Mammoth Grow Tent- Everything You Need to Know

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

Mammoth Tent is a popular brand among indoor growers which is situated in Holland. They have taken the market like a storm in recent years by boasting about their biggest grow rooms in the industry.

This company became the pioneer of indoor climate rooms and produces goods of four different qualities to satisfy everyone’s desires. To fulfill the needs of all the professionals and the beginners, they offer 60 different sizes and models of indoor grow tents.

Mammoth Tents allows a consumer to have a complete solution for gardening by also producing their own grow lights and accessories.

The company has a huge reach for its customers operating and shipping worldwide. Their main goal is to provide a mobile grow room to everyone’s house and for that reason their business model provides various different best grow tents at distinctive price levels without compromising any quality.

Through years of research and development, all of their products are trialed and tested, making customers happy globally. Let’s take a deeper look what is the secret of their mammoth fan following backing up their products.

Mammoth Grow Tent

Mammoth Grow Tent

A grow tent is an indoor growing room which is a marvelous gardening tool of various dimensions that ensures a climate-controlled environment for the plants.

The most important factor is the seal of this area which will help the gardeners to control a fixed temperature, moisture, and luminosity. The size and material used to make the grow tents play a crucial factor and we shall take a deeper look at its distinctive features.

Attractive features

The 5 key features of their design are:

  1. Fabric: Uses 210 Mylar which gives a tough structure. This excellent fabric ensures up to 95% internal reflection.
  2. Frame: 3 times stronger steel poles and specifically engineered corner segments made of polypropylene
  3. Seal: Very high-quality zippers give a total light proof seal allowing controlling temperature and air inside.  Separate space for ventilation prevents all chances of leaks.
  4. Access: Comes with wide zipped windows and a hanging tube for lights, fans, etc supporting up to 66 pounds of weight.
  5. Maintenance: Easy to clean materials as it is washable up to 104 F degrees and also includes a waterproof water tray which removable.

Compelling Design

The grow tents are designed to hold the plants but also include holes to place ventilation machines, grow lights, exhaust or inline fans, carbon filter, and many accessories.

A very spacious design for a low price saves a lot of bucks to invest in other equipment that will assist in your indoor garden. It is very easy to access the grow tents and also to carry the daily gardening chores.

Wide range of products

Mammoth tent manufactures six distinct variations of Grow tents and each different type are offered in multiple sizes to accommodate all kinds of users. They label the products in 5 different tiers such as “Bronze” for first-timers, “Silver” for beginners, “Gold” for enthusiasts, “Diamond” for the mass producers, and “Professional” for certified growers with advanced needs.

Additional accessories

The dimensions of the product vary widely starting from 400 x 400 x 1400 in the “Mammoth Lite” till 6000 x 12000 x 2400 in “Mammoth Elite” but all these spaces also require other equipment than the plants you will place inside. Mammoth Tents also produces these essentials for a complete solution.

  1. Grow Light: They offer two types of lights called the “Neon Ballast” and “TCL Bulbs” each having various wattage capacities.
  2. Reflectors: This allows up to a 110-degree angle for uniformity giving better growth to plants.
  3. Thermo/Hygrometer: For keeping better track of your plant’s growth and set optimum environment.


  • Easy assemble without any advanced tools needed
  • Long-lasting material of 210D Mylar
  • 95% internal reflection for better growth
  • Robust frame made up of steel and engineering corner segments
  • Durable zippers for complete light-proofing
  • Strong hanging tubes come in a box with 66 pounds of load capacity
  • Easy cleaning at 104 degrees Fahrenheit of water usage
  • Completely waterproof water base tray


The verdict of Mammoth Grow Tent review

If you’re tired of being disappointed by poorly made grow tents, then as reviewers, we can guarantee your satisfaction if you choose to go with Mammoth grow Tents.

This company makes affordable tents at a low price and also products for professional growers. Many other competitors may only target the budget buyers but as they make professional grow tents as well, the buyers can benefit from the advancement they made in research and development.

So this ensures a tested product that has been looked into thoroughly with years of experience. The ability to control the environment of your plants and securing a perfect seal allows for maximum opportunity to make the most of your plants.

Mammoth grow tents give a complete package and ensure locking in the temperatures, humidity, and any type of aroma you are worried about. Its tough cover helps to keep your plant’s growing area stable and waterproof floor trays leave a clean surrounding.

Many websites such as Amazon and Growace will back their claims with numerous customer reviews and high sales of such products.

It’s an obvious choice for any customer from an average Joe to a professional. For these reasons we recommend Mammoth grow tents to our respected customers. With much variety of sizes and options at an affordable price tag we can assure you that you will find your next purchase for your indoor garden with Mammoth grow tents.

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