What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants – 5 Best Grow Tents

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2021)

What size grow tent for 4 plants? As a beginner in indoor Gardening, you might be in quest of this answer.

To grow 4 plants, you need a 4×4 grow tent because each plant needs 4 square feet area to grow properly. The cannabis plants are versatile in nature and they can grow in a small accommodation.

But the plants need proper light, humidity and other factors to let them breathe and grow properly. If you want to have more crops in your indoor garden, you must choose the right way of training the plants and the best grow tent.

Don’t be panicked. I will ease the process for you through this guide. What you will have to do is – read this guide from the beginning to the end with your whole mind.

Importance of The Right size Grow Tent for 4 Plants

What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants

A proper calculation for indoor gardens will increase the yield to a great extent. For this, you have to know the appropriate size of garden and grow tent.

Why should you have a proper size of grow tent?

If the grow tent size is smaller than required one, the heat of the lights will burn the plant leaves. Growing more plants than required for the grow tent space will provide you with less crop than expected. Who wants to waste money and energy? None!

On the other hand, a gigantic grow tent with less number of plants will not bring you any good. When the space is large, the grower has to invest in more lights, energy and whatnot.

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What size grow tent for 4 plants?

A rectangular shaped grow tent will be the best choice for 4 plants.

Now, you might ask me – why should I have 4 square feet for 1 plant? Isn’t it too much space for each plant?

As an indoor gardener, you must know the plants need extra space to breathe. Sometimes, plants die out of excessive gas produced by themselves.

To keep the plants healthy, the extra space is necessary.


VIVOSUN 48×48- Best Grow Tent For 4 Plants

Key Features

  • Size: 48”x48”x80”
  • 340 g. Oxford fabric
  • Strong metal poles
  • Easy view window
  • Tear-proof and double-stitched

VIVOSUN hydroponic mylar grow tent prevents escaping lights from the tent. The grow tent has strong metal poles with an oxford fabric tent.

Not only this. The non toxic PE material has framed the inner lines to keep the plants safe from unwanted molecules. Also, this grow tent has ensured an easy access to the plants and so, the gardener won’t have to bend over.

Then, the installation process is easy and fast. No sophisticated tools are needed to install it. Awesome!


VIVOSUN Complete Kit Grow Tent for 4 Plants

Key Features

48″x48″x80″ Grow Tent
VS1000 Led Grow Light
6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Fan
6″ Carbon Filter and 8ft Ducting Combo
VIVOSUN indoor outdoor thermometer

The full spectrum light of VIVOSUN Complete Grow Tent Kit allows the plants to provide the best yield. It has included all the parts a grow tent needs to nurture cannabis. So, you are relieved from returning and purchasing the parts separately.

What a great deal!

The indoor and outdoor thermometer will provide the gardener precise data about how the environment is inside the garden. For the accuracy of temperature and humidity, the gardeners love this grow tent.

For the beginners, this grow tent is a fantastic option to look at as the lights don’t increase the electricity bill. Also, the square mesh feature is another reason to choose this product.


MARS HYDRO 4×4 Plant Growing Room

Key Features

48″x48″x80″ Grow Tent
No light leaks or rips
Easy observation windows
Double stitched 1680D canvas
quick easy tool-free installation
Stable metal corner adapters and poles

If you are in the indoor gardening field, you definitely have heard the fame of MARS HYDRO grow tent. These tents are robust from inside because of their tailoring process.

Let’s know more.

The grow tent of MARS HYDRO is waterproof and has diamond mylar reflective material inside. What is the contribution of this material? It increases the effectiveness of lights by its reflection nature.

To add, the stable metal corner holds the grow tent body properly and doesn’t let it fall for heaviness. For easy observation, the gardener can easily check the growing condition without disrupting the growth cycle.

With the removal tray, the floor of the indoor garden remains clean. Moreover, the tray is waterproof which means you can clean it whenever needed.


MARS HYDRO 4×4 Complete Grow Tent Kit

Key Features

48″x48″x80″ Growing Tent
6pcs 5Gallon grow bags
TSW 2000W Led Grow Light
humidity thermometer and timer
Carbon filter and 33ft flex ducting
6″inline duct fan with speed controller

Do you want a complete kit grow tent? This is one of the best options to check. The MARS HYDRO complete grow tent kit has included-

  • 6” inline duct fan
  • 6” ventilation kit
  • 33ft length flex ducting
  • Humidity thermometer
  • Duct clamps
  • Adjust rope
  • 6pcs 5galloon grow bags

This grow tent kit provide 50% more light with 30% higher yield than ancient LED grow lights. With the full spectrum grow lights of 300watts, you will witness the best growth of plants inside the grow tent.

Not to mention, the energy efficiency will save your hard-earned bucks. How much? To be precise, the grow tent light source will save 50% more energy bills than other options.

What about the coverage area? The coverage area of these lights is 4x4ft veg and 3x3ft bloom footprint.

Isn’t it excellent? Of course!


OPULENT SYSTEMS 36″x36″x72″ Grow Tent

Key Features

36″x36″x72″ Grow Tent
high-quality zipper
Strong metal poles
Simple and Fast Installation
98% highly reflective waterproof mylar

Concluding my review section with OPULENT SYSTEMS grow tent. This grow tent has 98% reflective waterproof mylar that increases the growth of plants.

The superior materials and strong design are impressive for the gardeners because the tent has double stitch. Ensuring light transmission, the tent has pointed out to the gardeners this is an effective choice to consider.

As the installation process is simple without tools, you can assemble it quickly. How will I check my plants? Bearing this in mind, the designers have included a window that helps you to observe the plant growth easily.

What else do you need? This is absolutely a wonderful option of grow tent.

Plant training Guide

Plant training is essential if you are an indoor gardener. Because the cola of marijuana plants grow as high as possible in a light direction. What’s wrong if cola grows?

The cola doesn’t produce optimal yield rather it absorbs nutrients and let the plant provide less yield. Not to mention about the contribution of auxin which is a hormone present in plants. It helps the plant to grow upwards and it resides on the top section of plants.

In plant training, the gardeners encourage the plant to grow evenly rather than growing upward. As a result, you are getting more healthy crops AKA yield and buds. Isn’t it what a gardener expects?

Train your plants in two possible ways –

  1. High Stress Training (HST)
  2. Low Stress Training (LST)

Let’s know each of the types in detail.

High Stress Training (HST)

The plants in this training style have to go through some vital changes and damage. In this process, the plants are at high risk of permanent damage and less quality crops.

If you are an expert, you can jump to ‘Super cropping’ but for the beginners, I will recommend you to get acquainted with the steps and try these.

Don’t forget, ‘Super cropping’ is appropriate in the early flowering stage. You should notice the recovering stage of the plants. If they don’t heal themselves within a few days, you should not go ahead with High Stress Training.


With the help of fingernails, remove the top most section of the bud. And there will be two branches rather than 1 single bud.

You have to damage the plants at an early age of the life cycle. However, there’s no limitation and you can perform the task many times. For topping, I recommend 1.5ft for each plant in a grow tent.


Manifolding is another method of topping and provides more crops than usual. This process helps to get more crops without investing too much time.

 Super Cropping

This is a bending procedure of branches that breaks the fiber and let it fold over. It is related to LST but you should not tear the stalk’s skin. In this process, 1 plant needs 2 square ft to grow healthy.

Select the space where you have to break the stem because this thing has to be done properly.


As you know, topping is separating the bud from the plant and this process allows two branches to grow. FIM is another style of topping but this is more advanced.

This process asks the garden to remove the top most section. What happens afterwards? This allows the plant to generate 4 branches rather than 2.

However, this process is sophisticated, harder and riskier. If you have germs while cutting, the plants catch infection which is deadly for them.


During the vegetative stage, defoliation training for plants will work well to give you more crops. And you have to do it within the first four weeks before you try flowering plants. The timing is important and you will see visible changes in growing spurt.

Low Stress Training

LST is another type of training marijuana plants while growing them. This process requires effort and time to boost crop yield. Low Stress training works better in the early flowering stage.

It’s best to try in the vegetative stage and there is SCROG method to try which is a type of LST. Basically, the method distributes the auxin hormone of plants throughout its body. Tie the plant’s top section and bend it.

While bending the plant in LST method, the chemical flow becomes even. Don’t try the method with normal tape rather than plant tape. Normal tape or duct will end up tearing the plant’s skin. In this process, the buds of marijuana get even exposure to height.

Let’s take a look at other types of LST method.

No-Technique Training

For the beginner, this method is extremely helpful because it doesn’t require many steps to complete the process. The only step you need to perform is to bend the plant in their early age at a 90 degree angle.

As you complete doing so, the lower branches transform into main colas. Then, plants continue functioning on their own.

Screen Of Green (SCROG)

This step includes a screen and it excludes the bending step of the plant. You have to wait for the plants to grow through this screen of green and per plant the accommodation requirement is 1 sq. ft.

Branches will bloom and you have to tuck them in the filter. This process will increase the growth of cola. If you can complete the process properly, you will receive high yield.

Light Exposure

Light exposure is another factor the gardener has to take seriously. Since the sun is not present in your area, the LED lights must cover up the requirements to function properly.


This guide is your stair to know all the details to grow marijuana in your grow tent. What size grow tent for 4 plants is the question of every beginner and I have not only clarified this question but also given you all the details you need.

As you are a beginner, you would find difficulties to choose the grow tent from many options. So, I have reviewed the best options for you present in the market. Without any confusion, you can choose them.

Follow the training process while growing 4 plants in your grow tent and let us know if you find the processes worthy or not in the comment section. Enjoy the best yield!

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