LightHouse Grow Tent- A Brilliant Hydroponics Grow Tent

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
LightHouse Grow Tent Review
LightHouse Grow Tent Review

You can certainly find a wide range of brands offering premium grow tents but LightHouse keeps it unique by providing brilliant grow tents on a budget.

Be a newbie or a professional grower, you don’t need to invest a pot of gold anymore to get your desired grow tents. Dense and highly reflective fabric material, sturdy infrastructure, metal poles, and what not, this brand has it all to serve your every need regarding indoor gardening.

You must be wondering if this LightHouse Grow Tent Review only focuses on how convenient the price tag is. Well, no, these grow tents are amazingly advanced features driven, and the rest of the content hands out all the details.

About the Brand

LightHouse is a UK based brand and mostly excels in crafting the finest grow tents. Not only grow tents, but they also manufacture grow kits which makes them an all in one shopping destination for indoor gardeners. All the grow tents and accessories are designed and developed in the UK ensuring the European finish in quality.

Initially, the grow tents were only available in the UK market but now Amazon and some other well-known e-commerce sites have launched the products as well. Every grower can now avail LighHouse products via online shops abolishing geographical barriers.

Their tagline says, “CREATE YOUR ENVIRONMENT” and they have embodied this by introducing a range of grow rooms both in premium and lite options so that everyone can customize their INDOOR ENVIRONMENT.

LightHouse Grow Tent Review

LightHouse Grow Tent

Now, this segment is designed to decode the best of the features of the grow rooms. Let’s check out the level of excellence this specific brand has to offer to its customers.

Tri-LayerFabric Material

Customers can choose and avail Grow tents from between two types of fabric material and they are:

  • 210D Fabric material
  • 600D Fabric material

210D fabric comes with the lite versions of the tents. Though not highly dense but 210D fabric can be your pick if you are doing gardening for fun. And even for professionals, 210D cannot be a bad choice at all; restricts light and odor to a certain level.

Coming to the 600D fabric material; most of the high-end brands even fail to provide this much fabric density, a great choice for professional and serious growers. Considering the price point this standard fabric material is GREAT.

Both of the variety are Tri layered, eliminates hotspots, and ensures even light distribution of light. As a result, plants receive optimum light flow. Being quite dense, light diffusion remains appropriate inside the tents.

Washable from inside out, sturdy enough to maintain the quality for a long run, tear and wear preventive, you can never ask for more.

ULTRALUX Reflective Liner

LightHouse ensures your plants get maximum out put of the grow light, as they provide a unique reflective liner. Never been used before ULTRALUX Reflective Liner is great for optimum light reflection.

The brand claims the reflective sheet to be 30% more reflective than any other reflective material. Every grower wishes to have grow-walls that guarantee reflection at a greater level thus this ULTRALUX reflective liner is what any grower has ever dreamt of.

Grow Tent Ranges

Not all the growers need the optimum quality, some may buy grow tents out of hobby only, and also some growers grow plants on a serious note and will require high-end quality. Considering the customer demands, this brand has launched tents in four different ranges and each of the ranges has tents in multiple sizes.

  • LightHouse Max
  • LightHouse Lite ( the Moderate one)
  • LightHouse Max XL (the signature one)
  • LightHouse Loft

Heavy Duty Poles and Solid Infrastructure

Infrastructure and pole quality is very important to bear weight (grow lights, fans, hangers, hanging nets, carbon air filters) inside the grow tent. Regarding the pole diameter, you will also get to choose between three options.

They offer poles having 15mm, 25mm and 22 mm in diameter. To let the readers know, 25mm is the strongest pole in the market right now and is mostly found in luxury brands.

Poles are made of steel and come with metal corners; no compromise with the strength of your tents. Having the thickest and strongest poles in the market, the framework becomes extremely solid for extended durability.

Assembly and Installation

Every grow tent user can relate to the hassle of assembling these tents but not anymore! LightHouse Grow tents have metal welded corners with a spring lock system. Thus it is super easy to attach the frames and set up the structure.

The fabric material falls over the framework quite smoothly and to add more comfort, there are numerous options for ducting and cable glands. To put together everything, they also have Velcro straps (Super handy) for fixing wires or cables.

Ivax Zips for Optimum Light Proofing

LightHouse Grow Tent

Most of the tents lack to seal the lights due to the poor quality of zips but LightHouse always has something premium to offer. They have discovered double-lined Tivax zips to ensure ultimate light proofing. This zip is snag-free, supreme in quality, and durable(goodbye to zip tear now and then).

Regarding the light proofing, I must mention the double-lined apertures with drawstrings in the grow tents. Large apertures also have an outer cover that seals the light, air, and odor when not in use.


They offer accessories that work more like essentials and adds extra ease to grow healthy plants. There are base trays made of waterproof sheets and water insert trays that come with the tents. Both of these trays help if any spillage occurs.


  • Fines quality fabric lasts for long
  • Heavyweight poles guarantee ultimate strength
  • Optimum light, odor, and air sealing
  • High reflective material offers even distribution of light and air
  • Washable fabric material makes the cleaning process easy
  • Affordable


  • Though the fabric material is dense enough there are denser available in the market ( not under this price point obviously)

Concluding Words

By the end of the LightHouse Grow Tent Review, the supreme features speak for themselves to persuade the buyers. Endow in LightHouse and grow within your means.

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