8 Best 10×10 Grow Tent Reviews (Large Grow Tent 2022)

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2022)

We reviewed hundreds of big grow tents available on the market and created a simple list to help you pick the best 10×10 grow tent.

Every commercial grower pines for a far-flung growing space and I can bet on that. What if your growing venture is not enslaved by space struggle? Or rather you have a limitless horizon (Grow Tent) to create your panorama with your dazzling plants, won’t that will be living your dream?

Yes, to grant your green wish, this 10 by 10 grow tents review will guide you as your Fairy God Mother. With years of experience and research by a competent team, we have crafted this review and have shortlisted the Most popular grow tents with enormous space and beneficial features. Hands down, we have picked grow tents to serve every need and aspiration.

To cut the long speech short, let me inform you of the best models from different categories. If you want an all in one grow tent that excels in every aspect, the GreenHouser High Reflective 10×10 grow tent is the best on the whole.

For a premium choice and in a more expensive range, Gorilla 10-Foot by 10-Foot grow tent is splendid.

And to save your budget yet have the best growing experience, nothing can beat TopoGrow D-Door 120″X120″ X78″Indoor Grow Tent.

Check out the full review below and get your hands on the best brands.

Mot Used & Popular 10×10 Grow Tents

1. TopoLite 120″x120″x80″ Grow Tent for Hydroponic Indoor

our top pick
TopoLite Grow Tent 
Size: 120″x120″x80
600D Oxford Cloth
96% reflective diamond Mylar Sheet
budget friendly
Size: 120″x120″x80″
600D canvas material with PE material
98% Mylar reflective material
premium choice
Ultra Yield Grow Tent
Size: 120″x120″x84″
600D Oxford Cloth
98% reflective Mylar
Hongruilite Grow Tent
Size: 120”x120”x80”
Exterior: 600D Oxford Cloth
Interior: 96% reflective diamond Mylar
PrimeGarden Grow Tent
Size: 120”X120”X80”
96% reflective Lichee Mylar
Heavy-duty, light-proof 600D Oxford Cloth
GreenHouser Grow Tent
Size: 120”x120”x78”
Exterior material: 600D durable Oxford clothl
Interior Material: 96% reflective Diamond Mylar
Gorilla Grow Tent
Size: 10-Foot by 10-Foot
100% metal 2 – 5x poles
1680D reflective fabric material
Oppolite Grow Tent
Size: 120″X120″X78″
600D Oxford cloth exterior canvas
96% Mylar reflective interior material
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TopoLite 120″x120″x80″ Grow Tent for Hydroponic Indoor

Key Features

  • Size: 120″x120″x80
  • 600D Oxford Cloth
  • Multiple ventilators
  • Removable Floor tray
  • Green Observation windows
  • Easy tool-free quick installation
  • 96% reflective diamond Mylar Sheet
  • 22 mm White coated steel poles with steel connectors

Apart from all the outstanding features, Topolite extra-large grow tent also excels in providing additional grow space for the growers. Anyone who wants to do gardening on a larger scale, this model is surely your cream of the crop.

The large infrastructure is protected with world-class 600D Oxford cloth for ultimate light and air sealing. This tear-proof material is the savior when your plants are on the dark cycle. It can lock the light up to 100%.

The oxford cloth is incorporated with diamond Mylar for optimum light usage and even distribution. 96% of diamond Mylar prevents hotspots and enhances the productivity of the grow lights.

This model goes beyond the lines with preventing light leakage. Even the poles are coated with white paint to decline any light absorption by the metal poles. All steel construction keeps the structure more firm and steady.

Moreover, the connectors and easy to connect. Thus the connectors add more firmness to the whole tent and also make the assembling process easy.

Most of the grow tents have observation windows but only this grow tent has a green observation window. The green hue filters the white light and guarantees no disturbance during the sleep process of the plants. Additionally, these windows are handy if you tend to checkout your plants now and then.

Again there are multiple ventilation holes for air circulation and to install ballast, filters, lights, ducting and so on the vents have mesh thus seal the tent from bugs.


  • Extremely spacious.
  • Minimize light leakage.
  • No water spillage or flood.
  • The installation process takes a little time.


  • Zipper quality could be improved.


VIVOSUN 120″x120″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 120″x120″x80″
  • 600D canvas material with PE material
  • 98% Mylar reflective material
  • Strong metal poles with metal connectors
  • SBS Zippers with black lining
  • Multiple Observation windows
  • Dual-layer ventilation

VIVOSUN is a wholesome brand that believes in manufacturing all-purpose grow tents packed with elite features yet declining the price point. And VIVOSUN 10×10 grow tent model is one of the best creations of this brand.

If you are strict about your tent’s light leakage, you will be glad to get the 600D oxford cloth as the exterior material of this tent. Oxford cloth ensures optimum light sealing within the tent and also it secures the odor into the tent. Moreover, the exterior is lined with nontoxic PE material which does not harm the plants inside instead promotes good health.

There is a reflective diamond Mylar sheet to bring out the best from the grow lights to deteriorate the light wastage. Even the sheets can lead the output to 98%! Thus you get even light distribution among all your plants.

To ensure supreme steadiness, there are metal poles. The poles are robust and can hold up to 88lbs. To secure the structure even more, there are steel connectors. The steel connectors are firm in connection and give thorough stability.

SBS zippers add to the detailing and being double lined, it secures the light. The observation windows help the users not go inside the grow tent frequently as they can check out the plants from outside. The vents are tightly set around the fans and other installations.

Also, there are additional accessories for comfortable usage. Hanging bars for hanging extra equipment, removable floor tray for flood prevention, and carbon filter straps to hang carbon filters.


  • Spacious.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Tool-free installation.


  • The floor tray is less stable.


Ultra Yield 120″x120″x84″ Hydroponics Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 120″x120″x84″
  • 600D Oxford Cloth
  • 98% reflective Mylar
  • Two observation windows
  • Tight dual-layer sealing ports
  • Removable floor tray
  • Heavy-duty, strong zippers
  • Tool-free installation
  • 22mm metal poles with all-metal construction

One of the highest-rated 10×10 grow tent, it may cost you a little extra but as a grower, you won’t have to compromise any of your demands. Outstripping the other cheap brands, this grow tent has 600D oxford cloth material lined with 98% reflective Mylar. The canvas is almost 2x thicker than most of the brands.

The construction is robust enough to secure and carry the whole structure’s weight along with the other grow instruments. The poles are 22mm in diameter that can hold up to 250 lbs. and are thicker than many other products and even the connector tubes are metal. The connectors snap into each other very well and create a secure infrastructure.

The exclusive door design is great for extending the accessibility into the tent. There are four doors; two are on the front side and the rest of the two doors are on the backside. You can easily get into a grow tent and the 4D door design makes the cleaning and watering process relatively easy.

For ventilation and to check the plants from outside, there are two windows available. Again there are two exhaust ports to install ballast, fans, and filters. The ports are sealed with dual layers so that no odor or air can circulate within them.


  • Easy cleaning.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • No light or air leakage.
  • Temperature under control.


  • Expensive.


Hongruilite 10×10 High Reflective Mylar Grow Room

Key Features

  • Exterior: 600D Oxford Cloth
  • Interior: 96% reflective diamond Mylar
  • 19mm White coated metal rods
  • PP material plastic connectors
  • Multiple ventilating options
  • Available support beam and removable floor tray
  • Large, double-stitched zippers

This 10×10 grow tent by Hongruilite is manufactured to promote extra growing space meeting all the fundamental requirements of any grower. Starting with this grow tent’s exterior material, 600D oxford cloth is great for light proofing and ensuring the utmost durability of the tent. This material is exceptionally thick and tear-resistant thus once you install the tent, you won’t need to replace this any soon.

The interior is lined with a high-quality diamond Mylar sheet. Mylar is known to be the most effective reflective material around the world. This reflective sheeting can reflect the light up to 96%. Additionally, reflective sheets also provide an equal distribution of light all over the grow tent.

Both the exterior and the interior is supported with heavy-duty 19mm white coated metal rods. The rods are sturdy enough to provide strength to the whole structure. The frames are connected with high-grade PP material plastics. The connectors click to each other without any hassle. Thus both assemble and disassemble becomes easy.

Multiple ventilators are designed; the round ones come with mesh to protect the tent from insects and increase air circulation. Rectangle vents are for growing equipment (carbon filter, ballast, grow lights,etc.) installation. Again, this grow tent comes with extensive accessories as well. There is a hanging bar where you hang the seed racks and other equipment and there is a removable tray to prevent water spill.


  • Lightproof dark tent.
  • Enough air circulation.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Strong and stable.


  • No observation window available.


Prime Garden 10×10 Grow Room for Indoor Plant Growing

Key Features

  • Size: 120”X120”X80”
  • Hanging bar
  • Removable floor tray
  • Multiple ventilators and ports
  • 96% reflective Lichee Mylar
  • Heavy-duty, light-proof 600D Oxford Cloth
  • 19 mm white coated steel pole with plastic connectors

One of the most impactful grow tents of the list, PrimeGarden 10×10 grow tent is just the right choice to enhance your indoor gardening. The tent is large enough to accommodate various plants at a time and even professional growers can opt for this without any hesitation.

Apart from the extra-large space facility, This PrimeGarden Grow tent is light and smell proof. It uses 600D oxford cloth that seals the light and smells just inside thus no more stinky chemicals will irritate your nostrils. Moreover, the exteriors are so dense and thick that is run for long and also tear-resistant.

As a reflective lining, it has Lichee Mylar which is quite rare among the contemporary models. This Lichee pattern enhances the overall reflectivity and prevents light wastage. After the canvas option, let’s dive into the construction material. The infrastructure is sturdy and steady due to the 19mm steel rods. The rods are rust-resistant and the white paint ensures more durability of the rods.

There is a water removable floor tray that is leakage free and prevents flood or water leakage.


  • Durable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy installation.
  • No temperature fluctuation.


  • Plastic connectors.


GreenHouser High Reflective 120”x120”x78” Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 120”x120”x78”
  • Removable floor tray
  • PP material connectors
  • 16mm White coated metal rods
  • Double Stitched heavy duty zippers
  • Exterior material: 600D durable Oxford cloth
  • Mid side material: Nontoxic PEVA material
  • Interior Material: 96% reflective Diamond Mylar
  • Dual ventilation socks and rectangle ventilation with mesh

GreenHouser presents a large 10×10 Grow Tent model featuring some of the best features within an affordable price range to facilitate all the growers who want some extra space. It has a tri-layer canvas material, which is probably the rarest combination in the present market.

The exterior material comes with 600D Oxford cloth that ensures the maximum thickness and peents light leakage. In the middle, there is a non-toxic PVC free PEVA material. This material is environmentally friendly thus, the users even get a chance to contribute to the welfare of the environment.

The interior is lined with 96% reflective Diamond Mylar. Diamond Mylar provides the optimum output of the grow lights. Again, light distribution is even due to the highly reflective interior material.

Regarding the infrastructure, this model promises ultimate strength with the standard 16mm metal rods. White coated frames are heavy-duty and ensure extreme durability. Despite being plastic, the connectors are sturdy enough to hold the grow equipment and the whole structure.

Industrial grade heavy duty zipper keeps the light and air intact. Moreover, the zippers are double stitched to ensure durability. When it comes to ventilation, There are dual ventilation socks to install ducting, carbon filters, and other equipment. And also there is a rectangular ventilator with mesh so that there will be enough air circulation and at the same time, it prevents pests and bugs.


  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No water spillage.
  • Easy tool-free installation.
  • Lightproof, prevents temperature fluctuation.


  • plastic connectors.


Gorilla 10-Foot by 10-Foot Hydroponic Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 10-Foot by 10-Foot
  • Micromesh pre-filter
  • Removable floor tray
  • 100% metal 2 – 5x poles
  • 1-foot height extension kit
  • Two observation windows
  • 1680D reflective fabric material

The biggest grow tent in the collection and no doubt the most prominent one, Gorilla has been considered to be the most high-end brand at present with the magnificent line of grow tents.

Starting from the canvas material, this model outshines every other product with the densest fabric material. The fabric is 1680D dense, which is from 3 to 9 times denser than the contemporary brands. It stops light leakage and also seals odor. Moreover, the fabric is also reflective thus, uniform light distribution is a must.

Built with the 100% metal poles, which claims to be two to 5 times stronger than other brands. This robust infrastructure leads the brand to be the strongest among all products. Again the poles come with metal connectors which give the structure the utmost stability. The metal bars can carry up to 300lbs!

Now the best part, to let the readers know, this grow tent can be extended up to 9 ft. It comes with a height extension kit. This extra height does gives not only the growers extra space but also controls the temperature. The extended height keeps the temperature reduced.

For ventilation purposes, there are two observational windows available. Apart from the ventilation, these windows also help to check your plants without going inside. The vents come with micro-mesh filters to ensure ultimate security from fungus, pests, and bugs.

There is a removable floor to prevent flood and the floor tray is exceptionally sturdy. The installation process is never strict with Gorilla as it has doors with Velcro strips and large zippers to assemble the tent easily. Moreover, the metal connectors have an interlock system thus installation becomes super easy.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Bug resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Enough ventilation.
  • Sturdy infrastructure.
  • Lightproof, waterproof.


  • IExpensive.

Gorilla Grow Tent Set Up Video


Oppolite 120″X120″X78″ Grow Tent Room for Indoor

Key Features

  • Size: 120″X120″X78″
  • Multiple vents option
  • Large and sturdy zippers
  • Two observation windows
  • 600D Oxford cloth exterior canvas
  • 96% Mylar reflective interior material
  • Available Nylon straps and removable floor tray
  • white steel paint coated 22mm construction poles

This 10×10 grow tent from Oppolite covers all the aspects you may need for a better-growing venture. Especially for professional growers, the features will surely add extra value. Talking about the features, the first thing that should be considered is the 600D oxford cloth exteriors. Extremely thick, light-proof, tear-resistant, and what not; this canvas protects the inner space better than anything.

The inner side is coated with 96% reflective Mylar for ultimate light reflectivity and even distribution. For professional growers, all the plants must get uniform light. Thus this inside reflective sheet can be very useful for them.

Whereas most of the brand (even the premium ones) use plastic poles and connectors, Oppolite stands out with its all-steel construction. Even the 22mm poles are one of the thickest in the growing industry. The connectors are also steel made and come with an interlock system to ease the installation process.

Green windows are the newest addition to the grow tents. Unlike the usual windows these windows are painted in a green tint thus it filters the white light and ensures the continuity of the internal environment. Apart from the windows, there are rectangular ventilators for ventilation and round holes for ducting, installing fans, filters, and lights.

The zipper is large and easy to manage. Moreover, to protect light leakage, the zippers are double stitched and quite heavy-duty. The additional nylon straps can be used for hanging filters.


  • Durable.
  • Flood resistant.
  • prevents insects.
  • tool-free easy assembly.


  • Sometimes there can be a bit difficulty with the zipper.

10×10 Grow Tent Set up Guide

Make the Frame Upright

The grow tents have metal poles and connectors belonging to the overall unit. The frame set up is necessary. First of all, you need to choose the right place.

Then the designated place you have selected is to be covered with tent. Using the connectors and poles, you can frame it.

Place the led Grow Lights Properly

In this section, you need to choose the high end led grow lights for the tent.  Once you choose suitable led grow light for grow tent, it’s time to set it up genuinely. To do so, you should read the manual instructions at first.
Keep the Mounting hardware in a safe position.  Adjust the height and hang it up keeping the right distance. Keep it like the way the plants require to grow.

Fix the attachment of the lighting hoods in the right space with right position. Make sure that emitting light goes directly to the plants.
Now, complete wire fixing tactfully to avoid any electrical hassles. Run the power cords correctly in the grow tent.

Connect Exhaust Fan

After the lighting set up, you need to link the Exhaust Fan to the ultimate ventilation system. Definitely, it fixes the proper airflow over the plants inside the tent.

Hang the Carbon Filter

Through this feature, the air is being purified with fresh circulation. Only the carbon filter can make it possible. At the back position of the large grow tent, you have to fix it.

Put the fabric

You are welcome to place the frame with the fabric. Keep the floor tray on the position where you intend to set the tent.
Always keep caring concern for the safety of the other equipment’s. Make sure that all components are working well.

Keep in mind,

You should carefully look at the humidity level of your grow tent. If you notice to low humidity, set up a humidifier in grow tent, and for too humidity just take a dehumidifier in your grow room.

Concluding Words

At present times, the internet can turn a lousy tool into the best one. Thus before your investment, you must get a brief idea of what you are purchasing. These best 10×10 grow tent will indeed justify your investments, and hardly you will need to replace them. Believe in reliable sources and invest in the best grow tents; happy gardening!

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