#9 Best 4×4 Grow Tent Review 2020 (Setup VIDEO)


We reviewed 51 different 4×4 grow tent available on the market and created a simple list of 9 Best 4×4 grow tent to help you pick the Best one.

Each grow tent was evaluated across a variety of factors: cost, materials, durability, frame-strength, air ventilation, light reflection, construction and much more and these are truly the best options out there.

The VIVOSUN 48″x48″x80″ Hydroponic Grow Tent remains our best pick. This grow tent is beneficial in every side for its quality, reliability and functional features. In some case, it is seen to face hurdles in setting up of some grow tent models.

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Product Name

Key Features


Best Overall

VIVOSUN 4x4 Grow Tent

Premium Pick

Gorilla 4x4 Grow Tent

Great Value


Amagabeli 48x48x80 Grow Tent

Ohuhu 4 x 4 Grow Tent

Helios 4 by 4 Grow Tent

Quicent 4 by 4 Grow Tent

iPower 48x48 Grow Tent

Apollo 48 by 48 Grow Tent

Key features

If you are professional or beginner, VIVOSUN grow tents should be the great choice for both. The whole unit includes carbon filter belts. Again it has a great ventilation system. Moreover, it puts all lights in and prevents any sort of light leakage.

A tear free canvas features the tent and it covers easy installation. It prevents light leakage and keeps the environment peaceful and conductive. Let’s know about other impeccable features of this VIVOSUN.

Key Features and Benefits

Reflective Mylar

VIVOSUN 48x48x80 grow tent  features reflective Mylar. This effective feature is excellent in boosting grow tent easy set up and prevents light from escaping at once.

600D canvas

There is a thick 600D canvas associated with it. It helps in making easy installation and provides suitable light blocking.

Observation window

It includes an easy monitoring window. This feature entirely lets you monitor the healthy growth of the plants.

Tool organizer

A well-organized storage is situated on the inside of the grow tent. This beneficial storage is helpful for grow accessories.

Removable floor tray

An exclusive floor tray has been combined in the  grow tent. It makes the whole cleaning task easier for the user.

Ventilation fan

Double layered ventilation fan is there for you to engage the best filtration and air flow system for you.

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Key features

Gorilla 4 by 4 grow tent is perfect for the newbie and superior for the expert growers. The ducting ports have good configuration for usage. The design is carved professionally that is really eye-catchy.

It has bigger layouts with easy maintenance system. Gorilla is superior for ideal use and makes perfect justification with the growing space. The metal unlocking frame is solid and has good power connectors. Let’s know other noticeable features of Gorilla.

Key Features and Benefits


Gorilla is function able with thick and engaging zippers. It helps to secure the whole unit and make actionable performance as well.

Pest control filters

It features with suitable pest control filters. It prevents any harmful insects cause any harm to the grow tent.

Instruction guide

It has easy directional guide. Using this feature, you can set this tent easy without any hassle.

EZ monitor window

There are large viewing windows associated with this grow tent. It provides smooth snapshots that never leave any effects on the environment.

Large layouts

It has bigger layouts. You can manage maneuvering without any problem through this feature.


Gorilla grow tent has 360 degree wrap around access. It is very convenient for exit and entry.

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Key features

VIPARSPETRA is another ideal 4 x 4 grow tent for horticulture industry. It offers increased amount of opportunities with its collective features. You can have a better control on the climate and the healthy growth of your plants as well.

This unit has been providing non-toxic interior service with sturdy frame material. It has excellent floor tray that you can remove whenever you wish. It has an ideal dimension and offers more exclusive features.

Key Features and Benefits

Light proof material

This grow tent has reflective and light proof material. It helps in preventing light blockage.

Great design

VIPARSPETRA 4 by 4 grow tent completely offers beautiful design to grab your attentions. The zippers are heavier duty and the metal fabrics are double-stitched. The growing space is safe for cultivation. It has beautiful ducting windows as well.

Metal poles

There are metal poles along with tool free connectors. That’s why it seems very easy to unlock safely.

Waterproof floor pan

It includes a floor pan that is water-resistant. It provides a nice environment for growing healthy plants.


The zippers are heavy duty that slides easily. You don’t have to put more strength to move it for its smoothness.


A window is covering the grow tent that is rectangular in size along with mesh. It ensures the better ventilation system.

Tool-free connectors

The tool-free connectors are very sturdy that improves the frame and lock of the frame.

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Key features

If a proper growing method is your first priority, using the Amagabeli won’t be wastage of investment for you. You can’t ignore this 48x48x80 grow tent so easily. It efficiently manages the whole indoor environment for the beneficial productivity of the plants.

It allows light, temperature, humidity and makes a great cultivation of the flower. The nature is now in your very close to enjoy when you have the Amagabeli.

Key Features and Benefits

Light proof canvas

There is a 600D double stitched canvas including with the Amagabeli grow tent. The light blocking cannot make any disturbance due to have this thick canvas feature.

Metal zipper

Here you will find a double stitched zipper. This strong feature protects the tent and ensures seal as well.

Reflective LED light

This exclusive grow tent offers Interior Mylar lining along with the Reflective LED grow light. It ensures proper distribution of the light in every phase of working.

Vent holes

Double sleeved 7 vent holes are another excellent feature of the Amagabeli. You can tighten or loosen them as your demand.

Metal poles

It includes a solid metal poles with durable materials linked with tool-free connectors as well. You can easily unlock them with no hard effort. That’s why it is very comfortable to set up.

Monitoring window

There is an observation window associated with it. It allows easy viewing and takes a great care of the plants to the user.

Velcro cover

A Velcro cover with light tight property presents ergonomics height to the grow tent. You can have a peek on the interior cords with the help of the feature.

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Key features

If you love to cultivate any plants in any season, Ohuhu is the perfect selection for you. Therefore,4 by 4 grow tent is essential in handling the climate. This well-furnished grow tent has highly reflective material for convenient use.

Metal frame construction makes it more durable for long-term use. It strongly supports different grow lights.  It has a great unfold dimension to use. Another innovative feature it covers is the anti-mosque screen. Let’s look at the other features as well.

Key Features and Benefits

Holding poles and belts

There are 2× transverse poles along with a longitudinal pole. It helps the user grip the ancillary components easily. The 2×belts also do the similar job as grow light.

Anti-mosque screen

This is an excellent feature of this grow tent. It acts like an easy monitoring window to view the healthy growth of the plants easily.


The construction of the Ohuhu grow tent is truly amazing. It is made of solid metal frame. That’s why it lasts for long time with the highest quality service.


This grow tent features a duel-sleeved vent that is circular in size. This is situated on the upper corner. It can manage the air circulation well covering the exhaust fan, carbon filter. Again, it maintains light, temperature and air circulation for exceptionally well seed germination.

Mylar lining

It includes a Mylar lining that is 98% reflective. It preserves the heat to distribute towards the plants and makes them highly efficient.

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Key features

Are you dying for abundant harvest in your grow tent? Then Helios is the one what you desire. High quality materials are used to make this professional. It helps you in doing optimized growing.

Moreover, the energy saving efficiency of it is simply amazing. With an easy assembly, it provides easy configuration and instruction to every grower. Again, it provides easy maintenance of the whole unit.

Key Feature and Benefits

Mylar lining

There is a 600D Mylar lining covering the whole unit. It benefits in providing optimization in growing plants.

Metal poles and fabrics

The metals poles featuring the Helios grow tent is powder-coated. It maximizes the stability of the tent for long time. Again the fabric allows perfect light blocking along with odor saver properties.

Reflective interior configuration

Another exclusive grow tent feature is the reflective interior side. This beautiful interior functions nicely by boosting the efficiency of the lighting set up. Hence, it saves energy and utilizes it in healthy growth of the plants.

Easy assembly

A learning guide that is quite useful for all growers especially for beginners. It directs the growers the whole maintenance of the growing plants.

Integrated monitoring window

This is one of the most convenient features of this grow tent. It allows monitoring the growth of the plants and taking care of the interior set up.


The vents used here are double-socked. It helps in cinching up the odors and prevents harmful pests boldly.


The hardest zippers are being functioned here for easy access and maintenance. It protects the security of the tents and allows it for long term usage.

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Key features

Quicent has been great at selling quality grow tent with its top-notch reputation over years. It upgrades the performance with its top quality service. The materials are being used here are eco-friendly and safe to use

These products are SGS Chemical approved and never allow any toxic entry. It protects the sensitive plants with non-toxic properties. It won’t show any reaction under light. This brand is highly recommended for usage.

Key Features and Benefits

SGS Chemical testing

Quicent 4 by 4 grow tent is SGS chemical approved. It is genuinely protective, reliable and eco-friendly for the ultimate sensitive plants. The soluble elements are easily complied while you made them ready for test. Gain, it won’t emit any gasses that cause damage to the sensitive plants.

Light reflective materials

It is coated with safety inspection as it used light proof materials. It prevents light escaping from the tent and delivers sufficient light for the plants.

600D Oxford fabric

The 600D Oxford fabric is thick and it is tear resistant. It is suitable for great light blocking.

Metal zipper

The metal zipper is reliably anti-burst in properties. It diminishes the painful experience of the growers. It allows easy sliding and never gets damaged with water presence.

Thick net poles

Thick net poles are usually .8mm in thickness. It offers a strong foundation of the grow tent and never allows any structural twisting. Also, it promotes perfect loading capacity to hang the interior equipment’s easily.

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Key features

This superior ipower grow tent is 99% sealed and in fact light proof in property. Amazing growing application covers with excellent features as well. The components used here are high in quality and heavier duty as per your demand.

The metal frames have exclusive capacity of dealing with at least 110lbs. In a word, it is suitable for other interior factors such as light, heating elements or air filtration system.

Key Feature and Benefits

Monitor window

This is a comfortable feature for you. This open-close window is associated with transparent plastic covering the whole unit with the exclusive Mylar sheet as well. Without entering in to the tent, you can view the regular growth of your plants with it.

Comfortable tool bag

iPower features with an organization tool bag that is covered with heavy duty material. It is useful for the majority of accessory tool. It also saves energy.

Metal frame

All of the metal frame of this tent is made of solid equipment’s. It has the capacity to manage at least 110lbs.

Water resistant tray

This is another great feature of this 4 by 4 grow tent. It has been covered with powerful security straps. That’s why it is useful for securing spills.

Assembly instructions

iPower Hydroponic grow tent incorporates with 2 easy parted assembly instructions. You can easily apprehend the whole unit and its functions with it.

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Key features

Apollo Horticulture grow tent is very professional in producing highest quality products with the most remarkable features. It acts like a guiding light.

Proper ventilation has been applied here with the complete reliable package. It includes an easy assembly along with 2 filter straps. Make sure you are not using it on small enclosed location.

Key Features and Benefits

Heavy duty zippers

This 48×48 grow tent includes a double stitched zipper. It has heavy duty construction. That’s why you can enjoy the long lasting service from it. Moreover, it will provide a strong light protection.

Thick material

The construction of the Apollo grow tent is simply amazing. It is made of thick tent components. Again the reinforced metal poles will provide security and durability of the usage.

Moreover, it prevents odor and keeps the environment free from pollution.

Reflective material

A Mylar floor tray is another top-notch feature of this professional grow tent. It is highly reflective. That’s why it keeps a good variance with the light fixtures and the other necessary tools. Again, it distributes the heat with optimum temperature, on the whole, grow tent well.

Easy grow tent guideline

In this grow tent, you will find a helpful instructional pamphlet. You can set up easily in apartment, condominium or any other spaces with its excellent assistance.

Guarantee and warranty

Apollo Horticulture tent provides 90 days warranty along with a month of money back guarantee. They are very true to their commitment and provide hassle-free service to the customers.

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Important Q & A

How many plants can I fit in a 4x4 grow tent?

Do you want to know How many plants can you fit in 4×4 tent. You can fit up to 15 plants in a 48×48 grow tent. But if you have containers, possible to fit around 10 five-gallon pots.

How many watts do I need for a 4x4 grow room?

600 to 1000 Actual Watts (or equivalent) LED grow light need for a 4×4 tent.

What size carbon filter for 4x4 grow tent?

4 inch/ 6 inch carbon filter are ideal choice for 4×4 tent. But you should pic the best air carbon filter for grow tent.

What is the Best Portable AC for 4×4 Grow Tent

Here is the detailed guide about best portable ac for 4×4 tent. You can choose anyone from this well researched list.

What is the Best Fan for 4×4 Grow Tent

Check out our detaild guide about inline and oscillating fan for 4×4 Grow Tent.

What is the Best Dehumidifier for 4×4 Grow Tent

Here is detailed guide about the best dehumidifier for 4×4 tent.

what is the best humidifier for 4×4 Tent

Also we have detailed guide about the best humidifier for 4×4 Grow Tent.

4x4 Grow Tent Set up Video

Buying Guide

Plenty of advantages are there for you while you use 4×4 size tentYet, you need to consider some noticeable facts before buying any grow tent.


In order to skip wastage of the investment, you need to think for the ideal size of the grow tent. Be sure about the available space you have. For larger spaces, you should buy large grow tent.

On the contrary, choose smaller tent for limited spaces. Again, the planting pot number is also important to fix the size. We also Reviewed Other size grow tent like 2×2 grow tent, 2×4 grow tent, 3×3 grow tent, 4×4 grow tent, 4×8 grow tent, 5×5 grow tent, 8×8 grow tent, and 10×10 large  grow tent.


Height is another important fact in buying grow tent. For short height tents, it’s very difficult to deal with best functioning with plants that eventually grow tall in size.

For the betterment of the plants health, medium sized grow tent is perfect. You can easily monitor the ultimate progress, lighting, environment around your plants.

Tent’s classification

There are two kinds of indoor growing tents named single chambered and multiple chambered tents. What types of tent you will choose mostly depends on your farming plan for 4×4 grow tent set up.

If you aim to cultivate a variety of vegetables and crops, you can look for multi-chambered grow tents. On the other hand, choose singe chambered tent for growing single type crops.


This is another non compromising fact in case of choosing right tent. The tent you will choose should be made of quality materials and design. The main goal of an indoor tent is to provide healthy growth of the plants.

The grow tent should have metal poles with the suitable fixture itself. It should have the most visible canvas. Some tents don’t have waterproof and lightproof feature.

You must look on to this fact as well. Moreover, one access area is not a better choice. Choose multiple access facts in a grow tent.

Long-term usage capacity

You are going to buy should have durability. How can you confirm the durability? “It’s so simple.” “The best way to know it is to check the warranty and guarantee of the manufacturer.”

Durability maximizes the ultimate stability of any product. That’s why; you must check the reviews of the products on amazon or any other reputed site. Basically grow tents made of thick materials are competent for durability.

Final Words

If you really want to grow healthy plants abundantly, invest in buying the right 4×4 grow tent with quality. We have significantly highlighted about top quality with their important features and adjustments.

We truly believe that this review will be beneficial for influencing your buying decision on the right track. Hopefully, you will analysis deeply and make your own choice with wiser thoughts. Wish you happy growing.