Most Popular 5 Best LED Light for 4×8 Grow Tent [2021]

Are you looking for the Best LED Light for 4×8 Grow Tent? Here are everything for you…

Deciding which light to put on your 4×8 grow tent, can be a pretty tough choice to make. You want to provide natural sun-like light to your budding plants, but also you don’t want it to burn-off.

You know the room needs rapid cooling to avoid getting over-heated. But again at the same time, you can’t let the noisy fans disrupt the quiet environment for your plants’ growth! Then there’s this issue, which light to choose for which growth stage?

In the tight-packed schedule of daily routine, surely you want a higher yield. Still, you wish you didn’t have to check on the room light-adjusting now and then, every two-three hours! Well… What’s going to amaze you is – all your confusions actually have a pretty simple solution – using an LED Grow Light in your 4×8 grow tent! If and only if you’re into healthy gardening with a lesser cost, LED light certainly tops the best choice available on market.

Might not be so easy as sounds, but certainly, there are always strategies to do a bit of research and choose the smarter one!

Here’s a little sneak peek over the top choices of 2021 – 5 best LED lights for 4×8 Grow Tent, just suitable for your next successful gardening venture – be it an indoor or, commercial one.

5 Best LED Light for 4×8 Grow Tent

MARS-HYDRO-LED-Grow-Light MARS HYDRO TS LED Grow Light 4.9 Check Price
King-Plus-UL-Series-LED-Gro King Plus UL Series LED Grow Light 4.8 Check Price
Spider-Farmer-LED-Grow-Ligh Spider Farmer SF LED Grow Light 4.7 Check Price
MARS-HYDRO-SP-LED-Grow-Ligh MARS HYDRO SP LED Grow Light 4.6 Check Price
King-Plus-Full-Spectrum-LED King Plus Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 4.5 Check Price

How Many Watts for a 4×8 Grow Tent

Determining your LED light size is basically a two-steps process. First, you need to calculate the size of grow space and second, find out the canopy dimension.

People often ask us, how many Watts need for a 4×8 grow tent. Well, keep your eyes hooked below for the answer!


To produce a favorable yield in the flowering period, you need a LED light with an output of at least 50W per square foot of growing space. Now your 4×8 grow tent is 4ft long and 8ft wide. Which gives you a square foot grow space of (4ft x 8ft) = 32. And then, multiply this figure by 50W: (32 x 50)W = 1600 W.

So, What size LED light for 4×8 grow tent?

This means your 4×8 indoor grow tent requires an LED grow light size which is at least 1600W or, you can use a combination of multiple grow light which will be totaling to 1600W.


In the vegetation period, you need only half of the power compared to the previous flowering stage. In simple words, if you needed 1600W in the flowering stage, then in the vegetation stage you will require: (1600 ÷ 2)W = 800W.

So, What size LED light for 4×8 grow tent at Veg?

This implies in future vegetation periods, your 4×8 grow tent will require an LED grow light size of at least 800W, or you may combine multiple LED lights which will total to 800W.

How many lights are required inside a 4×8 grow tent?

  • A single MARS TS 3000W covers 4×4 tent area. Hence to cover 4×8 grow tent, you need 2 MARS Hydro TS 3000W
  • A Spider Farmer SF-2000W covers 2×4 tent area. Hence to cover 4×8 grow tent, you need 4 Spider Farmer SF-2000W lights.
  • A single MARS SP 250W covers 4×2 tent area. Hence to cover 4×8 grow tent, you need 4 MARS SP 250W


MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light for 4x8 tent


  • Power input: 450 watts
  • Three years warranty
  • 1016 pieces of LED bulbs
  • Wideband full spectrum light
  • Dimming knob and daisy chain mechanism
  • Quick heat dispersing aluminum components

Mars Hydro is the best led grow lights for high yield – takes pride in its TS 3000W’s professional manufacturing potential – claiming maximum customer satisfaction!

A brilliant product as it is, TS 3000 exhibits a full LED sunlight spectrum, ensuring sufficient nutrients in each growing stage of any kind of plant. The additional invisible IR light not only promotes blooming and fruiting, but also increases yield of plants and flowers up to 30%.

An innovative fan-less light board design works as a dual-purposive system. While providing a quiet environment for the plants to thrive, simultaneously the reflective Aluminum hood disperses heat quickly – supplying more energy to growing plants – without causing burns.

This proficient-energy saving TS 3000W LED light helps the PPFD increase by 20%;

It is the best light 4’x4′ grow tent at bloom, and Veg footprint 5’x5′,

Additional accessories include two waterproof, dimmable mean well drivers. Used in both commercial setups and large rooms, its auto sensor power supply functions on 120 VAC, 240 VAC and 277 VAC.


  • Full Rich LED Spectrum
  • Water-Resistant due to Glue Process
  • Lesser Power Usage & Higher Yields
  • Suitable for All Stages Growth & Big Buds
  • Improved Output than traditional Blurple LED & HPS grow system


  • Often getting heated
  • Non-detailed instruction manual covering only the basics

2. King Plus UL Series LED Grow Light

King Plus LED Light for 4x8 tent


  • Power input: 447.5 Watts
  • 1240 pieces of LEDs
  • Provides full spectrum of bright light
  • 3 years warranty and 90 days guarantee
  • Quantum grow light with SAMSUNG chip

A sterling LED output from 15 years of intensive experimentation – the UL 4000W – has added another dimension to the King Plus’s UL series. Its engineering enables the scope for a higher lumen and favorable coverage, leading to increased yields. The Blue, White, Red and IR together create a full spectrum, providing the plants scope for natural sunlight growth.

With a simpler structure, the light board makes sure not to generate any noise. Its customized protective cover makes the panel water-proofed. The Aluminum alloy adds to its strength compatibility by heating the plates at a lower temperature.

This energy-saving tech of UL 4000W LED provides a very bright uniform coverage – to grow high quality products – in essence almost doubles the service life.

Additional accessories include power cord, hanging kits, glasses and adjustable rope.


  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Water-Resistant LED Panel
  • Higher Lumen for increasing yields
  • Cost-Effective in growth & electricity-bill
  • Superior Energy-Saving than HPS/ Traditional LED lights
  • Safe Quantum Grow Light with low operational temperature


  • Expensive Price

3. Spider Farmer SF LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer LED Grow Light for 4x8 tent


  • Power input: 200 Watts
  • Full spectrum of light
  • Includes dimming knob
  • Comprises of Samsung LM301B diodes
  • Veg Footprint: 3 x 4 ft, Flowering footprint: 2 x 4 ft

With the motto of the heaviest yield from healthier buds, each Spider Farmer light of SF-2000 LED series undergoes 72 hours of multiple testing, monitoring, and only after that, qualifying! An

excellent combination of full-spectrum accelerates the flowering time – as a result, the yield is multiply boosted. The natural sunlight aura ensures the accurate growth of your plants’ health.

Advanced dimming function makes the functioning even easier – either dimming single light with a single fixture or, using multi-connection to dim all those lights at once!

The potentiality to operate without the need of fans, enables a quiet, healthy environment for plant growth. A thick- sturdy Aluminum board reflects only a sufficient amount of light, putting off the extra heat.

This cost-effective SF-2000 LED light is sure to produce a higher PPFD, with 50% more harvest, achieving success for Veg footprint 3′ x 4′ and Flowering footprint 2×4.

Required input voltage is operational on both AC100V – 277V. Additional accessories include mean well drivers and others.


  • Free-of-Dampness with water-proof tech
  • Uniformed Canopy Penetration & Higher Yields
  • Customized Dimming Option with advanced tech
  • Lesser Power-Consumption than Blurple/ HPS lamps
  • Perfect for All Growth Stages due to mixed full spectrum
  • Easy to set-up and longer-Lasting because of sturdy construction install with no external tools needed


  • Not a good choice for hanging lights
  • Complicated operate system of Dimmers


MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light for 4x8 tent


  • Power input: 230 Watts
  • Full spectrum of light
  • 960 pieces Samsung LM301B diodes
  • Daisy chain design with dimming mechanism
  • Veg footprint: 2 x 5 feet, Flowering footprint 2 x 4 feet

Another Most Used and best-selling Light for 4×8 Grow Tent – the SP3000 provides scope for plant growth in multi-sectoral environments as in tent-grow, greenhouse-grow, home-grow or even commercial flower shop-grow! The safety and ease in plant growth are further ensured by casings- capable to sink the heat.

The SP3000 exhibits a full spectrum light which includes UV and IR LED grow system. The UV system increases the functioning temperature for flower plants to a favorable extent. At the same time, the invisible IR light convenes plant growth through the promotion of blooming, fruiting and increased yields up to 30%.

Similar to marst hydro TS 3000W, the SP3000 also features a unique fan-less light board design – in which the high-reflective Aluminum hood disperses heat through core coverage and assures free-of- noise environment for premium plant growth.

An efficient-energy saver as this SP3000 LED light is, accelerates the growth for Veg footprint 3′ x 6′ and Bloom footprint 2′ x 4′ – increasing the PPFD up to 20%.


  • Heat Dissipation Casings
  • Water-Proofed Light Surface
  • Hanging option for Side-decor
  • 50% Longer Lifespan than random brands
  • Full LED spectrum for convenient plant growth
  • Eligible for all plants and flowers without need to switch
  • Higher Efficient Chips than Blurple light & HPS system


  • Often getting much-heated
  • Poor quality of hanging wire

5. King Plus Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

King Plus Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for 4x8 tent


  • Power input: 508 watts
  • Veg and bloom switch
  • 380 nm to 780 nm full spectrum light
  • 3 years warranty and 3 month guarantee
  • High speed fans and aluminum heat radiators

The never-stopping brilliance of King Plus brought in another perfection – the 3000W LED grow light. Its success got validated only after 72-hours long of crucial tests. From a wide range of 380 nm to 780 nm, it features a natural sunlight like a full spectrum – fruitful for all kinds of vegetables and flowers.

Uniqueness of this Kings light is the Veg/Bloom switching to facilitate different growth stages rightly. The proper switching ensures a bumper harvest for seedling growth and flowering.

Another specialty includes the muted high-speed fans system to ensure rapid cooling. Within a lower operating temperature, the upgraded Aluminum radiators supply enough heat – creating a comfortable environment for your plants.

An effective power-saver as this 3000W LED light is, will require a minimal input voltage of AC 85V – 265V, on an average consuming nearly 508W – 615W of electricity only.


  • Durable with 100,000 hours of Lifespan
  • More Advanced Cooling-Down System
  • Natural light Full Spectrum for all kinds of plants
  • Lower Operating Temperature without burning off
  • Separate Switches to promote distinct growth periods
  • Higher-Tech LED Chip than traditional HPS lighting
  • Free-Returning within 90 Days & Warranty of 3 years


  • Not Water-Proofed
  • Not suitable for Indoor Usage

Thoughts of the Final Hour

It’s quite natural to feel a bit lost amidst the over-tempting choices in the market. And trust when we say, happened to us in our initial days too! This is what took the research team – days of extensive research to determine the best led light for 4×8 grow tent. Hopefully, you will make the ‘smarter’ choice in lighting up your grow tent.

Take some time, judge the reviews, and compare your desired products. Here’s to your fruitful harvesting!

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