AgroMax Grow Tent- Should You buy it?

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

Are you searching for the AgroMax Grow Tent Review? here everything you need to know.

AgroMax is a rising brand of international standard that masters the art of indoor gardening items. They are a team of perfectionists who have dedicated their time to produce excellent products for the home grower.

Unlike other mainstream brands that focus solely on revenue and a specific market audience, they are a bunch of indoor growers themselves that understand an individual buyer’s perspective.

Their team thrives to deliver goods that will only bring success to your gardening. With many years of research under their belt they have tweaked and designed every product keeping your needs in mind.

Being a new name in the industry is tough already but they have beaten many big brands and have lately taken the indoor grow tent market by storm.

They rapidly achieved fame with their latest products which have innovative designs and functional features. Unlike other new companies, they offer a full line of products for every need of an enthusiastic indoor gardener.

They are most famous for their grow tent, led grow light and T5 Grow lights, HID grow lights being some of the best induction lights in the business.

This achievement was highly reflected on their grow tents as well and are exclusively available in HTG Supply retail stores and online orders from their websites. Their products are best bought in attractive bundles that we will discuss in our next segment.

AgroMax Grow Tent Review

AgroMax Grow Tent Review

AgroMax Grow tents are useful tools for an indoor grower which gives a mobile climate controlled room to grow plants inside.

it ensures a perfect seal between the inside of the grow tent with the outside with various attractive features that are impossible to get from other vendors without spending a fortune.

Advanced features

  1. Simplest Set up procedure, can be done in 15 minutes
  2. Steel corner segments 40% stronger than competitors
  3. Reinforced roof design can support over 400 pounds
  4. “Bomb proof” Nylon fabric for rigid structure
  5. Light-leak proof by double stitched seams
  6. EZ-Window cut-out for observatory purposes

Innovative design

With minimum space and maximum growing surface the Agromax grow tent are an amazing balance of craftsmanship and technology. Here is a detailed list that makes their products stand out in a crowded market.

Fabric – They have used 600D ballistic durable Nylon fabrics that will standout to everything. The fabric is stitched in double seams ensuring no light leaks and accidental tears over time.

Frame – Super strong build using steel components for pipes and corner segments where competitors use plastic components. It is perfect for hanging Grow Lights, grow tent fans, carbon filters and etc, which will maximize yield.

Accessibility – Maintenance is made simple and easy with openings on all sides for entrance and moving parts.

Vents – Advanced light-proof vent seals but yet allow fresh air in and pests out with double layer mesh protection.

Ducts – Interchangeable duct openings of 6 or 8 inches for perfect ventilation and can be set up with additional flanges for an extra secure connection.

Wide variety

There are 12 different variations of grow tents which are all aimed to serve different purposes. Their smallest size is 39.25”x 39.25″x 30.50” called the “The Original Short-Stacked Grow Tent” and their biggest being “AgroMax Grow House” which comes in a massive 14’ x 28’ x 10’ for commercial purposes.

Their most premium product is the “Silverback Grow Tents” which has been revamped top to bottom for the ultimate performance. They only offer sizes that you will actually need rather than confusing customers with a long list of options and for that reason, they are a perfect spot for beginners.

Limited Support System

As this brand targets mostly the US market, their reach of customer service is limited. Yet this is one of the advantages of their business model as it allows the customers who can purchase from them, receive their close inspection and premium services.

As they are an HTG exclusive retailer company, they have already established their services in more than 10 states of USA.

Quick Comparison


  • 600D ballistic nylon provides rigid structure
  • Quick set up and easy for beginners
  • Heavy duty framing of steel material
  • Technically zero leakage
  • EZ window for observation
  • Warranty for 1 year


  • Clear window cut-out may lead to little leakage in the system
  • Limited availability of products and services through HTG exclusive sales
  • 1 year of warranty is less than competitors offerings
  • They still not produced complete grow tent packages.

Final Remarks on AgroMax Grow tent

Agromax grow tent might not be that manufacturing giant that ships to every corner of the world. But as reviewers, we can vouch for the quality that they provide for half of the prize of its competitors.

They are currently limited to specific exclusive retailers but they often offer attractive bundles which become perfect for consumers to take advantage of the aggressive discounts.

We always try our best to link you to the best products without any biases and here when we say that this company truly consists of growers who manufacture for growers you can take our word for it.

Do we recommend this brand? Absolutely yes, if you can choose a size that fits your purpose and follow their instructions properly, we assure you will have an experience that you will thank us for. Do you have any question about our agromax grow tent review? if yes, feel free to ask me in comment.

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