What Size Grow Tent for 2 Plants – According to Growing Methods

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2021)

What size grow tent for 2 plants? This question is mostly asked by the gardeners who want to transform their passion into reality. For 2 plants, you need a 2×2 ft grow tent if the plants are small.

In case of larger plants, you should go for 3×3 or 4×4 ft grow tents. Well, the 2×2 ft grow tent is the smallest grow tent available in the market. The gardeners who have a small space to start, this grow tent will be the best choice for them.

Though the grow tent is small, the effectiveness will be excellent if you choose the best grow tent. If you are starting your indoor gardening for the first time and have no knowledge about grow tent, you can take a look at our super saturated review section (below).

What size grow tent for 2 plants

What size grow tent for 2 plants

Whether you want to have a grow tent of 3×3 or 2×2, the yield depends on vital factors. Keeping these in mind, if you design the tent, you will observe dramatic changes in productivity AKA crops.

Without any further words, let’s check which factors can influence the yield positively –

  • Type of plants
  • Light
  • Strategy of cultivation
  • Train the plants
  • 2X2 Yield for different strain
  • Space

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Type of Plants

Every plant is unique in its structure, stem, characteristics and leaves. In a given tent size, the plants will grow spontaneously if they receive proper ventilation and circulation of air.

It’s recommended not to overcrowd the tent with plants as the environment might lack proper light exposure. Keep in mind the plants will mature and at that stage, this tent has to fulfill all the necessary factors to allow the plants to grow naturally.


Plants have many requirements and light exposure is one of them. While talking about lights, the height gets involved.

The yield of a 5ft height tent and a 4ft height tent is not the same. Though this factor is not as crucial as the vital factors we are explaining here but to let the gardeners know.

Well, let’s not forget about the light exposure. Regardless of the plant’s growth stage, the plants need 30 watts for 1 square foot in a grow tent.

For a 2×2 ft grow tent, the required light is 120 to 140 watts. However, plants can’t absorb only 60% of produced light. Now, if you calculate,

Required light power = (130 x 100)/60 = 216.7 watts

If you round up this number, your tent needs 220 watts. Don’t enlight the garden with an unnecessary number of lights because it will cause burning issues for the leaves. The leaves will lose color and die.

Strategy Of Cultivation

When you plant regularly, the tents for each stage need to be separated. Why should you do this budget-consuming step?

Well, this might be budget-consuming for you at first but this step is about saving your crops. In the end, you will earn way more than invested money.

How is this going to happen? I will explain in detail. Hop in!

As a continuous harvester, the cycles of a plant’s growth hampers the number of plants. The small plants in continuous harvesting will result in more plants in your tent. So, I am asking you to have more than 1 tent in the garden.

However, it depends on the intention that how many plants you are planning to grow. If you are planning to grow a few plants and let them grow wide in your garden, you can avoid this strategy.

Train the Plants

How about receiving the best yield from the plants? If you are ready for it, let me tell you.

When the gardener is planting more plants in the tent, it increases the plant density. Don’t think if you have fewer plants in the garden, your garden will provide the best yield.

Decide the style you want to acquire for gardening. There are ScrOG, Bush, SOG, Mesh, or Low-stress training.

To get maximum yield, maximum yield per plant, ScrOG style will provide you with the best. In the case of receiving a maximum yield per kWH, you can choose SOG because of the vast canopy production.

What is ScrOG?

Answer: This is a method to grow plants a screen above the medium by bringing the upper branches downward and lower branches upward.

What is SOG?

Answer: SOG is a method that is used to force the flowering stage of marijuana growth when the plants are young. If harvesting plants earlier is necessary, you can try this method.

What is Low-stress training?

Answer:  Low-stressing training means modifying the branches of the plant and receive the best yield.

How to Use ScrOG Method

If you allow the ScrOG method, this will increase the rate of crops by 10 to 20 percent. 


  • Place the screen at 12”-15” and top the leave
  • You have to tie plants with that screen when the plants have grown 4”

What are the advantages?

  • No fluffy buds
  • No light went in vein 

2×2 Yield For Different Strains

Choosing the best yielding strain is a crucial part. The strain ensures the quality and possibility of receiving the maximum production.

If you can choose the right strain, you will observe a massive change by yourself in yielding. To understand this fact better, let me give you an example –

Strain A turns into mature plants within 20 days and strain B matures within 15 days. Clearly, strain B is more preferable to strain A.

For the variation of each plant, their cycle is unique from each other. When you select the seeds, choose the highest yield rate strain to have the best experience.

How to Measure Yield?

You might not know how to measure the yield appropriately. Let me tell you about this quick method.

When you are collecting buds, they have to go through a drying process which allows the grower to receive only 25 to 30 percent weight.


If you are a beginner, consider the space where you want to set up the tent. The number of plants you want to grow in the tent is another matter of fact.

When you have space to place the grow tent, purchase a grow tent that is 1 or 2 ft smaller. Leave the space for

Review Of 5 Best Grow Tent for 2 Plants


MARS HYDRO 2 plants Grow Tent Kit

Key Features

  • Carbon filter: 4”
  • Inline fan: 4”
  • Lights: Full spectrum grow light
  • Highest output: 430 umol/m/S

To enjoy indoor gardening, you must need  the best grow and so introducing the MARS HYDRO grow tent to you. It has featured strength and acquired advanced technology which results in the best yield.

What does the grow tent include?

The grow has a 4” inline duct fan and you can control the speed. As you know, a high speed of fan is not necessary for each stage. Also, the rope hangers, 4pcs 5 gallon grow bags are included.

Why I am recommending this tent is because this is user-friendly. You can complete the whole harvesting period inside it. Featuring better light, higher yield, the grow tent has attracted the eyes of indoor gardeners.

Why shouldn’t you choose this? Absolutely, no reason.


Spider Farmer Complete Grow Tent Kit

Key Features

  • Inline fan: 4”
  • Carbon filter: RC412 Australian Charcol
  • Duct material: Aluminum
  • SF-1000 Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • Samsung Diodes & MeanWell Driver

The second choice is Spider Farmer grow tent kit. This fantastic tent has featured carbon flex and filter to prevent uninvited odor in the tent. Also, it keeps the tent purified and encourages the plants to grow healthy.

Do you have a tight pocket this month? But you are dying to give the passion a real form ASAP. Then, I will recommend this tent to you.

This high quality tent will help you in the long run for its durable nature. Made with 100% reflective mylar interior enhances the productivity of grow lights. Additionally, this product is a heavy-duty one and reliable for having an SBS zipper.

What does the SBS zipper do?

 The zipper helps to open and shut the tent smoothly. Moreover, the installation process of Spider Farmer is hassle-free.


VIVOSUN Mylar Grow Tent for 2 Plants

Key Features

  • Material: Oxford fabric
  • 98%-reflective Mylar
  • Strong metal poles
  • Easy Observation Window
  • Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing

Who hasn’t heard about VIVOSUN? For its durability, sturdy structure, indoor gardeners couldn’t ignore their grow tent. For 2 plants, you can think of this one as an option.

The tent has 98% reflective Mylar and it increases the final output of the grow tent. Not to mention, it is extra thick for having strong metal poles. 

You definitely need to check the plants every now and then. To check them, you won’t have to throw out the back bending as it has a zipper system. Unzip the door for easy-access and you are good to go. 

How cool is that?

Any guesses about the installation process?

VIVOSUN doesn’t bother the gardeners with complicated installation processes, rather it helps the gardeners with no tool requirement. From professionals to beginners, everyone’s choice can be VIVOSUN.


CoolGrows 2×2 Small Indoor Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Material: Heavy duty 600DOxford fabrics and PVC
  • Lining material: Waterproof aluminum foil
  • Frame material: Heavy duty powder coated steel

With durable metal bars and connectors, the CoolGrows 2x2x4 ft grow tent is built. For the light proof feature, it prevents the escaping of lights from the tent. Awesome!

This product has more to offer, like durability. The grow tent has featured strength with metal bars. To have a regular check up on plants, it has a viewing window for the gardeners. This excellent addition helps to increase the energy inside the tent.

CoolGrows grow tents are easy to clean and assemble. If you are searching for the best hydroponic growing light tent, it can be one of the options.

However, the grow tent designers have cared about the small details of it. Adding zipper and private flaps over are praiseworthy features of it.


MARS HYDRO 2×2 Grow Tent with Removable Floor

Key Features

  • Material: Diamond Mylar
  • Coverage: 2.3’x2.3’

As the environment of growing cannabis is not favorable everywhere, it is vital to purchase the perfect and reliable grow tent. Concluding this review section with MARS HYDRO grow tent.

Let’s check what it has to offer the gardeners.

The interior of this tent is built with diamond mylar and so the reflection is high. The lighting can’t pass through the tent for the extra thick and no-light-leak features.

What else?

The durability stands with stable metal corner adapters along with poles. These are reliable to support the sturdiness of the tent. For easy installation, it is on the favorite list of the gardeners.

Similar to VIVOSUN, this one has a special observation window with double layered cloth. Now, the gardener won’t have to bother the plants to check on them.

To add, MARS HYDRO grow tent has a removable tray to keep the surface clean. And the tray doesn’t absorb water. Like all the reviewed grow tent, this cultivation doesn’t bother the gardeners while installing it.

Isn’t it superb?

Before you start indoor gardening for 2 plants, you must know the important factors that influence the yield. Skipping this section will be a big loss and I am sure, you are not one of them.

Let’s start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best yield I can get from a 2×2 grow tent?

From the 2×2 grow tent, you can grow up to 0.5 pounds to 230 grams if the plants get all the nutrients properly.

Is it possible to put 8 plants in my 2×2 grow tent?

Planting 8 plants is overcrowding the grow tent. You can plant a maximum of 6 plants in this grow tent.

How tall does grow tent need to be?

The grow tent should be 6.5ft tall to pass the air properly.

How do I control cannabis plant height?

Decrease the light exposure to 18-12 hours and it will help to control the plant height.

Do I need a humidifier for my grow tent?

If you want to have healthy, mildew-free crops, you need a humidifier for the grow tent.

Final Words

Growing plants in a grow tent is all about passion and patience. If you have two of these, you are the winner. Whether you find anyone or not, our grower team is always beside you with proper information.

For beginners, it is difficult to find out what size grow tent for 2 plants. As I said, we are there to pat you on your shoulder and let you know all the details.

Are you still confused or want to ask our professional team a question? Our comment section is always open for you. So, type your question and our professionals will come up with the answer.

Wish you luck!

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