#5 Best Grow Lights For Orchids Reviews 2022

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2022)

Orchids are a widespread and diverse genre of flowering plants that are mainly used for decoration or in some cases for medicine production. Now due to the huge demand for orchids the cultivation of these plants especially indoor harvesting became a hot topic of the town.

In this article

we have selected a few best grow lights for orchids and tried to present a comparative discussion about them to help the indoor cultivators.

In cold countries where outdoor cultivation is not possible indoor gardening is the only option there grow lights work as the alternative power source instead of sun light. Depending on the different time period and genres of the plants grow lights may also differ.

From the below discussed grow lights you can choose which is suitable for you according to your garden sizes and plant types.

As you know that in today’s world there are hundreds options available for almost every product in the market so the grow lights are not exception.

We have collected handpicked data from real consumers to find out the best lights for orchids. Our top five is a complete database for those who seek a perfect grow light for their indoor garden or tents.

Our expert panel well researched the collected data and find out the best features in them along with a comparative analysis of grow lights.

Form this list below anyone who loves to grow orchids indoor can easily find the best orchid grow light for cultivation no matter how bigger or what kinds of orchid plants they grow.

A List of Best Grow Lights for Orchids

1. SANSI 36W Daylight LED Plant Light

Key Features

  • Regular light bulb operation
  • Mix color chip for best output
  • Energy efficient and money saver
  • Full spectrum with even distribution
  • dissipates heat thoroughly with ceramic LED
  • To prevent light loss, it focuses on directional light
  • Ceramic molding become less hot then aluminum

The very first product we are going to introduce to you has lights with directional focus and the distribution system of the spectrum is known as Sansi 39W daylight LED plant ceramic light bulb.

The light used the mixed color chip to ensure the best output of lights and it is very effective on the heat dissipates throughout the whole plantation area. Because of the ceramic molding used in the light it becomes lees heated and regular bulb operation makes it one of the best led grow lights for orchids with more easier and convenient to use.

2. GROWSTAR Gooseneck Grow Light

Key Features

  • Solar spectrum simulation
  • maximum growth within less time
  • High efficiency with less temperature
  • 50W bulbs generate powerful brightness
  • Bulbs are replaceable and more upgraded
  • Uniforms lights to stimulate photosynthesis
  • 360 degree gooseneck which is flexible & Sturdy

The Growstar 50W LED plant lights for indoor plants are a super power source of 100 LEDs that can produce sun like functional spectrum to offer the best brightness within a huge harvesting area.

Replaceable bulbs can offer solar spectrum simulation and the uniforms lights increase the plants growth faster and healthier by stimulating the photosynthesis process.

The adjustable goosenecks allow the light heads to move smoothly anywhere so that all orchids get equal lighting and these features make it one of the best LED lights for orchids.

3. Duomishu Triple Head Grow Light

Key Features

  • Latest COB LED bulbs included
  • More brighter and more effective
  • Very safe and lightweight product
  • Red lights increase photosynthesis
  • Blue lights help to grow healthy plants
  • Frosted lamp cover to protect the eyes
  • 3 separate rod with 8 adjustable brightness level
  • Though generate lower hear but produce high power

Very lower heat generation makes sure the photosynthesis promotion by producing extra brightness that is especially needed for indoor orchid cultivation so, the Flaine indoor plants LED grow lights for is definitely the best lights for orchids harvesting in indoor grow tents or rooms.

There are three different timing features for an auto on off mode in case of your absence from the plantation. The 360 degree routable gooseneck allows adjusting the lights from any angels so that no part of the plants left untouched from the light spectrum and that’s why it is in our top list.


  • High output efficiency due to the diamond reflective mylar material lining which reflects 98% of the light within the tent and restricts the light from escaping
  • The plants can be easily observed and monitored by the user through the observation window
  • Easy to set-up and install with no external tools needed
  • Comes with strong metal poles for better structural hold during use, making it more long-lasting
  • Energy efficient with low power use
  • Product comes with a two years warranty


The zippers of the tent may need occasional oiling to ensure longer use

4. Autien Dual-lamp Grow Light

Key Features

  • Blue red color combination
  • Offers targeted wavelengths
  • Designed for rapid plant growth
  • Flexible distance adjustment hooks
  • 4 dimmable comes with 3 switch mood
  • 360 degree gooseneck rotation feature
  • Greater luminous ratio with energy saving mood

The Dual-lamp Grow Light Autien 36LEDs 4 Levels 3 Modes is the only one which offers targeted wavelengths with dual color combination for all round growth combination.

The grow light generates great luminous ratio with energy saving mood with flexible goosenecks that can rotate 360 degree for targeted place lighting. 3 switches with 4 dimmable functions helps the plants keep steady and healthy and that is the reason it is another perfect orchids grow lights for in our top list.

5. ACKE LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum

Key Features

  • Allows low output of heat
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Designed for all growth stage
  • Easy installation with screwdriver
  • Comes with long cable and switch
  • Multiple angle adjustment possible
  • Never burn the plants of short distance

In our top list the final spot is covered by the amazing ACKE LED grow lights that ensure sun like lighting system all day long inside the hydroponic grow tent heat with full spectrum and low heat output.

Even if you place it near the plants it will not burn the plants because it designed on that way to guarantee speedy growth and healthy output within a short time.

Its waterproof and shockproof surface, extra cables and easy installation process make it one of the best orchids grow light.

After reading the features and description of the products anyone can understand what he needs for his upcoming indoor gardening projects. Apart from that there may be some question that may bother you in the selection of grow lights for orchids.


don’t worry we have that solution too; below questions are frequently asked questions about grow lights and we have given the answers for you.

FAQ About Orchids Grow Light

Which are the Best LED Grow Lights for orchids?

All the above mentioned LED grow lights are tested and used by real users. So, you can choose any of the top five products from our list according to your need. Don’t worry they all come with a great warranty so you can get a refund or exchange if not satisfied.

Which one is the best Grow Light for orchids?

To be honest all the top five grow lights are best for orchid cultivation but we have selected five because according to the plant type, color, shape, blooming time there may be different lights needed for a different one. That’s why we have given five best lights for orchid cultivation. We just mentioned led grow light, if you want, you can use HPS grow light or fluorescent grow lights also.

Which is the easiest process of growing orchids?

If you want the best outputs then obviously you have to give the best effort. So if you use perfect grow lights for your orchids then you can get the expected results within a short time then usual time. But still, you have to work hard to achieve that.


Here we have discussed and explained the possible top artificial lights for growing orchids indoor which was now easy for us to find the most suitable one for you. You can now compare and contrast according to your need that which one will be the best grow lights for orchids.

We believe you will be happy rather frustrated no matter which grow light you select from the list and you need not to worry about the environment because all the products are eco friendly.

Happy Orchid Growing……..

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