Best 10×10 Grow Tent Review 2020 (Fan, Filter, Light, Kits)

We reviewed 41 different 10×10 grow tent and created a simple list to help you pick the best 10×10 grow tent.

If you are dreaming to own a large garden filled with healthy plants, 10x10 biggest grow tent can make your dreams true. This is a perfect choice for you to shape your garden having no limitation at all.

So many gardeners face the problem of growing crops that fits with their desire. It will offer you the maximum control over climate. That definitely means that the plants you want to grow will be healthy and grow as per your satisfaction.

In this review, we are going to give you the guideline to identify your desired size and that is our sole purpose to write this article.

Most Popular 10×10 Grow Tent

Whether you are an expert or beginner, you must have a confusion among the wide choices of grow tent models. However, to assist you find the right way to choose, we are there to narrow down your choice list. Hope, it will lead you to select the suitable one.

RankProduct NameSizeRatingPrice
1Anjeet Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent120″x120″x80″4.5See Price
2LAGarden Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent120″x120″x78″4.4See Price
3 Gorilla GGT1010 Big Grow Tent120"x120"x80"4.3See Price

How to Optimise a 10×10 Grow Tent

In case you have some sizeable space inside your house, you may consider starting an indoor garden in a 10×10 grow tent.

Well, you should understand the logistics behind the correct specifications for a grow tent that occupies 100Sq. Ft.

Therefore, let’s look at some of the most crucial aspects you need to get right.

How Many LED Watts for 10×10 Grow Tent?

For every green plant to survive, it needs an adequate supply of the full-spectrum of light. Therefore, lighting is a crucial part when it comes to the life of a grow tent.

Technically, 32 watts per square foot of your growing are is the ideal lighting requirement for a grow tent.

Therefore, for a 10×10 grow tent, you will need 3200 actual watts of LED light for your plants to thrive.

If you’re wondering why the LED light is vital for a grow tent, well, here are the two most basic reasons.

First, the LED light is power efficient. That means the amount of energy required to produce 3200 actual watts is far less compared to lamps.

Secondly, the LED lamps are long-lasting. To be specific, most LED light have a lifespan ranging from 50,000 to 10,000 hours.

5 Best LED Lights ( Recommended)

Product NameRatingPrice
VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control LED Grow Light4.5Check Price
MARS HYDRO Full Spectrum LED Grow Light4.4Check Price
Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light4.3Check Price
BESTVA DC Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light4.3Check Price
King Plus Full Spectrum LED Grow Light4.2Check Price

What Size Carbon Filter for 10×10 Grow Tent

Definitely, like in all other grow tents, you need to calculate the size of the carbon filter that is ideal for your 10×10 grow tent.

In simple, you need a filter that will clean all the unwanted chemicals in the air and irritating odours. Therefore, for your 10×10 grow tent, you may use a filter ranging from 8″ or more with a rating not less than 200 CFM.

While growing plants in a 10×10 grow tent, that a whole room that will be producing some awful smell. In addition, you need to get rid of any other harmful chemicals that emanate from the grow room.

3 Best Carbon Filter For 10×10 Grow Room

SerialProduct NameSizePrice
1VIVOSUN Air Carbon Filter8 InchCheck Price
2TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter8 InchCheck Price
3AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter8 InchCheck Price

What Size Fan is Needed for 10×10 Grow Room

With a tent as big as 100Sq.Ft, an adequate supply of fresh air can be a real problem. Therefore, using a fan to maintain a flawless airflow is paramount.

In that case, you need a fan that will pump the used warmer air out, and pump fresh air into the grow tent.

Calculating the ideal size of your fan is simple.

Get the volume of your grow area—for example, 10x10x6=600 Cubic Feet.

Then, multiply the volume by 125 percent. 600×1.25=750 CFM.

With this rating, you are assured that you will have an excellent supply of air into your grow tent.

4 Best Inline Fan For 10×10 Grow Room

SerialProduct NamePrice
1AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T8, Quiet 8” Inline Duct FanCheck Price
2iPower 8 Inch 750 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation FanCheck Price
3VIVOSUN 8 Inch 720 CFM Inline Duct FanCheck Price
4iPower Complete Grow Tent Ventilation KitsCheck Price

10 x 10 Grow Tent Set up

1. Anjeet 120″x120″x80″ Big Grow Tent

Who won’t love to have a high rated quality grow tent? If you are being on that list, then you are on the right track. The Anjeet covers that quality due to have the sturdy and durable construction.

Gardeners who are craving from heart to experience gardening with solid tents, I am pretty much sure that this product won’t disappoint them. The 600D oxford cloth is there to support it for long term usage. This outer cover is tears proof and very much sturdy in quality.

Hence, this large grow tent features with external zipper. It functions easily and is being sealed properly. In this way, it protects the plants from unwanted and harmful objects.

Another significant feature of this grow tent is the diamond Mylar lining. It is around 96% reflective in nature. The lights produced by the grow lights you used will provide the reflective light back to the crops. It makes sure of the plants sound growth.

If I skip the design, it will be a grave mistake. The total unit is constructed nicely to make the set up easy and quicker than ever. The multiple vents are there to manage the air flow smoothly.

The metal rods are associated with the Anjeet. This heavy duty product will manage a convenient use with a factory-direct rate.

  • This large grow tent is best for growing exotic fruits or vegetables in any season.
  • You can use the nylon belts for additional use of filter straps.
  • There are a set of connectors to enhance the facilities in usage.
  • A waterproof floor tray is good for cleaning task.
  • The mesh associated with the vents is enough to eradicate the harmful pests.
  • Some pin holes may create an issue in some of the products.

2. LAGarden 120×120 Grow tent

LAgarden XL grow tent is a perfect option to choose for improved quality in reflective Mylar. If you prefer to cultivate exotic fruits, vegetables or herbs, you can grow your desired crops easily in any season.

The total unit is safe and reliable to use for the 600D oxford cloth. The zipper design is dazzling to look at. You can run it without any hard effort.

It features with integrated vents that are ultimately rectangular in size. To ensure the maximum ventilation, this is the proper management tool of the manufacturer. The vent comes up with secure hook and loop seals. That’s why; it is highly suitable for better ventilation.

Another significant option that might be a great benefit for you is 2 view windows. “What’s the actual use of it?” In fact, it engages you for easy monitoring over the plants whenever you want.

Consequently, the windows are dignified with upgraded design. That allows convenient use to view the plants conditions.

There are 4” double sleeve vents associated with the LAgarden XL grow tent. Again, you will find 8” double sleeve vents also in it that is reliable and safe for use.

This heavy duty grow tent is 100% light proof and efficiently reflects the lights over the plants inside the grow room.

The construction system ultimately defines it durable as it is made of aluminum frame. It is super strong and that’s why reliable for long-term use.

  • There is a water proof floor tray with the package.
  • It has a grow tent cover that is safe and reliable.
  • 6 nylon belts are associated with it.
  • It has the capacity of puling at least 86lbs.
  • This grow tent is safe and easy to use.
  • All of the features are extremely okay with it. A few of customers made complain about wrong directions in smaller version.

3. Gorilla GGT1010 – Biggest Grow Tent

This is another spectacular and effective big grow tent that you have ever used. It refers with the quite adjustable height a grower needs for organizing a large garden.

Eventually, it comes up with a suitable patent pending height extension. Using this feature, you can successfully enhance the growing tent heights up to 9 ft.

The reflective fabric is convenient for the users for easy light management. It makes the grow tent sustainable for long term use as it is 1680D threaded. You will comparatively find it 3-9x denser than any other growing tools.

The light proof nature, easy set up and safer system have made unparalleled quality that is highly beneficial for the users. In a word, it suitably creates favorable growing environment for your desired plants.

In addition, the diamond reflective walls are managed with immense reflectivity.  It distributes light effects without occurring any leakage.

The metal poles are precisely stronger and contain 100% metal properties. That’s why the frames are sturdy enough to and securely place the useful structure in place.

Another unique feature you will find in it is durable flood pool. It helps in holding water. The overall unit becomes “ripsistent” for the excellent addition of thread density.

It ultimately features with 2boxes. One is attached with the poles and another is with the fabric.

The IR blocking roof generally allows easy use of the grow tent. All Gorilla tents have this feature.

  • This Gorilla tent meets the height extension needs swiftly.
  • It has a simple set up system.
  • It is durable.
  • It secures the systematic structure of the tent.
  • Different sized air ports are featuring with the tent.
  • The pin holes and zipper might disturb the whole system in some cases.

10 x 10 Grow Tent Set up Guide:

In most of the reviews of grow tent, you will find it worthwhile for easy set up. If you intend to have a large tent for enhancing the gardening opportunities, then learning the set-up is necessary.

Make the Frame Upright

The grow tents have metal poles and connectors belonging to the overall unit. The frame set up is necessary. First of all, you need to choose the right place.

Then the designated place you have selected is to be covered with tent. Using the connectors and poles, you can frame it.

Place the led Grow Lights Properly

In this section, you need to choose the appropriate led grow lights for the tent.  Once you choose suitable led grow light for grow tent, it’s time to set it up genuinely. To do so, you should read the manual instructions at first.

Keep the Mounting hardware in a safe position.  Adjust the height and hang it up keeping the right distance. Keep it like the way the plants require to grow.

Fix the attachment of the lighting hoods in the right space with right position. Make sure that emitting light goes directly to the plants.

Now, complete wire fixing tactfully to avoid any electrical hassles. Run the power cords correctly in the grow tent.

Connect Exhaust Fan

After the lighting set up, you need to link the Exhaust Fan for grow tent to the ultimate ventilation system. Definitely, it fixes the proper airflow over the plants inside the tent.

Hang the Carbon Filter

Through this feature, air is being purified with the fresh circulation. Only the carbon filter can make it possible. At the back position of the large grow tent, you have to fix it.

Put the fabric

You are welcome to place the frame with the fabric. Keep the floor tray on the position where you intend to set the tent.

Always keep caring concern for the safety of the other equipment’s. Make sure that all components are working well.

Final Verdict

There are number of insights you may find with the growing tools, it’s set up and other relative factors. But we have come up with the best 10×10 grow tent with the expert reviews,

In just a couple of weeks, you are likely to learn more about them and choose your preference one for the convenient use. Hope, the dreams you are decorating on the eyes for having a large garden will fulfill. You can check our others size grow tent review like 2×2 size, 2×4, 3×3, 4×4, 4×8, 5×5, 8×8, and 10×10 size grow tent.

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