Prime Garden Grow Tent- A High Quality Grow Tent

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

Indisputably grow tents are the most imperative and essential part but there prevails some other grow supplies that are equally significant for indoor gardening. Carbon filters, grow lights, duct fans are some of the vital elements that make an overall growing environment.

The quality of the grow tent matters the most but grow tents incorporated with the best supplies will triumph in a greater sense.

Most of these items are sold separately by the brands and it is quite hard to get your hands on the best fitting products with your grow tents. So, what PrimeGarden grow tent does is, it sells the whole grow kit (grow tents with other items).To diminish your ultimate struggle this PrimeGarden Grow Tent Review is designed to review the whole PrimeGarden Grow Kit collection.

The following sections will explore and discuss the features allied with PrimeGarden grow kit. Give it a look.

Prime Garden Grow Tent Review

Prime Garden Grow Tent Review

Strength and Durable Infrastructure

If your grow tent is not strong enough to keep the structure stable, it won’t let grow longer. A Good grow tent must have a certain level of strength to pull off all the pressure. Apart from the fabric weight, frames also need to be capable of carrying other supplies as well.

Taking that into account, the frames of these grow tents are made of steel. The standard 16mm steel poles are quite effective and sturdy to take care of the extra weights.

96% Mylar Reflective Sheet

It is very critical to ensure that the light reaches every corner of your grow tents and evenly. But PrimeGarden has the best reflective material to distribute the light everywhere inside the grow room. Mylar is known to be the greatest of all reflective material. It prevents hotspots and with 96% reflectivity, you can expect the ultimate effects.

600D Oxford Fabric Material

600D Oxford fabric is the most standard material; durable, extremely thick, and works great for intense growers as well. It locks the light within the grow tents thus no issues of light wastage.

Again the material is dense enough to seal odor; no more inside smell will come out. Oxford cloth is highly tear-resistant and so bugs or pests cannot invade your plants.

This fabric material does not let the external temperature to bother your plants inside, prevents temperature fluctuation like a pro.

LED Grow Lights

For your plants’ healthy growth, you can never compromise the presence of the grow lights. Even in broader aspects, the cultivation depends on the quality and efficiency of the grow lights. PrimeGarden offers a full spectrum led grow lights to ensure the utmost growth of your plants. They offer three ranges of lights and they are:

  • 300W
  • 600W and
  • 800W

So, you can choose from the options as per your requirements. Moreover, these grow lights are easy to install into grow tents and you can choose the settings considering the cycle of your plants.

Easy Installation

Though the connectors are plastic the quality, in general, is stable. The connectors connect easily and do not need any extra tools. Some of the users have claimed that it takes only a few minutes to assemble the whole thing. Again the tent fabric falls easily into the frames thus you can say goodbye to all the installation hassles.

Carbon Filters for Ventilation and Industrial Level Zipper

Ventilation is very important for the overall healthy life of the plants. These grow tents have environment-friendly carbon filters to ensure air filtration. The carbon filters are incorporated with inline fans that help the users to get rid of any odor or smell.

They also have two ventilation socks for perfect air circulation. You can control the ventilators and maintain the airflow as you please( you should have a good inline fan). Both of the ventilator socks have mesh to cover when not in use.

The doors are zipper operated and customer friendly. The industrial level zipper is extremely durable. Zipper quality is so premium that it does not even snag for once. Moreover, the double-stitched formula does not cause light or air leakage at all.

Two in one Cultivation Flexibility

This unique feature saves both your space and money. And the fun fact is, it provides you with the utmost flexibility in cultivation. PrimeGarden has a line of grow tents that are divided into two compartments. The smaller compartment is for seedlings and propagation whereas the bigger compartment can be used for the after the cycle of the plants.

This way you can use a single grow tent for a complete cycle of the plants and even can grow different plants in different compartments. The choice is yours but in all aspects, it is a double victory for any grower.

Removable Water Floor

These water trays are very useful for unwanted water leakage. Moreover, it prevents flood and as it is removable thus users don’t usually face any trouble in washing. Water floors keep the whole grow room waterproof and saves the plants from water spillage.


  • Comes in a full grow tent package
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Waterproof walls
  • Distributes light evenly
  • Proper ventilation for healthy plants
  • Sturdy infrastructure makes the tent last long.
  • No hotspots or pests or bugs are witnessed.
  • Customer-friendly instruction manual and easy assembly
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Relatively expensive

Summary of the Prime Garden Grow Tent Review

Whereas the other brands offer you grow tents only and leave upon your knowledge to find out the other accessories, this brand puts extra effort to help you out.

For any novice in indoor gardening, it is next to impossible to get a proper idea of the grow lights or carbon filters. Thus PrimeGarden grow tent opts for taking the initiative to facilitate its users with a complete grow kit.

They combine all the necessary aspects to certify the maximum benefits and comfort while growing. We hope our prime garden grow tent review may help you to understand the quality of this product.

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