbaponic 16 Site hydroponic grow tent kits, the growing instruction will also help you a lot to understand the steps easily.

  • Carbon scrubber air filter eradicates the polluted air inside the tent.
  • The vegetables and flowers bloom with the perfect growth.
  • It is suitable for the duct ports.
  • It is very smooth in set up procedure.
  • You will find excellent water storage in this package.
  • A few of customers made issues about the intensity of the light.

5 Best LED Grow Light For Tent

Are you looking for best LED grow lights for grow tents? if yes, here is the list of best 5 LED grow light for you. I hope you know that LED lights are essential for a complete grow room kits.

We all know that natural sunlight is essential for plants. But for the indoor growing inside of a tent, Not possible to give the sunlight to the plants. The LED grow light is the best alternative to ensure enough light effects for indoor plants.

But find out the best-LED light is challenging because of many options available on the market. These all are not good for plants. That’s why we spend our time to create a list of best LED grow room lighting kits.

Keep in mind

Every grow room requires different wattage light. So you should calculate your grow room area and plant size to get the highest yielding.

Here we reviewed the most used highest yielding LED grow light which has several wattage options. You can choose according to your needs.

1. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified LED Grow Light


We strongly believe that lighting safety is just as important as efficiency. In terms of safety, the VIPARSPECTRA LED Light will take the top position in our chosen list.

As UL Certified, It meets UL rigorous testings and safety standards to ensure safe operation and gives an outstanding performance. It comes with several wattage options like 300w, 450w, 600w, and 900w.

Most important, it provides optimal full spectrum light which is mostly needed for plants growth in any stages from veg to flower, just like similar to natural sunlight.

It has two switches, VEG and BLOOM which allow you to control and ensures suitable lighting effects for each growing phase. Designed with Sturdy durable materials and fire-resistant iron housing.

Used advanced high-speed quiet fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks for maximum heat dissipation. The feature of the daisy chain allows connecting multiple lights.

Specifications  of V900 900w: 

Vegetative Coverage at 32″: 4x4ft

Flowering Coverage at 24″: 3x3ft

Actual Power Draw: 390W±3%

Replaces a 600W HPS/MH

Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours

Using Instructions of V900:

Acclimation Period: Hanging at 44-48 inches above canopy, 10 Hours light a day, VEG On/ BLOOM Off

Young Vegetative: 400-44 inches above canopy, 12 hours lighting a day, VEG on/ BLOOM of

Vegetative Stage: 32-40 inches above, 18 hours lighting a day, Both VEG and BLOOM on

Flowering Stage: 24-28 inches above, 12 hours lighting a day, both switches on.

2. King Plus LED Grow Lighting Kits

LED Grow Lighting Kits


It is another most used and trusted light from King Plus manufacturer. Full-spectrum lighting makes it more popular in the grow light industry. The price is also very affordable than other competitive products.

It has two switches, VEG and BLOOM designed to provide proper light for plants in different growth stages and increase yielding. The VEG switch is mainly the blue LED and white LED which is perfect for seed or seedling growth.

On the other hand, the BLOOM switch is the red LED and white LED which is mostly needed for flowering. But if you want to increase your plant growth very fast, both switches can be used.

It can provide full-spectrum light from 380 nm to 780 nm (including UV + IR) which is mimic of natural sunlight. Different from other traditional HPS/MH light, because it adopted a high-tech LED chip (double-chip 10W LED).

Important, king plus engineers used multiple high-speed mute fans and upgraded aluminum radiators for maximum heat dissipation and enable the light bulb to work at 50°F to 60°F.

They are very confident about their product and that’s why gives 3 years of Professional Service and free return for 90 days.

Using Instruction of King Plus 1000w:

Germination Stage: Hang the light at 26″ -30″ above the plants and lighting 14-18 hours a day.

Growing Stage:  Hang the light at 20″-26″ above the plants and lighting 12-14 hours a day for For Vegetative growth Stage.

Flowering Stage: Hang the light at 18″ -24″ above the plants and lighting 9-12 hours a day for the flowering stage.

Fruiting Stage: 18″ -24″ above the plants and lighting 7-8 hours a day.

3. BESTVA DC Series LED Grow Lighting Kits

BESTVA DC Series LED Grow Lighting Kits


If you are looking for the highest yielding LED light for grow plants in the closet, BESTVA DC Series LED light is the best option for you. Here is available 3 wattage light, 1000w, 2000w and 3000w.

You should select one according to your plants and grow tent sizes. It has the Newest Technology Dual-chip (10W) LEDs which is brighter and more efficient than traditional 3w, 5w LEDs.

Features of Nine different bands of LEDs help to deliver full-spectrum light which is needed for plants, vegetables, flowers for growing indoors at all stages, just like in the natural sunlight.

It has two switches, VEG for growing and BLOOM for seedling/flowering. If your plants need more energy, you can turn on both switches.

They use a 3mm thickness aluminum plate radiator better heat dissipation. you will get 90 days satisfaction or return guarantee Plus 3 years warranty. If you face any problem during use this BESTVA grow tent lighting kits, just contact with them.

Using Instruction:

Germination Stage:  26″ -30″ above the plants and lighting for 15-18 hours a day for the Seedling/Germination stage.

Growing Stage: 20″-26″ above the plants and ideal lighting for 15-18 hours a day for Vegetative growth Stage.

Flowering Stage: 18″ -24″ above the plants and ideal lighting for 12-14 hours a day for the flowering stage.

4. Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow LightAdvanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light


If you have a good budget and want to add a high quality led light in your to grow tent, The Advanced platinum series is the perfect choice for you. It has the highest PAR/Lumen output per watt.

Features of 12-band LEDs deliver full spectrum lighting effects from the depths of UV to the heights of IR. Your plants will receive complete and efficient spectral output from this one.

Also, it has two switches, VEG and BLOOM which ensure proper light for plants at all growth stages. Designed with upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks with 2x high-speed whisper-quiet fans for better heat dissipation.

Perfect for 4.5ft x 3.8ft coverage at 18″ height. But few growers thought it is very expensive and at the same price easily can pick 2/3 led grow tent lighting kits with the same wattage. Now the choice is yours.

P300 Product Specs

Max Coverage at 18″” Height 4.5’x3.8′

Core Coverage at 18″” Height 3’x2′

LED Quantity 100x3w US MADE LEDS

Lifespan 100,000 hours

5. MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light Tent Kits

MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light Tent Kits


It is the high-efficiency white led grow light tent kits from MARS HYDRO manufacturer. They used the Newest SMD LED technology which provides the highest PAR/LUMEN per watt.

This mars hydro ts 1000w led light can replace a single-ended 1000watt HPS. It will save up to 50% energy and you will get 30% higher yield.

If you have mars hydro grow tent and setup this led, your plants will absorb 90% light because it works well in mars grow tent.

Features of Fanless design make your growing life easy and quiet. The aluminum construction which is heat dispersing material, effectively reduces light loss to aisles and walls and increases the light intensity up to 20%.

5 Complete Grow Tent Ventilation Kits

All grow tents are requires ventilation kits. But find out the right grow tent ventilation kits are so challenging because of many products available on the market. Keep in mind; all are not perfect for a tent.

Many people asked me what is the best ventilation kit which we should buy are. That’s why we spend our time to make a simple list of the best 10 grow tent ventilation kits.

1. iPower Grow Tent Ventilation Kits

iPower Grow Tent Ventilation Kits


The ipower grow tent ventilation kits are the most popular and customer trusted. It comes with Duct Inline Fan, Carbon filter, fan speed controller, rope hanger and Humidity Monitor.

There are available 4-inch ventilation kits, 6-inch ventilation kits and 8-inch ventilation kits. Also, you can only buy a fan filter ducting system separately at an affordable price.

Inline Fan: The fan made with high-quality components and has composite fan blades, a central hub which ensures quiet operations and reduces unwanted noise, vibration.

Controller: it has 3 settings, Variable Speed, OFF, HIGH, MED, LOW. The controller does not adjust below 50% to avoid the risk of burning out the fan motor.

Carbon Filter: The most important, it has word most popular IAV Australia Charcoal Filter (FREE Pre-Filter included). We recommend changing the pre-filter after every 6 months to protect your filter.

Humidity Monitor: A humidity monitor included in this package which has wide measuring range Capability. This fast response monitor measures the temperatures from 14℉ to 122℉(-10℃~50℃).

Ipower ventilation combo kits can removes heat and eliminate the undesirable ill-smelling odors and ensure fresh air deliver in grow tent.

2. VIVOSUN Grow Room Air Filtration Kit

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Air Filtration Kit


VIVOSUN is one of the most popular manufacturers in the hydroponics world. They produce high quality vivosun grow tent, inline fan, carbon filters, grow lights and all kinds of grow kits. It comes with inline fan, carbon filter and 8 Feet of Ducting Combo.

Inline Fan: it has 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Fan with a speed controller. Perfect for use grow room, grow tent (hydroponics), and hospital rooms.

Ducting & Clamps: it made from high-quality aluminum which temperature resistant and more durable. Three-layer thickness: (Aluminum Foil + PET + Aluminum Foil) with Built-in steel wire ensures easy use and long-lasting performance. Perfect for using in grow tent, grow room, greenhouse, Kitchens, and Bathrooms.

Carbon Filter: This premium carbon filter able to provides 50% open area to increased free airflow. Two belts included in this package.

3. PrimeGarden Grow Room Air Filtration Kits

PrimeGarden Grow Tent Ventilation Kits


It comes with an inline fan and carbon filter ducting combo, fan speed controller, Hygrometer Thermometer and 24 hours timer. You will get complete hydroponic grow kits in one package at a very affordable price.

There are several sizes grow tent air filtration kits available like 4 inch – 8-inch ventilation kits. You can also buy an inline fan separately from this package.

It has a quality inline fan carbon air filter combo with a free filter included. Perfect for using in hydroponic grow tent ventilation system.  The fan ceramic-coated and composite fan blades with center hub which able to reduce noise and vibration.

You will get in this package, an activated carbon filter/Changeable Velcro Pre-filter, 2x Elastic Ropes, 1xSilver, Silver Flex Ducting, 1xInline Fan and 2xSteel Hose Clamps.

4. Hydroplanet™ Grow Tent Ventilation kits

Hydroplanet™ Grow Tent Ventilation kits


The hydroplanet complete grow tent ventilation kits come with an inline fan, speed controller, carbon filter, and ducting combo. There are available several sizes like 4-inch kit, 6-inch kit, and 8-inch kit. But if you want to buy only a fan, this option also available.

They provide 25-Feet Uninsulated Aluminum Ducting with Clamps and high-efficiency inline duct fan. The fan can move maximum air through carbon filters. The price is very cheap from other competitive brands. You will get 2 years warranty.

5. IOBIONICS Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

IOBIONICS Grow Tent Complete Ventilation Kit


The IOBIONIC complete grow tent ventilation kit comes with 4 inch EC fan, 4 inches activated carbon filter, digital timer, Rope Ratchet, 4″ Aluminum Flex Duct & Duct Clamps.

The carbon filters use 1050+ RC48 Australian Virgin Charcoal Granules which ensure maximum output. But the price is small expensive than other competitive brands. If you have a small grow tent, it is perfect for you.

5 Best Grow Tent Fans Review

Grow tent fans are very important for healthy plant growth. A Fan plays an important role in them for good air circulation. But find out the right fan is so difficult because markets are loaded with several options.

To minimize your worries, we spend our time to create a list of best fans which are ideal for grow tents. Here we reviewed inline duct exhaust and oscillating fans. We hope it will help you to add a right fan to your grow tent.

1. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 Inline Duct FanAC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 Inline Duct Fan


If you are looking for the best inline duct fan, the AC Infinity Cloudline fan is the best choice for you. It comes with a Temperature Humidity Controller. This fan designed to quietly ventilate hydroponic grow tents/ grow rooms and circulate fresh air.

It has EC-motor with PWM-control which delivers quiet and energy-efficient performance. Also, it has an intelligent controller that features advanced programming and functions to make your grow life easier.

The intelligent controller can be programmed to adjust fan speeds to respond to varying low and high temperatures and keep the ideal cooling environment which is mostly needed for plants.

It has backup memories capability which allows you to run at customizable speeds. Additional features, it has an alarm system, countdown timer, and eco-mode. You can easily connect with an additional cloudline t6 fan to share the same programming and power source.

2. Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster FanTjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan


It is another great 6” Inline Duct Booster Fan from Tjernlund. But if you need other sizes, don’t worry. There are several sizes of fan available like 4″, 6″ 8″ and 10″. We recommend buying the Tjernlund M-6 for hydroponic grow tent / grow room.

It has high-pressure air handling performance capability with low noise and power usage. Perfect for Great for exhausting high-moisture areas. The fan speeds are controllable but they do not give you the speed control device, you should buy separately.

If you want to get a long run or air supply to keep your tent environment fresh, it can be considerable. All models come with standard power cord, mounting brackets and hardware.

3. TerraBloom 6″ Inline FanTerraBloom 6" Inline Fan


If you are looking for a fan that can be used as Exhaust or Intake fan, Carbon Filter Fan or Light Fixture Cooling Fan in Your Grow Tent, The TerraBloom is only the best choice for you.

There are also several sizes available, 4”, 6” and 8”. You can easily fit this fan with 6 inches carbon filter and 6″ Air Ducts Seamlessly. Equipped with a built-in speed controller in its power cord.

You can control the fan speed from 100% to 50% of maximum output. This fan-made from Black ABS Plastic, Weights Only 5.5 Lbs, so you can easily mount to the Ceiling Of your tent Using Zip Ties or ratchet hangers.

You will get 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects.

4. Air King Clip Fan, White

Air King oscillating Clip Fan, White


If you are looking for an oscillating fan for your grow tent, Air King Clip fan is the best choice for you. This 6-inch commercial grade fan has a 2-speed and spring-loaded clip-on design for easy-to-attach to a variety of surfaces.

The lubricated 1/300-horsepower motor and polypropylene blade deliver awesome airflow and keep the environment fresh. Constructed Zinc-plated steel front grill and impact-resistant plastic rear grill make it more durable and long-lasting.

This fan is OSHA approved and they provide a 7-foot, 3-conductor type SPT power cord.

5. Hurricane Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

Hurricane wall mount oscillating fan


It is a great oscillating fan for grow room and grow tent. it has 3-speed settings that allow you to choose the correct airflow for your plants. Features of Side to side oscillation covers 90 degrees of space and keep good air circulation.

The Guard material is Steel to ensure maximum durability and long-lasting effect. The price is also very affordable. It has a 5-foot 120-volt power cord. They provide 1 Year-Warranty.

5 Best Carbon Filter Review

We all know that carbon filter is very important indoor grow tent for soak up and eliminate some of the most undesirable odors. Not only has that but also eliminated harmful and potentially ill-fating chemicals in the air.

For your Help to get an ideal carbon filter for your grow room/ grow tent, we reviewed the best 5 carbon filter available on the market right now. Let’s go…

1. iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter


It is the best and most used carbon filter you can add to complete your grow room kits. Available One of the world’s most absorbent carbon which is 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 Activated Carbon.

This ipower professional filter can handle the nastiest odors produced by your plants and ensure healthy environments. The Filter cap constructed with high quality and durable aluminum for maximum strength and long-lasting.

Since it was built Aluminum construction, the weighs 50% less than the other competition. A super easy installation system, just a simple plug-and-play feature will keep you hassle-free and make your growing life comfortable.

It will not only eliminate undesirable odors but also eliminate potentially ill-fating chemicals from the air your plants breathe. It has a 50mm Carbon Layer of Thickness which ensures higher absorption.

They included a pre-filter with this device; we recommend to replace the pre-filter every 6 months.

2. VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter


It is a great and high-quality carbon filter from Vivosun manufacturer. I want to let you know that Vivosun is the most trusted brand to produce indoor growing kits.

They produce high quality grow tent, carbon filter, inline and oscillating fan, led light and more indoor growing kits.

They use superior carbon quality which Made of imported Virgin Australian activated charcoal for delivering 100% filtered air.

It can protect from chemical irritants and eliminates odors produced by plants. Also can Absorbs odors from pets and smoking to keep the air fresh.

There are several sizes available like 4″, 6″ and 8″. You can choose any one of them according to your plants and grow tent sizes. These all are the same quality.

Most important, you can use it as intake or exhausting filter with inline and duct fan, intake, exhaust, and air exchange fans. In this package, you will get a carbon filter, Changeable Velcro Pre-filter, and Carbon Filter Belts.

3. CoolGrows 4 inch Air Carbon Filter

CoolGrows 4 inch Air Carbon Filter


If you are looking for the cheap carbon filter to add as your grow tent equipment, you can consider about coolgrows air carbon filter. The price is cheap but not the performance.

it can soak up and eliminate the undesirable and ill-smelling odors of hydroponic grow tent/ grow room, bathrooms, and kitchen. Features of 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed easily absorbs odors and delivers filtered air.

The Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area filter air and compact with any kind of inline fan. They provide 1-year warranty, so if it does not meet your expectations, just contact them.

4. TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter

TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter


If you have a good budget and want a carbon filter for a big grow tent, TerraBloom is a good option for you. The Price small expensive than other competitive manufacture because of quality design.

They used the top grade RC-48 Charcoal Carbon from Western Australia to construct this air filter. The carbon bed is 46mm thick, on the other hand, most of economy grade filters has 38mm thick Beds.

If any grower wants to build a better quality air filtration system, it will be the best choice for them. Because the terrabloom does not compromise on the quality of the key components.

It will help you filter out cigarette smoke, plant-based allergens at your grow tent/ grow room. Keep in mind, to get a maximum good result, you should have high quality other indoor grow kits with this filter.


If you have others cheap grow room kits, we not recommend to buy this one. Because high quality complete grow tent packages can give you a better result.

5. AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter


We all know about AC infinity, especially their inline fans are great for hydroponic grow room/ grow tent. But do you know that their carbon filters are also great? Yes, that is right.

It designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for hydroponic grow room and grow tent. Feature of Australian Virgin charcoal bed which has maximum absorbent capacity.

It designed with Heavy-duty stainless steel flanges and dual-sided aluminum mesh to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. You can get maximum airflow both intake and exhaust configurations.

5 Most Used Grow Bags Review

1. VIVOSUN Grow Bags



Are you searching for environmentally friendly, and BPA-free grow bags? If yes, the Vivosun bags are the best choice for you. It made of 300g thickened nonwoven fabric that not retains excess water and ensures your roots in translating, breathe and vigorous growth.

It comes with both heavy-duty handles which allow you to move bags full of soil and plants ease. You can reuse these portable grow bags for years. It comes with 3 years warranty.

There are several sizes available like 1 gallon 5 pack, 2 gallongs, 3 gallons to 100 gallons. These all are the same quality, so you can choose any gallons according to your needs.

2. 247Garden Grow Bags

247Garden Grow Bags


It is another most used and high qualities grow bags from 247Garden. The price is also very cheap than the competition. Available several sizes like 1 gallon 5 pack, 2 gallons, 3 gallons to 100 gallons.

These 247Garden grow bags Made with 100% non-woven 260g landscape fabric which is BPA free and environment-friendly. You can grow Stronger, healthier plants from start to finish without any hassle.

Perfect for growing small things like beans, basil, garlic, mint, flowers and much. it will improve overall root structure and produce more root tips and give you higher yields.

3. Gardzen Grow Bags

Gardzen Grow Bags


The Gardzen grow bags made with high-quality material that is a durable non-woven fabric.  It is fluffy and AZO-free, washable for reuse and comes with 3 years warranty.

It has several sizes like 1 gallon to 30 gallons. These bags can provide excellent aeration and good air permeability to improve the overall root structure. Ensures enough space for root to breathe and avoid root swirling.

Don’t worry about moving them around, the durable double thick and double stitched sturdy handle straps allow you easy to transport.

4. Garden4Ever Grow Bags

Garden4Ever Grow Bags


Do you want to boost your plant growth and yields? If yes, the Garden4Ever grow bags are good options for you. It can prevent circling roots, air-prunes and improve root structure.

It has great water drainage and air circulation features, perfect for growing vegetables and fruits. Available several sizes, 1 gallon to 30 gallons. But they not mentioned warranty/ guarantee.

5. MELONFARM Grow Bags



MELONFRAM grow bags made of strong non-woven fabric which is BPA free and highly permeable, environment-friendly. You can easily clean these bags without any hassle.

Generally, the permeability non-woven fabric does not retain too much water, just only retains the require water, so your plants root can breathe smoothly.

You can easily fill soil and plants in the bags, allow you to move them around by the durable and sturdy handles.

Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits

We know that the hydroponics system grow cannabis much faster than traditional soil. Although it is a slightly complex process than using traditional soil, but you can grow larger crops with fewer efforts.

Many Indoor growers like hydroponics system but they do not get good results due to ideal complete hydroponic grow kits. That’s why we spend our time to make a list of best and most used grow tent hydroponics kits.

Items You Will Need

  1. Space for growing your crop
  2. Grow Lights
  3. Hydro Buckers or Deep Water Culture Buckets
  4. Soil equivalents like coco coir or peat
  5. Nutrients
  6. Fans
  7. pH tester
  8. C02 Regulator
  9. Seed or Clones

Already we have detailed reviewed guide about space for growing crops like grow tents. Check out your favorite size grow tent, 2×2 grow tent, 2×4 grow tent, 3×3 grow tent, 4×4 grow tent, 4×8 grow tent, 5×5 grow tent, 8×8 grow tent, and 10×10 grow tent.

In this article, already we discussed 5 best LED grow lights above, you can choose one of them. But if  you want light like hps, check  here HPS light bulbs.

Now we will discuss Most used hydroponic grow kits, let’s go

1. DWC Bucket kit- Essential Hydroponics Grow Kits

DWC Bucket Kit essential Hydroponics grow Kits


DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponic system is the most popular and day by day increasing. For that, DWC Bucket is essential to make your dream true. But many products are available on the market. All are not able to provide good results.

We have found high quality and easy to use inexpensive complete Hydroponic Bucket Kit by PowerGrow Systems. In this package, they included everything you need for a complete system.

It has 5 Gallon FDA Approved Bucket and 6 inch Basket Lid. Not end, also you will get 44 GPH Air Pump, Air Stone, Air Tubing, Growing Medium, and Rockwool Seeds Starting Plugs.

They provides 1 year USA Manufacturers Warranty.

2. General Hydroponics CocoTek

General Hydroponics CocoTek


Coconut Coir also known as Coco-tek, and Cocopeat is the most efficient growing medium for hydroponics. It made from the brown husks surrounding the coconut shell which is organic and holds water very well.

You can use this coco coir alone or mixed with other growing media like perlite and expanded clay pellets. Keep in mind, most used formula to use is 50% clay pellets & 50% of the coconut fiber.

This is a high-quality cocotek organic growing media for hydroponics by General Hydroponics manufacturer. It consists of three different types of compressed coco coir which is environmentally-friendly. You can use it as alternative to sphagnum peat moss.

3. Advanced Nutrients for Coco Coir

Advanced Nutrients for Coco Coir


If you are growing cannabis plants in coco coir, this advanced nutrient is the best for you. Especially it designed to supplement the nutrients that your plants not getting from coco coir.

It comes with sever sizes like 0.5 Liter, 1 Liter and 4 Liter. You should decide which one you need for your plants. There are two parts, A and B which work mainly on a coco coir substrate. Also, it helps to keep ideal ph levels and ensures healthy plant growth.

After using this advanced nutrient, you will see a boost in the size of your plants. If you want to grow your cannabis/marijuana plants very fast in the hydroponic system of coco coir medium, it is the best nutrients available on the market.

4. Apera Waterproof pH Tester Kit for Hydroponics

Apera Waterproof pH Tester Kit for Hydroponics


Indoor hydroponics grower uses PH Meters for testing the ph level of hydroponic nutrient solution. If you want to grow plants successfully in a hydroponics system, a pH meter is essential for you.

Many types of pH meters available on the market and all devices can’t provide accurate reading results. After long research and real testing, we found the best ph tester for hydroponics that is Apera waterproof pH meter.

It has a high-quality sensor with low impedance which ensures accurate results and a high response rate. You can use not only hydroponics but also regular pH test applications like aquariums, beer brewing, pools and spas, and water treatment.

5. VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter

VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter


We all know that Humans and animals require oxygen to breathe and live and plants require carbon dioxide. But too much CO2 is harmful to a plant, that’s why we should keep it at an ideal level.

Basically, A CO2 Regulator used for measure and control carbon dioxide levels in a hydroponic grow room. It also helps you to keep the CO2 level at the desired level which ensures healthy plant growth.

For your comfort,

We find out the best CO2 regulator for hydroponics from Vivosun manufacture. It made of durable brass components for long-lasting performance.

You can use this vivosun CO2 regulator emitter in grow tent, indoor grow rooms, hydroponics, and greenhouse to enhance the CO2 and speed up your plants growth rate up to 40%.

Definition of Best Grow Tent Packages:

Best grow tent packages are bound to be in the entire control; of a grower. In terms of that, you don’t have to fully depend on the affection of nature like outdoor gardening.

They are easy to use and put together. Once you decide how much space you have to run growing, you can initiate the ultimate plan for growing plants.

Just with a little wise effort, it becomes easier for a gardener to use different area for growing purpose. The odor removal mechanism along with purification of air makes it worthy to use for long.

Benefits of Using Complete Grow Tent Packages

When it comes to have a discussion about the comprehensive benefits of having a complete grow tent kit, it never let me stop writing. In fact, there are numerous professional advantages it provides you for the best hydroponic gardening.

They effectively offer the ideal environment to the plants. When it comes to keep the growing area neat and clean, it undoubtedly gives you a big hand.

The best thing about Complete grow room kits is to provide additional equipment’s for convenient and safe use in a single package. For that reason, you don’t have to run to buy extra add ones to use. Following list will let you know the benefits in a nutshell.

Suitable for Exclusive Indoor Gardening

Grow tent equipment keeps calm environment and never allows any mess inside the tent. No tangling you will find here over wires and other parts and accessories.  Again, perfect grow light will spread the beamy reflection over the plants.


The extreme adaptable capacity simply makes them preferable.They are easily adjustable with any kind of hydroponic application.  If you love to cultivate flowers, herbs, marijuana, any kind of seedlings or cloning, they help you in doing so as your wishes.

In addition, for different size and shapes, they are available too. With a least effort, they are worthy to transfer from one place to another with simple portability.

Perfect with Durable Construction and Design

The frame and fixtures of the complete grow kits lasts for long time due to the application of metal poles. Not only it offers you attractive fixtures, but also used high-grade quality materials in each packages.

They are made of dense material enrolled with light proof properties. The ventilation mechanism is likely to be there to improve the aeration. Again, the extract fans, carbon filters, ducting are important addition as a part of the fixture.

Optimal Lighting

Mylar is the highly beneficial, reflective and heat resistant material. In most indoor grow kits, this is highly applicable. It ensures the maximum fruitful effect on light reflection over the plants from each and every position.

Saving Energy

Energy saving fact is very crucial and noticeable advantages from it. As you find an enclosed environment on producing the plants, that makes the great use of utilizing the energy source effectively.

That’s how chances are less to waste the valuable energy source. It also allows heat dissipation.

Preventing Harmful Pests

Pests such as mites, bugs or flies are dire enemy of the indoor plants. This might cause a great havoc to the indoor crops. this kits act as an active safeguard against those attacking insects.

“Of course, you like to have an interruption free gardening space away from children or other toxic elements, right?” They are likely to give you that space.

Creating odor-free Growing Environment

Mostly, cannabis growers are likely to have a tent entitled with odor controlling capacity. In that case, carbon filter takes a lead to minimize the bad smell by purifying the air efficiently.

Later, it initiates filtering the bad odors and emits them out from the indoor grow tent. That’s how, the gardening environment remain favorable for both the users and plants.

Best Components

In most cases, Manufacturers include best components in the package. That’s why you don’t have to buy extra Add on or accessories from outside.

Grow lights, fixtures, inline fans, carbon filters, removable floor trays, hanging equipment’s etc. are useful components added in the package.

Best Grow Tent Package Buying Guide

If you want to avoid buying each kit individually to run smoothly the gardening, then package are perfect choice for you to buy. As you are eagerly reading this review then of course, I assume you know something about it.

Grow tents are extremely an effective solution for those who want to make indoor gardening. When you decide to go to the market for buying purpose, plenty of choices are there for you to buy.

Nothing is so painful when you are looking here and there as confusion grows in your mind which one to buy or which not.

To minimize your worries, this buying guide will perform like a tonic for you I think. In it, I am going to highlight the basic factor that should be in to your consideration before buying.


This is a huge factor before you generate ideas for gardening. In marketplaces, number of tents are there with different sizes from 2×4 to 10×20. Which size suits you the most completely depends on following factors.

Look for the amount of space you have to grow plants. If you have small area for growing purpose, then buying small tents will suit you the most. Again, if you own a large area for indoor gardening, you must consider in buying a large one.

The kind of plants you want to grow indirectly indicates about what size of grow tent you should buy. For an example, average size is suitable for weed plants grower. Moreover, for to cultivate saplings, you need a large package.

Budget is another factor to focus on before fixing the right size for grow tent package. In general, small grow tents cost less than that of larger ones.


Height is another essential consideration to look for before you decide which grow tent you should buy. As it defines the category of lighting and growing system, you must not ignore this point.

“Of course, you want to ensure a good lighting system for the healthy growth of your plants, right?”

The grow light should fit the plants. In that sense, the light installation must require the recommended distance inside a tent. In most cases, 7’ height of a tent suits the most in an 8’ ceiling distance wall.

Again for growing vegetables, the recommended height distance prefer in 4’11”. Make sure, you use less intense lighting for short grow tent height basement. Doing so, you can avoid burning the crops you desire to grow.

Thickness of the Canvas

Durability is the most demanded factor in each product you buy. Similarly, to use a grow tent package for long, every growers craves for a reliable product service.

Now what makes it durable and suitable for long-term use? The more density of the reflective canvas a  has the better it is strong and preferable to use.

Lightproof tents support a great deal of quality. There are variation of the density of a grow tent differs from 1680D canvas to 210D. Basically, “D” is the particular measurement of linier mass density of a tent canvas.

Also, this factor defines the ultimate warmness prevailing inside your grow kit.


Grow tent frames should be strong and made with quality material. The more it is made of higher quality components, the better it is durable to use.

How would you feel when the fabric rips at the middle of the usage period? To have the best growing experience, look for the perfect construction of a tent of course with solid frame.

In fact, the frame and poles establish the strong basement of a tent. Metal poles are sturdy enough to provide best service. To hold the overall weight of the tent and other parts and accessories, there is no option except buying a tent with strong frame and poles.

Air Ventilation

To establish a perfect air ventilation is necessary even if you build a favorable environment for your crops. I encourage you to have a closer look on this factor.

Plants need gases to survive and ventilation system is there to provide so. And also, frees the space from extreme heat by cooling down the environment.

This most important environmental condition ensures odor control and fresh air circulation.

Heavy duty Zippers

Establishing a suitable lighting system won’t work out if you fail to keep a heavy duty zipper system. It stands against the light leakage and saves enough power. This is effective for the regular and healthy growth of your plants.

Overall the equipment’s of a growing tent, zippers are the one which you use on regular basis. So, carefully use it to ensure better lighting and reflection over the crops.

Before buying a grow kit, make sure it is not worn out. Pin holes in it must be ignored as it is not good for the tent utility.

Cord and Ducting ports

As the equipment’s of the tents are efficiently run by battery system, no doubt, it requires essential wire to have connection with electricity.

This is the reason, cord ports are must to have factor being in a tent for running the wires properly. If you are in need of connecting more wires, then assume how much it is important for a tent.

Again, to eliminate hot airs or unwanted odor smell, there should have ducting ports. That’s how the environment will be favorable for plant’s regular growth.

Long-term Usage Capacity

The growing tent you are going to buy should have durability. How can you confirm the durability? “It’s so simple.” “The best way to know it is to check the warranty and guarantee of the manufacturer.”

Durability maximizes the ultimate stability of any product. That’s why; you must check the reviews of the products on amazon or any other reputed site. Basically its made of thick materials are competent for durability.

Final Verdict

By now you have completely read the full article of complete indoor grow tent package I think. May be you have a good sense of choosing the best package. Above-mentioned grow room kits are absolutely preferable and the best product of the growing tent industries.

I truly hope you ideally choose at least one among all the given products. I believe, this article will reduce your hassles in buying Complete led grow tent kits for soil and useful accessories.

Somewhat disadvantages can remain in every product. But your wisely approach on focusing the benefits may not deceive you.

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