VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review 2022 (Available Right Now)

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)
VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review

“So you are looking forward to enlarging the space of your indoor garden.” That’s cool. If your requirement also involves having easy installation along with a beneficiary compact unit, then choosing VIVOSUN is the best one for you. This VIVOSUN grow tent review aims at adding more value with an exceptional description of it.

So many unique and valuable features are available in it. Here, you will learn about the essential aspects along with a well-researched review provided by customers about this Most popular indoor grow tent..

We are not here to mislead you by any chance. I hope, you will find it non-biased while you try to match with it genuinely. Let’s proceed with this article.

About the VIVOSUN Manufacturer

Before we are going to resume our discussion, it’s better to let you know about the foundation and whereabouts of this company I think. In our views, it might be a great way to have precise ideas about the products after knowing about the company at first.

VIVOSUN is a popular manufacturer company founded in China. They have been leading the market for more than 8 years with much-appreciated values provided by their customers in indoor grow growing kits such as products such as carbon filter, inline and oscillating fan , hps grow light and led grow light also.

LawnBesides, grow tent, offer notable performance in LED grows lights too. With the exceptional and improved quality of their manufacturing products, they highly acquire the values from every respected customer.

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VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review


VIVOSUN Hydroponic grow tent is an unrivaled choice of every professional indoor grower. It allows the easy growing of plants in a large approach.

This solidly built product offers exceptional light efficiency too along with so many supportive features. The instruction booklet will let you do the easy setup.

VIVOSUN 4X4 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup & Installation Video

Features and specification

In this Review, some must-know top-notch features are important to know. Here they are.

Easy-View Window

Easy-View Window

If you fail to concentrate on regular monitoring of the plants, this is quite difficult enough to grow plants with equal healthy growth. VIVOSUN Grow Tent features a high-grade reflective monitor.

This transparent easy viewing promotes you to optimize the fullest observation of the growing plants. It makes you free from taking hassles of frequent physical entry inside the tent.

Inner Tool Organizer

VIVOSUN offers convenient storage that preserves other essential equipment of the tent securely. Again tool handing bag is available in it for keeping other essential small-sized components.

Removable Floor Tray

Removable Floor Tray

It features a removable floor tray that is another supportive amenity as well. This dirt-proof tool allows for the additional advantage of cleaning the spills easily.

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Tool-free Connector

This reputed grow tent steps ahead offers metal frames with unrivaled tool-free connectors as well. In fact, it makes the VIVOSUN more lucrative rather than other grow tent brands. The frame quality is reliable and supportive to use for long-term usage.

Light Reflection Capacity

VIVOSUN Grow Tent is highly reflective of the indoor plants. It provides approximately 98% equal light distribution to the plants and helps them grow manually.
Again, it helps in saving light by not allowing light escape with the high reflective Mylar materials.

Extra-thick Canvas

Extra-thick Canvas

There is another top-notch feature that is 600D tear-proof canvas. As the manufacturers use double stitched quality in it, it relevantly blocks the light and saves enough energy.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

What if every essential part of grows tent you get but never know how to set up it. VIVOSUN is caring for its customer in this case also. If you are a beginner then you need not worry about it.

Quality instruction booklet makes you achieve the support process and easy installation of the grow tent. Any tool is not required to do so. Remember that you should not make a hurry for the very first time to set it up.

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Heavy Duty SBS Zippers

Heavy Duty SBS Zippers

SBS is one of the greatest zipper’s companies in the world. This grow tent zipper is manufactured by SBS zippers. Nevertheless, it promotes comfortable gripping and allows comfortable usage of the customer’s use.


  • High-quality canvas materials are used in it.
  • Secures the whole unit with flexible but solid zippers.
  • The reflective lighting system is effective for the growth of plants.
  • An easy monitoring window is there for keeping more caring concerns on plants.
  • There are two years of warranty with satisfactory customer support with it.


  • No major issues are found but a few customers made issues for a bit of light leakage problem.

Why VIVOSUN Grow Tent is The Best

Easy to use

VIVOSUN hydroponic grow tents are easy and flexible to use.


Despite the presence of grow tent equipment such as hanging light, inline ducts fan, carbon air filters inside the grow tent, it offers you the assurance of safety.

Thick Canvas

Strong 600D canvas makes this grow tent fairly contributes to preventing light leakage.

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Quality Frame

A reliable metal frame offers you suitable stitching and quality.

Other Amenities

There are ventilation port and exhaust ducts for keeping a sound environment enrolled inside the grow tent. Otherwise, it could fail to manage temperature and climate control issues. To keep optimal humidity in your tent, you can use humidifiers / dehumidifiers according to your tent internal environment.


It provides an easy assembly to get instruction for easy set-up of the tent. It makes things easier and comfortable for any growers.

Hopefully, this VIVOSUN grow tent review can direct you to the right choice for using any grow tent. We have always prioritized the quality, construction, and service efficiency a product can offer to the customers.

VIVOSUN grow tent comes with all positive ratings and reviews you can check. Only the user’s convenience is their main objective to be acquired. So choosing it would be worthy of your investment for sure.

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