#5 Best 2×4 Grow Tent Reviews & Most Used Kits 2020

We reviewed 51 different 2×4 grow tent available on the market. After more than 250 hours of research over Three years, created a simple list to help you pick the best 2×4 grow tent.

Each grow tent was evaluated across a variety of factors: size,capacity, materials, durability, frame-strength, air ventilation, light reflection, construction, and price.

Grow tent is one of the most demanded items for every professional growers. Of course, choosing the right size is a matter of great concern.

In fact, we are making higher approach to write this review to narrow down your choice list among all of the market loaded products. We have listed some outstanding items for you with their special features, pros,and cons.

5 Most Pupular 2×4 Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Grow Tent for Indoor Plant, Our Top Pick48"x24"x60"5See Price
CoolGrows Hydroponic Non Toxic Grow Tent48"x24"x60"4.9See Price
iPower Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Floor Tray48"x24"x60"4.8See Price
Gorilla Grow Tent GGTLL24 LTGGT24 Tent, Black48"x24"x79"4.7See Price
TopoLite Reflective Mylar Indoor Grow Tent48"x24"x60"4.6See Price

Most Used 2×4 Grow Tent Kits

1iPower Complete Ventilation KitsSee Price
3BESTVA LED Grow LightSee Price
4AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline FanSee Price
5VIVOSUN Clip on Oscillating FanSee Price
6Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierSee Price
7hOmeLabs Small Space DehumidifierSee Price
8iPower 4 Inch Carbon FilterSee Price
9VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon FilterSee Price
10AcuRite Thermometer & HygrometerSee Price

1. VIVOSUN 48″x24″x60″ Grow Tent

If you are very professional for indoor gardening, then VIVOSUN will no longer make you wait for more. It maintains professionalism in and constantly improves the brand name with high grade quality and unrivaled craftsmanship.

This vivosun grow tent is on the first propriety of our choice list due to have sturdy materials in construction too. This reflective grow tent is absolutely fantastic and eventually blocks light escaping. Moreover, the reflective Mylar has ability to boost the grow tent efficiency more than ever.

Again, there is black lining zipper including with the VIVOSUN. In it, you will get light proof properties. Through this feature, you won’t need extra flap and Velcro for functioning.

Since it has thick canvas of 600D material around the whole package, it is sturdy and durable. This strong support of sturdy metals makes it stable for long-term usage. Therefore, with the smooth finish of the solid frame, you will get easiest installation too.

In addition, the observation window is another useful feature of the VIVOSUN. It will cut off your extra time wastage. Through this feature, you can experience in monitoring the ultimate growth of the plants easily.

Thisgrow tent ensures great clean maintenance by including a floor tray. Moreover, the tool free connector makes your work easier by providing you a stable construction.

  • You will get a tool organizer inside the tent for extra storage system.
  • The floor tray is removable to make the cleaning task smooth.
  • It attached a duel-layer ventilation mechanism for having food air flow.
  • There are heavy duty zippers that will glide smoothly.
  • You will get a good direction from the booklet.
  • The bottom seam has no attached stitching on it.
  • A few customers made complain about the poor zippers.

2. CoolGrows 48″x24″x60″ Grow Tent

If you are not a bit of interested to compromise with the quality, then we have another smart 2×4 size grow tent option for you. It offers you additional advantages that have ensured quality too. It has a plenty of attractive features available for you.

Coolgrows makes no compromise with the lighting, air flow, ventilation. Since it has a great reflective system, it shows 99% reflective property in lighting set up. Again, it delivers excellent power configuration. That’s why you won’t have to go through shortage in light leaks.

On the other hand, attractive construction makes this grow tent most popular among the customers. Sturdy materials are thoughtfully used here and make it effective for convenient use. Again, metal poles, bars and connectors let you enjoy the solidity of it for extended period of time.

Moreover, on the light functioning mechanism, tear free and stitched materials are there to experience a good efficiency of the tent. 99% light proof quality is excellent in providing perfect light locking capacity.

Since it has an easy viewing window; it makes your task easier to check on the plants without any hassle. Front window is an attractive and different feature that will definitely grab your attention.

Nevertheless, this window enhances the ultimate energy of the plants with the superior filtration of white light. With this convenient addition, you won’t have to open the total unit.

Fit and smooth gliding zippers are most desired part in a grow tent. This one lets you enjoy this opportunity as it functions nicely in zip area. The privacy flaps makes it nice to look at. Hassle free warranty will make you boundless happy for sure.

  • Light leaks are not allowed in the CoolGrows grow tent.
  • A water proof spill tray makes it super easy to clean.
  • Two hanging straps are excellent for great usage.
  • There are different vents for good air flow.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • The flap on the back part of the zipper is not in a perfect size.

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3. iPower 48×24 Hydroponic Grow Tent

iPower grow tents is one of the most recommended grow tent in its industry. It’s like a blessing for the growers for long time. For a great source of grow light package, this is the top notch manufacture in this criterion.

Extra-large spectrum and quality equipment in gardening is the most demanded thing for a gardener. This grow tent simply offers these to make easy irrigation, great climate control requirements.

Whatever the season is, you can grow all of your desired vegetables, fruits, herbs all year around. This superior brand is great at controlling optimal growth of the plants.

Again, this leading tent is strongly supported with solid construction. It features with hanging lights and other useful accessories as well. To protect the light fixtures, there are heavy duty support bars as well. It is greatly generated with reinforced zippers that last for a good amount of time to use and easy set up process.

To maintain ductwork, extract fans and filters well, exhaust ports will appear as a nice feature before you. The 100% light proof system incorporates a great reflective Mylar for distributing perfect grow lights over the plants.

The heavy duty strong metal poles enhance the ultimate stability of the tent. For ensuring secure handling and easy installation, the sturdy frame is a good choice to utilize.

Moreover, it has the capacity to cope with at least 110lbs. This solid construction increases the durability of the iPower Hydroponic grow tent.

With the convenient and instructive pamphlet, you can easily set up it without any trouble. I truly believe you will enjoy all of the mentioned features with happy mood.

  • This grow tent offers waterproof floor pans.
  • It has big zippers doors.
  • It provides a neat and clean environment.
  • It allows most of the moisture and vapor control feature.
  • It has a reasonable price to buy.
  • No major drawbacks we found in it except some customers complain in zippers.

4. Gorilla Grow Tent

It’s so better to have a grow tent that is suitable for both expert and newbies for inner gardening, right? “Okay, let me guess. Are you looking for these types of opportunities?” Then Gorilla will meet your demand professionally.

This is a highly adjustable grow tent with great looking design. The ducting ports are there on the right place creating convenient opportunities to use. They offer excellent growing environment for your plants.

The EZ views windows are one of the attractive features that you can’t ignore. You can pick up easy snapshots to check on the plants without any hurdles. Thus you will have the supreme authority over the environment.

Moreover, it offers easy entry and exit by extending doorways. Again the zippers are also very functioning to use.Metallic poles are exceptionally well for long-term use.

Henceforth, you will get useful extension poles. You can make the best use of it by doing the height adjustment if needed. The reliable canvas feature will worth for your investment for its secure service.

The micro mesh filters should grab your attention. In fact, it’s a great achievement for you. Harmful pesticides, bugs etc. are not allowed in to this tent for this superior service making feature.

Nevertheless, the overall construction is amazing and beyond our expectation. The solid frame with interlocking mechanism is to increase the durability. This durable fabric prolongs the ultimate functional activities.

  • Gorilla grow tent has reinforced seals.
  • It has functional zippers.
  • This Gorilla grow tent set up is easy to do.
  • Bug resistant features allow a safe usage.
  • The metal poles are responsible for creating powerful growing enclosure that is convenient for healthy growth of plants.
  • You need to have a good amount of budget to buy it.

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5. TopoLite 48″x24″x60″ Grow Tent

Sometimes, our heart is craving to eat some fruits that is out of the season. How do you feel when you can eat those fruits and vegetables even if it is not reachable in that time? This TopoLite grow tent model is exceptionally great for growing exotic, fruits, herbs in any season you want.

It provides you promising service with superior equipment’s. On the constructional part, it doesn’t compromise with the quality at all. The unit is covered with stable configuration.

This grow tent has reflective materials with waterproof properties as well. The zipper design will entice your mind in a second. It offers protection and allows easy set up for the users.

Again it includes plenty of convenient features along with numerous vents, extract fans and filters as well. They function exceptionally well with no hard issues and ensures great ventilation to the plants as well.

Since it has a 600D oxford cloth with magnificent light proof quality, it is effective for to protect light escaping. The diamond Mylar is another attractive feature for the consumers. It increases the reflective effect of the light nicely.

Hence, the solid frame manages the ultimate durability with perfect dimensions of 16MM metal rods.

The installation process is very much engaging for the users. The tool free installation mechanism is highly convenient and comfortable too.

Again, there are solid plastic connectors as well. It prolongs the long-term duration of the great use of the tent. It covers the whole tent with an additional bottom. This feature is good for retaining water.

In limited space, it is highly appreciated grow tent to use. Therefore, for growing any seasonal fruits, it is highly applicable grow tent.

  • This grow tent has high capacity for multiple plants production.
  • It has easy set up system that’s why you can assemble it quickly.
  • It offers adjustable ventilation process.
  • The grow lights and generator functions well.
  • The price is worth for happy purchase.
  • Despite it’s a great unit. Some consumers find weak pin holes and poor zipper quality in some models.


Complete 2×4 Grow Tent kit

The topoLite 48″x24″x60″ complete grow tent kit is our best pick. It comes with 6″ Carbon Filter Combo, 600W LED Grow Light, 6″ Inline Duct Fan, changeable Velcro Pre-filter, Elastic Ropes, and Steel Hose Clamps.

Dehumidifier for 2×4 Grow Tent

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier is the best for 2 x 4 tent. the price is very affordable and great investment for small size tent.

Humidifier for 2×4 Grow Tent

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier is the best for 2 x 4 tent. It is most popular humidifier at affordable price.

Final Verdict:

By now, we have come to know about the best 2×4 grow tent items, their reliable features, advantages, disadvantages.

Now, this is the right time to analysis what we have fully described in this honest review with positive approach. Think carefully and choose your desired one for small indoor planting.

Henceforth, these tent are going to do the proper judgment to your invested dollars. Not only they are highly constructed but also are strongly coated with high-grade materials. Make your choice wisely.

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