5 Best Grow Lights For Succulents Review 2020

If you are a plant lover and love to grow decorative plants especially succulents then grow lights can be the perfect blessing for your indoor cultivation. Grow lights are alternative power source where the sun lights cannot reach or in cold countries and for indoor gardening.

In this article we have selected few best grow lights for succulents and tried to present a comparative discussion.

As there are a wide range of succulents plants available for indoor cultivation, you have to aware of the type you are going to grow. Depending on the different time period and genre of the plants grow lights may also differ. From the below discussed grow lights you can choose which is suitable for you according to your garden sizes and plant types.

A List of Top Grow Lights for Succulents

We have collected real data about growing succulents from real farmers or growers to create a list of best available grow lights in the market. We compared and contrasted every possible aspect of the best light for succulents from practical user’s feedback.

It was not easy to give a list of products without proper research, so we handpicked the data and analyzed them. What we have selected will be enough to put off the quench of your search for best grow lamp for succulents growing in controlled weather like indoor farming or grow tents.

5 Best Grow Lights

1 Jump-Start-t5-Grow-Light-fo Jump Start t5 Grow Light for Succulents 4.8 Check Price
2 Ledytech-Led-Light-for-Succ Ledytech Led Light for Succulents 4.7 Check Price
3 Hydrofarm-Fluorescent-Grow-1-1 Hydrofarm Fluorescent Grow Light for Succulents 4.6 Check Price
4 Roleadro-75W-LED-Light-for- Roleadro 75W LED Light for Succulents 4.5 Check Price
5 Ankace-40W-Dual-Head-Grow-L Ankace 40W Dual Head Grow Lights 4.4 Check Price
6 Relassy-Sunlike-Grow-Lamp-f Relassy Sunlike Grow Lamp for Succulents 3.8 Check Price

1. Jump Start t5 Grow Light for Succulents

Jump Start t5 Grow Light for Succulents

Key features

  • No tool easy installation process
  • Highly adaptable and CE Certified
  • Distance balancing stand: Horizontal
  • Product Dimensions – 50 x 18.25 x 31.75 inches
  • Plants get more light because of internal reflective finish
  • Special design for succulents , flowers and house plants
  • Generate 15-20% more lumens to grow seedlings faster
  • For lamp height adjustment a toggle clamp is attached

The jump start 4′ T5 Grow Light System is especially designed for indoor succulents growing as it can create 15-20% extra lumens that helps to grow seedlings faster and healthier. The adjustable horizontal balancing stand allows the light to put close or far according to the plants need.

High adaptability, no tool assembling, interna CE certification makes the Jump Start Grow light system one of the best grow light for succulents.

2. Ledytech Led Light for Succulents

Ledytech Led Light for Succulents

Key features

  • Comes with easy installation manual
  • Suitable for all types of plant growth
  • Waterproof Flexible Soft LED Grow Light
  • Product Dimensions – 94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
  • All LED Strip Lights installed for powerful output
  • Only grow light with two different Spectrum Ratio
  • Specially Designed for Indoor Gardening ( succulents )
  • Improve the health of the plants and growth gradually

If you are looking for something that will offer two in one service then Ledtech high output Grow Light Ledy 3.2ft 5050 is the best because it has the Red:Blue = 4:1 for succulents and Red:Blue = 7:1 for fruit and vegetables.

The LED lights provide enough light to grow healthy plants within short time. The led grow light are very easy to assemble and suitable for all kinds of indoor cultivation.

3. Hydrofarm Fluorescent Grow Light for Succulents

Hydrofarm Fluorescent Grow Light for Succulents

Key features

  • Energy saving and cost cutter
  • 2 x 12.8 x 2.8 inches dimension
  • Great performance and flexibility
  • All round powder coated, offers steel housing
  • From a single outlet it allows up to run 3 fixtures
  • Up to 20000 lumen output in any environment
  • Overhead, vertical, or horizontal 3 ways hanging possible
  • For better light distribution used premium specular aluminum

For your indoor succulents growing, Hydrofarm FLT44 System 4′ Fluorescent grow Light comes with a wide range of hanging options to ensure the high light output. Maximum 20000 lumen output with the combination of high quality aluminum makes it the best light for succulents.

The single outlet can run 3 fixtures at the same time and all round power coated and steel housing provides great performance and flexibility.

4. Roleadro 75W LED Light for Succulents

Roleadro 75W LED Light for Succulents

Key features

  • One minute installation possible
  • Very light weight and easy handling
  • Can shorten the time period of growth
  • Can be used for a wide range of indoor plants
  • Ensure equal heat dissipation all over the place
  • Different wave band to deliver diverse spectrum of light
  • Used advanced cooling plate with small molecular material

Roleadro 75W Grow Light can change the way of your harvesting for sure as it can grow the succulents faster and healthier. This LED lights discorporate the heats equally and at the same time very light weight. The molecular materials help the cooling system works more efficiently.

5. Ankace 40W Dual Head Grow Lights

Ankace 40W Dual Head Grow Lights

Key features

  • 3, 6, or 12 hours timer setting system
  • Red and Blue light combination
  • Helps to achieve the targeted wavelengths
  • For better results increases photosynthesis
  • According to the growth stage it has five dimmable mode
  • Comes with adjustable gooseneck with 360 degrees rotation

If you want something that can rotate all over the place according to your cultivation need then obviously Ankace 40W Dual Head Timing 36 LED is the best light for succulents. Two Color combination of light offer targeted heat and energy to the plants. It can be used both indoor and outdoor like office or factories.

6. Relassy Sunlike Grow Lamp for Succulents

Relassy Sunlike Grow Lamp for Succulents

Key features

  • Bulbs can be replaced easily
  • 360 degree rotation with 12 inch gooseneck
  • With dual switch mode offer 3 different lighting
  • All kinds of wavelengths of light can be created
  • Generate almost name natural light like sunlight

Relassy 15000Lux Sunlike Full Spectrum grow lamp is one of the best light for growing succulents without any doubt. It offers great power that similar to sunlight which is essential for faster succulent growth. It also has rotatable gooseneck that ensures the light supply where it is necessary.

Succulent cultivation now has become a part of the modern artistic people. They love to plant this decorative piece with great interest but often end up with fail attempt due to enough knowledge.

Here are some widely asked question and their possible answer given below to help those who are struggling to grow succulents.

Can Succulents Grow in Fluorescent Light?

Yes, Succulents can grow in fluorescent light but it is recommended that to put the light 6-12 inches away from your succulents.

How Much Light do Succulents Need?

Depending on the age of the succulents, Basically it needs 6-12 hour grow light each day.

What is the Best Light for Succulents?

All the above mentioned grow lights are very effective for succulents. You have to choose according to your need.


It is now almost clear that all of the above mentioned lights are the best grow lights for succulents cultivation. You have to compare the products as per your grow tent size and other facilities available there. Happy succulent harvesting……

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