5 Best Grow Lights For Tomatoes [ Reviews & Guide]

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2022)

Are you looking for the best grow lights for tomatoes? if yes, Here we reviewed 5 High quality and ideal grow light for growing tomatoes indoor.

Grow lights are an artificial lighting system that attempts to use for light spectrum instead of sunlights or to create outdoor cultivating system indoor. There are different colors; sizes, temperatures,s and intensity of lights used depending on the plant type.

In this article we will discuss a bunch of best grow lights for tomatoes in your indoor garden or tents.

Because of the variety of plants and their needs like, the photoperiod time, spectrum range, luminous efficacy, color factor, and temperature selection you need to understand which light will be perfect for you. You will find a list of Most used tomatoes grow lights depending on your grow room size and capacity.

We have researched many grow lights available in the market. From practical handpicked experience, we have selected a few products which are the best possible grow lights for tomatoes.

Our team collected data from real consumers and indoor tomato cultivators to offer you the most suitable grow light for your grow room. These grow lights will definitely meet your requirements for indoor tomato cultivation.

5 Best Grow Lights For Tomatoes

1. MARS HYDRO ts 1000- Best Led Grow Lights for Tomatoes

Key Features

  • Offers 30% higher yield
  • Auto sensing power supply
  • High reflective and noise free
  • Ensure rapid plant response
  • Newest SMD LED technology
  • Absorbed energy rate up to 90%
  • Helps to enhance the light intensity up to 20%,

Mars hydro TS 1000w strongest Led grow light is sun like full spectrum IR grow lamps that is designed to create sun like heat and 30% higher yield than other old lights.

For tomato cultivation 90% light energy can be absorbed and a rapid growth can be seen by the plants helps you to save 50% energy cost.

Auto sensing power supply prevents plants from burning of overheat makes it one of the best tomatoes led grow lights. Mars Hydro ts 1000w grow light can cover 3x3f area perfectly.

2. Electric Sky Wideband Light for Tomatoes

Key Features

  • Near field lighting technology
  • Perfect PAR for rapid plant growth
  • Double growing power & efficiency
  • Grower proven results for tomatoes
  • Ultra-high efficiency to cut energy cost
  • Special dual-direction linear optics focus
  • Single spectrum with a special color ratio
  • Full intensity control with included dimmer

Are you ready to grow tomatoes faster and bigger with perfect canopy penetration then Electric Sky 300 V2 is the perfect Grow light for you. The cutting edge technology provides double growing power and color ratio to your tomatoes with half energy consumption.

This light uses near a field lighting system and it has full intensity control over the plants growing period. this grow light can perfectly cover flowering stage of 2’ X 4’.

3. VIPARSPECTRA – Best Tomatoes LED Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Cost efficient and long lasting
  • Reduce operating cost on per square ft
  • Allow up to 200% canopy penetration increase
  • Selectable spectrum according to the situation
  • Consistent and high quality tomato production
  • Scientifically engineered to balance lumen output
  • For heat dissipation use advanced cooling system
  • Provide natural sun like lights for high growth rate

For tomato cultivation natural sun like lights and heat dissipation is one of the major components for best possible outputs that can be gained by using VIPARSPECTRA PAR600, 12-Band LED grow light.

This LED light provides balance lumen output specially designed for tomato cultivation and an advanced cooling system which allows consistent and high-quality tomatoes.

The smart features like selectable spectrum and canopy penetration make the VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 one of the best tomatoes LED grow lights. This led grow light can perfectly cover 2×2 growing area at flowering stage and  2.5×2.5’ for vegetative.

4. Hydrofarm FLT48- Best Fluorescent Light for Tomatoes

Key Features

  • Energy saving and cost cutter
  • 25 x 28 x 4.25 inches dimension
  • Great performance and flexibility
  • Premium grade specular aluminum
  • Single outlet but run multiple fixtures
  • High lumen output in any environment
  • Low profile, powder coated steel housing
  • Overhead, vertical, or horizontal 3 ways Hang possible

For your indoor tomato plants Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System is an unbeatable one which provides high output light and a wide range of installation options.

The combination of premium grade aluminum and high lumen output in any environment makes it the best fluorescent grow lights for tomatoes. It can run multiple actions with a single outlet and also provides great performance and easy manual.

5. DuroLux T5 HO Grow Light Fixture

Key Features

  • Can set timer for timely use
  • One outlet can power up 5 fixtures off
  • All accessories included with the price
  • Proven track record for tomato cultivation
  • Certified to prevent fire if tubes get loosed
  • Save for Wet/Damp environments operation
  • Provide a balance heat and distribute equally
  • German Hammer-tone Reflector allows 95% Reflectivity

If you are looking for something durable and trustworthy that can be used even on wet or dump weather then Durolex T5 HO Grow Light is the right choice for your tomato grow room.

These lights are feathered for 95% reflection rate and equal heat distribution system to increase the plant growth. This particular product is certified for fire prevention technology and timer option to utilize maximum power.

Growing Tomatoes Indoor Question & Answer

Tomato cultivation has become popular over the year because of its nutritious factor and easy growing process.

Many people often face confusion that what to do and what not to do, sometimes they became puzzled with questions. Here we are going to discuss some most asked questions and their possible solutions.

How to grow tomatoes indoor with grow light?

Answer: There are many possible ways to grow tomatoes with grow lights. You can simply plant the seeds on the soil and place the any above mentioned grow light 3 foot above the plant. Thus the plants will get enough light and energy to grow quickly. Apart from the lights you have to make sure about the nutrition facts, fertilizer and water at the same time.

Is Light Intensity needed for growing tomatoes?

The answer of this question is not that much simple but definitely light intensity id needed for growing tomatoes. The intensity of light may vary due to color, pant age and surroundings. Normally the grow lights provide 20-30% light intensity.

How many lumens does a tomato plant need?

Actually the amount of lumens or LUX needed for a tomato plant is approximately 5000 and 7000-8000 per square ft but it is not certain. For the flowering period about 10000 lumens are needed for the same area. The minimum amount is 5000 LUX and maximum 90000 LUX. But research says 20000-25000 is ideal for tomato cultivation.

Can you grow tomatoes indoor with LED light?

Yes, you can easily grow tomatoes indoor with LED lights. But as you know tomato plants needs at least 6-8 hours of daylight per day you have to make sure your LED lights are on for 8 hours every day.

Tomatoes are very sensitive plants so if the time of light is not correct it may experience slow growth. So, indoor tomato cultivation is possible with LED lights but in a controlled weather.


We have explained some best grow lights for tomatoes and try to discuss all the possible sides of those lights; so you can compare among those products according to your choice.

It will be easier for you to choose the best grow light for tomatoes as we have answered frequently asked questions also. We hope that you will be happy with your selection of grow lights because no matter which one you select you will get a great and fruitful tomato crops.

We believe there are nothing left to grab your leg from growing tomatoes inside a grow room. If you follow our instruction then nothing is as easy as cultivating indoor tomatoes. Happy Tomato Growing….

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