8 Best Grow Light for Flowering Stage (Review and Guide)

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2022)

How to know which is the Best Grow Light for Flowering Stage? A blue spectrum Grow light is ideal for thriving while it would not bring much progress to the plants in the flowering phase.

Reds are best color for promoting flowering because These are the longest wavelengths of light and flowering phase requires these.

Again, Geary Coogler in his Hortisol NA Research has described in detail the importance of red spectrums, especially in the flowering stage. Confused?

Well, plants have several phases in its whole life-cycle till it reaches to harvest finally. In all those stages, these plants require different light spectrums, wavelengths, temperatures, and so on. Engaging the plants with the accurate Grow Light will let you sit back and watch the plants grow peacefully.

So, after evaluating all the factors in the flowering phase, we have listed 8 best grow lights for flowering Stage that will bring your ultimate success.

Best Grow Light for Flowering Stage

W have reviewed hundreds of Grow Light available on the market and created a simple list to help you pick the Best Grow Light for Flowering stage.

Each item was evaluated across a variety of factors: Intensity, Materials, Durability, Wavelengths, Lifespan, and much more.

If you are in a rush and want a quick solution by choosing the best light, which will not make you regret then King Plus LED Grow Light is the one. It already seized the Grow Light market by providing unique features, durability and excellent performance, and the same goes for this light too.

1. King Plus Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • LED Watt: 1200 watts.
  • Veg and Blooming switch.
  • Replaces 800W HPS light.
  • Upgraded cooling properties.

By this time, you must be well aware of the different phase’s unique requirements. King Plus LED light has an exceptional feature veg/blooming switch. With this, in each stage, you will be using a correctly configured Grow Light that triggers only that phase’s development.

While switching for the blooming stage, it offers more red and white spectrums with a bit of UV and IR. Basically, the wavelengths travel from 380 nm to 780 nm and provide all the needed colors in their particular growth phase.

Or guess what? You can keep both switches (veg/blooming) on at a time so that a portion of blue spectrums will also be added.

It is like enjoying 2 different grow Lights only after spending for one. Sounds availing?

Wondering if this switching LED light will be energy-efficient? Well, yes. This light replaces an 800 watts HPS grow light which consumes 243watts electricity. Besides, it gives brighter light while avoiding hampering your electricity bill.

This light has an advanced temperature controlling system. It has multiple numbers of high-speed fans that work silently and ensures the temperature doesn’t rise high. Additionally, aluminum radiators help this LED light to run at 50˚F to 60˚F. In this way, the plants seemed out of the risk of burnt while growing promptly.


  • Available ideal spectrums for all stages.
  • Lifespan 100,000 hours.
  • Increases productions.
  • Affordable.
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Saves electricity.


A few customers complain some of the bulbs don’t work.

2. Phlizon Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light

Key Features

  • Power: 600 watts.
  • Replaces 100W HPS/MH.
  • Double switching options.
  • Heatless functions.

For Phlizon LED Grow Lights, safety comes before external appearance. Most of the Grow lights out in the market uses a reflector to enrich their styling. If you didn’t know, the reflectors are not heat resistant and often cause short circuits. But Phlizon gives up its outlook instead of ensuring better safety for the users.

This LED Grow Light has two-way switching in 2 different stages of a plant’s life (veg & flowering). For the flowering phase, it has red and white lights which are visible in 90˚ and 120˚. With this light too, you can provide their required wavelengths in both stages.

Phlizon 600 watts LED Grow Light can replace a 100 watts HPS light. Additionally, this light generates less heat compared to HID bulbs while taking care of lowering your electricity bills.

About the cooling system, it has double cooling fans that reduce the temperature. Other than that, the absence of reflectors already decreases the amount of heat any Grow light is supposed to produce.

Philzon’s professional R&D team runs many tests to ensure offering a faultless product to its consumers.


  • Wider coverage area.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ensures high PPFD.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Sturdy build.
  • 50,000 hours lifetime.
  • Less energy consumption.


Fans get noisy sometimes.

3. Phlizon Flower Growing Cree Cob Grow Light 

Key Features

  • Power: 2000 watts.
  • Ensures highest PPFD.
  • Ratchet hanger.
  • Metal frame.
  • UV protection cover.

This light includes 4 COB lights that are programmed full-spectrum and usually super bright. Simultaneously, it ensures higher PPFD value with longer life to faster the plant’s growth in the flowering stage. The higher rate of PPFD value is better for the plant’s healthy development.

From the distance of 18 inches, this light provides a density of 941 umol/s which is not commonly seen on the other lights. You will notice the visible brightness crosses the efficiency of traditional LED lights.

Apart from the full-spectrum COB lights, they have added 68 pieces of 630-660 nm, 10 pieces of 470 nm and 18 pieces mixture of other lights including UV and IR.

The incredible brightness of this item has been already praised, and make it is the best light for 4×4 grow tent. You can use it in your 4×4 grow tent at flowering stage without worry.

So, in the long run, it saves you from wasting an enormous amount of electricity and your hard-earned money. However, Phlizon upholds this COB light to be more energy-efficient than HID, HPS or MH.

This item provides a ratchet hanger that improves your adjusting experience with this Grow light. While sparing the trouble of purchasing ratchet hangers separately, it also fills you in with eyewear, hygrometer, and UV protection cover to offer you a better environment of working.


  • Ensures faster & better growth.
  • Super bright outcome.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Lifetime 50,000 hours.
  • Provides safety measurements.


The power cord is short, only easy to connect with a nearer outlet.

4. ABI Deep Red 660nm LED Bloom Booster Grow Light Bulb

Key Features

  • Power: 12 watts.
  • Lightweight.
  • Usable with a regular light socket.
  • Strong build.
  • Additional red light therapy.

If you are looking the best led grow lights that will only be devoted to flaunt your plant’s flowering phase, ABI LED Grow bulb has those particular features to grab your attention. This 12 watts bulb provides pure red light of 660 nm, which generously promotes the buds, flowers or fruits growth.

As ABI has a pure red light, in the flowering stage it increases the absorbance rate of chlorophyll. So, the plants grow healthy as you have expected.

This lightweight bulb has a muscular build which makes it durable. Though the LED light is less expensive, all the components used in the process are of good quality.

Not only that, this Grow Light is easy to assemble with any regular socket. That is why, if you feel lacking red spectrums in any of your fixtures, you can simply add this one to improve the overall output.

The temperature it generates is nothing to be worried about. You can slightly experience the warmth by touching on the surface, but the amount is ignorable.

Additional usage of this LED light is in conducting therapy. As this LED bulb provides deep red light, along with serving in your plant’s flowering stage, you can receive this pure red spectrum from recovering severe pain, in the healing process, skin problems and so on. Plus, it does not have any UV or IR spectrums, so there is nothing to worry about any adverse effects.


  • Easy to install.
  • Deep red spectrums.
  • No overheating circumstance.
  • Run time is more than 50,000 hours.
  • Fixable with other Grow Lights.


Rough working may spoil the base.

5. G8LED 90 Watt RED Flower Booster LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 90 watts.
  • Increases size & weight.
  • Various usage of different grow spaces.
  • Higher PAR value.
  • Enhances taste & aroma.
  • Shows result within 1 week.

Want a light from the expert’s top pick guide? The LED grow light we are going to talk about has been awarded by number 1 position in wiki’s top 10 LED Grow Light. Also declared as the best LED Grow Light by High Times Magazine.

G8LED Grow light is a supplement flowering booster that immensely helps the flowering stage by increasing the flowers/fruits size and weight. This light has 90 diodes, each of 1w. The maximum power draw from it is 80w.

This light offers a decent amount of PAR (770μMol/m2/s) from a distance of 12 inches. It adds more red, infrared and hyper red to any system along with any LED, HID or CFL fixture you have. In case you want to know the specific wavelengths of this light, which is 630-660 nm, provides deep red spectrums.

This compact-sized LED light is easy to use in any grow space. It broadly enhances the taste and smell of the production. Along with any fixture, to add up some advanced qualities in your fruits/flowers, this light can be highly effective.

To gain a positive response in a week from the blooming plants, 1 light is suggested to fix for an 8-10 square feet area. The 2020 upgraded version of G8LED Flower Booster offers the highest yield with good production quality.


  • Durable & sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Simple installation.
  • Faster growth.
  • Improves product’s quality.
  • Recognized by experts.


  • Expensive.
  • Makes noise sometimes.

6. Sun System HPS Light For Hydroponics and Greenhouse Use

Key Features

  • Power: 250 & 400 watts.
  • Ballast supports both MH & HPS light.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reflective aluminum.
  • Simple switching method.
  • Steel made.

Sun System Digital ballast is far better than the traditional ballasts you have seen so far. It supports both 250 & 400 watts HPS or MH lamps. You only have to switch according to your selected lamp, and the light will be ready to work with the ballast.

For the flowering stage, using HPS bulbs which have immense red spectrums is an ideal one. It is the reason why this fixture has been used a lot commercially in Greenhouse and Hydroponic systems.

This integrated electronic ballast is easy to set up and relatively lightweight. The steel housing inside the ballast is powder coated and has useful reflector aluminum materials. The whole design altogether makes up an attractive outlook.

The amount of generated heat is minimal, and the rest depends on the light you would decide to use with it. It has an 8 ft long power cord that allows you to connect the electricity at your convenience.


  • Versatile usage.
  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Usable in different phases.
  • Compact size.


The packaging is not good enough.

7. iPower 600 Watt HPS/MH Digital Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 600 watts.
  • Dimmable light.
  • Non-exposed wires.
  • Higher yielding.
  • Small cooling tube.
  • Timer & Ratchet Clip hanger included.

iPower digital electronic ballast has several dimmable options, such as 50%, 75% and 100%. Apart from that, this ballast rises the number of lumens 30% than the magnetic ballast. So, you wouldn’t need to go through all the protection methods before converting HPS/MH light as it has microchip designed for automatic conversion.

The initial number of lumens for HPS light is 85,000, and the lifespan is nearly 32,000 hours. On the contrary, MH bulb manages to offer 65,000 lumens and 12,000 hours of life. Truth to be told, HPS lights are worthy of the investment.

Concerning the flowering phase, HPS bulbs tend to provide more red-orange spectrums while MH have a mixture of the blue, white and purple outcome. However, these lights ensure the highest rate of PAR, and you can simply convert light depending on the plant’s need.

It has a pair of 8 ft ratchet hanger rope that carries the 150 lbs Grow Light conveniently. Besides the compact cooling tube reflector gives coverage of 4×4 growing space. It has an easy S-plug socket, and also the German aluminum reflective texture maximizes the light’s quantity.

Moreover, they offer you to customize your system by selecting each of the co-operative materials by yourself for optimal results. All the items are designed carefully as no external activity of wires is visible.

With all these mind blowing features, to escape the overheating temperature it creates, an adequate ventilation system highly requires an improvement. For now,  using an iPower inline fan would help to reduce the lackings.


  • Flicker-free performance.
  • Ideal coverage for all phases.
  • Strong hanging system.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Promotes plant’s healthy growth.
  • Durable.


Needs additional fans to control the temperature.

8. PROTOPIA CMH 315W 4000K Grow Light Bulb

Key Features

  • Power: 315 watts.
  • CRI of 90.
  • Richest spectrums.
  • Higher PAR value.
  • Increases metabolic activity.
  • Warranty of 1 year.

PROTOPIA’s CMH 315 watts Grow Light is programmed to work perfectly in any standard ballast system though low-frequency ballasts are recommended. It generates a higher PAR rate than HPS lights which is 570 μmol/s as well as offers 120 lumens per watt.

This light claims to hold the richest spectrum, and it makes more sense as the rendering value, or CRI of this light is more or less 90 out of 100. That clearly indicates PROTOPIA’s reproducing ability of color is faithful and suitable for the plant’s flowering. Isn’t it something you would want in the best cmh bulb for flowering?

To add more, the use of phosphor coating on the outside of the arc tube enhances the spectrum’s performance. So that this grow light is applicable in veg and blooming phases.

It offers the right quantity of UV and far-red light which promotes metabolic activity and resin production. That is why this light is considerably the best grow light for flowering weed. The color temperature is 3100K which is partially beneficial for tomatoes, cannabis or other warmer environment’s plants.

This bulb is easy to install as long as the ballast you are using along with it provides good service. CMH lights conduct less power consumption compared to other HID series. At last, they give a year’s warranty to fix any complication.


  • Right spectrums.
  • Usable amount of heat.
  • Outstanding efficiency.
  • Lifespan of 15,000 hours.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble.


The bulb is not as shiny as the user’s expectation.

What is a plant’s flowering stage?

In Botanic theory, the flowering stage is that particular phase in a plant’s life when it is ready to harvest—plants after crossing thriving stage steps into this term and produce flower sets, fruits and vegetables.

The initial stage of germination takes 2-6 weeks, and after this phase’s successful completion, the flowering stage starts. The duration of this stage varies from plants to plants.

Like other phases, flowering has precise requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve the best result. However, providing right spectrums, duration of light and maintaining proper distance with the light are some of the crucial tasks in the flowering stage.

What light spectrum is Best for flowering?

The one-word answer is red. Plants use different spectrums in various life-cycles, whereas the red spectrum is significant for the flowering stage. Why?

Because while producing fruits or flowers, plants urge for stronger spectrums like red. It has a wavelength of 620-750 nm. Besides, a bit of blue, green, UV, IR spectrums is partially necessary, but the portion of red light is irreplaceable.

What is the Best Light Cycle for the Flowering Stage?

For the flowering stage, the recommended light cycle is 12/12. That means you need to keep an active light for 12 hours as well as provide darkness for 12 hours.

However, you can customize the timing as your convenience as some planters give persistent lighting for 6 hours and darkness for 12 hours.

While the plants seem fully developed, you can reduce the duration of active light. An absence of light for 24 to 48 hours introduces the fruits to the ripping phase.

Before jumping to the blooming phase after thriving, providing 24 hours of darkness is suggested. It prepares the plant to act as the characteristic of the new stage.

Flowering Stage Instructions – Craft Cannabis @ Home


Frequently Asked Questions

What lights to use for the flowering stage?

cfl fluorescent light bulbs or LED. Basically, any light that mainly confirms ideal spectrums, higher intensity and right temperature conditions for the flowering stage are eligible to use. CFL lights are less expensive compared to LEDs but LED lights are better performers and also durable.

Are LED grow lights good for flowering?

Yes, they are. Because almost all the LED lights are full-spectrum, so these lights perfectly go for both thriving and flowering stages. A few manufacturers offer double switching (veg/flowering) LED Grow Lights that allow you to switch the mode into whichever stage your plants are in. Thus, LED has gained popularity as it reduces your time, efforts and money that you had to spend on buying different products for changing phases.

How close should the light be during flowering?

About 24-36 inches. Bringing the lights any closer will certainly maximize its photosynthesis rate. But it will also higher the chance of burning out the plant’s leaves or overheating the temperature around plants.

How does light affect flowering?

Plants need light to perform photosynthesis and grow more. Here is the thing, not any light at any phase will bring out the same results. For instance, in the flowering stage, the red light affects the plant into producing stronger stems, more branches and dark green leaves.

On the contrary, if you provide all other spectrums except red in the flowering phase, the expected result would not be nearly similar as it is with red lights.

What color light is best for flowering?

Red. Red color lights are massively involved in promoting the flowering stage. Whereas blue lights play the central role in thriving similarly following the proper growth, the next stage flowering urges for red spectrums along with a certain quantity of other spectrums to develop more.

However, adding a lot of red spectrum at the wrong time may backfire and result in a stretchy, unstable plant.

Which hormone is responsible for flowering?

Florigen. This hormone is also known as a flowering hormone. It produces in a plant’s leaf and works in the buds and growing tips. These hormones are responsible for provoking or controlling the flowering stage.

Can you flower with CMH?

Yes. CMH bulbs that have required spectrums are more likely 3000K works effectively to intrigue the flowering stage. Though HPS lights claim to have more red spectrums than CMH, the lack of other spectrums in it makes it less fruitful.


Whether you are growing only a few favourite plants or running a commercial grow space, taking proper care of them highly involves providing accurate lighting facilities to them. Among all the elements that a plant needs in the flowering phase, an ideal Grow Light is the essential one. Because it can both promote your gardening career or bring a pause into it.

Artificial lights are the only preferable source for planning your indoor gardening as supplying natural light to your plants in your own accord would not be possible.

For that, a thorough analysis of this list of the Best Grow Lights for Flowering Plants that specializes in promoting your plant’s flowering phase will be much helpful. So, you can save your time and also avoid disappointment after choosing a random one.

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