Best 8×8 Grow Tent Review 2022 – No.1 is Amazing

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

We reviewed hundreds of 8×8 grow tents available on the market and created a simple list of the most used and the best 8×8 grow tent to help you pick the right one.

Each item was evaluated across a variety of factors: Materials, durability, light blocking, and reflective features, installation, and much more. These products are truly the best options out there, Surprisingly, Our most recommended products are inexpensive.

“Who doesn’t dream of having a garden with larger space”? Most of us don’t prefer a small grow tent. If you want to cultivate cannabis indoors, then a 8×8 grow tent would be the best option for you.

In these tents, you will have 64 square feet of growing area that is big enough. It seems very tough to choose the right one amidst wide verities of grow tents.

Let alone newbies even with years of experience, it turns out to be hard-hitting to get your hands on the best grow tent. And here our team reaches to your rescue; the intense team combines firsthand experience and scrutinizes every detail of the “BEST TAGGED” brands to establish a review shortlisting the highflying brand to save you from investing in any disaster.

Within the 8×8 grow tent category, VIVOSUN 96″x96″x80″ Grow Tent merits to hit the top of the list for its extensive feature-driven performance, and guess what you won’t need a deep pocket to have it in your cart.

So, without further ado, get a glance at the further review and create your Garden of Eden.

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List Of Best 8×8 Grow Tent

premium choice
Size: 96″x96″x80
98% diamond reflective Mylar
600D Oxford fabric with nontoxic PE material
Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tent
Size: 8-Foot by 8-Foot 
Solid metal interlocking frame
Micromesh pre-filter for pest resistance
our top pick
TopoLite Grow Tent
Size: 96″x96″x80″
Durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth
96% highly reflective diamond mylar
BUDGET friendly
Quictent Grow Tent
Size: 96″x96″x78″
High-hardness steel rod for strong support
Highly reflective mylar interior and 600D oxford exterior
Oppolite Grow Tent
Size: 120″x60″x78″
Durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth and zippers
96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar
Hongruilite Grow Tent
Size: 96”x96”x80”
96% reflective Mylar
600D Oxford Cloth canvas material
Matrix Horticulture Grow Tent
Size: 96″x96″x80″
95% Ultra reflective Diamond Mylar
600D Oxford exterior Canvas Material
Helios Grow Tent 
Size: 96″ x 48″ x 80″
Tear-proof and lightproof 600D nylon
3/4 inch diameter powder-coated metal poles


VIVOSUN 96″x96″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Key Features

  • SBS Zippers
  • Tool-free installation
  • Dual-layer ventilation
  • One large Observation Window
  • 98% diamond reflective Mylar
  • 600D Oxford fabric with nontoxic PE material
  • Zinc coated rust-resistant light green heavy-duty metal poles

Vivosun started its journey to spread greenery around the world and ended up manufacturing the most brilliant line of grow tents. Currently being the most dominating brand in the market, they have left a touch of excellence in their grow tents and this particular model is no exception (the best among all).

First things first, the Zinc coated steel poles make the infrastructure extremely solid and durable. It can hold up to 88lbs weight and this is a great deal I must say. All the poles are rust-resistant and the corners are of metal also instead of any low-grade plastic material.

Now, the fabric material; 600D oxford fabric ensures the utmost strength to grow tent. Oxford fabric is the thickest of all materials thus locks light and odor into the tents. Moreover, the fabric is coated with PE material which is highly non-toxic and environment friendly.

To maximize the output of the Grow lights, It has 98% reflective Diamond Mylar. Diamond Mylar guarantees even light distribution to all the plants. There is a large observation window so that you don’t need to get into the tents whenever you want to check on the plants.

There several vents to adjust ducting and wires. The vents are dual-layered and also work as ventilators. The installation process does not need any extra tools, the corners lock into themselves well.

There is a removable floor tray to prevent flood and filter straps to support carbon filters.


  • Cost-effective
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightproof and odor proof


  • Zipper quality can be improved


Gorilla Lite Line 8-Foot by 8-Foot Hydroponic Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Patent-pending adjustable height
  • Solid metal interlocking frame
  • Micromesh pre-filter for pest resistance
  • Highly durable canvas and zippers

If you are looking for a professionally designed tent that is perfect for both experienced and beginners, Gorilla tent is the best option for you. It offers another best tent, adjusting with the height perfectly.

The height adjusting poles are ready to support you while setting the tent. If needed, you can expand the height based on your needs.

In this modelthe manufacturers place the ducting ports in the right position. It has made your usage more convenient with a special feature of a large view window. Easily, you can take snapshots through it.

The zippers are excellent to use as it provides 360-degree easy excess. It is highly beneficial for creating a better growing environment. It features metal interlocking poles. That’s why it is stable and suitable for using a long time.

Safety canvas is another worthy feature that you are yearning to have. Ultimately it creates a perfect growing environment that is quite secure and safe for use.

The micro-mesh filters are a very good addition associated with the grow tent. You can easily have a bugless environment that is harmful to the healthy growth of the plants.

The design is too excellent to look at. The fabric featuring reinforces seals engaged with the Gorilla Grow Tent. For brilliant success in gardening, an ideal growing atmosphere is much needed. In that case, this is one of the best 8×8 grow tent.


  • An easy guideline for a good set up.
  • It takes not much time to put together.
  • materials are built with high-grade quality.
  • It is worth the money invested.


  • The price is very expensive
  • It is a bit tough for hanging the light or carbon filters attaching with the frame design.


TopoLite 96″x96″x80″ Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty durable zippers
  • Has multiple fans and filter outputs
  • 96% highly reflective diamond mylar
  • Durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth
  • Painted metal rods and plastic corners

TopoLite grow tent is always blessed with durable construction to expand the long-term usage. The 600D oxford cloth is the eye-catchy feature that helps in considerable light reflection.

The diamond Mylar is lined with 96% reflective objects with an effective mechanism.  It is effective in fruitful light reflection. With a protective zipper, it prolongs the safety usage in the exterior part inside the tent.

The 96×96×80 grow tent area of the indoor darkroom is efficiently managed with a discrete package. Additionally, the perfect quality hydroponic tent materials are being ensured to grow exotic plants in any season.

The frame with tool connectors is another excellent addition to this tentIt provides too many vents that are good for installing fans and filters.

The vents with mesh are also a supportive feature of the TopoLite to ensure better airflow and ventilation. Again the stable metal rods are thoughtfully balanced with 19MM size. That is absolutely a stable support for the tent. Consequently, your plants will look pretty much good with no interruption of light leakage.

Moreover, you can easily figure out the meaningful assembly and put together the tent faster. The overall intuitive design will definitely mesmerize you with the high-end materials.


  • It has assembly instruction.
  • Offers quick free and easy installation.
  • A growing tent cover acts as a safety feature.
  • It is made of high-quality materials and stable construction.
  • This grow tent has a detachable floor tray for better cleaning.


  • Never prompt to use heavy components just using on a single bar.


Quictent SGS Approved Eco-Friendly 8×8 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • 2 years warranty
  • Upgraded top-quality havy duty zippers
  • High-hardness steel rod for strong support
  • SGS Chemical Testing approved thus ecofriendly
  • Highly reflective mylar interior and 600D oxford exterior

Quicent is one and only grow tent brand that is covered with a unique technology named SGS testing. Basically, SGS testing means the ultimate test results of some essential elements like Cd, Cr, Ba, Pb, etc.

This environment grow tent comes with a reliable and considerable amount of safety features. This Quicent grow tent is not responsive to the harmful gases. That’s why you will get healthy plants.

The PT Silver Mylar is an attractive feature of the Quicent tent. It is highly efficient in creating a favorable environment ensuring better light reflection for the plants.

Moreover, there are other essential accessories such as a tool bag associated with this gardening grow tent. You can easily store any tools that are needed.

The transparent window design is mesmerizing to look at. This amazing feature allows easy monitoring even if you have no time to have an entry inside it.

This reliable grow tent is sturdy enough and durable as it features 12 hanging bars as well. As it so, it has the ultimate capacity to bear at least 360lbs of any tools.


  • It has excess flooring while using.
  • It provides enough stability for long-term usage.
  • This eco-friendly gardening tent is SGS approved.
  • It is safe and offers numerous ventilation options.
  • Quicent is non-toxic and lets no harm reach sensitive plants.
  • This grow tent is capable enough for establishing a light and thermal favorable environment for the healthy growth of the plants.


  • Be careful while using the zippers because the center point of it has chances to unlatch.


Oppolite 8X8 Reflective Diamond Mylar Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Several vents for fan and filter output
  • Strong white painted metal rods for support
  • 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar
  • Durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth and zippers
  • Removable and convenient water-proof floor tray

Oppolite grow tent usually owns a durable construction along with 96% reflective materials as well. The 600D oxford cloth significantly supports the overall tent from the exterior position. Generally, it expands the superior reflective effect inside this Oppolite grow tent.

The waterproof properties of the Mylar inside will strongly support the beautiful design of the zippers. The sturdy frame has a 19MM dimension associated with durable plastic/metal roads. It heightens the opportunity for it to use for an extended period of time.

The materials used here are highly beneficial for convenient use. It prolongs the long-term use as it is constructed with thick materials. The great optimization for the light potential side is perfect to get in.

Again the heavy-duty zippers are a very crucial addition including this grow tent. They are organized with double stitched protection that increases the safety level for sure. No light leakage can happen to it.

The round vents are beneficial for use at the point of getting better airflow. It ensures proper ventilation. In addition, there are multiple vents setting with the extract fans and filters for providing the best output.

Additionally, the assembly instruction is there to guide you if you fail to get the setup process. The tool-free connectors facilitate the grow tent that makes no hassle while setting it up.

The waterproof floor tray engages the tent with foolproof cleaning ideas as well. You can easily clean the spills, dust, etc. taking no pressure.


  • It ensures faster installation.
  • Smooth set-up and easy assemble.
  • There are nylon belts that can be used for filter straps.
  • Better airflow makes the growing environment healthy and suitable for plants.
  • This hydroponic grow tent has a high-quality equipment.


  • There are no major complain we have found from the customers regarding this grow tent.


Hongruilite 8×8 600D High Reflective Mylar Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Multiple Vents
  • Observation Window
  • Double Stitched Zippers
  • 96% reflective Mylar
  • 600D Oxford Cloth canvas material
  • White paint coated 19mm metal poles with plastic connectors

Among all the 8×8 grow tent, Hongruilite is the most basic grow tent which has all the standard features available cutting aside the unnecessary exaggerations.

Diving into the most important feature, the framework, this grow tent outshines every other contemporized. 19mm metal poles are one of the thickest ones in the market right now. Poles are heavy duty and robust to hold the grow accessories. The connectors are made of high-grade plastic and ensure the utmost support to the whole structure.

Considering the fabric, it also goes hand in hand with the other high-end brands featuring 600D oxford clothes. This cloth is extremely strong thus seals light, odor and prevents temperature fluctuation.

The exterior canvas Incorporates with the reflective Mylar sheeting to confirm equal light distribution and to enhance the efficiency of your grow light.

The plastic connectors get locked easily and form a sturdy structure to minimize installation time. The interlock system cuts off the complications. There are both rectangular and round vents. Rectangular vents are for proper ventilation and round vents are for ducting, wire connection, and installing fans.

The removable floor tray is used to and keeps the cleaning process easy and the users can attach carbon filters with the filter belt.


  • Enough Durable
  • Very strong pole
  • Prevents flooding
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Plastic connectors could be avoided


Matrix 8×8 Diamond Mylar 600D Hydroponic Growing Room

Key Features

  • Micro-Mesh Vents
  • Dual-Layer Ducts
  • Double Backing Zipper
  • 100% all steel 16mm poles
  • Easy Click Poles for installation
  • Clear View Observation Window
  • 95% Ultra reflective Diamond Mylar
  • 600D Oxford exterior Canvas Material

Though relatively new in the market MATRIX Horticulture 8×8 grow tent owns a significant position among the growers for its 100% all-steel poles (probably the only brand to have an all-steel pole). The poles are thick enough to support the whole structure and additionally grow equipment.

Excelling in framing, this 8×8 grow tent flaunts one of the best canvas materials. 600D oxford cloth is 100% tear-proof and extremely enough. It keeps your preferred environment intact within the grow tent. The exterior cloth is lined with 95% reflective Diamond Mylar. Thus it declines any hotspots and offers uniform light distribution.

The observational window lets you keep an eye on your plants without moving into the tent. There are dual-layer ducts and double-layer backing zippers to keep chemical odors and light intact. Several micro-mesh vents perform both ways; they ventilate the tent and also keep bugs and pests away.

Easy click steel poles keep the installation hassle and removable floor trays with Velcro fasteners let the users remove the tray easily.


  • Lasts long
  • Easy to clean
  • Door hooks help to manage the door
  • Enough ventilation for air circulation


  • Quite heavy


Helios 8×8 Indoor Hydroponic Plant Growing Room

Key Features

  • Easy view window for observation
  • Tear-proof and lightproof 600D nylon
  • 3/4 inch diameter powder-coated metal poles
  • Removable floor and durable double-stitched zippers

Are you longing for achieving unlimited control over your plants with professionalism? The Helios hydro offers professional-grade output to you with its high-quality features as well.

The exclusive construction of this product is amazing to look at, associated with a 600D Mylar lining. Great optimization in growing plants is perfectly conducted with this exclusive feature.

The metal poles are significantly dense enough for extra stabilization. To have decent light-blocking opportunities, stable fabrics are there to use. It provides an odor-free environment that sustains for a long time.

The interior part of this tent is superior for light reflection. It engages easily to set up for utilizing maximum power configuration. Again, you will get the ideal environment for producing great yield with this package as it efficiently saves energy.

In addition, the manufacturers offer the best frame in the grow tent industry that is widely constructed with table construction. The diameter with a better dimension of ¾” offers rocking stability along with two useful crossbars as well. You can use them for hanging the gardening equipment.

There is a 100% effective surface with light-proof properties. Efficiently it returns back the light over the plant that is beneficial for perfect power consumption.

The easy monitoring window will let you keep your beady eyes on the tent to check over the plant’s continual growth. Through this convenient feature, you won’t have to open the doorways of the tent to check.

The useful vents are coated with double-socked protection that removes bad odors. It actively acts against harmful pests. It allows a comfortable managing environment for you with a removable floor.

There are two big zippers-organized doorways for smooth entrance. They are stable enough to offer secure protection for long-term use.

Again, with the useful assembly guide, anyone can easily get meaningful setup instructions. No extra tools are required to assemble it.


  • Good for the price point.
  • There are filter straps for easy this grow tent set-up.
  • The Helios hydro beautifully adjusts in an apartment or condominium.
  • It creates an odor-free environment for the healthy growth of the plants.
  • This tent is good for both beginners and experts.


  • In some models, the fabric can get apart, but you can repair it with tape.

How to Choose the Perfect 8×8 Grow Tent

Plenty of advantages are there for you while you use the best 8 by 8 grow tent. Yet, you need to consider some noticeable facts before buying any grow tent.


In order to skip wastage of the investment, you need to think about the ideal size of the grow tent. Be sure about the available space you have. For larger spaces, you should buy a large grow tent.

On the contrary, choose a smaller tent for limited spaces. Again, the planting pot number is also important to fix the size.


Height is another important fact in buying the best grow tent. For short height tents, it’s very difficult to deal with the best functioning with plants that eventually grow tall in size.

For the betterment of the plant’s health, a medium-sized grow tent is perfect. You can easily monitor the ultimate progress, lighting, environment around your plants.


This is another non-compromising fact in the case of choosing the best 8 by 8 grow tent. The tent you will choose should be made of quality materials and design. The main goal of an indoor tent is to provide healthy growth for the plants.

The grow tent should have metal poles with a suitable fixture itself. Because you should hang grow lights in your tent, so it very important to have a look at the pole. It should have the most visible canvas. Some tents don’t have a waterproof and lightproof feature.

You must look at this fact as well. Moreover, one access area is not a better choice. Choose multiple access facts in a grow tent.

Long-term Usage Capacity

The grow tent you are going to buy should have durability. How can you confirm the durability? “It’s so simple.” “The best way to know it is to check the warranty and guarantee of the manufacturer.”

Durability maximizes the ultimate stability of any product. That’s why; you must check the reviews of the products on Amazon or any other reputed site. Basically grow tents made of thick materials are competent for durability.

Final Verdict

After this unbiased review of the best 8×8 Grow TentI guess you have reached a conclusion to buy the best one by now. For a professional grower, it is comparatively better to take a wise decision than that of newbies.

Yet, we are hopeful that this honest and hard-labored grow tent review will leave a beneficial impact on the growers buying decision. Till then stay with us and enjoy the better gardening.

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