5 Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds (Review and Guide)

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2021)

The determination to provide the best lights from the earliest phase of your indoor plants must have brought you here. Seedlings are the weakest form of a plant, and indeed, they require extra attention.

That’s why grow lights have a vital responsibility to help these subtle seeds grow into a more vigorous plant.

With that being said, the market is overwhelmed with various types of grow lights, where LED grow lights capture the grower interest by offering the best service.

Anyway, even with numerous options, pointing out one perfect LED becomes harder. How? Because you can randomly purchase the best-LED light of the shop, but how do you know it will be the Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds?

And this is the exact reason we invite you to take a glimpse of our reviewed 5 Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds. We have analyzed these products very carefully while focusing on ensuring the plant’s highest germination.

What will I get to learn here?

  • A detailed review of the 5 most used LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds.
  • Each light’s key features and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • A step by step guideline on – How to use LED grow light for starting seeds?
  • Finally. a beginner’s buying guide – How to choose the right Grow Lights for Starting Seeds?

Best Pick

Suppose you are already on the way to purchase a Grow Light or do not have much time to go through this elaborate content. As a prompt solution, we suggest you spend a few minutes on our 1st product ACKE LED Grow Light. It is an affordable, outstanding product for compact spaces.

In the case of medium to larger grow space, do not hesitate to go for Hytekgro LED Grow Light as their performance is satisfactory and stands out among various choices.

5 Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds

  1. ACKE LED Growing Lamps 12W
  2. Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W
  3. GROWSTAR Led Grow Light 45W
  4. i-Venoya Store 45W LED Grow Light
  5. Skylaxy LED Grow Light with Timer

Let’s describe a bit, how we have picked these 5 items from the crowd of an enormous number of LED lights.

If you are searching Grow Lights for a specific phase, then the spectrums, temperature control, light intensity, and installation procedure need to ensure that phase’s highest progress.

Keeping that in mind, we have decorated every product to bring some improvements to your germination experience.

50,000 hours lifespan
Diverse rotatable angle
Number of lights: 40 pcs
Easy Set-up
Built in 59’’ power cord 
Number of lights: 225 pcs
IR and white 6000-6500K
Number of lights: 225 pcs
Long service life up to 50,000hrs
budget friendly
Easy to assemble
Number of lights: 225 pcs.
Material: ABS plastic & Aluminum
preium choice
Easy to Use
Simple setting up process
Number of lights: 225 pcs


ACKE LED Growing Lamps 12W

Key Features

  • Power: 12 watts.
  • Number of lights: 40 pcs.
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Waterproof.
  • Simple installation.
  • Diverse rotatable angle.

First thing first, the seeds have a particular requirement of blue light more than other spectrums. ACKE LED grow light has all the ideal wavelengths of Blue (460 nm), Red (630 nm, 660 nm), and White light of 2700K.

The clear indication is that blue light meticulously accelerates your plant’s thriving, and simultaneously, the red light prepares it for the flowering phase.

Whatsoever, LED lights are designed to produce less heat. Following this supremacy, the ACKE LED Light has an amazingly functional heat sink. So, you won’t have to think about overheated temperature or burning leaves around the plants while using this light.

What is its specialty?

While watering the plants, changing the switches before and after is a real struggle, and I can understand your hassle. With ACKE LED light, you can enjoy the fantastic waterproof feature that saves you from always running to change switching.

This lightweight LED lamp is adjustable at different angles with the rotatable bracket. In this way, the right adjustment can ensure less wastage of lumens and maximum usage of plants. Besides, you can decorate it anywhere near the plant in your limited space indoors because of its compact size. How amazing is that!

It gives you the quickest and easiest turning on/off process. Want to know how? All you have to do is plug-in the cable and switch it on whenever you need. This is why ACKE LED light is a reliable choice for the amateur gardener.


  • Suitable spectrums.
  • Ensures maximum absorption.
  • 50,000 hours lifespan.
  • Generates less heat.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Effortlessly movable around the plant.


  • Covers small spaces or a limited number of plants.

Why should I choose this grow light?

All the functions of this LED light are precisely constructed to boost the seedlings to sprout. It has simple steps to use; the cost, the installation, and performance indulge the newcomers to handle their indoor plants properly.


Hytekgro Grow Light for Indoor Plants Seedling

Key Features

  • Power: 45 watts.
  • Number of lights: 225 pcs.
  • Material: ABS Plastic.
  • Advanced hanging brackets.
  • Less heat generation.
  • Trouble-free set up.

Still a believer in nature’s magic? In that case, you might be looking for a led grow Light that resembles sunlight. Don’t you worry! Hytekgro LED Grow Light claims to replicate sunlight, which makes this light desirable by the seeds to sprout.

This full-spectrum LED light’s wavelength ranges from 390-730 nm. To be more specific, a combination of red,  blue, and white spectrums. It refers to the compatible range to start seeds healthier.

The back part is made of ABS plastic materials. Neither does it produce intolerable heat for seeds nor a noticeable sound heard in the process. With their readily hanging cords, you can finish the installation process within 1 minute. Wow! Even with the 59″ cable they provide will help the light to move 1/2 ft above or below, while it is necessary.

This 12.2 x 12.2 x 1.4 inches excellent square fixture grow light can covers a 3×3 ft growing area with adequate light from a height of 6-10 inches. However, as the structure lets the light’s beams to maximize so, you will undoubtedly get an advantage at bigger space.

Hytekgro LED lights promote the faster growth of seedlings. Besides consuming less electricity, the higher efficiency of this light speeds up your productivity too. As a result,  you don’t have to wait for a long time for the seeds to sprout and put them into the harvest. 

Why should I choose this grow light?

If you want wavelengths that mimic the sunlight on a scientific panel of lights, then Hytekgro is the best solution for you. Furthermore, while you plan to replace your seeds outside soon and need to complete the germination, this light offers this task to be done within 2 weeks. Worth giving a shot at least!


GROWSTAR Led Grow Light 45W

Key Features

  • Power:
  • Maximum 45 watts.
  • Average power draws 35 watts.
  • Number of lights: 225 pcs.
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • 60˚ Reflector cup.
  • IR and UV lights included.
  • Thinner structure.

Suppose you don’t have the time to implement various types of grow lights that are available in the market. Instead, you are searching for those Grow Light that professionals use and recommend, here it is, GROWSTAR LED Grow Light.

Professionals tend to select the one light where all the necessary arrangements are equipped that the seed needs to grow effectively. That’s why they prefer this grow light where apart from the blue, red and white spectrum, a bit of UV and IR lights are also invited.

Want to know the bewitching feature of this light? The reflector cup. LED lights are relatively super bright, but a 60˚ Reflector cup makes it unique. It helps the light to reflect and reach every nook and corner. So that not only the light’s concentration raises; also, it ensures the plant’s highest PAR.

Another fantastic thing to mention about this light is, the thickness of this product is comparable with an iPad. This light has only 0.4 inches back shell. In the present days, while external looks matter too, who wouldn’t want a dazzling design like this?

For continuous usage, less power consumption catches attention with one voice. 45watts GROWSTAR grow light is replaceable with 100 watts HPS or MH light, whereas this light only uses 35 watts on average.

With all these features and thin back shell, now you might be concerned, is this light good for heat dissipation? Yes, it is. The thin aluminum shell reduces heat at high speed. Additionally, this light was tested for temperature, vibration, and voltage, so you have fewer things to worry about.


  • Sufficient for plant’s all stages.
  • Reflector cup ensures the highest PAR rate.
  • Less electricity consumption.
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Longevity of 50,000 hours.
  • Lightweight.


  • Only for indoor uses.
  • Strictly suggests keeping water away.

Why should I choose this grow light?

All the included ideal spectrums, the thin and outstanding design and impressive heat dissipation certainly explain why the professionals choose this light. If you too want to follow the experts in choosing grow lights for starting seeds, this light is the ultimate win within a limited budget.


The sellers inform that; you may think the 4 pieces of IR and UV lights are not working or too dim. But they are working perfectly fine. A quick reminder is that UV and IR lights are out of human’s visible range. So even if we could not see its performance, the plants are surely getting its contribution surely.


45W LED Grow Light for Hydroponics Seedling

Key Features

  • Power:
  • Maximum 45 watts.
  • Average power draws 15 watts.
  • Number of lights: 225 pcs.
  • Material: ABS plastic & Aluminum.
  • Versatile application.
  • Includes minimal IR & UV lights.
  • Easy to assemble.

Venoya LED grow light is the most versatile product by far. It gives you the freedom to use in almost all atmospheres and on various plants. Whether it is a grow tent/box, Grow chamber/room, hydroponics, vertical farm or greenhouse, it supports all the indoor plants’ growth.

It has blue and red light with a few numbers of UV and IR lights in its panel. The wavelength ranges from 390 nm to 730 nm, where the plants find all the desirable spectrums.

This 45 watts energy-saving LED can replace a 50 watts HPS or HID grow lights, while it consumes 15 watts on average. With this power and 12.2 x 12.2 x 1.4 inches dimension, this light perfectly fits in a 2×2 Grow space.

So, how does this light remove excessive heat? Well, it has default air-flowing construction, which maintains the right temperature by not generating unwanted heat. Besides, the installation procedure does not need any extra tools. You can conduct the whole process with your bare hands. However, allowing a friend to help will shorten the overall time and chances of risk.

If you do not notice any progress in your seeds, you can get back the entire amount you have invested and buy another Grow Light.


  • Compatible with various growing systems.
  • Better hanging options.
  • Clipping style instead of nuts & bolts.
  • 50,000 hours lifespan.
  • Saves energy.
  • Ideal for all-stages.


  • Complicated switching mode.

Why should I choose this grow light?

If you have different types of growing systems in your house, you can apply this one Grow Light as this is compatible with all the methods, and on almost every plant. Besides, it has useful spectrums to start your seeds.


Skylaxy LED Growing Lamp with Timer

Key Features

  • Power: 75 watts.
  • Number of lights: 225 pcs.
  • Material: ABS with coating.
  • Timer included with the package.
  • Excellent heat management.
  • Simple setting up process.

Skylaxy LED grow light has a mixture of 60 blue lights, 156 red lights, and 9 white lights. While the number of blue light takes care of the seedlings to the vegetative stage; therefore, the red light takes over the responsibility of flowering/fruiting. As you know, majorly red lights but combined with blue and white lights makes an accurate panel to serve the plant’s whole life.

This 1.8lb Grow light is lightweight, but the strong build will remove the ray of tensions. Besides, it has a smart outer look, and is simple to set up. They provide some advanced hanging accessories which will allow you to experiment with this light anywhere you want.

Let’s know the speciality of this product! A timer. With this, you can schedule the timing of active light and darkness in both of the packs. After saving the schedule once you do not have to reset it every day as it keeps the instruction saved

It has an expanded timed power cable cord and 1 to 3 splitters that smoothly connect with the both lights. It saves your time and money on an additional product that you might need to purchase eventually.

Skylaxy LED light gives bright output, and it promptly covers 3×3 area from a distance of 6-10 inches. Here, no excessive heat will be detected because of the excellent performance for heat dissipation.

Why should I choose this grow light?

Changing Grow Light with the plant’s different phases might be repellent sometimes. In that case, with this light, you will accomplish the germination and next stages correctly. Not to mention, the included timer is both essential for plants and also saves your extra effort to purchase it differently.

How Do You Use Grow Lights for Starting Seeds

Even the carefully planted seeds take forever to grow sometimes. The process of germination may seem simple at first glance but ask the strugglers about the conflicts. There are so many tiny issues that can ruin the seed’s healthy growth. That is why you need to give importance in every fact while germinating.

To make things easier, here I am going to take you through a guideline where I have described the proper process of starting seeds using LEDs.

Step-1: Pick A Place

Do I really need to pick a particular area? Yes and no. You can keep your seedlings in your bedroom, an unused shelve or Grow Tent and also you are free to choose the backyard, storeroom or empty corner of the garage.

Wherever you decide to plant the seeds ensure to have enough airflow, electric outlet and stability to protect these delicate seeds from unwanted accidents.

However, a piece of advice from me, keeping it anywhere in your bedroom will allow you to keep an eye on the daily growth of your little buddies. Although we should not forget, it is evident that, how this may dirt the place in any chance of negligence. So choose the location wisely.

Step-2: Select An Ideal Tray

you will find numerous designs and sizes of seed starting trays available on the market. Similarly, there are a couple of ways to DIY a seed starting tray on the internet.

Other than you are planting professionally, you should try to choose small or medium-sized trays. These sizes are easy to handle and moveable alone.

Also, the trays that have proper covering and independent water soaking process will be beneficial and reduce your tasks at the same time.

Step-3: Prepare The Soil

Use fresh soil, mixed with sterilizer. Add the needed water to correct its moisture; thus, it will be ready to set on the seed tray.

Moreover, do not think of re-using the soil or the used seed stray as it will infect the new seeds and can interrupt in their growth.

Step-4: Plant The Seeds

Take 2/3 seeds, poke on the soil with your finger or stick. And then plant the seeds. After that,  mix it around to cover the seeds with soil to complete planting seeds.

Or you can do it my way. Take 4/5 seeds to avoid risk because a 100% germination rate is rare. Spread it on the soil and instead of forcing it to go down the edge, cover the seeds by spreading soil on it. So the seedlings do not have to try so hard in coming upward.

Step-5: Don’t Forget Labelling

Labelling each seed with their name and type is probably the most straightforward task of the whole procedure. But if you want to skip or forget doing it, thus you will be entirely clueless what were you growing and which plant is planted where!

Step-6: Apply LED Grow Light

While indulging LED Grow Light to you seed these 3 things must follow strictly to acquire the expected outcome.


Seeds urge for cool, blue spectrum, but that is when it produces 2/3 leaves. So that, it can photosynthesize and cook its meal to grow further.

To add on that, the process takes 2-6 weeks to start leaves. Before that, providing red spectrum may help to raise the temperature around. So it will warm the soil and speed up the germinating.

In a nutshell, a mixture of blue and red spectrums are must-have for starting seeds, while having white, UV and IR lights included is a bonus.


Determining the right distance between seeds and LED Grow Light increases or decreases depending on the plant’s different phases. Though no matter on whichever stage plants are, they will always need adequate light. At the same time, you must ensure if the weak seeds are not harmed by excessive light.

However, a distance of 6-12 inches is ideal for average seeds. For exceptional seedling, you may need to experiment a bit, in which length they are growing better.


Generally, the seeds take 2-6 week for sprouting, but it will take months if the temperature is not warm enough.

You can try keeping around 85˚F at daytime and 70˚F at night. Not to mention, maintaining the right temperature can miraculously speed the process. If you want to set a more specific temperature focusing on your seed type, check the behind of the packet or google it.

Step-7: Keep A Journal of Progress

If you are starting the seeds for the first time, try to keep a journal with its daily, weekly and monthly progress. You might want to skip it but trust me, in future, this journal will be beneficial to let you in reminding how to do it and what are the things to avoid.

How to Choose The Right Grow Lights for Starting Seeds

Not all the lights were made with the same materials and the same purposes. Chill, because I am not going to sound like a techie here by lecturing on electrical equipment and confuse you more.

But you do know; seedlings are the initial stage of a plant. As plants have life and healthy growth of it only ensures when the initial phase was adequately taken care of.

Speaking of that, light is one of the essential elements for plants to survive. That is why instead of rushing, you want to choose the best Grow light for starting seeds with extra care.

Here is the checklist that is important for your selected Grow Lights..

  • Wavelengths
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Hanging kits
  • Lightweight and upgraded
  • Additional accessories

Let’s reveal more about it!


The obligatory wavelengths for starting seeds is 450-490 nm, which is blue. At the earlier stage of a plant, it requires blue spectrums to perform photosynthesis and then convert the light energy into chemical energy.

But again, considering sunlight is full-spectrum, not only blue and plants grow the best under it. So providing other spectrums will add more benefits to it.

Such a red (620-750 nm ) wavelength will warm up the environment to faster germination. As it grows, a bit of white light, UV and IR lights are proved helpful for starting seeds.

In short, the wavelength of 390-730 nm in a LED light is the Best Lights for Starting Seeds.

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Genuinely speaking, the more power a Grow Light could have, the more brightness it guarantees. And the plants will get happier to use as much light as they find, unless the excessive heat from the light burns out the leaves.

A 15-45 watts LED Grow Light has enough lumens to start the seeds. But truth to be said, “the more, the merrier”.

Regarding that, any increase in the LED light’s power will improve the effectiveness of that light on the seeds.


For almost all the other phases of a plant’s life, we prefer cool lights blindly. That is where germination or starting seeds are different.

To start seeds, you need to provide warmth so that the sprouting period will be shorter than you expected.

So, how do you provide warmth with a LED light? Well, any LED panel with a significant number of red lights can come to your rescue. Because red spectrums naturally give off heat and the seeds could use it in the process.

Hanging Kits and Installation

Suppose you have a LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds. But if the hanging cords or brackets you have are faulty or complicated to manage, how do you fix it in the right position?

You would hear from a regular Grow Light user, how a segment of carelessness can break your valuable grow light into tiny pieces. The reason behind is either the damaged hanging kits or clumsy instalment.

Confronting the truth, we have often emerged so much into buying the best Grow light that this vital part stays unnoticeable.

Now that you know, so make sure to check the hanging system of the light you choose. You certainly do not want all your money and efforts to go in vain.

Lightweight and Upgraded

The modern era is about making tasks a lot easier. So, dealing with any bulky fixtures would be the last thing you want to go ahead with.

Other than that, these lightweight Grow light models also are upgrading rapidly.

So, do not forget to analyze the advanced technology that has minimal weight and is stylish to carry out anywhere you plan to use it.

Additional Accessories

To be honest, you might think this part unnecessary, or it may change the game. There are so many different kits which go along with Grow Light pretty well.

I assume, right now on a strict budget you don’t want to buy another product but what if you get a few valuable kits included with the package. Sounds interesting?

Some sellers offer a timer, extended cords or seed starting trays and other necessary equipment with the grow light you want. Grabbing the opportunity will be convenient while not compromising with the light’s quality for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED lights good for starting seeds?

Yes. LED lights are leading the Grow Light market in present days. You can undoubtedly find operative LED grow lights for plant’s different phases, including seedlings with proper research.

What color LED light is best for seedlings?

Blue. The seedlings majorly demand blue light to thrive.

That doesn’t mean other spectrums are neglectable. On the way to thriving, other than blue light, a little bit of red and white light can prepare the seeds for the next phase. However, most of the LED lights are full-spectrum. They give the plants access to almost all the spectrums it needs.

What is the best light for starting seeds?

Fluorescent or LED light. Focusing on the required blue spectrum for starting seeds, any fluorescent or LED light can be an ideal and instant choice.

You can even settle for using regular fluorescent or LED light based on the light’s capacity. Or purchase a Grow light to avoid risk. Either way, these two kinds of lights are the extensive source of blue spectrums considering other types of lights.

When should I put the seeds under light?

While the seeds are in germination, it will prefer darkness to light. But as soon as you notice, any planted seed has started to sprout; it is the right time to apply the required light. You can either adjust the seed tray under a fixed Grow Light that provides mostly blue and a few red spectrums or adjust a lamp around the seeds maintaining required distance.

At the time of darkness, providing Grow Light may help the seeds indirectly. Because the seeds need a warm condition to sprout and red wavelengths put off a bit of heat so the process of germination can use it well.

How far away should LED light be from seedlings?

On average, lights should be 20-30 inches above any seedlings. Moreover, the distance may vary depending on the light’s intensity.

How many lumens do you need to start seeds?

More or less 10,000 lumens. Seeds grow best under the cold, bluish form of sunlight and that light provides a similar number of lumens. Though the seeds don’t use all of it but ensuring this much lumens for starting seedlings is a secured option.

How many watts do I need for seedlings?

Generally, 15 watts per square foot is enough to start the seeds. But in case of higher-demanding plants, such as- tomatoes, you might need to apply a light of at least 40 watts per square foot.

Should seedlings get 24 hours of light?

No, a period of 12-16 hours active, bright light is enough to provide sufficient PAR to the seeds. Like any other stages of a plant’s life, seedlings too need to complete a dark-cycle every day to thrive optimally.

Can you start seeds indoors without a grow light?

Without a Grow Light, plants will survive for a while. But soon it will get sickened, weak and would not live much longer. At the germination, when the seeds are covered in soil, an absence of Grow Light is considerable. Because in this stage, the seeds want warmth more than light. But when it starts to sprout, produce one or two leaves, then it requires a Grow light to develop strong and healthy.

The Verdict

While dreaming of having fresh fruits from the indoor garden, don’t settle without nurturing the seedlings in the right way.

Seeds receive nutrition, strength and stability significantly from light in the earlier stage. Based on that, it turns into a healthy and happy plant in the future.

Therefore, read attentively our reviewed 5 Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds, you will eventually find the right one that suits your situation completely.

And as you finish off choosing and use the product from our reviewed list, share your experience. We will gladly learn about your story and tips for better farming.

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