Best Grow Tent Setup for Beginners ( A Complete Guide)

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

If you love indoor gardening, you should know how to set up a grow tent. Having a grow tent promotes a lot of benefits to the growers. When it is portable, it becomes quite easy for you to move.

Subsequently, you can create a perfect environment for the plants to improve with a  hydroponic grow tent. The ultimate factors which are the most demanded in maintaining it are set up here nicely.

The process is not too difficult to do. This article aims to let you know those impeccable and useful ideas to implement in your project. Hopefully, you will walk away with some excellent outputs after reading this content.

Grow Tent Set up Procedures

Applying some of your minimum efforts, simply you can set up a grow tent. Below I am going to show you step by step methods to follow.

Collect Required Tools

setup a grow tent

Are you ready to do it? As a newbie, it’s very common to worry about the perfection of setting the grow tent. A grow tent set-up picture may help you in this time.

This will make a clear visualization of how it looks like. Moreover, you can also check to grow tent set-up a diagram on the internet. Before you start setting up, these two steps will eventually aid you a lot with the whole hydroponic kit.

When you fix a project to start, this is the best for you to gather all the important things. Make a grow tent set up a list for ensuring a better installment.

First of all, you need a screwdriver, scissors, power strip for important use. A humidifier is also much needed in dry weather. Other tools include

  • Extractor inline fan for cooling inside.
  • Lighting equipment along with
  • Duct clips and tape.
  • Carbon filter that fits with the size of your grow tent.
  • Hanging tool.
  • Nylon straps.
  • Other Grow tent kit.

Assemble the tent carefully

Since there are so many different sizes of grow tent. In general, you will find a rectangular or square size. First of all, fix the spot where you want it to set up. Then be sure if it fits the area or not.

Then you may unpack the individual parts of the grow tent. The requirement equipment should be checked in the package twice. Read the instruction carefully.

Then start to frame the construction and make it reach the last point. Be careful of the safety of the plants.

Cover the cloth over the frame

Once you have set the frame properly, start adding the cloth to cover it. Zippers should function smoothly. Make sure there is no defect in it. You should put the cloth to make the tent secure enough.

Fixing standard light

This is a crucial part of setting up a grow tent. Lamps should fit with the grow tent properly. As good plants are your priority to have, you need to make sure of it.

Lights should distribute in an appropriate amount. Of course, you need to consider its maintenance, color spectrum etc. If you are confused to choose entire lighting with quality, ask for the help of a lighting manufacturer.

Furthermore, grow tent LED lamps are capable of emitting full LED spectrum lights. It will easily fit in the standard socket board. This is suitable for you.

Again, you may find other lights in the marketplace. But they have some drawbacks of overheating issues.

Light set up

Once you choose suitable and grow light for your grow tent, it’s time to set it up genuinely. To do so, you should read the manual instructions at first.

Keep the Mounting hardware in a safe position.  Adjust the height and hang it up keeping the right distance. Keep it like the way the plants require to grow.

Fix the attachment of the lighting hoods in the right space with the right position. Make sure that emitting light goes directly to the plants.

Now, complete wire fixing tactfully to avoid any electrical hassles. Run the power cords correctly in the grow tent.

Look for the best space for ventilation

In this part, you need to check what a suitable place for ventilation is. Attaching a cooling fan and carbon filter in the right place is much needed. Hang them on inside the grow tent.

Hence, it should be placed on the top part of the tent. This is possibly the ideal place for it. It helps in expanding the growing footprint well.

Effective ventilation is essential in creating an odor-free environment. Also, it removes hot weather from the tent. Again, harmful molds or insects won’t have easy access due to having this good ventilation system.

Installment of ventilation

Grow tent ventilation set up is required to determine the best growth of the plants. Hang the carbon filter with a fan on the selected space using the nylon straps.

This filter is much needed to emit fresh air inside the tent. Also, it will make the environment odor-free. It’s a helpful component for the excellent growth of your plants.

Next, you must hang the fan keeping it towards the filter inside. Make sure you are setting the fan on the center position. Thus it manages the balance well.

You must monitor the distance between the ultimate flange of the extractor fan and the carbon filter. Make it secure using tape.

It works great by removing odor outside from the tent, it makes the environment healthy. Place the ducting between the spaces of filter and exhaust fan.

Install Temperature gauge

Environment-friendly weather includes the right temperature and humidity. As a grower, you need to monitor it properly. You should set the components in the plants.

Maintain optimum temperature for sure. Make sure it is not too high or not too low in distributing heat. Otherwise, the plants will struggle to grow.

Timing set up

A grow light timer is mainly used to manage to turn the light on/off. If you want to run any of the tent components with your own choice, you can use it.

Checking the whole system

Once you have set up everything in order, you should have a look at the full system once. If anything is missing there, it will grab your attention by the way. Check everything is continuing perfectly or not.

Put your plants inside the tent

When everything is well-prepared, you must place your chosen plants inside the tent. In the meantime, you should monitor the ventilation, temperature, and lighting carefully. How they leave effects on the plants.

Finally, view if the plants make a positive response to the environment or not. Add water and fertilizer if necessary. Check if the tent has still any holes or not.

Some additional tips you need to remember

  • Make sure the lights didn’t get damaged by any chance.
  • Water should not come in touch with an electric device. Never splash any water in any lighting components.
  • When you need to make a replacement of bulb, never use bare hands to hold it. Use a hand glove in touching it. Unless the oils from your hand may cause damage to the light.
  • Check the power cord is better or not. Otherwise, it will leave a bad impact on the whole system.


Finally, we have successfully reached the last part of this informative article. As a grow tent is an innovative process of inner gardening, you must know how to set up a grow tent. Learn everything you need to know.

After setting it up, maintain a caring concern in your tent. Everyday monitor it properly. Any malfunction activities may damage it in a second.

If you are passionate about inner gardening, it may bring amazing results for you. Hopefully, this article will be beneficial for fulfilling your requirement. Happy gardening.

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