6 Best LED light for vegetative Growth- Choosing the Right Light

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2022)

Many people are getting interested in indoor harvesting due to decreasing cultivating land and increasing population. If you are one of them then you must be looking for something that can deliver an energy source like grow lights alternative to the sunlight.

In this article,

we have provided detailed information about 6 Best LED light for vegetative Growth. The beginning of the germination process until flowering is known as the vegetative growth period. Due to the different photoperiod time, spectrum range, color factor and luminous efficacy different vegetative plants need different kinds of grow lights.

From the list below you will come to know about some lights for vegetative growth in the market and you can select them according to your necessity.

6 Best LED light for vegetative Growth

From online data researched about hundreds of grow lights came to our sight for vegetative growth in the market. From the practical experience of indoor harvesters, we selected the list below which we think are the best grow lights for vegetative.

1. Spider Farmer LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Energy efficiency level is very high
  • Ready to use, no assembly required
  • Help to gain the true color of the plants
  • Three colored lights Blue, White, and Red
  • Waterproof lights with no noise technology
  • For better light distribution lights are evenly placed
  • Can produce 50% more yields without using extra energy

The very first light we are going to present is highly energy-saving and produces almost 50% more yields known as Spider Farmer light.

These lights are perfect for vegetative growth with waterproof and noise-free fan feature. Different color ratio and easy installation make it one of the best grow light for vegetative stage.

2. MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Plants can consume 90% of their lights
  • Provides high intensity inside grow tents
  • Fan less means No sound and high reflective
  • Compared to other lights it consume less energy
  • Auto sensing power can increase extra 20% intensity
  • Can generate sun-like SPECTRUM for better growthCan generate sun-like SPECTRUM for better growth

Another best led grow light for indoor plants at veg stage is Mars 1000W Light which features 90% light consumption, sun-like spectrum and low energy consumption rate.

This light is highly reflective that allows heat distribution inside the room equally. It does not have any fan but can increase the power intensity up to 20% or sometimes more.

3. Hydrofarm Fluorescent Light

Key Features

  • Great performance and flexibility
  • High lumen output up to 8000Lux
  • Single outlet can run 8 power cord
  • Premium grade specular aluminum
  • Product dimension: 3″H x 13.5″W x 23″L
  • 6400K T5 Tubes for better light production
  • Advanced steel housing with powder coating
  • Overhead, vertical, or horizontal 3 ways Hang possible

With three hanging angels and 8 power cord from a single outlet makes the Hydrofarm Agrobrite lighting system as one of the best fluorescent grow lights for veg stage.

The latest powder coating and high lumen output make it unbeatable. This one shows great performance as well as saves more than 40% energy production cost.

It has an observation window at the side which makes it easier for the user to monitor the growth of their crops, without having to open the entire tent and disrupt the environment of the hydroponic garden inside.


Key Features

  • High speed noise free fan
  • Great alternative source of natural sunlight
  • Heat sinks are aluminum cooling formulated
  • With fewer outlet can connect multiple lights with chain
  • For light penetration all the reflectors are Fire-Resistant
  • For optimal growth lights can be adjustable to any height

If you are particularly looking for the best alternative of natural light for your vegetative plants then undoubtedly Viparspectra 600W is another best LED light for vegetative growth. There are high speed fans to circulate the heat to maintain the same temperature ratio inside the grow tent.

It can connect multiple lights with fewer outlet and all the reflectors are Fire-Resistant with aluminum cooling formulated.

5. King Plus LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Saves electricity and saves money
  • Aluminum radiators with mute speedy fans
  • Can distribute equal temperature in low volts
  • Produce 380 nm to 780 nm full-spectrum lighting
  • Enhance lighting period and speeds up the growth
  • Specially designed to provide enough light for vegetative Stage

The King Plus 1000 w Lights are specially designed for vegetative and flowering growth to ensure maximum light consumption.

Different spectrum lighting range allows creating necessary temperature even in low voltage. The UV and IR technology assure speedy growth and healthy plants.

6. AGLEX Grow Lamp For Veg Growth

Key Features

  • Much better for vegetative growth
  • 655watt cob LED produce double heat
  • For high yield, it uses upgraded spectrum
  • Less power consumption but generate more power
  • For better growth, it uses Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density
  • To assure full spectrum of science additional light is installed

Only grow light that uses the full spectrum of science for better growth and intensity through extra installed big lights is Aglex Cob LED Grow Light. Though the actual watt is 655 it can produce double energy of its size. For high yield it has upgraded spectrum that means more power with less energy consumption.

Even after the above discussion many may have some unsolved doubts in your head. We are going to clear those doubts through our question and answer segment. Here are few most asked questions and their answers.

How much light is needed in the vegetative stage?

In the vegetative stage it is about 16-24 hour light need depending on the plant genre and it should keep 7000-8000Lux.

What light should I use for the vegetative stage?

You can use all the lights we have discussed above. They all are very much suitable for vegetative stage.

What light is best for vegetative growth?

Our selected lights are the best for vegetative growth because they are specially chosen for this task after long research, Spider Farmer/ Mars hydro grow light are highly recommended.


Here we have discussed and explained the possible Best LED light for vegetative Growth. If you are an indoor vegetative lover then you can now easily find out your desired grow light for plant vegetative growth. You can see the features and chose which one is best for you.

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