Are Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000w LED Grow Lights Good

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

What comes to your mind when you think about  incredible grow lights? If you ask me, I would love to have a fixture with a well-balanced full spectrum, top-notch cooling system, enhanced build quality, and durability.

To be honest, you can get all these innovative features in the Roleadro grow lights. Therefore, I have prepared this Roleadro 1000w LED grow light guidejust for you!

These lights are the crowd’s favorite for all the right reasons. So if you want to find out more, just keep reading!

About the Manufacturer

Roleadro has been creating top-grade LED grow lights for over ten years now. All of their products are cost-effective and designed with all the advanced features to ensure maximum yield.

On top of everything, this company uses premium-grade material to make their fixtures. In this way, their grow lights offer a long-lasting service to the user without any hitches.

Moreover, there are different Roleadro grow lights that can be used for other purposes. As it offers versatility, durability, and functionality simultaneously. For this reason growers tend to choose their product repeatedly.

Roleadro 1000w LED Review

Here are my Roleadro 1000W LED grow lights reviews for you. After going through these details, you can choose the most suitable one for you without any hesitation.

1. Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W LED Grow Light

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000W Review


  • Rated Power: 1000WattLight Source: 100pcs x 10W Epileds LED Chips
  • Actual Power:135w±5%
  • Working Voltage: AC100~240V
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Lifespan: 50000 Hours
  • Dimension:12.1×2.4×8.2 inch
  • Core Coverage (at 24″ Height): 2ft x 2ft
  • Max Coverage (at 24″ Height): 3ft x 3ft

When you first look at this Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W LED grow light, you won’t find anything special. After all, it looks similar to the other high-quality grow lights. Still, you will understand its potential when you get to know about it in detail.

And that’s what I am going to do now!

Galaxyhydro is one of the most popular grow light series by Roleadro, and it comes in different ranges. So no matter what the size of your grow area, there is an option for you.

And this 1000W LED grow light is a combination of great functionality and affordability. Therefore, growers tend to choose this one repeatedly to enjoy maximum yield every season.

We all know that the optimal growth of indoor plants isn’t possible if they don’t get an accurate light wavelength. And this Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W LED grow light is well aware of that.

It ensures a perfect ratio of red, IR and blue spectrum. As a result, your indoor plants will be healthy in every growth stage. Moreover, there is a white light spectrum derived from natural sunlight to increase the photosynthesis rate.

One of the most incredible facts about this Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W LED grow light comes with an enhanced amount of red and IR. In this way, plant growth is boosted by 30%-50%.

Consequently, you will be overloaded with high-quality crops in the shortest amount of time.

This LED 100W grow light features a 90 degree optical lens, and Eplied 10w LED chip that improves the PPFD value to 453umol at 18-inch height. Thanks to this design, your plants are getting 98% of the light in any condition. Isn’t that impressive?

Once you hang this light in your indoor grow tent, you will get 2×2 core coverage at 24-inch height, and the max range will be 3×3 coverage area. To be honest, it is pretty decent coverage.

It is a full spectrum energy-efficient fixture that offers you an enhanced light intensity for your indoor greens. And that’s something praiseworthy!

However , it doesn’t come with a veg and bloom switch, which is a bummer!

This Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W LED grow light is made with a robust aluminum which makes it highly durable. And it is also exceptionally lightweight; hence, you can mount it all by yourself.

Now let’s talk about the cooling system of this grow light. When you get something as powerful as a 1000W fixture, you should always be careful about the heat dissipation. Otherwise, your plants will be burned before having any chance to thrive.

This Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000w LED grow light is made with two high speed  cooling fans and aluminum heat sinks to prevent overheating issues. In this way, there will be excess heat build-up inside your grow tent, and you can avoid leaf burns pretty effortlessly.

And on top of everything, the fans are designed to run without making any annoying noises. Well, that’s just the icing on the cake!

Once you start using this Roleadro Galaxyhydro series 1000W grow light, you don’t have to worry about getting another one in the next 50,000 hours! And you are also getting a two years warranty, so your money will be well-invested.

So at the end of this roleadro galaxyhydro 1000w review, I just want to say, you should choose this one for a satisfactory service.


  • Comes with both UV and IR
  • Has an excellent build quality
  • Offers a well-balanced full light spectrum
  • Designed with a powerful heat management system
  • Energy-efficient and durable
  • Covers a decent size of grow area
  • Suitable for beginner growers
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t have a veg and bloom switch


2. Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000w  LED (Dimmable)

roleadro 1000w led review


  • Rated wattage: 1000watt
  • Size: 15.8×8.3×2.4inch
  • Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Actual wattage: 140w±5%
  • View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°mixed

If you are looking for a commercial-grade fixture to cover a more extensive grow area, this fixture will be perfect for you. Let’s get into this Galaxyhydro 1000W review to know more about this thing.

The first thing I want to say about these great LED  grow lights is that they feature a daisy chain connection. Therefore, you can add two or three more lights to extend the coverage area. And don’t worry, the power cord and hanging hooks will be included in the package.

As red and blue light play a vital role in the growth of your indoor green, this fixture offers an optimal blend of these two lights. It ensures that your plants are getting all the boosts they need to be healthy.

Moreover, this Roleadro Galaxyhydro series 1000w LED grow light has white light spectrum, UV and IR, so your grow tent can deliver a superior yield during the harvesting season. Therefore, if you have a commercial indoor grow space; this fixture will be the most suitable one for you.

To ensure top-notch heat dissipation, it is designed with three cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink. In this way, there will be no heat spots in your grow tent, and there will be no leaf burns.

Now it is time to inform you about the most innovative feature of this Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000w LED grow light. It is made with a dimmable switch that lowers or enhances the light intensity according to the plant’s needs.

Thanks to this incredible feature of this fixture, you don’t have to adjust the whole thing’s heights frequently. Now you can go 0% to 100% intensity in seconds; how remarkable is that?

Additionally, you can turn on/off the lights with a switch; you don’t have to pull the cord to disconnect the power. So when it is about convenience, this Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000w LED grow light is unbeatable!

Even if you use this light for 18 hours straight, it won’t overheat your grow tent. And all the LED chips come with Bead and Zener design so they will last for a lifetime without any trouble.

Compared to any other industrial-grade fixture, this LED grow light comes with greater benefits with a reasonable price range. And you are getting a two years warranty from the manufacturer, what else do we need?


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Provides a well-balanced full spectrum
  • Comes with high-quality construction
  • Has an excellent cooling mechanism
  • Designed with daisy chain connection
  • Equipped with a dimmable switch


  • The dimmer is for adjusting the brightness only, not for changing different stages.

3. Roleadro RL1000 Latest Led Grow Light

Roleadro RL1000 Latest Led Grow Light

Product info

  • DB: 0dB
  • Humidity ≤90%
  • Max Yield:2.7g/watt
  • Frequency: 50-60HZ
  • Lifespan: ≥50000 hours
  • View Angle of LED:120°
  • Diodes: LM301B \3030 Diodes
  • Product Size:11.8inch*11.8inch
  • Spectrum: 660nm,3000K,3500K,5000K
  • Work Temperature:-4°F ~115°F (-20°C ~ 46°C)
  • Amp: 100.5W±5%@AC120V, 98.8W±5%@AC240V, 98.39W±5%@AC277V
  • Draw power: 100.5W±5%@AC120V, 98.8W±5%@AC240V, 98.39W±5%@AC277V
  • Lumen: 16439Lm±5%@AC120V, 16327Lm±5%@AC240V, 16292Lm±5%@AC277V

I know a huge group of growers is waiting for the Roleadro RL1000 LED grow light review. So here I am, with all the tiny details you need to know about this fixture.

It provides a full spectrum with six different wavelengths. With these LED grow lights, you will get white, orange-red, UV  IR, red and blue. Hence, your plants will be in their healthiest condition in every growth stage; that’s a rock-solid fact.

Besides indoor gardening, you can use it for food production or aquatic plants. So when it is about getting more excellent value for the money, this grow light is a terrific option. this led grow light is perfect for 3×3 grow tent.

One of the most incredible features of these Roleadro 1000 watt grow lights is that they are made with a top-notch heat dissipation system. Thanks to the aluminum cooling plate and innovative heatsinks, there will be no overheating issues in your grow tent. And that’s a relief!

Despite being made with robust aluminum and stainless steel, this whole fixture is super lightweight. As a result, you can easily install it by yourself. So when you want to get something user-friendly, this grow light will be an excellent choice.

The diodes of this fixture come with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Hence, you can get it for a long time without any issues. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to use; all you have to do is attach the power cord to the socket. And you’re good to go!

In addition to all, you will get a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. So if you want the most convenient full spectrum 1000w LED plant grow lights for your tent, this one will be the ideal choice.


  • Highly durable
  • lifespan 50000 hours
  • Has two years warranty
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install
  • The full spectrum contains six different lights
  • Designed with heatsink and cooling plates


  • Doesn’t have daisy-chaining

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How Much Does a 1000 watt LED Yield?

How Much Does a 1000 watt LED Yield? it is a common question for new growers. If you install a 1000W grow light in your indoor garden, you will get a 2lbs yield per harvest. This is the best led wattage that perfectly stimulates your grow plants development.

2. How Many Plants  Can You Grow under a 1000 watt LED Grow Lights?

A 1000W grow light will give you excellent coverage for at least four plants. If the greens are smaller, you can grow six of them without any trouble. Here is complete guide about how many plants you can grow under 1000w led grow light.

3. How Much Lumen Does a 1000W LED Grow Light Produce?

A 1000W LED light can produce up to 130-200lumen per watt.

The Bottom Line 

Finally, we are at the end of my Roleadro 1000w LED review. Hopefully, after reading this article,  you will have a clear idea about the one you need for your indoor garden to have a superior yield.

To get high-quality crops, you need to ensure that your plants are getting the right kind of spectrum. And if the fixture is overheating your grow tent, you will never have an optimal result. Hence, you need to choose carefully; otherwise, the plant’s growth will be hampered.

However, once you pick one product from this list of 1000w grow lights you will never have issues with your plants. Because they are one of the best LED manufacturing brands.  And that’s the dream of every grower, isn’t it?

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