What is The Best LED Grow Light for 3×3 Tent

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2022)

A 3×3 grow tent is the most demanded size for the beginner to intermediate growers. Novice or even expert growers keep searching for different equipment to provide their plants for better growth.

And if you own a 3×3 grow tent, it is not surprising that your most searched equipment is the best grow light for 3×3 grow tent. If you are enthusiastic about your indoor plants, you must know that grow lights can make or break the high expectations you have for your plants.

To assist you in getting out of this dilemma, here we have gathered 6 best led grow light for 3×3 tent.

Best Pick

MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light is by far our top pick for 3×3 grow tent. After analyzing various properties such as wattage,  intensity, PAR rate, convenience at different stages, we have finally come up with this product to help you decide a quick choice.

This grow light works perfectly fine in a 3×3 tent and barely disappoints you anyway. With this light you will not need a replacement for a long time.

How Many Watts for 3×3 Grow Tent?

The expertise tends to follow 25-50 watts per square foot depending on different growing stages and plants. In that case, for the vegetative phase, 150w and for blooming 300w is an average.

However, to put it simply, you should aim for at least 300 watts for a 3×3 grow tent. And then, for flowering and better yield you can go till 450 watts.

Best LED Grow Light for 3×3 Tent

We have reviewed hundreds of Grow Light available on the market and created a list to help you pick the highest yielding led grow Light.

Each item was evaluated depending on a variety of factors: Wattage, Intensity, Durability, Lifespan, Spectrums, and much more. However, these products are, hands down, the best options out there. Surprisingly, our most recommended products are affordable.

1. MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Actual power draw: 150 watts
  • Number of diodes: 342 pcs
  • Maximum yield 2.0g/watt
  • Saves energy up to 50%
  • Supports hydroponic systems
  • Noiseless & Daisy chain option
  • Ideal for plants in any stage

Mars Hydro is a reliable identity for the growers whenever they plan to purchase a LED Grow Light. This 150 watts light gives 30% higher yield compared to prior blurple lights. Mars Hydro lights are programmed to replace a 250 watts HPS light while saving 50% more energy than its competitor LED lights.

With this amount of power, It can gives Max coverage- 3×3 ft, and perfectly cover 2×2 ft grow tent and ensures 2.0g yielding per watt. Besides the natural white spectrum with a bit of red and IR, works perfectly fine for the plants from their seedlings to the harvest.

If you are thinking of pulling off a hydroponic system, this grow light will support it equally. So for versatile systems, it becomes the best led grow light for 3×3 tent.

Not only that, it has a daisy chain function that connects up to 15 lights altogether and offers you an easy dimming option. This is another reason why this light is highly welcomed in large grow spaces and commercial setups too.

The aluminum material disperses the produced heat during work so you won’t need any fan. Thus, you will be able to keep your tent noise-free.

This light has an IP65 coating that resists water and saves you from worrying about the watering system. Not to mention, how amazingly reflective this Grow Light is! As 90% of the light energy is absorbed by the plants which trigger their development.


  • Consumes less energy
  • 50,000 hours  lifespan
  • Replaces 250 watts HPS bulb
  • Provides sunlike natural light
  • Dimming facilities


Doesn’t offer a set-up instruction

2. Phlizon LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Actual power draw: 240-250 watts
  • Number of diodes: 120 pcs
  • Dual switching channel
  • Produces less heat
  • Ensures higher safety
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

From a professional LED light manufacturer which has an efficient R&D team and light testing facility, you certainly expect more. Phlizon, in that sense, does not let your expectation down.

This 1200 watts grow light consumes only 240-250 watts and fits in a 3×3 grow tent correctly. It generates a lower amount of heat compared to any HID series. Phlizon has a double cooling fan, so it manages to control the temperature which also extends its lifetime.

Phlizon manufacturers disagree to use any light reflective elements as the reflectors are not heat-resistant and melt quickly at a temperature of  80℃. Besides, it causes short-circuit, so the brand refuses to compromise safety in exchange for external beauty.

However, even without the reflectors, it gives adequate coverage than many other reflective LED light designs.

This full-spectrum light runs several experiments to ensure the plant’s optimal growth. This light’s ending output is a lot like natural light that includes blue, red, white, IR and UV light. So Phlizon can take care of both the essential needs and defense mechanism of the plants.

Additionally, the double switching option lets you choose different spectrum availability depending on specific life-stage. In the vegetative phase, the veg switch provides a lot of blue and white lights to promote growth. Similarly, the bloom switch ensures sufficient red and white lights during the flowering phase.

Furthermore, you can apply both switches at the same time if needed. All the LEDs are visible in 90˚ and 120˚ angle. They encourage you to contact them in any problem you face with the lights as they provide 2 years warranty along with 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Higher PPFD
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
  • Saves light energy
  • Reduces any chance of short-circuiting


Fan gets a bit noisy sometimes


Key Features

  • Actual power draw: 450 watts
  • Number of diodes: 180 pcs
  • UL certified
  • Iron material
  • Advance heat dissipation system
  • Replacement of 600 watts HPS/MH

Viparspectra is a UL certified, trusted brand in the lighting industry. It passes UL rigorous tests and safety standards which ensure the light’s safe operation and maintaining sound quality. This light has fire-resistant reflectors that reduce the risk while increasing the light output.

This light has comprehensive wavebands that promote the growth of all stages plants like sunlight. It enhances the buds and yielding rate of plants. The two-way switching allows you to provide individual spectrum demand in particular phases.

It has a sturdy build and iron housing construction that makes it durable and fire-resistant. Besides this 450 watts LED light replaces a 600 watts HPS/MH light while saving adequate energy.

This grow light can perfectly cover 4×4′ growing area at vegetative stage and 3×3’ at flowering growth stage.

After including all these features, this light will amaze you with 30 days of free return if you are not satisfied with its operation. Plus it comes with a 3-year hassle-free US local warranty so that they can build trust in their customer’s mind and help with their services.


  • Increases PAR output
  • Free return within 30 days
  • Doble switching
  • Proper safety measurements
  • Lifespan of 100,000 hours


Long time exposing to light may cause eye straining

4. Exlenvce LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Actual power draw: 185 watts
  • Number of diodes: 100 pcs
  • Triple chips LED-15 watts
  • Double channel
  • Daisy chain
  • Promotes rapid growth
  • 90 days money-back guarantee

Exlenvce LED lights use advanced scientific technology where a triple chip LED, each of 5 watts, makes the light extra bright and genuinely efficient. Exlenvce ensures more intensity and PAR rate compared to other single or double chip LED lights. Therefore, this light influences the plant’s rapid growth.

This light applies full-spectrum in the veg switch while the young plants consume only 132 watts of the full power. And then, the bloom channel offers more red spectrum with other wavelengths which consumes 60 watts. However, to encourage optimal growth in all stages, you can keep turned on both switches.

It replaces a 600-1000 watts HPS/MH bulb while it’s total power consumption is 185 watts. This light makes sure to provide accurate coverage in a 3×3 grow space.

The daisy chain system allows you to connect 3 LED lights at once. It decreases the need for excessive wires and keeps the whole system organized. Besides, running it is hassle-free. You only need to plug-in the included cable to any standard outlet, and that’s it!

Not to mention, Exlenvce manufacturers offer you a 90 days unconditional return policy. If you don’t like their product, you can get back all the investment. Additionally, the 4-year warranty shows how confident they are about their product’s quality.


  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Super bright
  • Easy to assemble
  • All phases convenient
  • Professional guidance in any problem


Not waterproof

5. FSGTEK LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Actual power draw: 100 watts
  • Number of diodes: 234 pcs
  • Maximum yield 2.5g/watt
  • Waterproof performance
  • Dimmable functions
  • Daisy chain system
  • Easy to assemble

For any commercial or regular planters, seeking the best grow light that ensures the highest yield, FSGTEK can be your ultimate solution. On top of that, it consumes 100 watts, 50% less than other Blurple or SMD, or HPS lights. The Samsung chips in use balance the chemicals, resolve heating issues, and control humidity.

The daisy chain connects 12 lights, and the upgraded control box lets you easily control the lights. However, the dimming knob allows the plants to adapt sufficient light in any stage from seeding to harvesting.

this grow light can cover 2x2ft at Flowering growth stage and Veg grow light footprint is 3 x 3 ft.

The 4 mm thick aluminum board is 30% more efficient in reducing the heat faster than other lights in the market. So if you are already exhausted with fan noise, the good news is this light performs silently as no fan would be needed at all.

It does a fire-safety operation and also it can stay nearer the plants without any risk of burning the plants as it generates less heat.  So the plants receive more lumens and thrive healthier. The MeanWell driver is water-resistant that’s why it wouldn’t cause any problem while you keep your 3×3 grow tent extra moist. Not only 3×3 ft,

The happy user claims this light has next-generation features. Besides, this light provides a worry-free warranty for 3 long years. Moreover, the effective spectrum and other excellent qualities will barely leave a chance for you to dislike this product.


  • Noiseless performance
  • Less energy consuming
  • Controls humidity
  • 100,000 hours runtime
  • Proper area coverage


Not suitable enough for cannabis

6. MAXSISUN LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Actual power draw: 200 watts
  • Number of diodes: 600 pcs
  • Replaces 400 watts HPS bulb
  • Quiet performance
  • Saves electricity
  • No heating issues
  • 90 days money-back guarantee

Maxsisun grow light offers higher PPF per joule (2.7 μmol/J) that leads to healthy growth. It draws only 200 watts and is capable of replacing a 400 watts HPS/MH watts bulb. This light will reduce your electricity bill by consuming 50% less power than other grow lights while ensuring better yield.

The 5 mm thick aluminum heat sink keeps the light passively cool during its performance so that you would not have to use any fan. It has solid construction and works silently. This PB series is reliable and long-lasting. Besides the glue coating helps to resist water.

This full-spectrum light is designed to be beneficial for a plant’s entire life-cycle. It has a warm white, neutral white and red lights that provide better yield and quality crops. Plus this light works ideally in vegetative growth stage at 3×3 ft growing space and offers the plants sufficient coverage to grow in full potential.

Maxsisun has used Samsung’s high efficient diodes and Sosen drivers. These materials have a record of lasting a long time and working with proper safety. Furthermore, the included grow light hanging kits and a pair of rope lets you install the light single-handed within a few minutes.


  • Waterproof
  • Hanging kits included
  • 100,000 hours lifetime
  • Plant’s quick response
  • Works great in harvesting


Not dimmable

How Much Space is 3×3 Grow Tent?

A 3×3 grow tent may not have enough space for professional or commercial purposes, but this size is mostly preferable for home growers or the beginners. If you are calculating how many plants exactly can you fit inside a 3×3 grow tent then let me tell you it entirely depends on the overall size of the plant.

Overloading plants inside this limited space may cause a negative impact on all the plants there. So you can raise 2 plants each in 3-gallon pots or 4 plants of medium size. We do not encourage keeping more than 6 small plants in a 3×3 grow tent.

Because the initial stage is manageable somehow, but these plants are more likely to stop growing after 2 feet.

If you were particularly thinking of growing cannabis in a 3×3 grow tent, it would not be a good idea. These plants require more space to have a proper growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many plants can you fit in a 3×3 grow tent?

2-6 plants. The number of plants immensely depends on its size. For medium-sized plants or a safe counting, keeping 4 plants is fair for the tent’s size. Adding any more plants will hamper the overall growth of all plants inside it. Here is a complete guide about How Many Autoflowers In A 3×3 Tent.

Should I use HPS or LED in my 3×3 grow tent?

A 350 watts LED or a 250 watts HPS bulb, both grow lights work effectively in a 3×3 grow tent. But of course, with a LED light you won’t have to deal with excessive heat issues like HPS/MH bulbs, and so, you can skip installing fans too in the congested space.


If you are starting your first growing experience with a 3×3 tent, you are bound to face several difficulties. The reason is you have to arrange an artificial environment similar to nature for the plant’s maximum yield.

Sunlight is the most crucial element among all the requirements. Thus providing plenty of light from a suitable grow light that is scientifically made for the betterment of plants is a useful option for the plants.

Whatsoever, these 6 best led grow light for 3×3 tent is our top choice among the numerous lights. We are hopeful any of these lights that suits your requirements will bring a massive change in your growing experience.

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